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The Bunk Up By Andie M. Long D.H. Sidebottom,

  • Title: The Bunk Up
  • Author: Andie M. Long D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Daisy Harlow discovers her long term boyfriend isn t contemplating a proposal but rather how to get his mistress out of the house before she gets home As if things can t get any worse, broken hearted Daisy gets fired from her job at the Post Office Stuck living with her best friend and tormented by three children under the age of five, Daisy needs a fresh start and she nDaisy Harlow discovers her long term boyfriend isn t contemplating a proposal but rather how to get his mistress out of the house before she gets home As if things can t get any worse, broken hearted Daisy gets fired from her job at the Post Office Stuck living with her best friend and tormented by three children under the age of five, Daisy needs a fresh start and she needs it fast Enter her least favourite customer Mrs Haversham Daisy finds herself offered a few weeks away in Mrs H s country cottage in Norfolk Time to recharge her batteries and think of her future Thank goodness Mrs H s son is married though, she can do without her matchmaking efforts So who s the dark haired hottie currently occupying a bedroom of the cottage He says he s Mrs H s other son One Daisy knows nothing about It all leads to a Bunk Up, a sharing of the cottage and each other It s not like either of them is looking for anything serious Is it Recommended for readers 18 due to adult content
    The Bunk Up Daisy Harlow discovers her long term boyfriend isn t contemplating a proposal but rather how to get his mistress out of the house before she gets home As if things can t get any worse broken hearted

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    1. 3.5 3.75 STARSAn enjoyable, silly, sexy, corny, over the top read that is set in a cute small town There are a few British sayings that I had trouble understanding but the story was fun especially coming off a dark book The story features a lovable heroine named Daisy and her fall for her bunk mate, Frazer McNeil.

    2. The Bunk Up es mi primera lectura de Andie M Long y D H Sidebottom y narra la historia de Daisy y Frazer.Cuando inicie esta novela no esperaba que la historia fuera a ser tan divertida y disparatada, al leer la sinopsis imagine que seria un libro ligero y sencillo, ideal para leer entre lecturas mas serias pero realmente me hizo reir a carcajadas, aunque reconozco que algunas escenas me parecieron demasiado, aun asi me dejo un buen sabor de boca y no hay quien me quite las risas que me eche mien [...]

    3. I can t I just can t easily tell you how awesome this book was Like, how many times did I laugh and smile at something that was pure genuinely funny The characters, the storyline The fresh way the H was on fire wink Rummaging in my bedside drawer for one of the matches I use to light candles I ll cry every time I look at one of these from now on I hold up a match These remind me of Marcus s tiny ____ Watch I strike it against the match box and extinguish it with a quick breath One quick blow and [...]

    4. Megan s ReviewWhere do I begin Where do I freaking begin to explain how totally awesome this damn book was I was ready to deem this perfection of a book a huge glowing 5 stars at the early stages 5% It just felt like it was the book to give me what I like and love Listen to me It flowed with the same perfection throughout the entire read This book was delectable and scrumptious and hit every high note imaginable It s so worth it All those bad books, all which has the crap of the same ole thing W [...]

    5. The Bunk Up is a quick,easy,funny and also slightly touching story.The plot isn t surprising but I really enjoyed it thanks to the authors flowing writing,great humour,steamy sex and a bunch of entertaining characters.I loved how Daisy,our heroine,even after she received some bitter lemons from life took the chance to start anew and be happyybe for the first time not setting down for anything other than the best for herself.Copy kindly provided by the Publisher Author.

    6. 4 hallucinogenic pies and beer starsWell that was funny, gave my lots of chuckles and the one liners exhibited Good old British humour Do you have underpants You d still stare at my package I m used to large parcels I worked in a post office Daisy is a woman fleeing her cheating boyfriend who in her words she found with his pasty white arse pumping up and down in front of her eyes with Belinda the receptionist So off Daisy goes to a little village staying at a remote cottage only when she arrive [...]

    7. OMG I loved this book There are so many laugh out loud moments The sex scenes are so real since things don t always go as planned, with hilarious results Even with the humor in the book, the story does deal with some serious issues betrayal, an adult dealing with the emotional baggage of being abandoned by his mother, a mother dealing with the emotional baggage of abandoning her child, and revenge hilarious revenge All the issues are dealt with in a realistic manner but the book is never dark an [...]

    8. The Bunk Up By Andie M Long D.H Sidebotom 4.5 amazing stars First time reading a book for this author and I have no regret I really enjoyed it so much and had a great laugh too I love the sense of humor in the story and also the drama Is not everyday you read about seeing your boyfriend high school sweetheart little weedle inside another girl Mission, mess around with strange man at a strange city Who would have thought that she will meet a man at the cottage she is staying at For the record, hi [...]

    9. FUN AND GAMES IN A COUNTRY VILLAGEI love any book by D.H Sidebottom When I m given the chance to read a bookthat she has co authored with Andie M Long there is no way I m going to turn down that chance I am so glad that I didn t I loved this book It was humorous, witty, a bit angsty and very very enjoyable.Poor Daisy Harlow s woes seem to go from bad to worse and then they go off in another direction A cheating, boyfriend, loss of a job and moving in with your best friend who has three pixies fo [...]

    10. The Bunk Up by D.H Sidebottom Andie M Long is the story of Daisy a young lady who comes home from work to find the only man she has ever been with in the bed they share pumping into another woman With no place to go she ends up at her best friend s house who is married and has 3 children called the evil pixies After a rough night on their couch she goes to work where she is informed by her boss her services are no longer needed due to cutbacks Now finding herself with no man, no home and now no [...]

