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Donnie Brasco: My undercover life in the Mafia By Joseph D. Pistone Richard Woodley,

  • Title: Donnie Brasco: My undercover life in the Mafia
  • Author: Joseph D. Pistone Richard Woodley
  • ISBN: 9780340922651
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • trade edition paperback, fine
    Donnie Brasco My undercover life in the Mafia trade edition paperback fine

    One thought on “Donnie Brasco: My undercover life in the Mafia”

    1. I first ran into this book when an excerpt of it was inserted in The Mammoth Book of the Mafia At that time I read it as just a short peek into the life of the wiseguys, but when I bought my Kindle, I downloaded a sample of it and then bought the book.Joe Pistone, an FBI agent, didn t really aim for six years in the Mafia, far from it He started a six month undercover stint into the stolen trucks business, trying to get a crack into the organized racket What happened was that his undercover role [...]

    2. Having read the first book Donnie Brasco My Undercover Life In The Mafia a few years ago I thought I d give this follow up novel a try a short time after.While there is absolutely no denying the bravery, determination mental toughness of someone prepared to go through such an ordeal I personally didn t find the book the easiest to read There was no feeling of not being able to wait until I could pick up it s pages again.There were several instances of repetition sprinkled thoughout its pages whi [...]

    3. I know this book is a watershed in the history of Mob literature, and that Pistone s investigatory efforts were a breaking point for the Mob But this book of his just leaves me dozing I don t know what it is maybe he s just a boring guy Everyone blathers on about how great this book is, but I don t get it It was made into a far worse movie, incidentally One of the things the book does have going for it is that Pistone explains at great length what undercover agents can and can t do Sawing up bod [...]

    4. One of my favorite books It read like a movie and being a fan of Mafia history, this was informative I often recommend this to students who are trying to get into reading, but hate reading big novels They like the story line The movie butchered the book.

    5. Cool Good Un romantic Not psychologically insightful, by design Pistone spent so many years undercover, separated from his family, working on taking the Mob down, and he categorically states that the experience didn t affect him emotionally Just a job I think that s a great example of compartmentalization, if I may be so bold to presume and he sure had to be capable of it to get through this experience successfully So the movie goes the other direction, obviously, as the drama is of the story is [...]

    6. Bought it because I m a huge fan of mafia stories, and what better book to read I thought , than a real life story Though the book starts off well, and there s a decent amount of info about the families, I could ve done with The writing isn t too gripping, and the second half of the book has too much of Lefty, which becomes a bit of a bore But I shall watch the movie though.

    7. Many people are into reading books like Hunger Games and I m observing a big trend in the Fantasy genre Something that the book Donnie Brasco written by FBI Agent Joseph D Pistone isn t This book brings the reader into the menacing life of an FBI Undercover agent, who has to infiltrate himself in the mafia All and everything inside the book is a true story, from his connection with Tony Mirra to Milwukee mafia vending machines This is the type of book that only interest readers that like cold, h [...]

    8. Joe Pistone spent 6 years as an undercover agent for the FBI, working to gather intelligence on the Mafia Up to that point in time, the FBI had never done an undercover mission lasting than a few weeks Pistone s mission was scheduled to last 6 months, and ended up lasting 6 years Joe Pistone, under the alias Donnie Brasco gathered enough evidence to put over a hundred members of the mafia behind bars with sentences ranging between 20 and 100 years Several mafia members the ones who worked close [...]

    9. 3 STARS Posing as jewel thief Donnie Brasco, FBI agent Joseph D Pistone carried out the most audacious sting operation ever, working undercover for six years to infiltrate the flamboyant community of mafia soldiers, connected guys, captains, and godfathers Now his unforgettable eyewitness account brings to pulsating life the entire world of wiseguys their code of honor and their treachery, their wives, girlfriends and whores, their lavish spending and dirty dealings From It is a great autobiogra [...]

