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Crash By Jerry Cole,

  • Title: Crash
  • Author: Jerry Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Liam Hasker s car careens down the side of a mountain, the last thing he expects is to wake up facing the man who made his last days in high school the worst days of his life As if that wasn t traumatic enough, the hospital staff seem to be under the impression that the ex athlete is his husband It quickly becomes clear that the former bad boy heartthrob has no ideaWhen Liam Hasker s car careens down the side of a mountain, the last thing he expects is to wake up facing the man who made his last days in high school the worst days of his life As if that wasn t traumatic enough, the hospital staff seem to be under the impression that the ex athlete is his husband It quickly becomes clear that the former bad boy heartthrob has no idea who he is and has forgotten the painful past that binds them When circumstances and a little white lie force the two to join forces, Liam decides there is no time like the present to settle old scores All grown up and a successful novelist, Liam intends to make his days with Reid as painful for the good Samaritan as possible The only problem is, real life never goes according to plan Reid Cummings wasn t always a nice guy, but he worked hard to put the past behind him When a badly injured stranger falls into his life, he finds himself drawn to the prickly writer in a way he hasn t felt in a long time Before he can get a hold on his feelings, he finds himself sharing his home and his life with a man whose motives are unclear and whose face he can t get out of his mind When their relationship goes from uncomfortable to steamy, Reid must battle Liam s distrust and the ghost of his past self to hold on to what could be the love of his life Can frenemies become lovers Not if Liam has anything to say about it, but he may have to admit defeat as his reality becomes stranger than any fiction he could have written Please Note This book contains Adult Language Steamy Adult Activities, it is intended for 18 Adults Only Novella, approx 50,000 words in length HFN happy for now ending Does not end with a cliffhanger.
    Crash When Liam Hasker s car careens down the side of a mountain the last thing he expects is to wake up facing the man who made his last days in high school the worst days of his life As if that wasn t tr

    One thought on “Crash”

    1. It was really good But I can t help it, I kinda feel it doesn t deserve 5 stars There were some tiny points here there during the whole story that kinda bothered me But it was good definitely worth reading.

    2. I don t know why with some books every little stupid thing in them feels like a needle pushed under your fingernail and with other books no matter how much stupid there is, you are just, like, never mind, who cares, keep moving With Crash you don t just have to suspend your disbelief you need to cuff it, gag it, lock it up and throw away the key And if you can bend your mind around the idea that a supposedly straight guy, after finding a stranger in an accident, will name himself this stranger s [...]

    3. I have enjoyed all of Jerry s books I don t have a lot of time to sit down and read huge novels so the fact that these are short stories allows me to finish them in one sitting Crash takes a turn that was probably real for many guys Hoping and dreaming about someone that you fantasize about that eventually comes true is something I hope happens to me at some point Well written story that gives you something to think about I received a free advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an hone [...]

    4. OMG Don t know what to say Just letting the tears dry This was an emotional rollercoaster, but very well worth the read.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Enjoyable readI enjoyed this book, good story and likeable characters Plot was a little unrealistic but entertaining, will read by this author

    6. This book was actually not too bad Two boys who knew each other on high school but were never actually friends Or even acquaintances really 15 years later they meet again Only one doesn t know it Liam is in a bad accident and his car flips off the side of a mountain He wakes up in the hospital to a man stating they are married The man is someone who walked away at a pivotal moment when they were teens Only Reid has no idea Reid pulls a man out of his car and in order to stay by his side, he tell [...]

    7. Crash is M M romance written by Jerry Cole.This story is about Liam and Reid They knew each other from school, but they weren t friends Quite the opposite They meet again years after Reid happens to be there when Liam s car careened down the mountain When Liam wakes up in hospital he finds out that Reid pretended that he s his husband and that he doesn t recognize him at all.This story was one hell of emotional ride First, my heart was broken within few pages What happened to Liam was awful and [...]

    8. This is an unusual book which I enjoyed reading Liam and Reid, the two main characters, become entwined because of car accidents over a period of years Misperceptions of what happened in the first car accident colors their understanding, or lack thereof, about what really happened during the accident The big question is does Liam seek revenge on Reid because of his misperceptions or does he fall in love with his antagonist Is the antagonist an uncaring, self centered jerk or has he become a cari [...]

    9. I liked this book but then I didn t like it I was really conflicted My heart ached for Liam and what he went through one horrific night when he was yonger I wanted him to get some payback but that is not what happened Call me a vindictive bitch if you will, I ll wear the name proudly but there was no revenge I think he deserved a little after all he went through and lost that night As for Reid, he was very emotional toward the end but also emotionless with Liam I got the sense that he was sorry [...]

    10. Great storyI loved Reid and Liam, they are great characters The beginning is a nightmare and they both suffered horribly for it For Reid his journey was very hard but turned his life around to be the man he felt Liam would be proud of Liam is left hurt and bitter but makes a good name for himself With a horrible accident they find each other again and Liam realizes that Reid has always been the one for him He was destined to love only Reid his whole life through I received a free advance reader [...]

