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The Sugar Men By Ray Kingfisher,

  • Title: The Sugar Men
  • Author: Ray Kingfisher
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  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixty four years ago, Susannah Morgan managed to flee the horrors of the Holocaust But the memories of that childhood ordeal have proven impossible to sweep away.For most of her new life spent settled in sleepy North Carolina, the flashbacks have been a lonely obsession one she has hidden from her family, and about which her heart is torn Because for all the pain and theSixty four years ago, Susannah Morgan managed to flee the horrors of the Holocaust But the memories of that childhood ordeal have proven impossible to sweep away.For most of her new life spent settled in sleepy North Carolina, the flashbacks have been a lonely obsession one she has hidden from her family, and about which her heart is torn Because for all the pain and the cruelty of those terrible years, she harbours sweet memories too, of unexpected friends who risked their own lives in order to save hers As Susannah s time on earth draws to a close, her innermost thoughts of those long gone days become questions ones that demand answers.Against the wishes of her children, Susannah returns to Germany and the scene of unspeakable crimes There she will come face to face with the Holocaust s terrible, wretched legacy, and will finally make peace with the ghosts of her past.
    The Sugar Men Sixty four years ago Susannah Morgan managed to flee the horrors of the Holocaust But the memories of that childhood ordeal have proven impossible to sweep away For most of her new life spent settled

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    1. It is not often that I come across a book that I am so engrossed in the story, that half my household chores are left undone The Sugar Men was one such story I had to check that this was a work of fiction, as it was so believable Last year I visited a concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland and there were so many similarities to Bergen Belsen They to had a wall where prisoners were lined up and I thought how this could so easily have been the horror that Susannah experienced I rarely wri [...]

    2. The Sugar Men had a very interesting premise, but the delivery was awkward and unbelievable Main character Susanna went through a horrific experience, kept in a German WW 2 concentration camp I don t believe that 60 some years later her grown children are okay with her gallivanting across the ocean to come to terms with her losses Particularly when she has been given mere months to live Too trite, t0o glossed over, too unbelievable to truly sink in and enjoy the story.

    3. Mixed feelings about this book Have read many books on the Holocaust and wouldn t rate this as highly as others I was interested to hear of life in the Bergen Belsen camp which differed from others in that families were allowed to stay together The story develops as an elderly lady journeys back into her past trying to come to terms with what happened to her, and is mostly told from the perspective of Susannah the child The last quarter of the book is probably the most interesting.

    4. I don t think it can be easy to write a fictional book about the incredibly difficult period of spending the war years on the run as a Jewish family ending in years as a prisoner of Bergen Belsen concentration camp, but this book manages to do it well.There were one or two things which I found a bit unlikely, but the majority of this book made for interesting, if painful reading The reality of dealing with concentration camp horrors as a young girl and finding a mechanism to handle these for the [...]

    5. 9 26 16 Yet another read I wanted to love but didn t The time Susannah spent in a concentration camp was described in vivid, horrific detail, so much so that it didn t feel like fiction however, the rest of the story wasn t nearly as engaging The flashbacks were what I wanted to read about the most 12 22 16Thanks to the publisher for allowing me to read and review a copy of this novel As I recently wrote in a review for another book in which a fictional story was set during a real life tragedy i [...]

    6. This is the third book I have read by Ray Kingfisher and without a doubt it is the one that will leave the strongest impression on me, being a very powerful and moving read.It is the story of Susannah, a holocaust survivor who at the age of 80 is suffering from terminal cancer For the past 60 years she has lived in denial of her past, suppressing all memories of her time in World War II and never discussing it with anyone Now she decides it is time to visit Germany for the first time since her r [...]

    7. I would rate this book a 3.75 The first 85% of the book I really enjoyed The end was a little boring I really enjoy books based on a true story or historical events because I learn something in the process, and this was no exception A great story about a Holocaust survivor There were some typos, which drive me crazy, and I do want to tell the author that if he is going to write about Wilmington, NC in September, he needs to do his research Our leaves are not turning colors and falling from the t [...]

    8. Nazi Germany WW2 Follows the story of Susannah and her family from Berlin to the camps Told as she is dying from cancer to her two children, David and Judy after a trip to visit the War Memorial She is the lucky one and after a lifetime of trying to forget, goes back to remember Well written, mostly fiction but some real events fit into narrative Recommend to historical fiction fans and people interested in this time.

    9. This book was highly recommended to me by 1 book critic and reviewer, my daughter She shared the synopsis with me knowing how I am typically drawn to books about World War II and the Holocaust But it sounded a little sappy to me at first Like it might have been a sort of romance novel set during that global conflict Plus I had recently read Winter Men by Jasper Bugge Kold and literally had just finished Mischlings by Afinity Konar I loved them both and feared The Sugar Men might be a letdown.I c [...]

    10. Simply put, this book is enthralling and amazing and had me in tears at several points.Kingfisher is a new author for me and I ve never read anything by him before, but after having read this, I know I m going to keep my eye out for his other works and for anything that may come out in the future It s always exciting to find a new author to follow It means that their work has spoken to you, or touched you in such a way to make you want .The characters in this book are fully developed and have se [...]

    11. The horror she lived in the camp, the life she lived raising her two children , trying to cope and live was most difficult for her , to have a just normal life wasn t going to happen for her nor for her family, how could anything be normal for her ever again This book was so sad Just to think of so many people who suffer from post stress disorder and have to try and live a somewhat normal life and just go on

    12. Even if I hadn t been a captive audience on a 9 hour flight this book would have drawn me in This tale from a Holocaust survivor who kept her story a secret from her children until just before her impending death is poignant powerful Even though this book treads in territory from a perspective we ve seen before, the details and the twist on it, a visit back to exorcise long buried ghosts makes it just different enough to set it apart.

