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Duplicity By Sibel Hodge,

  • Title: Duplicity
  • Author: Sibel Hodge
  • ISBN: 9781503941106
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are three sides to every story Yours Mine And the truth Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life newlywed, madly in love and enviously rich Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa, miraculously, escapes with her life But why was she spared The hunt for the killer begins, uncovering a number of leads was Max s incredible wealth the motive HadThere are three sides to every story Yours Mine And the truth Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life newlywed, madly in love and enviously rich Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa, miraculously, escapes with her life But why was she spared The hunt for the killer begins, uncovering a number of leads was Max s incredible wealth the motive Had his shady business practices finally caught up with him Or was it a stalker with a dangerous obsession Devoted friends rally around gentle, sweet Alissa as she is left to mourn the loss of her husband and pick up her life But not everyone is who they seem Deep rooted jealousies, secrets and twisted love lie just beneath the surface, and not all fairy tales have a happy ending.Duplicity is a suspenseful thriller from the bestselling author of Look Behind You and Where the Memories Lie.
    Duplicity There are three sides to every story Yours Mine And the truth Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life newlywed madly in love and enviously rich Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and A

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    1. Once again, Sibel Hodge has proven that she is worthy of hanging with the big dogs Her writing is so versatile that she has me hooked with each book I read, even though they are each a bit different in sub genre classification While her last book I read, Untouchable, skimmed the brink of becoming horror fiction, Duplicity was along the lines of a traditional psychological thriller I love how easy it is to throw myself into one of her stories I read this entire book in a single sitting while the [...]

    2. Sibel Hodge has done it again She has written a superbly twisty thriller that I was unable to put down until I had read every last word of it.Hodge turns everything you think you know upside down and shakes it about like a snow globe Then as if this isn t enough she takes the plot and turns it inside out for good measure I am still reeling from this read I am excited about this author.If you haven t yet read any of Hodge s novels, you need to start And if you start with this one, just remember, [...]

    3. 5 Stars Plus More Sibel Hodge is a new author to me After I finished this book I had to look to see what other books she has written because this book was so good I can t wait to read the book Look Behind You It will be a Christmas present to myself.Starting out reading the book it detailed the perfect world of Alissa and Max Alissa is a barbie doll and lives the life like a princess Her and Max live the life as a fairy tale They are both in love with each other and are so happy They get married [...]

    4. Detective Sergeant Carter is extremely unhappy believing she should have been elevated to Acting Detective Inspector, not the pompous twat Richard Wilmott Constantly at each other s throats with threats of demotion for Carter, it s evident in this division only one will survive When a murder has been discovered in a posh Georgian mansion, they must try to make amends without much hope of doing so DS Carter is suspicious of everyone and looks at all suspects along with the young wife who inherits [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsA well written thriller with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.I enjoyed my first novel by Sibelius Hodge as it was an easy and yet engaging read Max and Alissa have the perfect life, newlywed, in love and enviously rich Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa, miraculously, escapes with her life But why was she spared A suspenseful thriller with interesting and complex characters and a plot full of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged Th [...]

    6. NICE surprise winning DUPLICITY in a Goodread s giveaway, and speaking of surprises, DUPLICITY serves up a few mindblowers of its own along the way.It begins with alternating two stories.a struggle within an abusive family with a nasty father figure and inattentive mother Give me an animal over a human any day d a multi layered you re not going to believe where this takes you procedural murder mystery to solve that drew me in with a variety of interesting characters and a plot that misled and th [...]

    7. DUPLICITY by award winning and international bestselling author, Sibel Hodge, never ceases to amaze us with her new forthcoming suspenseful thriller from the bestselling author of Look Behind You and Where the Memories Lie Duplicity will be out on 27th Dec and is available for pre order at the moment on I was fortunate enough to be provided with an ARC of her new novel An intruder broke into a house and stabbed one of the occupants to death The deceased is the owner of the house, Max Burbeck His [...]

