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The Ugly Duckling By Annabelle Costa,

  • Title: The Ugly Duckling
  • Author: Annabelle Costa
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What would you do to get your happily ever after Libby Saunders, who spent the first seventeen years of her life as an ugly duckling, bleaches her hair and drops forty pounds in order to get her fairytale ending Once she evolves into a beautiful swan, the handsome princes are tripping each other s royal steeds in order to get a date with her But while the princes in faiWhat would you do to get your happily ever after Libby Saunders, who spent the first seventeen years of her life as an ugly duckling, bleaches her hair and drops forty pounds in order to get her fairytale ending Once she evolves into a beautiful swan, the handsome princes are tripping each other s royal steeds in order to get a date with her But while the princes in fairy tales may be perfect gentlemen, Libby finds that her real life princes tend to be somewhat less than perfect Actually, they tend to be a bunch of two timing jerks Will Kaplan, the roommate of Libby s latest boyfriend, is definitely not her idea of a handsome prince He s missing a cleft in his chin, he doesn t have a British accent or even a French or Italian accent, and he rides a wheelchair rather than a white stallion But the Libby gets to know Will, the she starts to wonder if handsome princes are really all they re cracked up to be And maybe a nice, ordinary drake is the only one who can give a former ugly duckling the happily ever after she s been waiting for.
    The Ugly Duckling What would you do to get your happily ever after Libby Saunders who spent the first seventeen years of her life as an ugly duckling bleaches her hair and drops forty pounds in order to get her fairy

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    1. This was my first book by this author, but I m in for This book was not your typical romance This story and these characters felt so real to me that I found myself thinking about them after I put my kindle down If a book can do that for me then I know it s good Let me start with Libby I had mixed feelings about this girl from the start Smart, funny, sweet but with one of the lowest self esteems ever Some of her decisions were hard to read I wanted to shake her and yell at her and just when I wa [...]

    2. I love to read Annabelle Costa s books They re well written, and endearing, and I know I m going on a great trip The delightful dialogue, and Annabelle Costa s silky smooth writing style, beautifully develop this sweet story This book is a must read story because it s heart warming, insightful, and eye opening It s humbling, adventurous, emotional, and dramatic Most of all, it s a delightfully human story.

    3. This book was recommended to me by a friend and it was a very enjoyable and funny read I needed a distraction from some arduous work and it worked Thanks Ms Costa I liked the characters.The heroine is silly, a bit dumb, insecure But she s kind, even if in devious ways She s also selfish and spends too much time inside her head.The hero is too generous I m asking myself now if Annabelle Costa s heroes goodness and kindness are a way of compensating for their disabilities.I liked the supporting ch [...]

    4. Wonderful heroThe hero in this book, Will, is at the top of my list of book boyfriends He is super good looking, so kind, so giving , so sensitivejust totally adores the heroine Libby, heroine, REALLY disappointed in places, especially near the end I give Will 5 stars and Libby 3 stars so that averaged to 4 stars This is a good read that shows that a person with a disability should never be treated as less thanat a real man treats a woman with respectat on the end love conquers all There is some [...]

    5. Another sweet romance by one of my favorite authors The characterization is brilliant, and the H and h really came alive off the pages Loved the growth of the heroine s character Yes, she was a bit dense at times, but I think that made the payoff better in the end When she finally came to her senses, it was much enjoyable and cheer worthy Looking forward to this author s next work

    6. It was a good story Libby s a bit shallow but not in a dimwitted way I didn t care much for Jude but Will was a surprisingly good character This is the first book I ve read that was written by this author and I think I ll look into reading her other stories When all is said and done The Ugly Duckling is a nice time filler.

    7. I have read and re read this book Easily my favorite Annabelle Costa The heroine is 29 year old Libby, who has some complexes after being somewhat of an ugly duckling in high school She loses some weight, gets rid of her glasses and braces, and becomes a little obsessed with her appearance In walks Jude Jude is a lawyer that Libby meets in a bar He is objectively attractive and knows it He is also a player womanizer, but Libby turns a blind eye to his behaviors because she is a little obsessed w [...]

    8. This book will relate to all girls one way or another A playful look at one girl s adventures from high school to adulthood from her, not so observant, viewpoint Libby seems to take her life with a grain of salt except when it comes to relationships With all the wit of Bridget Jones s Diary Libby stumbles through life acutely aware of her shortcomings and oblivious to her attributes The author shares a similar sense of humor as I, so I enjoyed catching myself finishing Libby s thoughts with the [...]

    9. In my opinion, this is the best book by Costa to date Having said that, Libby bugged the bejeezus out of me She was horribly immature and while I get that high school often sucks it sure did for me , twelve years on you d think she d have figured some things out Will was a great beta hero Just flat out great hero What i found a little disconcerting was that both he and the hero antihero from Me Before You were named Will and had high powered jobs at least for Will in MBY prior to his accident Th [...]

    10. Great book This story can touch on the struggles of any single woman navigating through the dangerous waters of being single Definitely related to the character and loved the way the characters were written.