    11. 4 StarsThis is the first book I have read by either of these authors, I have heard of them both but never ventured into their stories I have to admit the story was a pleasant surprise for me, while I knew it was a romantic comedy I didn t realise how funny it was going to be I feel like its just what I needed I read this book in the space of a morning, I just couldn t set it down.Daisy has just been dealt 3 life changing blows in a matter of 24 hours, she is struggling with what to do when Mrs H [...]

    12. 4 stars ARC for honest review Daisy has been with her boyfriend for years and one day she comes home after a bad day at work to find him with another woman Deciding that she to get away she decides to stay at a cottage in Beyton that belongs to Mrs Halversham Looking forward to getting away and figuring out what to do next with her life, Daisy leaves for the cottage Fraser, an up and coming actor is trying a get a part in the film that is being short in Beyton Staying at his mother s cottage whi [...]

    13. The Bunk Up The Village People Book 1 by D H Sidebottom, Andie M LongThe book was sensational The authors have done an outstanding job with these characters and the emotions that they are feeling I have laughed, giggled and cried out with laughter all the way through Poor Daisy life is turned upside down when she finds her boyfriend cheated on her Marcus fittingly gets what he deserves and you will be in hysterics Frazer, there just is nobody like Frazer and you will love him in a weird sort of [...]

    14. The Bunk Up by Andie M Long and D H Sidebottom.I haven t laughed so much reading a book in a long time who knew D.H Sidebottom and Andie M Long could write something so hilarious Utterly brilliantDaisy returns home after losing her job at the post office to find her long term boyfriend in bed with someone else Feeling hurt and miserable Daisy takes the kind offer of staying at a post office customers home in a little village in Beydon This is where the laughs the shocking moments begin It s also [...]

    15. WOW Did these two Authors bring these characters to life through out this highly entertaining story I absolutely loved it and couldn t get enough, I laughed from the very first page right to the very end There were so many characters, and each had their very own role, to bring this story together even slime ball Marcus, especially Marcus, he definitely got what was coming to him in the end Frazer and Daisy were awesome together, I really wanted to jump in the book and go on their journey with th [...]

    16. This is the funniest book I have read in a long time I was hooked reading the lives and hilarious antics, of these characters I was in stitches most of the way through, Daisy comes out with crazy words and sayings and Fraser has no filter saying and doing whatever he wants whenever he wants They were perfect for each other I love reading when two authors co write, this was written so well I could not tell which was which, I hope to hear from Dawn and Andrea, and hope that there is on the lives [...]

    17. ARC given by the author for an honest review OMG If you haven t read this yet you need to I don t think I have laughed so much in my life From the various scenarios to the quick witted words that come out of the characters mouths Every single part of this book was so funny and a definite must read I ve read books by both of this amazing authors separately but together their are doublely on fire Their have done an amazing thing with this story and I am so looking forward to reading the next book [...]

    18. Baha ha i needed this book It s so good and silly and corny and has a filthy middleschool humor.I loved it I was laughing out loud like a crazy person and it was just the best way to spend my evening Such a contrast to D H Sidebottom s darker and brilliant books Caged and Chained The Bunk up is Funny, sexy, akward and did I say funny This is a book you should read after an angst filled marathon Bloody Marvellous

    19. Holly crap what a hot, sexy read Andie has pulled me in, I couldn t put this book down Daisy is offered a great escape which is much needed since she found her boyfriend with another, so a escape to a cottage is just what she needed but having a sex roommate was not part of the plan Frazer is wonderful his sassy mouth and the banter between the two is great and of course the sexual chemistry is Hot loved it.

    20. Hot sexy and witty humor I really enjoyed the story of Daisy and Frazer I instantly liked Daisys character and enjoyed adding about her adventure She has a sense of humor that has you laughing and keeps your wanting Frazer and daisy have a fiend relationship but what will happen when one starts to have feelings Daisy s so called wedding is hilarious and such God pay back.Can t wait to continue reading about the characters and people of Beydon.

    21. very funny book 5 stars A great story Fans of crazy rom com movies will love this book The book is set in a small village in England which adds to the story With proper laugh out moments and a realistic male who you can t help but fall in love with Looking forward to the second book in the series.

    22. 4 stars Sois would have been at least a 4.5 star read had it not been for the whole view spoiler Tiffany debacle Seriously, Frazer never really redeemed himself after that whole ordeal hide spoiler BUT, it did have EVERYTHING that made it a perfect romantic comedy The british banter was hilarious, Daisy was adorable, just SO CUTE and way fun to read.

    23. What a hilarious read this was The authors have managed to produce a book which will have you laughing out loud while reading it, I know I did So best be careful where you are when reading it as it could well draw strange looks and questions from passers by.

    24. Hilarious from start to finish I m a huge fan of sidebottom but never read anything from Andie Well I now have all her books lined up and ready to read Great book Something different from Dawn Brilliant Go read.

    25. Funny, witty and sexy This story will have you laughing and wanting Frazier and Daisy are fantastic together, they bring out the best and worse In them, the chemistry between these two is HOT Great book by two brilliant authors.

    26. I usually steer clear of books set in other countries because of language issues, but decided to give this one a try I am so glad I did I laughed so much during this book The characters are likeable, the storyline was cute, and the story was pretty drama free.

    27. Must read Omg this book was amazing was glued from the start can t wait to read the next book I highly recommend this book

    28. A fantastic read You get to know the characters pretty well Plenty of lol moments cant wait for the next book

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