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The Good Samaritan Strikes Again By Patrick F. McManus,

  • Title: The Good Samaritan Strikes Again
  • Author: Patrick F. McManus
  • ISBN: 9780805029222
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life, by everybody s favorite expert on the subject, Patrick F McManus.
    The Good Samaritan Strikes Again More witty cautionary tales of outdoor life by everybody s favorite expert on the subject Patrick F McManus

    One thought on “The Good Samaritan Strikes Again”

    1. If you like the outdoors and need a good laugh this is the book for you If you don t like the outdoors and need a good laugh this is the book for you.

    2. I was introduced to Patrick McManus writing through the audio cassettes of his stories performed by George S Irving The recordings are over the top hilarious, at least to me McManus books are obviously a little work, but they have caused me to laugh frequently and to read passages to my wife This is how I found out that McManus is not for everyone they are aimed at nostalgic former small town boys with at least passing interest in the outdoors and a sense of humor This collection had only one [...]

    3. Humor is so different for everybody I once read a PG Wodehouse book that had me laughing so hard that my daughter came up from the basement to make sure I was OK I lent it to a friend thinking they would also find it funny and they returned it with the comment that there were a few sections that made them chuckle I think Patrick McManus s stories are probably a lot like that Some of the stories in this book I thought were hilarious All of them at least made me laugh or chuckle a few times.

    4. A humorous collection of anecdotes and conversations from the famous outdoorsman s life and career, broken up into three categories home life, sporting life, and childhood His sense of humor is similar to Mark Twain, though nowhere near as effective or cruel to its subjects The humor largely comes from the ignorance of McManus subjects often himself , though it s never offensive or edgy Modest and tame, this collection is pretty easy to share with grandpa.

    5. The very first McManus I ever read Still have a soft spot for these stories But it helps that it s vintage McManus goodness.

    6. A word of explanation about the reading time for this book Under normal circumstances I would have read this 211 page book in about a week However, I was reading it to my granddaughter at times when she was at our house and didn t have homework she was working on.Patrick McManus is a favorite author of mine I have yet to read a McManus book that I didn t like Most of his books are collections of short stories of outdoors humor Fishing, hunting, and camping are common elements of his stories Nort [...]

    7. I read many of McManus books with my dad while growing up They always set us laughing I have re read this one, and still love them If you want to read some short, usually outdoorsy, funny stories, any of McManus s books are great This one in particular has a fantastic anecdote at the very end.

    8. One of my best best friends suggested I read McManus A Fine and Pleasant Misery, which I disliked quite a bit But I felt guilty about that, since I really like this friend and she really liked the book So when I saw The Good Samaritan Strikes Again on another friend s bookshelf, I decided to give McManus a second chance ESPECIALLY when I saw that Misery was McManus first book Usually people get better at their craft.And he did I really enjoyed Samaritan, and even read several parts outloud to my [...]

    9. I was in the mood for a humor book and I d already tackled some Fulghum this year It got me thinking back to twenty or so years ago when several folks in my family were ready McManus.Well, if this really is his Eighth and funniest book , then I don t see the appeal Oh, I may have laughed out loud once, perhaps twice But for a humor book, that isn t enough Probably the humor is too specific It tends to focus on outdoors and hunting I like outdoors But even so, he never fully won me over I think I [...]

    10. This is a fun book, but nothing extraordinarily thrilling I believe he writes wrote a column for Field and Stream, so there is a lot of silliness around the hunting and fishing ideas, which does not exactly enthrall me He s sort of the Royko of the Idaho sensibility, amusing and poignant and occasionally on top of the perfect bon mot.I don t think I need to read anything else by him, but if I did, it wouldn t kill me either A nice cozy cheerful read.

    11. This is one of my favorite compilation of McManus stories I particularly enjoyed the title story, and have read it numerous times I highly recommend checking out the audio book from your local library and listen to it as you head out on your next outdoor adventure McManus has helped shape one of my life mottos that, It s all about the stories Re read 26 Mar 15

    12. I love Patrick McManus s books They are laugh out loud funny I guess because I love the outdoors and I always went exploring as a kid I think his stories are just so funny These stories are great for the car because they are all short stories Of course with all of his books some stories are better than others but definitely a must read for outdoor enthusiasts.

    13. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    14. I ve bought a couple of books from National Parks with humorous, true stories and enjoyed them I also like the true, humorous stories in Reminisce magazine So, I thought I would like this book However, I didn t think it was funny.

    15. Once again, McManus writes of the great outdoors and what can go wrong while experiencing it, including snakes, incompetence, childhood, bears, mechanical ineptitude, procrastination, worrying, and overconfidence Not to mention wives, game wardens, and Cub Scouts.

    16. Funny anecdotes that are worth some laughs I read a couple to the boys and had them in stitches at one point Colorful storyteller.

    17. I love McManus I use to read him in Outdoor Life The stories are funny and I found my self laughing while my husband was trying to sleep.

    18. Another funny book And since they are short stories it s a lovely read for waiting rooms or when you need to take a break for a few minutes.

    19. Lots of good chuckles and several outright laughs A pleasure to read I will be looking for of the authors books.

    20. Cubs, Forget Desire, Sweet Poverty, Mean Gifts, and Snake were my favorites Other books have been better, but this is still good.

    21. Not my cup of tea The first few chapters had a couple of hilarious moments then it got boring, so I stopped listenning.

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