    10. An amazing book in which you are constantly reminding yourself is true.An FBI agent goes deep undercover in the mafia for 12 years putting together the evidence to try and bring the whole edifice down.The book did get pretty complex towards the later quarter as and characters were introduced and threads to the investigation were brought into play At times I found it difficult to remember who were good guys and who were bad guys at the periphery.A rare case in which watching the film helped ra [...]

    11. Interesting book and I would still recommend it But annoyingly, it felt like it was trying to come across as a novel rather than an in depth account of what Joseph D Pistone went through while undercover, also because of this is started to feel like it was going on too long By the 300 page mark I felt myself getting bored and just wanting him to get on with it instead of telling us every conversation Which I also question how, since he was undercover for 6 years, I fail to see how he can recall [...]

    12. Enthralling Just amazing Forget the film which is great but that Joseph D Pistone spent SO long undercover in the New York Mafia and gained such confidences is incredible With every chapter, your respect for the man just grows and grows We are talking COURAGE and then we are talking what THIS MAN did It s above and beyond It s a very important book and deserves to be read by a great number of people

    13. This was a very very interesting book I saw the movie based on the first book before I read this though so right away I could see how they differed.des Pistone out and out saying how they did In any case, Pistone really had his shit together, and based on the undercover stories I ve read in LCN and the like he seems to be the most hardcore of them all nice work.

    14. An amazing story of, at that time, unprecedented undercover work The line that Pistone managed to walk was unbelievable and the risks were great I grew a little tired of such a factual narrative, but he stayed true to his story.

    15. This isn t really my thing The writing is quite poor and repetitive, which may be based on its real event sources It does give some insight into how organized crime really works.On a side note, it is amazing how much information on the current mafia exists on.

    16. Great book and the movie is faithful to the book as well I recommend reading the book first The movie is excellent though.

    17. This book claims that the mafia is virtually destroyed Primarily due to RICO cases If that s the case then this book really is an insiders account of a watershed in NYC history.

    18. Donnie Brasco, written by Paul Attanasio, based on the books by Joseph D Pistone and Richard Woodley10 out of 10Notes and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist list and realini This film Forget about it As Donnie Brasco explains when asked by his fellow FBI agents, this is a catch phrase, leitmotif used by the mobsters.They used for a car that was not good, for a meal that they enjoyed and was extraordinary or just to say forget about it.When I used it for the film itself, I [...]

    19. Interesting insight into the life of an undercover FBI agent While the material can seem choppy, jumping from scene to scene at a blurring pace, it keeps you engaged I was always waiting for the chance that Agent Pistone Donnie Bransco would have his cover blown To last several years under cover with the Mafia and make it out generally unscathed is stunning Equally impressive is how he juggled this life with the Mafia with his life at home Makes you appreciate the sacrifices the men and women in [...]

    20. A truly fascinating look at what may have been the ultimate FBI undercover operation Getting an agent on the list to be made was quite the coup It overall had a realistic, almost gritty feel which I really enjoyed At times, the staccato prose let me struggling to figure out exactly who was speaking during the elements of back forth dialog a minor nit though.

    21. An informative book about his commendable undercover operation and the life of an mafia associate It s detailed with lots of conversations Sometimes it was a bit dull, but there were a few exciting moments You can skip the movie.

    22. Not as good as the original work on account of the strong bias and agenda the author has in play here It has some interesting revelations none the less, my favorite being, that wiseguys don t work on Mothers s Day

    23. Read this a long time after I saw the movie and it was equally awesome Actually almost better to see the movie first, honestly Awesome book.

    24. Interesting look at organized crime from the perspective of an FBI mole Entertaining anecdotes throughout Would I recommend this to other readers Fuggeddaboutit

    25. Donnie Brasco delivers a solid if imperfect look into the world of organized crime The book will grip any fan of organized crime drama, whether it be Godfather, Sopranos, or true crime stories The story is quite a unique one Donnie Brasco was an undercover FBI agent who attempted to infiltrate the mafia for six months and ended up undercover for six years It s a great story because most of the time true crime stories focus entirely on the bad guys side of the story and ignores the agents who tra [...]

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