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Captive By Jex Lane,

  • Title: Captive
  • Author: Jex Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Matthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans, he keeps himself confined to a lonely existence.Everything changes the night he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy Forced into thMatthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans, he keeps himself confined to a lonely existence.Everything changes the night he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy Forced into the middle of a war between vampires and incubi, Matthew is used as a weapon against his own kind Although he s desperate for freedom, he is unable to deny the burning desire drawing him to the incubus general he now calls Master.Captive is a full length novel 117,000 words.1 Captive Beautiful Monsters Vol 12 Sire Beautiful Monsters Vol 23 Broken Beautiful Monsters Vol 34 Blood Prince Beautiful Monsters Vol 4 coming 2018 This book contains dark themes, a captured bisexual vampire, and high heat It is intended for mature audiences.
    Captive Matthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans he keeps himself confined to a lonely

    One thought on “Captive”

    1. This was SO addictive I don t think it is for all audiences, but I ll give all the warnings when I talk about the book in my Youtube Channel What I loved THE ACTION, it was on point The final battle had me literally shaking with fear and excitement no but really, I was shaking.

    2. Suddenly, I m transported to an alternative universe where vampires, incubi, demons, gargoyles and uncountable supernatural species exist Or may be not We still don t know if they don t exist for real or not So let me tell you one thing, this is not a romance novel It might seem it is but it really is not For all to start, there s only one MC here, Matthew, the creature of both a vampire and an incubus And this is about him and how he became what he is Matthew, a 7 years old vampire, who died fo [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsI m a bit torn on this book The world building is good, the take on vampires and incubi is very well done, very well drawn I was very happy with that, and, in all honesty, I did not think that vampires and incubi could be taken to the level that Jex Lane has taken them to in a book that is not strictly paranormal or UF, it s a book that also focuses on sex Tarrick is a layered character You think you have him figured out and he surprises you I like a good mindfuck of a character and Tar [...]

    4. 4.5 Matthew Callahan is different Seven years ago when he was thirty two he was attacked and turned into a vampire No that s not why he s different, there s lots of vampires There s something else about him.He was attacked and left, he s never known his sire He s had to figure things out on his own and he knows nothing about vampires despite being one for the past seven years.One night he hears a thump.d another and he can t resist He s drawn to the sound, the feeling but it s a trap and Matthew [...]

    5. 4,25 STARSWow this book This story Jex Lane created such a unique and fantastic world with vampires, incubi, witches and so many scary creatures And all together gave us a great story I ve started this book right before going to sleep Wrong choice I just couldn t go to sleep until I finished it, at 5 AM And now I m at work, exhausted but I m still thinking about this story That s how much I enjoyed it I ll start by saying I m NOT a fan of fantasy But I ve read some stories with vampires and I ab [...]

    6. 2.5Man, I hate being the first person to give a book a poor review, but I just can t agree with the majority here I did not enjoy this book The writing and editing are fine, but I had some major problems The first of which was a preference thing I m not into the master slave thing It s not my kink Watching a man be broken and then come to love his enslavement is just not something I enjoy I personally find it abhorrent Not morally or anything, I wouldn t bring that into a review But I don t find [...]

    7. I am never happy when I read a really good story that I think is an M M book and find way too many M F sex scenes in it and only a few M M scenes Both MCs are bisexual and are supposed to fall for each other, but they sleep around too much with other people, especially women I have nothing against M F books, but I don t want to read about it in my M M books Not as much as it appeared in this one The actual written out sex scenes between the MCs and women were longer than the ones between the two [...]

    8. This book was beyond amazing, I was transported to another universe and I do not want to leave It reminds me of the feeling I had when readingCaptive Prince, the character felt alive and I just wanted to know about them You ll think with a book with sucubbus, incubbus and vampires it would be a sex galore but it wasn t, sex played a part of it but did not completely overshadow it as it usually does with books like these My friend Shin recommended this,this goes to show you how brilliant she is [...]

    9. Jex Lane s Beautiful Monsters series, starting with Captive.Like your vampire with a dose of incubus This series is for you That said, I hesitated to recommend is because as of writign this review it s not yet finished It really is a series, so I don t know if Lane will stick the landing So far as I can tell, Lane is a new author so I m not sure what we are in for, in the end But I did find the Beautiful Monsters books riveting Everything is pretty darn graphic though, from the violence to the s [...]

    10. That was like in good old times All my old friends are suddenly back the Night Huntress, Ethan Sullivan from the Chicagoland Vampires, the Demon Hospital from the Demonica Universe, Dante Valentine with Tierce Japhrimel and, of course, a bit of Mr Barrons from the Fever Saga.Boy, this series was the best thing that could happen And no one who has pleasure in fantasy should miss it I hope this series is endless And now I know this series was a winner for me in 2016 Bloody, exciting, biting with l [...]

    11. Dark, twisted and a little bit creepy This Paranormal story that focuses on Matthew, a newly turned Vampire that s special than he seems Matthew is thrust in a world of war and torture and twisted love This was an addictive read It definitely had some triggering abusive parts in the book that threatened me to continue.But the progression of the story was interesting I look forward to read the next book I m surprised how much I liked it 4 5 stars Part 2 Alright, I m done with my reread Don t be [...]

    12. 3.5 Monsters yes Beautiful I don t think so.I m still not sure whether I liked this book or not What I do know is that it seriously messed up my head There were times when I loved it, but equally, there were times that I didn t, but it is very, very addictive reading see my head is still messed up.The word building was phenomenal, my head is clear on that one.The chemistry between Matthew and Tarrick Not so much and I think we know the reason why that was, but it was another factor that messed u [...]