    11. This is one of those books that the title kind of gives it away, I guess like some movie titles, you start and could almost guess 70 percent that it s what you expect it to be For both men and women, being single can be a Herculaneum task and in many ways Libby struggles but not in the sense that she doesn t consider relations just that her main issue is that she sees herself as an ugly duckling growing up and then kind of flourish later to be satisfied with herself not being ugly based on her s [...]

    12. The Ugly Duckling by Annabelle Costa is a timeless story with a twist In this world our self perception is powerful It can be close to reality but we all see ourselves different than others Sometimes, it can take a while to see the truth about yourself based on past experiences The character in The Ugly Duckling has an incomplete perspective of herself and even others It is interesting and believable.I applaud the author for the voice of the main character Libby At times, I understood her all to [...]

    13. Loved It I tend to fall for the characters in books, relating to each in some ways and loving them for their quirks This book definitely fits the billpun intended, lol It s a sweet love story, but what I love most is that it s about falling in love with friendship and yourself before falling in love with your happily ever after Realizing that our perceptions aren t the same as other s and that what makes us happy in reality often turns out much different than we imagine The life lessons and fun [...]

    14. Quite a sweet romance I found the main character very frustrating, as the signs of which person she should be with and the path she should take to happiness weren t exactly subtle She was also very shallow However I very much appreciated how the author approached the character in a wheelchair, and didn t gloss over day to day life in the chair and how it might affect him and his close friends.

    15. Heroine is AbysmalThis author has an interesting knack for waiting until you re about 80 90% done with the book and then the characters finally get together It works in some of her books but this one was particularly painful with how insufferable the heroine in this story is.

    16. Great voiceA great theme in this book I like the reality of her thoughts as she shares her insecurities, her feelings towards a handicap, her confusion and views on attraction and relationships, etc.

    17. Ugly Beautiful is not the size you wear but is about liking your whole self for whatever you are now.Some people never learn this, and others need to be reminded, repeatedly.Good story.

    18. Annoying female character I spent most of this book really annoyed with Libby I can t say this is a like I won t be re reading this again.

    19. Libby HeroineWill HeroJude Hero s roommate This did not work for me early on I just think the heroines that the author writes do not appeal to me It is 100% me.The heroine goes to a bar with her friend Someone buys her a drink She thinks it is this guy, Jude, but it was Will Anyway, she finds Will attractive because he has a British accent and other stuff She thinks Will is attractive too, but Will is in a wheelchair Anyway, she goes home with Jude, has sex with him that night She wakes up in th [...]

    20. I am not one to get gushy over books but I absolutely LOVED this This was a full on I m not getting out of bed until my bladder explodes kind of book.Yes, it was predictable from page one, but that didn t make it any less sweet Each of these characters were easy to imagine in daily life hang, I m pretty sure I even once worked for a boss like Libby s I loved the fact that Libby and Will s relationship began with frienship first, and wasn t an insta love kind of thing.This is the second book I ha [...]

    21. I love this book I m a sucker for a best friend into romantic relationship hook, but this one is so well done that it trumps all the others I ve ever read The character of Libby is complex and flawed She has desires to do better, but she can t seem to get out of a rut the too cool for school mean ducks, let s call them She makes bad choices with men, until she meets Will Will is the roommate of her crummy boyfriend, but she quickly realizes that it is Will she would rather be spending time with [...]

    22. I thought this was a Costa book that I hadn t read before, because the version of I have of it was called The Best Friend But when Jude appeared, it all came back to me It was the same book that I have, but different.Wondering if she d made it better, I read it again She did NOT make it better she ruined it by turning the heroine into a brain dead, superficial Millennial, peppering the text with super this and super that, changing out taxis for ubers, and cheapening the relationship by having th [...]

    23. The story of this book reminded me of one of Green s teen books Normally, that s not the genre I prefer But, the book blurb sounded interesting, and so I decided to give it a chance Yeah, all stereotypes were there Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying Libby s mental coming of age Although, I kept wondering why she kept looking for true love at such a very young age Her occupation with romance went, in my eyes, a little overboeard The young men she dated were somewhat annoying But, I guess that [...]

    24. The Ugly Ducking by Annabelle Costa is a typical teen romance story To be quite frankly, this is not the genre I am keen to read during my leisure time But, thanks to the funny parts I found in some conversations, so I managed to finish the read I have to say that the author has done an excellent job in creating the main character, Libby, with her low self esteem and insecure type of person As for the content of the story, with all the girl s stupidity and the prince charming, it is kinda predic [...]

    25. UghHonestly the only saving factor in this book is Will I read a lot of romance books all kinds I have to say the heroine is this book has got to be the most childish, annoying, shallow character I have ever had the not so pleasure of reading I can t believe I was able to finish this book, I almost threw in the towel numerous times

    26. Beautiful swan of a storyLoved this story The characters were well fleshed out and very relatable Funny, infuriating, lovable especially Will and honest Good depiction of the issues involving being with person with a disability and how shallow we all can be sometimes and insecure Love to see from this writer.

    27. Love it It s heartwarming, romantic, and funny in some parts I love the straight forwardness but also the complicatedness of the love Found out that the author has a thing with disabled man, so I m gonna try to read her other works since I quite like this one.

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