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The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen By Susan Griffith Clay Griffith,

  • Title: The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
  • Author: Susan Griffith Clay Griffith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FIRST ORIGINAL NOVEL BASED ON THE HIT WARNER BROS TV SHOW, THE FLASH CROSSING OVER WITH A NEW NOVEL OF ARROWBased on characters from DC Comics, The Flash is an American television series airing its second season on The CW and distributed around the world by Warner Bros International Television Distribution Following the supercharged, crime fighting super hero with theFIRST ORIGINAL NOVEL BASED ON THE HIT WARNER BROS TV SHOW, THE FLASH CROSSING OVER WITH A NEW NOVEL OF ARROWBased on characters from DC Comics, The Flash is an American television series airing its second season on The CW and distributed around the world by Warner Bros International Television Distribution Following the supercharged, crime fighting super hero with the power to move at superhuman speeds, this first Flash adventure pits the Scarlet Speedster against the villains who comprise his metahuman Rogues Gallery But when The Flash s own abilities begin to fail him, he must seek help from his closest ally The Arrow This two part adventure will cross directly into the next Arrow novel.
    The Flash The Haunting of Barry Allen FIRST ORIGINAL NOVEL BASED ON THE HIT WARNER BROS TV SHOW THE FLASH CROSSING OVER WITH A NEW NOVEL OF ARROWBased on characters from DC Comics The Flash is an American television series airing its se

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    1. The Flash Green Arrow vs one Rogues team Nuff said This is an original story based on the successful TV Shows of The Flash and Arrow.WHEN THE HECK IS THIS SET If you have read media tie in novels before, maybe you re aware of the continuity nightmare that it can be to set the developed story in the original novel since the author of in this case, authors , must began to write the book several months before that even the current season is shown, and in this case, you have The Flash already in its [...]

    2. I loved, loved, LOVED this book I was so excited for this book and I was not disappointed The last book for one of these shows, Arrow Veneance, was not exactly my favorite read of the year, I liked it at first but as it went on I wasn t too thrilled with it But this one was so much better, I loved every page It feels like watching the show, the plot is fun and true to canon, the characters are all themselves I can t really ask for from a tie in novel And believe me I ve read some tie ins that w [...]

    3. Thanks so much to my dear friend Ariel for clueing me in to the existence of this book and its sequel, Arrow A Generation of Vipers, which I m to read ASAP now Maybe this one s of a 4.5 than a 5, being a tad bit bogged down by overwrought prose and a few of my favorite characters not being present due to the book taking place roughly around the start of Season 2, meaning no Harry Wells or Wally West, boo hiss and, personally, I feel that the Griffiths decision to write Barry s POV in third pers [...]

    4. I can often times be a bit leery of media tie in novels, because they re usually not written by those who write the shows movies, and that can lead to problems with characterization.However, this novel written by Susan and Clay Griffith, avoided that.Barry begins to suffer from what he calls blurring during rescues in which he sees an older version of himself and his powers glitch These episodes become and severe just as a group of villains Pied Piper, Peekaboo, Weather Wizard, Prism, and The [...]

    5. insert disenfranchisement about media tie in novels here But actually, this is great Really great.I had great fun trying to work out where exactly this is set Oliver s the Green Arrow, so it s after the beginning of Season 4 of Arrow, and there s mention of Zoom and Barry can throw lightning, so it must be after the first few episodes of Season 2 of the Flash There s no mention of Harry Wells, or Jay Garrick, and Hartley Rathaway is still a villain so I m thinking around episodes 3 4 of Flash Se [...]