    11. Hotter Then A Firecracker This book is fantastic Oh my the stunts that Liam pulls will send you into fits of laughter It also stole my heart with all the crap that Liam had to go through highschool sucks But at the same time the love story is great Hands down a great book

    12. A wonderful storyI truly enjoy Jerry s stories They are always, always, always filled with sincere emotion and that unrelenting angst that only those fighting true love can have Liam and Reid are beautiful together and how wonderful when true love comes back to life.

    13. A big thumbs upJerry Cole is one of my favorite authors and I have to say that this is one of my favorite books.

    14. Very goodThis book had it all intrigue, mystery, and a great plot It was a easy read that flowed well together from beginning to end.

    15. This was heading for a 5 star read but towards the end it kind of took off in another direction and lost me.Still enjoyed it Just kind of hiccuped on me around the time all truths were revealed.

    16. This was a relatively okay romance, but was missing a lot for me because a lot didn t make sense Examples Reid has a sister who he s very close to and he tells Liam that she drops by all the time, in fact we see this happen right at the beginning of the book then she disappears from the book until the very end we hear nothing about her, she doesn t show up or get mentioned or anything so not actually a huge part of Reid s life or the author just didn t remember to include her in the day to day s [...]

    17. MM Liam and Reid s story is so heartbreaking Liam never expected to face the man who caused so many issues ten years ago Reid is working hard to make up for the pain he caused over the years and this new Liam reminds him of his Liam from high school A dangerous situation for both of them to be in and Liam s cousin is ready to make them question everything I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

    18. This was nice Nothing new, ground breaking or specifically interesting but it was a nice neat quick love story to read.

    19. Greatness as alwaysLoved this book I can see it being made into a movie The gay romantic version of misery, so touching and wonderful

    20. Very impressed with this book because I was surprised on many counts I m not sure what made me pick it up in the first place, but I m sure glad I did The main premise is convenient It s somewhere in the middle of friends to lovers and enemies to lovers without really being either And to have these one time classmates be in the same random place at the the exact same moment years later, and then add in the marriage angle Yeah you need to be able to suspend disbelief and just go with it or else yo [...]

    21. Usually I tend to steer clear of books with M M Straight to Gay First Time Romance or such attached to the title, unless I am in the mood for downright smut, but the blurb was pretty intriguing and I was in the mood for an enemies to lovers kind of story To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement This definitely was no pure smutty read, although there definitely were scorching sex scenes, but this was far than that, this was a book with romance, intrigue, complex characters and [...]

    22. Potential, potential, potential It seems to be the ringing thought I have in my head for a lot of books I ve been reading, and this one was no different I loved the premise and the first half of the book was excellent However, it was let down in the end by a boring, careless side plot, and a sadly anti climactic reveal between the characters Also, the ending seemed so rushed and there was no discussion surrounding why they went their separate ways before, and then decided on a whim to stay toget [...]

    23. Disjointed but still a core of a good plot kept this from being a wash.The author has a wonderful voice when speaking through his younger characters, it is when they are adults that the story fails to be cohesive Too many jumps in time Too many changes in narration Gaps in the story big enough to crash a truck through This author does have nice way of handling love scenes and the dialog is snappy and original Introducing a rather unnecessary villain was also a distraction There was enough confli [...]

    24. This was a great book I loved it I love how Jerry Cole writes With that being said, this is about Reid and Liam who have a past to begin with After an accident Reid think Liam has died and is haunted by this It has never left him Liam ends up in a car accident, and who else but Reid finds and ends up taking care of him Reid thinks there is something similar about Liam but he can t put a finger on it After all the secrets from both Liam and Reid are revealed will they end up together Will they be [...]

    25. Jerry Cole s books rock And this book is the best one yet The drama and the angst between Liam and Reid are spot on Serendipity and the powers that seem to sometimes change the course of our well ordered lives, stepped into the lives of Liam and Reid and righted wrongs between them from years past That they managed to overcome such deep hurt and finally connected in spite of their past unhappy history is the driving force of this engrossing love story I highly recommend this gripping tale of lov [...]

    26. Loved the coupleThis one was a bit confusing in places The POV changed between Liam and Reid without warning a few times that threw me out of the story Time paying also want very clear in a couple of places that confused me But I loved both Liam and Reid and enjoyed reading about their journey together I liked that both characters had to overcome the trauma from what happened when they were teenagers, and that both had scars from that time, but that they learned to love one another despite that. [...]

    27. Amazing Absolutely loved this story Reid and Liam s story was beautifully written, Jerry Cole did an amazing job Both characters with their flaws start to fall in love I love the way that Reid was written as someone who thought of himself as essentially straight but when he started to fall for Liam there was no inner dialogue about gay or straight Liam was someone he cared about and he would do everything he could to care for him.Kudos to the the author for writing this great story

    28. Okaaaayyyy.I was liking the book for the most part until the end It just seemed to rushed To go from one extreme to the next was just too much sorry don t want to go into detail and spoil it I do like the witty banter and the chemistry between the Liam and Reid However, I felt that the timeline of the book was off hard to follow In addition, I felt like I needed backstory for both characters story just didn t feel complete in this area.

    29. Enjoyable storey, but as I got to 90 95 percent done on my trusty Kindle I started to panic that this was going to be a cliffhanger EEEK Yet no in about a page in a half storey ends I liked the ending but just sort of thought it may evolve a bit , maybe involve a little conversation.

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