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The Secret of the Dark Forest By Vasily Mahanenko,

  • Title: The Secret of the Dark Forest
  • Author: Vasily Mahanenko
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Virtual World of Barliona is a place of rest and entertainment but not for everyone It has become a survival arena for Daniel Mahan after he was sentenced to 8 years in its virtual jail Mahan has been through it all the back breaking work in the mines, betrayal by other prisoners, and finally, the retrial which has released him into Barliona s common world What mThe Virtual World of Barliona is a place of rest and entertainment but not for everyone It has become a survival arena for Daniel Mahan after he was sentenced to 8 years in its virtual jail Mahan has been through it all the back breaking work in the mines, betrayal by other prisoners, and finally, the retrial which has released him into Barliona s common world What could one want Mahan could have kept a low profile and enjoy relative freedom while serving the rest of his time But being a Shaman, he can t help himself Soon he s a clan leader, taking fifty of the continent s top players to claim the secrets of the Dark Forest.
    The Secret of the Dark Forest The Virtual World of Barliona is a place of rest and entertainment but not for everyone It has become a survival arena for Daniel Mahan after he was sentenced to years in its virtual jail Mahan has

    One thought on “The Secret of the Dark Forest”

    1. I read it as the book was being translated, This is once again on of the best series of this type of books available absolutely love reading them, Very hard to put down

    2. Better and betterHas good flow, characters are developing depth and humor Doesn t bog down with pages of stats Ready for book 4

    3. Mahan s Journey to godhood continues 2.5 5 stars Our protagonist is finally able to fulfill his obligation from book 1 and with his buddies create their own clan to go on their first quest together.In the previous two books whatever happened to Mahan was the direct result of his own actions here however the focus shifts to the side characters as they do all the work while Mahan reaps the unique rewards because chosen one who got Mary Sue as a girlfriend because ofcourse he didThis one has Pacing [...]

    4. Now that the world has opened up, Vasily is having trouble maintaining the focus and tight story structure that drew me to the series to begin with My feelings on this story can be easily summed up with two works Too Much There s too much lore dumping happening, too many characters, too many twists, and too much happening Vasily is failing the slow build to the climax that stories typically follow, and it just starting at the level of the previous story and trying to hold that intensity the enti [...]

    5. Third book of the series, and it continues the 2nd s trend downwards The beginning is a boring close up of the second book, the middle is a bit better, but the ending then goes into the bad habbit of some writers especially of LitRPG s to make massive displays of power The series also continues its bad trend of showering the protagonist in rare things By the end of it I honestly sat down and thought Has this main character done a single none rare quest the answer was yes, but that was only becau [...]

    6. Fun filled and drama packed Another good installation So good in fact, I had planned to take a little while off between reading books 2 and 3, and read other books in the meantime I think I went around 12 hours before I caved in and bought the book then spent the next 18 hours straight reading it Our favorite jewel crafting Shaman gets himself into some fun, and trouble We also interaction with NPC, which are treated with a mix of the normal way long term, full immersion divers usual treat, as [...]

    7. First and foremost what s with the random lines referring to players lives in the world of the real but being completely ignored by everyone involved I mean everyone can hear them but people just continue like they have zero skills in socialization It s weird right Ok tiny rant over A part of me is intrigued another part is wondering about the lack of a solid conclusion at the end of each tale Even starting the next book seems like it s just one huge epic broken up after certain events I m still [...]

    8. First, that Audio format is really, really long I was listening to it for 2 days Even so, its very good reading material with pulling full story plot Main character Daniel Mahan is still great to listen to What I did not like Let me think the ending is rather abrupt, that romance between MC and and female paladin is a little bit annoying All together, good reading material Of course if you like gaming genre.

    9. It s a great book, but the author DID decide it was a good time to start having the protagonist go on constant extremely long inner monologues And I do mean CONSTANTLY The story is phenomenal, but its really annoying when every time something interesting happens, you get stuck in the characters head for 3 10 minutes Audiobook

    10. What should I say, the main storylike developed way to slow Mahan s leveling and questing was equally slow, nonetheless truly interesting The Secret of Dark Forest was way to long, and ended in middle of action which wasn t so cool But I enjoyed Mahan s character development Great work so far

    11. So if you enjoy reading a book with a brain dead doormat type protagonist bullshit solutions and where the hangers on get rewards than the mc this is the story for you.I love litrpg but I despised this book.

    12. 8.3.2017 4,5 Bavila jsem se nad p ekvapiv mi zvraty Zt e t n mi n pady a len mi kombinacemi Ale p edev m jsem happy jak dva grepy, jeliko se autor soust edil na hern strategii ehm a d j a nepokou el se svou fantazi vnutit ten i n co, pro co nenakupoval.

    13. Unlike many series that the excitement slowly dies off as the series continues this series just seems to get stronger with each new volume, I m so happy that I ve discovered LitRPG and this groundbreaking series.

    14. Great funThis series is becoming awesome Love the fight and the actual raid party situations It is interesting how the MC is getting all these interesting quests and items but I really don t care because the scenarios are amazing Some phrasing and dialogue seem a little awkward is some parts but a minor issue Relationships are developing nicely Great read

    15. AmazingThis book was filled with twists and turns if u like the others you ll love this book, overall the author does a good job of stealing hours of your time from you with this book.

    16. Nota 7.8Demasiado OP, aunque el final result bastante pico, all no voy a decir nada Aunque sigo pensando que tanta cosa le quita puntos, all falla algo.

    17. You know those stories when things just turn out too conveniently for the main character That s like this entire series but for some reason it s hard to stop reading this story.

    18. Good book but slow pace, I want to read book 4 but I don t feel excitement towards the next book Mayan acts like a old man rather than a young men.

    19. The cover is quite terrible to be honest, but the book itself was fun, as is becoming the habit with this series The protagonist grows, the plot thickens the story goes on.

    20. I skipped right through a review for this as I immediately had to start on the 4th story despite it not being in audiobook form Again we ramp up to a new level in the series and i can t explain it because I think it s just too spoilery I m expecting nothing short of pure chaos in the last book of the series.

    21. I feel I must hurry to the next one, I can t explain it , but something in me is telling me I must move forward.

    22. Rinse and repeat but getting ridiculous little by little Seriously though the last one was a little farfetched but this oneA well it is RPG lit Still fun to read even if it makes you roll your eyes than a little and than couple times.

    23. Vampires NO That was my first thought upon seeing the cover really liking this series and didn t want it to devolve Anyhow, it s not so bad it does drone on a bit in the Vampire forest, but only because the rest of the series has been very fast paced Good book overall, I shall continue the series.

    24. Good addition to the series but I feel it is getting strange that all of these unique things keep happening to the main character It is feeling like he is over lucky and maybe this will be fleshed out in the future books of the series.

    25. Book three is a whirlwindThis series keeps getting better as it goes along I enjoy litrpg books and this book really does a great job with it Once again our hero gets a few quests that lead to meeting up with creatures long thought gone Surprisingly Mahan almost gets screwed but divine intervention pulls his ashes out of the fire.e surprise of him finding out what he really is was a fantastic twist of things I am looking forward to the next book

    26. Absolutely Amazing I am a huge fan of the LitRPG genre and this series was one of the first that I read in it This book surpasses the two before it and I have no idea how the author will make book four better than this one but I truly believe that he somehow will do just that Check out this series, you won t be disappointed

    27. Cannot wait until I read the next oneIt is really starting to heat up for the main character and his friends By the end of this book the main characters went through many ups and down with no ending in site Where will the path of the Sharon lead Only one way to find out, keep moving forward.

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