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Just Kiss Me By Rachel Gibson,

  • Title: Just Kiss Me
  • Author: Rachel Gibson
  • ISBN: 9781683241249
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hello, Ms Vivian it s been a long time And with those words, Vivian Leigh Rochet nearly melted It s been years since she last saw Harrison Whitley Shuler She was a teenager scrubbing houses for a living He was the gorgeous son of rich parents, not fit for the likes of her.
    Just Kiss Me Hello Ms Vivian it s been a long time And with those words Vivian Leigh Rochet nearly melted It s been years since she last saw Harrison Whitley Shuler She was a teenager scrubbing houses for a livi

    One thought on “Just Kiss Me”

    1. 4.25 5Wholly wonderful It seemed like forever, waiting to get around to reading this book Of course, I was so excited to start it, and it didn t disappoint me The story started with The Diary of Vivien Leigh Rochet, which I found very cute and funny By the end of chapter 2, I was completely hooked and it kept me reading right through to the end.As a Rachel Gibson fan, I notice that most of her books I ve read are well above par and they always make my day Just Kiss Me is no exception Despite the [...]

    2. Rachel Gibson is a well known author to romance readers She has several books out and, as it seems to me, a decent fan base.I only read few of her books Nothing But Trouble is my favorite and if you haven t, I highly recommend you to read it and from what I read, I can see why this author is the one that readers keep coming back to.When doing my research I noticed some bloggers saying that Gibson s books are perfect to get you out of the reading slump Even though I haven t been in one when readi [...]

    3. just kiss me is a good read with a good storyline i love this writer but this book didnt have her usual passion between he main charactersvien and henry seemed to not have the great chemistry that most of gibson s couples do their are some really good parts and the diary enteries were funny as hell

    4. Vivien, the chubby, weird teenager always wanted out of Charleston She wanted to be a famous Hollywood star and make all those idiots at her school and at home jealous.Now, 30 years old, she s back in town to take care of her late mom s affairs.And yes, she s made it in Hollywood But being back home is still weird.Weirder still is the guy in workmen s clothes at her mom s house Henry Whitley Shuler the son of the house The house Vivien and her mom used to clean They used to live in their carriag [...]

    5. 2.5 3 STARSI ve enjoyed RG s books before, they have a way of wrapping you up and falling for the couples plight right along with them This book oozed potential Vivien was the poor, chubby girl who helped her mom clean her employers lavish home She didn t have much, except big dreams of sticking it to the old money, snobby community she despised That included Henry Whitley Shuler He was the brooding, mysterious eldest son of her moms employer, Nonnie Returning to Charleston as a successful actre [...]

    6. This story is a real mess In pretty much every dimension Vivian is a mess of contradictions with a life and lifestyle I never did fully buy Henry ditto, actually, and in largely the same way I never escaped the feeling that they were both floating through the story touching down now and then for a scene but never with a purpose or goal or anything It doesn t help that I never got any sense of chemistry between them or a sense of why they d end up together or be good for one another And it didn t [...]

    7. 2.5 out of 5 starsIf you ve been following our blog for a while, chances are you probably know that I m a huge fan of Rachel Gibson I ve read every single book of hers, most of them I ve re read a few times and my favorites have been re read than 5 times I just love her books She s the queen of adult contemporary romance and every time I m in a book slump, I always turn to a Rachel Gibson book to get me out of it, and it never fails I had been in this terrible book slump where I hadn t finished [...]

    8. Note In my ARC copy, the hero s name is Henry and not Harrison as detailed on here and pre order links Years ago, I was a big fan of Ms Gibson and have re read most of her earlier books many times but in the last few years, I have not liked many of her new books, some of which have only been Novellas, so when I saw this full length book on Netgalley I decided to request it and see if Ms Gibson has got back to her best.Unfortunately, she is not back to her best I had high hopes at the beginning, [...]

    9. Originally posted at SmexyBooks smexybooks 2016 08 review Favorite Quote Things To Buy When I m Rich List Pink candy house My own ice cream store Beeper Momma says only drug dealers have beepers as if A pool A rabid monkey to bite Henry.Vivien Leigh Rochet the brat has reached the pinnacle of success as a Hollywood actress just like she always dreamed When she learns her momma has passed away, she drops everything and returns home for the funeral Seeing the wealthy family she and her momma lived [...]

    10. Nice heartwarming story with a little intrigue I liked both the Hh as well as the other characterseven the Mantis

    11. Worthy of being called a fun to read story I ve been reading Rachel Gibson s books for years and for the most part really enjoyed them with the exception of the last handful Her latest is an interesting storyline with the southern heritage and attitudes The characters were entertaining for the most part and the story intriguing and one that had great potential if an extra dose of depth had been included For the most part, I didn t NOT enjoy this latest from RG, I just felt it needed of a little [...]

    12. Before I get into the review I wanted to note that while the blurb says the characters are Harrison and Vivian in the review copy they are Henry and Vivien while I don t think it s a big deal I hope the publisher will fix this before release What I loved about Just Kiss Me was the humor and that s definitely something you can count on in Gibson s novels In this story we meet Vivien as an adult who is a successful actress but we also get to know the thirteen year old girl through her Dear Diary m [...]

    13. Although an easy read I felt RG could have done a better job and written it better with depth I liked both H h but didn t love them and didn t feel any sexual tension between them, to me they came across like friends than lovers The ending is a bit rushed and would have liked content, I did however love the excepts of Vivien s diary written when she was in her teens and loved the final entry that Vivian wrote as an adult.Despite all it s flaws I did still enjoy it, well most of it anyway, so [...]

