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Joshua: No Falling Words By Dale Ralph Davis,

  • Title: Joshua: No Falling Words
  • Author: Dale Ralph Davis
  • ISBN: 9781845501372
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • This exposition is rooted first in a thorough analysis of the Hebrew text, employing helpful insights from archaeology and linguistics, and second in the major theological and literary themes discovered in each section Finally the author brings the fragments together in an expository treatment that is not ashamed to stoop to the level of application.
    Joshua No Falling Words This exposition is rooted first in a thorough analysis of the Hebrew text employing helpful insights from archaeology and linguistics and second in the major theological and literary themes discover

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    1. The Old Testament tends to be avoided by many preachers because of the difficulty in connecting its narratives and seemingly sterile passages to modern life, but Davis succeeds in Joshua in bucking this trend He makes even the apparently tedious passages come alive with truths about our God and his faithfulness to his people He also brings those truths into the present and provides relevant and interesting application for us today His scholarly wisdom is clear throughout, but it is his pastor s [...]

    2. Joshua No Falling Words was an excellent commentary It has truly helped me to grow in my understanding of the book of Joshua In my previous readings of Joshua, without this book as a companion, I was overwhelmed with historical information and details I did not understand, and often found myself simply trudging through for the sake of finishing Davis s work helped me see the beauty of these seemingly difficult and uninteresting details I now see that Joshua is than just a historical book about [...]

    3. I think this is the third time I ve read this book, and it remains as valuable as ever Davis has a great gift for exposition of the Scriptures, including ones that seem to modern eyes to be uninspiring as in the lists of allotments of land in this book His humour and wit are in evidence throughout, as well as his knowledge and insight He never boasts of his considerable understanding of the academic side his aim is to make things accessible to the average person, and in this he greatly succeeds. [...]

    4. The book of Joshua is not an easy one to travel through, as many theological and practical questions are raised almost instantly not to mention land divisions and city listings that tend to glaze over even the most tenacious readers While not skirting difficult issues, Davis refuses to get bogged down in them and instead traces an insightful and immensely helpful trail through these pages, speaking in a highly accessible and pastoral tone Easy to recommend.

    5. A great devotional to read along with Joshua Dale has found a way to keep even the boring, repetitive parts of Joshua fresh and helpful This work is faithful to the text while providing many anecdotes which keep you engaged and makes for quick reading.

    6. I have used all of Dale Ralph Davis commentaries Judges, Joshua, I Sam II Sam I Kgs every one of them is consisently excellent In fact, if I had just one commentary on each of thsoe books I d select Davis Davis is a former Old Testament seminary professor, with a PhD but has also been a pastor Presbyterian PCA for many years These are all non technical, unfootnoted, homiletical treatments They are theologically rich, always Christocentric or at least Christo telic , well illustrated, and relentl [...]

    7. This is the first Dale Ralph Davis commentary I ve read, but I will certainly be buying and reading all of his others These commentaries from Davis on the historical books of the Old Testament are great for any person reading through Joshua, Judges, or 1, 2 Samuel, or books like that They are not too scholarly, they re easy to read and understand, and they have a ton of great devotional insights Davis is excellent at pulling out encouraging and relevant lessons from the parts of the Bible that s [...]

    8. I joined a Bible study group a couple of years ago that was studying Deuteronomy Since then, we ve just kept on going through Joshua and now Judges For the last two books, we ve used commentaries by Dale Ralph Davis to help guide us through the text I learned about his commentaries through Ligonier Ministries, which has recommendations on the best commentaries on each book of the Bible We haven t been disappointed In Joshua No Falling Words, Davis helps us understand that even passages in the Bi [...]

    9. I have enjoyed everything I have read by Davis This commentary is no exception He knows all the underlying technical details, geography, the Hebrew, various theories on the text, etc But none of these are front and center He places the text at the front and the winsomely applies the text to the reader I really like his tone, which down to earth, filled with good illustrations He has a pastor s heart, a warm affection for Scripture, and a love for God s people All of these things, along with his [...]

    10. This book is great for pastors and teachers who maybe only tend to teach the first few chapters of Joshua for Davis brings out many of the great truths of this book This book is also written in such a way that anyone could read it in connection to reading Joshua and they would profit greatly Excited to read of his works.

    11. Another good commentary from Dale Ralph Davis Reading this together with his commentary on Judges was very helpful.

    12. Not the usual run of the mill commentaries Dale Ralph Davis has a style all his own which made the book of Joshua come alive.

    13. Davis has a real gift for writing simply without being simplistic His commentary is an attempt to wed scholarships and application, and he does a pretty good job, although in this reading, my second time through the book, I found myself wanting scholarship than points of application Davis s commentary is, perhaps, better suited for sermon preparation than for a classroom, but his winsome manner is a pleasure to read in any case.

    14. Whenever I teach through a book of the Bible, I choose one commentary to read devotionally, in addition to the various others I use for reference and study This is not a scholarly tome and does not purport to address all of the tough questions arising from Joshua Instead, being as far as I can tell based on the author s sermons on Joshua, this book was excellent for personal growth and conviction.

    15. Dale Ralph Davis has quickly become my favorite Old Testament commentator Whether you are a pastor or not, you can greatly benefit from his writing He gives excellent illustrations and explains the text in a way that will help you come to a fuller understanding of what is happening He also ties in to the New Testament and what happens in our lives because of Christ.

    16. Uncommonly insightful While I don t share his view that Israel and the church are synonymous, his direct application of the OT to the Christian is masterful Peppered with humor and tough love, Davis packs a healthy punch here Highly recommended for all.

    17. Joshua no falling words was great It was laid out like a sermon so it was easy to follow The author helped me see of God in book where sometimes it s not the easiest I learned a lot from this book than most books I ve read.

    18. Used this as an aid as I taught through the book of Joshua in my Sunday school class It s been a long time, so I don t remember much, but I kept using it throughout the entire study, which says something

    19. I have used all of Ralph Davis commentaries in preparation for preaching Extremely helpful to the preacher in terms of organization, emphasis, and illustration.

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