    13. Perhaps seeing again how unlucky so many others had been how a whole generation had had their lives and dreams stolen from them would remind her how lucky she d been to escape sixty four years ago Of course, in the immediate aftermath of the war those questions had dominated her life Why had she escaped What was so special about her Why had God spared her and not some of the young children Would she have been better had she been with them Those thoughts and feelings had controlled her life for m [...]

    14. The Sugar Men by Ray Kingfisher depicts both the historical consequences and injusticies of the Holocaust and the present and how they affect the lead character and her family.Susannah Morgan is a survivor of the Holocaust, and now eighty years old, suffering from terminal cancer,want to come to terms with her past nightmares and get closure of her historical past She travels to Germany, to revisit many of her past memories, and to put the nightmares to rest It is my opinion that the author depi [...]

    15. Near the end of her days, a terminally ill holocaust survivor travels back to Germany to lay to rest the memories that have haunted her life Susannah was a teenager when the war ended and the British soldiers shut down the prison camp Although she was free those memories and nightmares have tortured her for 65 years They have become part of her very being and she can not let go of a past that is embedded in her soul and effected every aspect of her life from her shopping habits to her marriage, [...]

    16. I read this book in one sitting while traveling across country by air, and found myself thoroughly engrossed in the story It is the fictional account of a woman who survived the Holocaust as a prisoner in Bergen Belsen She continues to have nightmares and returns to Germany to confront her horrifically painful past Recommended to those who enjoy family histories or historical fiction centered around the Holocaust.

    17. I enjoyed this book Historical fiction based around the events of WWII is currently my favorite genre I liked the back and forth between the main character s past and present It is hard to do well, and I believe the author did a wonderful job in this instance I liked that her story unfolded carefully layer by layer I was introduced to Susannah and made to understand her life I have read some reviews that say some of the events in the book are too far fetched and that they could would should neve [...]

    18. The Sugar Men is a very moving novel about a holocaust survivor I ve read fiction and non fiction this year about WW II, about the terrors of war, the travesties inflicted on people because of race and religion and the horrible concentration camps Ray Kingfisher wrote this story from a different perspective The protagonist is a 15 year old girl, Susannah Morgan, her married name who lost all she cared about and almost her life in a concentration camp Susannah, later in life, comes to terms with [...]

    19. A good book and a subject that must be told again and again.I had no idea what this story would do to me, but, I am so glad I took the effort to read it and I was emotionally in tears for some of it Having lived near Bergen Belsen for two years of my life whilst serving in the army and having visited the place twice, it brought home so many memories of that period in my life I liked the character Susannah and her friend Ester and how they coped with living in hell, as the story unfolded I was gl [...]

    20. The Lucky One about a young Jewish German girl who at the end of her 80 years determines to share with her children her life in a concentration camp in WWII Germany Even though she was dying went back to the camp s memorial and then in a surprising turn sees someone from that era Although this time period is excruciatingly painful the stories of hope and courage are interesting yet heartbreaking to read.

    21. I liked about 2 3rds of this book It didn t know when to end and had some weird storylines the meeting up with the British soldier and him holding her all night, the son losing his business, the relationship between the son and daughter But there was enough I liked to give it 3 stars Not necessarily a book a would recommend though considering how many other better novels about this subject exist.

    22. Very movingThis was a moving story, brilliantly told The graphic descriptions of Belson Concentration Camp were terrific a superb piece of writing Having visited Auzwitch Camp in Poland, this made this story all the amazing I admit that I was moved to tears at times Couldn t put it down.

    23. TouchingA touching story of a survivor of a concentration camp who travels back to Germany and the camp where she was held in an attempt to make peace with her past as she faces her imminent death from cancer So much of the book managed to capture what the main character experienced and yet some of it seemed forced or off key That is why I gave it four stars rather than five Don t let that stop you from reading the book it is worth your while.

    24. 3 1 2 to 4 stars How can I pass up a book with this title, especially since one of the main characters is named Judy Susannah is 80 years old with only a few months to live She is a holocaust survivor Before dying, she wants to face her demons and return to the concentration camp where she lived The story alternates between present day and wartime.

    25. LuckyExcellent story I m the lucky one to have come across such a well done story Stuck to facts with a brilliant way of relaying a connection between two generations Because I am drawn between my parents and dad who fought in ww2 and myself born after that war I could relate.

    26. It is on of the best stories of this time It is So well written and carries it self throughout I recommend this book I enjoyed this novel , it kept me reading when I should have been sleeping I have read many novels and true stories of this time period a n d this so well written with compassion, it is as if I was there witnessing the events.

    27. An excellent read TouchingThis piece of fiction regarding the treatment of Jewish people in the German deathcamps far excels the other work I read recently It was so touching, horrific in detail in places, but with a little natural humour shining through from the main character A tragic tale of love, loss and survival.

    28. Loved this bookThis was a story of strength and courage Susannah was Jewish during a difficult time in history The story kept me spellbound reading about the love and loss she experiences she encountered in her life I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about WWII.

    29. I have read a few Work War 2 books and those are okay I had a hard time keeping up with the characters With this book I did not have that problem I enjoyed reading how her life when from point A to point Z I highly recommend this book.

    30. Beautifully writtenThis is an incredible book about the power of healing love It s a must read for anyone who s experienced brutality and trauma in their lives and is trying to move forward with life and love This is a wonderful book.

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