    6. I loved this book you can tell that the authors watch the flash tv series they got all the characters spot on including the villians it was great to see pied piper weather wizard and peekaboo go up against the flash add to the mixture that the flash is having a few problems with his powers and you have the makings of a great book looking forward to the next novel

    7. When I discovered this gem on the authors website, I immediately added the book to my wishlist on I couldn t wait for The Haunting of Barry Allen to release in November 2016 I read it devoured the book, actually and am glad I purchased a paperback for my bookshelf As a huge fan of The Flash and Arrow on the CW network I read this book as I see the characters in the tv show Central City, STAR labs, the characters, their voices, mannerisms this review getting weird Anyway, I didn t actually jump o [...]

    8. Trying to stay calm so a singularity plasma doesn t rip him apart , Barry Allen , the fastest man alive gets the help of the Green Arrow to stop a band of some of the most fearsome meta humans Barry ever faced Flash The Haunting of Barry Allen was written by the married couple author duo , Clay and Susan Griffith The story focuses on Barry Allen a.k.a , the Flash It takes place in the Flash s home , Central City The main conflict focuses on Barry trying to stay alive and calm whilst figuring out [...]

    9. As with any good media in, the Griffiths manage to highlight everything I adore about an episode of the Flash Unfortunately, this episode is also an Arrow crossover which are my least favorite Overall, I adore the book and I m really happy that the authors understand what makes the show so good the characters and their relationships My personal problem is the Arrow chapter during the climax actually bored me to tears because I couldn t care less about the character Of course, I m venturing forth [...]

    10. This book encapsulates everything that made me fall in love with The Flash television series Set sometime before Flashpoint but after at least part of season two occurred, it incorporates all in my opinion the essential characters from The Flash, as well as Arrow this is, after all, the first of a two part crossover I felt the same way about the book versions of the characters as I do about their television incarnations which is therefore a tribute to the authors writing style being in line with [...]

    11. If you like The Flash TV show, you ll really like this novel featuring a crossover with Green Arrow Several of The Flash s rogues have banded together under the leadership of brilliant vilian Hartley Rathaway to terrorize Central City While Flash runs to try and stop them while saving innocent citizens, he starts to experience blurring which freezes him in place hallucinating an older version of himself After almost depleting his speed and energy, he finally calls Green Arrow for help This book [...]

    12. This book was a fun read You can never expect too much from media tie in books like this They are easily consumable, have somewhat dull opening chapters as they feel compelled to introduce characters and situations that it s hard to imagine any readers are not already familiar with, and have questionable characterization most noticeable in the villains in this story However, that is to be expected with any book like this Ultimately, this book was successful in the complexity of the plot and the [...]

    13. Ah, what a relief The second in Titan Books s series of novel adaptations of TV adaptations of comic books, The Haunting of Barry Allen, is a thoroughly enjoyable read The unfortunate reality is that this novel, even at its most entertaining, is not as good as an episode of the television show But if you are anything like me and are seized with a sense of panic as summer sets in and the itch for Arrow and The Flash can only be vaguely scratched by rewatching Arrow season 2 and The Flash season [...]

    14. Barry Allen is The Flash He can can tap into the speed force to provide him super speed and all the any power that can come from manipulating it He uses this to fight crime with the help of his adoptive father and STAR Labs This partnership has developed a few enemies for him Hartley Rathaway controls vibrations , Shawna Beaz teleport to visible location , Mark Mardon controls the weather , Roy Bivolo controls everyone s mood and Kyle Nimbus turns into a cloud of poisonous gas team up to take do [...]

    15. This wasn t for me I was an Arrowverse fan for a solid two years, but the recent explosion of DC shows turned me off to the saga I don t like feeling punished for not getting a continuity nod that requires giving hours to another series that I otherwise wouldn t care about Anyway I saw that this tie in novel happens in the early part of season 2 of Flash, which was right before everyone in universe believed that Barry could do no wrong and that, because he s the Hero, he can do whatever he wants [...]

    16. Based on the CW tv shows, this is a media tie in book that is surprisingly good They capture the tone of the shows really well, getting all the characters down perfectly I was really impressed with this It s far better than most such books Central City has had its share of problems since the night of the particle accelerator explosion Through it all, the Flash has been there defending the city, but making some enemies along the way Now, things are looking really bad Weather Wizard, Rainbow Raide [...]