    13. I waver on 4 vs 5 stars This book isexactly the type of book I love Torture porn is good with me though this isn t it frankly My torture porn is way grittier and way darker This had darkness but overall it s not really that dark JMHO except in theme There is a strong redemption theme threading here mixed in w love, community, family It s an intoxicating combo The mindfuckery alone here is so very worthy of your time is it real or Mex The fifth star was earned the last 10% Things got all real up [...]

    14. 4 StarsFull Review I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review If you like sex and violence, man, is this ever the book for you This book is full of sex and violence But it s also full vampires and incubi, twists and turns, and all sorts of good stuff.I was immediately drawn in by the writing style because it was simple, but Matthew s voice came through really well and just clicked with me He just clicked with me, actually I didn t necessarily relate to [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsIt s very hard for me to like vampire books these days, but I was cautiously optimistic going into this story I held my breath during the opening scene, anticipating a mudslide into cliche MM Romance territory, and just as I was about to begin rolling my eyes to the back of my skull, the trajectory changed to something curiously refreshing I became hooked I am waiting on the next book.I want to start with the fascinating world building The vampires in this universe have an original spin [...]

    16. Sometimes when a book aims at being too perfect at everything it somehow falls short of that one ingredient that gives it a pulse,a HEART even though blood flows like a ruby river of ecstacy into an eternal sea of vampires various sex demons these pages lacked that golden vein.Mathew the main character accumulates abilities like a giant magnet hurled deep into a bucket of metal filings and even though this appears to be a series of books planned I m just puzzled by this writing style that reveal [...]

    17. I was absolutely in love with this story from beginning to end I already love a good vampire story, but add all the unique elements and this story was taken to the next level It was so refreshing And I loved Matthew The world building We get to see some unique and interesting twists on all the standard vampire tropes We also see appearances by other supernatural creatures Gargoyles, kitsune, shifters, Incubi and Succubi However the focus was on Matthew, the vampire, and Tarrick, the Incubus The [...]

    18. Edited to add at the time of this edit only 3 books in the series are out with the third one being significantly frustrating Even annoying is the fact the author plans a total of 6 9 books total but is not even working on book 4 This is according to her own website So it looks like it could be than 6 years before this is completed By then I won t remember or care much 4.5 I simply could not put it down.This book was suggested to me by because of some M M fantasy I had read I read the blurb an [...]

    19. I could go into a long winded detailed review of all my feelings about this book but tbh it comes down to I really like a side order of manipulation with my sexy times.

    20. Recommended Read Hello new author Let me just say this book was amazing, and I am so happy I came across this book I have to admit that I borrowed this book through my KU subscription However, I will definitely be purchasing it It has been a while since I have read a paranormal book that has captured my attention so immensely Seriously, this book has it all torture, pain, love, hate, vengeance, war, mystery, suspense and few happy moments thrown in there Then there are the characters in the book [...]

    21. The good parts are that the paranormal aspect of this book is pretty interesting if you re able of throwing all your logic out of the window and it s a fast paced read with quite a bit of sex, gore and violence.All the rest is extremely disappointing The writing style is really simple, and it s all tell and no show to boot I like my books to be a little on the sophisticated side The main characters personalities are practically non existent, almost like they re just cardboard cutouts The humans [...]

    22. 3.5 5 4 stars B I really enjoyed the slightly different take on the paranormal world that this author presents I was kind of tired of vampire books to tell the truth The vampires, incubi , hunters, and their intertwined history and cultures were interesting in this one.I liked how the author made the reader feel sympathetic towards Matthew as well as many of the characters who should have been antagonists To me she highlighted how everyone on both sides of a war is not all bad or all good This i [...]

    23. 4 Stars This book is violent, vulgar, sexual, and you cannot stop reading I was provided with an ARC copy for my review.Captive by Jex Lane seemed very similar to the Sookie Stackhouse series at first, but quickly gets you hooked and hanging on every page to learn of this world Every twist that Matthew encounters surprised me and kept me hungry for I hated what was happening to Matthew at times, but as his emotions changed mine would as well The contrast of the vampire and incubus sides fighti [...]

    24. 4 StarsExcellent story and I love the Incubus vs Vampire story line.Would have been closer to 5 stars if not for the pages and pages of graphic MF sex in a book purported to be an MM romance I didn t bother to count but I think there were , and graphic, MF scenes than there were MM scenes Yeah, not interested after that first one with Tarrick and the two succubi I skimmed the rest Two long, descriptive scenes with Matthew and another succubus I mean, I get it incubi succubi are creatures of se [...]

    25. Y no sientes nada por m No estoy desprovisto de sentimientos hacia ti Eres hizo una pausa como si estuviera buscando la palabra correcta y continuara cuando la encontrase , fascinante y estoy orgulloso de todos tus logros aqu , pero no te amo si eso es lo que me est s pidiendo Y t no me amas C mo pudiste hacerme esto a m C mo pudiste ser tan cruel Porque el amor es la manera m s f cil de controlar a alguien y necesitaba una manera de controlarte JODEEER Que libro desde el inicio me atrapo y tard [...]

    26. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this outstanding book, and i gotta tell you it was amazing The world that Jex has built is stunning and the whole concept is fresh with ideas and plot lines.

    27. I am crazy torn on this First, it was well written, and I was into it But it broke my heart and pissed me off The whole master slave thing made me want to slit my wrists, so while I did like Tarrick and found him a great character, I fucking hated him too I felt badly for Matthew, it was awful, all this torture and pain and suffering, oh but Tarrick had reasons Bitch, pleaseI don t know what I wanted to happenbut I was deeply upset with that ending, even though I don t know what I wanted I think [...]

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