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Die Stadt ohne Juden : ein Roman von übermorgen By Hugo Bettauer,

  • Title: Die Stadt ohne Juden : ein Roman von übermorgen
  • Author: Hugo Bettauer
  • ISBN: 9783928398268
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel, set in Austria, describes the events that follow Austria s expelling all its Jews Among the consequences Bettauer envisions are the decline of commerce, the arts, and politics Eventually, the situation becomes so bad that the Austrian government is forced to invite the Jews back.
    Die Stadt ohne Juden ein Roman von bermorgen This novel set in Austria describes the events that follow Austria s expelling all its Jews Among the consequences Bettauer envisions are the decline of commerce the arts and politics Eventually

    One thought on “Die Stadt ohne Juden : ein Roman von übermorgen”

    1. AMAZING speculative fiction from 1933 that got the author murdered by a fascist, among other impacts the author, not Jewish, imagines the story of vienna expelling all Jews and the impacts devastating for the city I really want other people I know to read this so we can talk about it such a brilliant illumination of the role of philo Semitism in antisemitic arsenals, but the book itself seems dangerously philo semitic, too the history of this book is referred to in Virtually Jewish as a metaphor [...]

    2. Lost Austrian film from 1924, based on this novel and predicting rise of nazism, restaured and relaunched theguardian world 201

    3. I really liked the book The City Without Jews I think, after reading it, you can imagine the political situation of the 30s in Austria and the big problem of anti Semitism.There s just one thing, I couldn t agree with the author.The way he describes the role jews played in Austria just fits with the anti Semitic prejudice, of a jewish world conspiracy and I think it just increase Anti Semitism.After reading the book, you might think banishing jews would be a bad idea, because many of them are im [...]

    4. In 1926, Hugo Bettaur wrote a fictional account of an Austria where Jews were exiled and banned from returning The anti Semites took power and property but they did not fully comprehend the effect it would have upon their country and their daily lives Sadly, the author was assassinated within a year after the book was written and the book was almost lost to history Only six copies are listed in libraries across the U.S , but should you be lucky enough to find one, READ IT It is not high literatu [...]

    5. Eine Satire, die bissig und bitterb se ganz sch n an die Substanz geht und beim Leser ein permanentes Unwohlgef hl hervorruft und genau darin liegt die St rke der politischen Aussage.Satire hei t schlie lich nicht, dass man lacht sondern dass eine Gesellschaft berspitzt dargestellt wird mit allen daraus entspringenden Konsequenzen Und die hier gezeigte Gesellschaft gibt sich ganz sch n beklemmend.

    6. I really, really enjoyed this book, much than I thought I would It was a very interesting look at an alternative history that could very well have happened following World War II I highly recommend it to all lovers of alternative history and speculative fiction D

    7. OK, this was a little work related, but it was a lot of fun It s a novel that imagines that the Jews are expelled from Vienna in 1923 and describes the city s subsequent decline The economy collapses, people are horribly unfashionable, art and music deteriorate into kitsch, etc The author was assassinated by a fascist in 1925.

    8. Satirical novel about a fictional expulsion of all Jews in Austria, written in 1922 This one was sure to ground some gears of anti semites proclaiming that the fashion industry was so grant because the christian women wanted to look nice for their rich jewish lovers Without the jews Vienna becomes en enlarged town full of boorish people, where all the men wear beards and women wear drindls As an result of this book the author was shot by a proto nazi.

    9. Required reading for German lit Written by a Jew about Jews being exhiled from Austria Written BEFORE Hitler actually did it, and thought to be an impossibility Not exquisitely written from a literary point of view, but the concept was really the focus.

    10. Ein sehr hellsichtiger Roman ber Antisemitismus, da er bereits Anfang der 1920er Jahre ver ffentlich wurde Leider wurden die Annahmen des Autors im negativen Sinne bei weitem bertroffen.

    11. Sehr interessant Und mit einem ironischen Humor, der der geschilderten Situation doch immer etwas humorvolles abgewinnen kann.Vor allem als sterreicher sollten wir alle diese Buch lesen.

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