    8. This is one twisted read When Alissa Burbeck s millionaire husband of one month, Max, is murdered in his home office, no one views his new wife as a suspect Alissa s not only model beautiful, sweet as can be, and extremely in love with her husband she wouldn t have hurt a fly Everything about Max s supposed murderer comes together too neatly Blinded by Alissa s beauty, the police overlook all that doesn t add up The only one who believes that there is to the story of Max s murder is DS Warren C [...]

    9. I received a copy of Duplicity through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and to Sibel Hodge for the opportunity They were trapped They were scared They were in pain Just like me Alissa and Max seem to have found perfection in one another They are married with the backdrop of the shores of an Australian beach and a blissful honeymoon Upon arriving back in the UK, they hold a small reception for friends at Max s palacial home Life just seems to be opening a majestic gate of [...]

    10. A really good book about the murder of a wealthy, newly married young man There are many characters who could have committed this crime Every time that I thought I had it figured out, some new facts would emerge The ending was a real surprise Thank you to Netgalley, Thomas Mercer, and the author Sibel Hodge, for the copy of this book.

    11. I ve got me a case of whiplash from all the twists and turns in this book I can t say I ve met such a twisty thriller since I read I Let You Go High, high praise as that book threw me completely There is something so grand as a thriller reader to think you re headed in one direction and thenBAM, everything you thought was true was WRONG It s like, in your face, reader Gotcha Don t want to get too spoilery, so I ll stay away from plot points Basically, we have a murder that s being investigated, [...]

    12. Sibel Hodge is now my favourite author of Psychological fiction every book I have read has been a joy to read she involves the reader from the start once your in you just cannot stop, again the characters were well put together but again flawed which makes it enjoyable for me as a reader.Max Alissa Burbeck were a perfect couple sort of like a Ken Barbie Alissa was beautiful was writing her first novel was married to a perfect man, virtually had the perfect life until Max was found murdered in th [...]

    13. Read all my reviews at Lit.Wit.Wine.Dine.From the outside, Max and Alissa seem to have the perfect marriage They should They re filthy rich and have only been married for two months But everything is not always as it seems Or is it Duplicity is a clever and well paced story of murder and mayhem I was kept in suspense from the very first page where we are introduced to The Other One At first, all we know about the other one is that he she is obviously a psychopath, a favorite and necessary elemen [...]

    14. Tho I d not enjoyed Duplicity as much as the previous three of Sibel Hodge s books I ve read, I think readers will enjoy it for a clever and well worked out plot and a lot of suspense.Apparently there is a course in interviewing the police college that teaches how to bully innocent suspects into confessing by disguising abusive accusations as questions In Duplicity the oafish Acting Detective Inspector Richard Wilmott obviously mastered that module he specialises in transformational grammar You [...]

    15. Sibel Hodge has been my fast growing one of my favorite authors from the first book I ever read by her.She is an author that you sit patiently awaiting her next book No matter what, you just know you are in for a great time.This would make for an awesome movie It s told from two different angles from the heading of the chapter.When I saw The One heading on the chapters it was engrossing to get into the head of the person whose thoughts, life and viewpoints you were reading Chilling and dark.Alys [...]

    16. Duplicity by Sibel Hodge is an intriguing psychological suspense thriller This is my first book by Sibel Hodge and I cannot wait to read books by her as this was a great twisty read.Alissa and Max Burbeck have a perfect fairytale marriage The newlyweds are madly in love with each other and after their honeymoon hold a reception for a few of their friends But Alissa s happiness does not last too long as soon after Max is killed in his home office and Alissa barely escapes the intruder with an in [...]

    17. Dear Reader,This is a very clever,masterfully plotted story centred around the murder of rich developer, Max B Recently married to Alissa,they seemed to live an ideal life,so the motive for this senseless act mystifies police DS Carter,tasked with solving the case,has his own theories that unfortunately prove unpopular with his Senior Investigating Officer,thus seeing them soon at loggerheads But,all is not as it first appears Privy to the different voices in this story,an intricate web of decei [...]