    17. Wow, just wow When I get really involved in a show, I tend to either hunt for stories in that universe or write my own in the form of fan fiction It was one of these hunts that led me to discovering Clay and Susan Griffith s The Flash The Haunting of Barry Allen.The entire book reads like a long episode of the Flash We get a look at each character as they work on their own plot specifics, and we even get a great chance to see Rathaway as a villain again Pre Flashpoint has made a lot of great st [...]

    18. This book has everything I didn t know that I needed in the tv show Something about this book that I like is that it shows the other side of the coin the villains, and not just the heroes Too many shows about heroes don t really show the villains too much, until it s time for the hero to take them down Well, this book changes that by showing what Peekaboo, Weather Wizard, and Pied Piper were up to, as well as Team Flash were up to When Barry starts blurring, and having hallucinations I was on th [...]

    19. I m a big fan of the television show The Flash, so I was excited when I came across this book And then it sat on my shelf for over a year Well, I have finally finished the book and it s an enjoyable extended episode of the tv show with appearances by members of the tv show Arrow as this is a crossover novel that continues in the follow up that focuses on the characters of Arrow This book is about Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash slowly succumbing to an illness caused by previous acts of heroism as we [...]

    20. Barry Allen might be the fasted man alive, but when 5 of his rogues gallery join forces, even that speed isn t enough Team Flash is there to back him up, but when he starts seeing visions of an older worn Barry Allen and his powers start failing him at inopportune moments, Barry can t handle the combination of a coordinated attack on Central City, his powers failing, and the worry and angst of what his future self is trying to say to him Fortunately, the Flash has friends from Starling City, and [...]

    21. I have been a fan of the TV Show since it was a leaked episode before it was even broadcasted I love how The Flash was this lighthearted, cheesy at times and enjoyable show to watch My expectations for the book were quite in the middle, I have read a few books based off by televisions such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the teenage witch and Charmed so I wasn t exactly sure what I was getting myself into.I enjoyed the book although I wasn t exactly sure when it was taking place in terms of [...]

    22. 3.5 5Ever since I ve started reading Flash comics a couple years ago, I ve pondered on the idea if DC has ever published a Flash novel After all, they do so with Batman and Superman , but it wasn t until a month ago I found out that this book was already released Of course, it ties into the show instead of the comic, but I decided to take what I could get It s understandable that a Flash novel hasn t been published before now due to the stories and action heavily relying on visuals However, I th [...]

    23. 5 starsNice to have a novel involving the Flash and Team Flash Glad Team Arrow was able to help them out with the metahuman problem Hope they will be able to get the plasma out of Barry.Next stop Markovian, to the home of Count Wallenstein Wonder if they will have a novel with Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl Both would be great Can t wait to read Arrow A Generation of Vipers

    24. If you love the show, this book is for you Loved every second it s well paced and a fun read The authors have a great understanding of the characters and it actually feels like watching an episode Hartley Rathaway fans will enjoy it especially, I left with a new love for Piped Piper Very VERY enjoyable, looking forward to the Arrow sequel

    25. As a superhero story nerd, I really enjoyed another look into The Flash and his life in Central City I always enjoy learning the adventures and how they work together to overcome the adversity that comes their way, typically of the meta human varietal Glad to have read this book

    26. Different from a the TV More internal dialogue More perspective story from the Meta human sidery slim from the supporting cast Seems to take place before flash point.Like having the arrow in the book TV show is way satisfying.

    27. Fairly good It started off weak, but the plot picked up It was interesting that this used the Pied Piper as the main villain, controlling all the other Rogues, when I m used to reading him in the comics as Wally s tech guy You re being an idiot, stop it person.

    28. Even though it took months lol i loved this book Can t wait to read the next one It was an awesome book based on the series such suspense.

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