    14. Very good book and a fun read It starts out with excerpts from the diary of thirteen year old Vivien, with all the teenage drama that implies We hear about the boys in the big house , the sons of the woman that her mother works for Vivien has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and it comes out in the way she talks about them all Her descriptions of them are vivid and it is easy to see things from her point of view There are similar excerpts throughout the book.It then switches to present day, as Vi [...]

    15. Just Kiss Me by Rachel Gibson is a Contemporary romance with a Chick Lit feel, including a soap opera all wrapped into one There are many secrets that come out after the death of the heroine s mother, and her love hate relationship with the family her mother worked for The heroine is at times a contradiction, whereas the hero is the typical type of hero you would find in this type of romance, although their romance is a bit tepid and their chemistry does seem rushed.Vivian is a big time celebrit [...]

    16. Un uomo come Henry E chi non lo vorrebbe Certo fastidioso ricordare che stato quello stesso Henry Faccia di Culo che tanto ci faceva arrabbiare da bambine Quel modo di prenderci sempre in giro, quella risata sardonica e quel sorriso da presa in giro Brutto e antipatico Solo che ora non pi per niente antipatico Ed pure bellissimo, somiglia a Joe Manganiello.La povera Vivien non ha scampo E nemmeno voi, leggendo.Un attrice un po viziata e con qualche sassolino nelle scarpe di cui vendicarsi, e un [...]

    17. Rachel Gibson is back And really really good again After reading a few not quite as terrific as I expected stories by Gibson, this has all the elements I adore about her writing smart, funny, flawed but fabulous heroine CHECK Hot, handsome, messed up and witty hero CHECK Deep emotion, hilarious supporting characters and a whole wonderful world you can t wait to be a part of CHECK And there s also lots of southern charm, a hilarious teenage diary, lots of family secrets and a surprise baby in the [...]

    18. 05 14 2015 I preordered this one a few months ago and today my preorder was cancelled by the publisher via That can t be good Hope this author is okay Hope its just the book and not something personally serious.

    19. Vieni a leggere la recensione su CrazyForRomancePer acquistare il libro clicca qui Un uomo come Henry E chi non lo vorrebbe Certo fastidioso ricordare che stato quello stesso Henry Faccia di Culo che tanto ci faceva arrabbiare da bambine Quel modo di prenderci sempre in giro, quella risata sardonica e quel sorriso da presa in giro Brutto e antipatico Solo che ora non pi per niente antipatico Ed pure bellissimo, somiglia a Joe Manganiello.La povera Vivien non ha scampo E nemmeno voi, leggendo.Un [...]

    20. Was an ok 3 stars until the last 20% with the lame melodrama Went from thinking the heroine Vivian was decent whatever to just annoying, selfish and immature with how she handled the fallout view spoiler You find out you are pregnant with the hero s baby and decide to sit on it, refuse to tell him and drag out telling him because of a stupid lie He didn t tell you about a family secret, get over it hide spoiler That s always a trigger for me, view spoiler keeping a pregnancy a secret hide spoile [...]

    21. ARC received from NetgalleyRating 3 Chemistry Low BoilOne Sentence Summary A Hollywood actress re enters her old life when she goes back homeReview Rachel Gibson is one of the queens of contemporary romance and her new releases nowadays are few and far between However, no matter how long I have to wait, I m almost guaranteed to tune in.From the get go I felt instantly transported to the South where there are still such things as carriage houses and where family honour is everything The set up wi [...]

    22. This is my first read by Rachel Gibson and can I just say Wow I usually can guess the secret the main characters are hiding within the first few chapters of a book, but I couldn t seem to figure out what Harrison was hiding and when it was finally revealed, I was blown away didn t see that one come Very beautifully written Rachel Gibson I will definitely be coming back for

    23. This wasn t a bad book per se See I can be nice Lookainly put I hated this book From the plot to the characters to the relationships to the dialogue to the deus ex machina to the ARGH I wanted everyone to shut up.I wanted it to be good Like Rachel Gibson s other book that I liked Don t remember the name right this moment and I m too lazy to look it up It had a nice feel You got all angsty and shit just reading it And the enemies to lovers thingy yes I love this trope way to much for my own good [...]

    24. Rachel Gibson s earlier books were some of the first contemporary romance that I read and I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed those I loved Vivien Leigh s diary entries They shined a lot of light on the character, who she was and why You could feel her sass through the words The nickname Mantis for Nonnie made me laugh The twist in the book gave me a good shock Great read.

    25. Eine ganz s e Geschichte mir haben die Einsprengsel der Tagebuch Eintr ge der 13 J hrigen Protagonistin gut gefallen Allerdings finde ich, dass auf Deutsch dieses ganze S dstaatenfeeling nicht so wirklich r ber kommt und wenn man nicht wei , was gemeint ist, versteht man auch einige der Anspielungen nicht Im Endeffekt gef llt mir aber die Chinooks Reihe ein wenig besser.

    26. 4 stelline e mezzo Waaa un libro carinissimo Pieno zeppo di segreti, protagonisti descritti molto bene che ti tengono incollata alle pagine Stile dell autrice frizzante e leggero, anche se in certi punti pi profondo Bello, consigliato

    27. DNFLos siento pero no pude pasar del 3er cap tulo la lectura de lo poco que le me pareci cansona, no s si fue la forma como estaba narrada o qu pero me aburri quer a algo que me atrapara desde las primeras hojas.

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