    18. Now this is what you call a psychological thriller It s so hard to say to much about this novel without giving to much away, so will try my best.When Max is murdered, I felt really sorry for Alissa Recently married and widowed weeks after is something that shouldn t happen to anyone Trying to work out why Max was targeted makes hard work for the police as there is quite a few avenues to go down and investigate.DS Carter in particular has even of an interest in this case He is slightly sour afte [...]

    19. Alissa and Max Burbeck seem to have it all, a wonderful life and marriage, that is until Alissa finds her husband dead which she discovers when she finishes her bath and goes looking for him Loud music is coming from the room and Alissa sees a man in a balaclava and gloves Terrified Alissa escapes through the bathroom window and runs to her neighbour s house, she is in shock and is taken to hospital This is a very clever story with a great plot that kept me guessing throughout So what is really [...]

    20. Sibel Hodge returns following 2016 Untouchableand 2015 Where Memories Lie both 5 Stars , with her latest, DUPLICITY,a twisty suspense with twists, turns, and suspects than you can count Love is both a blessing and a curse Love could destroy you If you let it But maybe the biggest curse was not losing your love, but never being loved at all by the one who stole your heart The book definitely lives up, to its title name Du plic i ty Deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in [...]

    21. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipIs there anything exciting than discovering a new to you author that you really enjoy Not to me there isn t Immediately after I finished Duplicity I rushed to to see if Hodge had any other books and I was so thrilled to see she has others with outstanding ratings from some of my most trusted friends Now to find the time to actually read them I was hooked by this one right away, there are two viewpoints, the Detective and the Other One The detective i [...]

    22. Good story.It was just okay read at first, almost stopped Thinking how they are going to prove what we know kept me listening Last couple chapters will make your heart beat faster What a shocking ending.

    23. I won this in a give away from GoodReads.It was a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns There were a few that had me rereading to make sure I read it right It was fast paced with an alternating POV Worth the time to read

    24. For of my reviews, follow my blog at theblondelikesbooks.wordpressNewleyweds Max and Alissa live a happy life together, until one night Max is murdered and Alissa narrowly escapes Duplicity switches point of views between The Other One and The Detective as the search for Max s killer begins It s not uncovered until later in the story how the two relate to each other There are a number of characters who have motive to kill Max, and it s up to Detective Inspector Warren Carter to figure out who k [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I thought this was a very interesting, well written mystery and then the first twist came into play and the story became even interesting and ve got to read this one I look forward to reading books by this author.

    26. Duplicity is my first book by Sibel Hodge, and what an excellent choice I made if I don t say so myself.Max and Alyssa are newlyweds, when just a month after their wedding, someone kills Max in their home Alyssa escapes by way of the bathroom window and runs to her neighbor s house nekkid and afraid.Intertwined with Max and Alyssa s plot is a story about the other one A girl who has grown up on a farm with an abusive father and a submissive mother.A little bit of cringe.If animal abuse is a trig [...]

    27. Please visit my blog at thebuzzingbookmarkOh My Word This was a great psychological thriller with elements of being a police procedural and it blew my socks off I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I loved the alternating chapters between the current situation, being Max s murder and the chapters dealing with The Other One , an unnamed child who s suffering incredible abuse and living a horrible life I knew that the chapters must relate to each other somehow but this really didn t become clear [...]

    28. Earlier this year I read Untouchable by Sibel Hodge, and it s a book that sits very comfortable on my top reads of 2016 pile, so I have been eagerly anticipating the authors latest book The first thing I have to say about Duplicity is very different to her last book, it s no where near as gritty or as dark, and call me warped if you like but these are the books I seem to really enjoy Don t get me wrong Duplicity is an engaging and intriguing read, it s just feels very different to the authors pr [...]

    29. Max, a wealthy developer, is murdered and his newly wed wife, Alissa, gets out of her bath and walks in on the murder She escapes by locking herself in a bathroom and escaping out a window, running naked to a neighbor s home Alissa is beautiful, sweet and gentle according to everyone that knows her so the police immediately take her off the suspect list, except Detective Carter Detective Carter senses something is not as it seems with Alissa and Max based on his gut instinct as a experienced det [...]

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