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Our Short History By Lauren Grodstein,

  • Title: Our Short History
  • Author: Lauren Grodstein
  • ISBN: 9781616206222
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Karen Neulander, a successful New York political consultant, has always been fiercely protective of her son, Jacob, now six She s had to be when Jacob s father, Dave, found out Karen was pregnant and made it clear that fatherhood wasn t in his plans, Karen walked out of the relationship, never telling Dave her intention was to raise their child alone But now Jake is askKaren Neulander, a successful New York political consultant, has always been fiercely protective of her son, Jacob, now six She s had to be when Jacob s father, Dave, found out Karen was pregnant and made it clear that fatherhood wasn t in his plans, Karen walked out of the relationship, never telling Dave her intention was to raise their child alone But now Jake is asking to meet his dad, and with good reason Karen is dying When she finally calls her ex, she s shocked to find Dave ecstatic about the son he never knew he had First, he can t meet Jake fast enough, and then, he can t seem to leave him alone With just a few months to live, Karen resists allowing Dave to insinuate himself into Jake s life As she tries to play out her last days in the right way, Karen wrestles with the truth that the only thing she cannot bring herself to do for her son let his father become a permanent part of his life is the thing he needs from her the most With heart wrenching poignancy, unexpected wit, and mordant humor, Lauren Grodstein has created an unforgettable story about parenthood, sacrifice, and life itself.
    Our Short History Karen Neulander a successful New York political consultant has always been fiercely protective of her son Jacob now six She s had to be when Jacob s father Dave found out Karen was pregnant and

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    1. Karen Neulander writes a memoir of sorts to leave behind for her son Jake Karen has cancer and even with treatment death is only a few short years away Jake is only six and Karen can t tell him all the things she wishes to in the time she has left She tries to come to terms with the fact that she won t be around to watch Jake grow up and it won t be her who shapes him and supports him in the future Karen plans to leave Jake with her sister, hoping that this way he ll have a family that will make [...]

    2. I d rate this 3.5 stars.If it has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, well then, I m than a touch insane Because I keep reading books that are tearjerkers despite the fact that television commercials make me tear up, and yet I m surprised that these books leave me a sniffling mess nearly Every Single Time And so it is with Lauren Grodstein s newest novel, Our Short History Karen Neulander has made a name for herself as one of New [...]

    3. Karen Neulander is a successful political consultant in New York City She is a single parent raising her six year old son, Jacob Karen was diagnosed two years ago with stage IV ovarian cancer and is in remission after chemotherapy Knowing her life span will be short, Karen starts to journal the history of her time shared with her son Jacob becomes curious about his father and wants to meet him after Karen shares some stories about their courtship Karen became pregnant during her short relationsh [...]

    4. Karen Neulander is a forty three year old single parent to six year old Jake She is a political consultant and campaign manager At age forty one, her life and that of Jake drastically change when she is diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer Karen wants Jake s life to be stable and predictable To that end, Karen and Jake are spending the summer on Mercer Island, near Seattle, Washington By staying in the guesthouse owned by sister Allison and her husband Bruce, a Starbucks executive, Karen hopes [...]

    5. I love Lauren Grodstein A Friend of the Family , and The Explanation of Everything , were both terrificeach as different from each other as night and day both very creative I don t consider Our Short Story , Lauren s most creative book but it s well written thought provoking regarding choices made at every major turn we care about the characters and it will pull on your heartstrings I definitely got choked towards the end It s definitely a very tender story, but I felt like I ve read similar sto [...]

    6. A single mother of a 6 year old, likely dying soon with stage 4 ovarian cancer, reflects on her life in the form of a memoir style book written to give to her son after she has gone Her gradual process of letting go as her health deteriorates was honest and believable I empathized as she struggles with her fear of losing her son to his newly discovered birth father and, also as her high powered career as a political campaign manager gradually diminishes with her declining health Coming to terms [...]

    7. 4.5 starsQuestion Can books about single motherhood, cancer and even mortality be funny Enjoyable Answer Dang, YES.So with that said, you might have a better idea already about how I felt about this book.This review is featured on my blog, check it out for reviews.Let s start with what it s about Our Short History is about Karen, a single mother, who is unfortunately dying of cancer, but despite that, trying to build the best possible future for her kid, Jakey, as well as trying not to lose hop [...]

    8. Karen Neulander has raised her beloved son, Jacob, on her own Jacob s father, Dave, made it very clear to her that he had no interest in having children and responded negatively when he found out she was pregnant Jacob is now 6 years old and wants to meet his father Karen gives in to his request because she has cancer and a limited time left with Jacob She wants to end her life and motherhood in the best way that she can But can she give Jacob what he wants the most the father who hadn t wanted [...]

    9. Karen Neulander is a 41 year old political consultant who loves her work But not as much as she adores her six year old son, Jacob She lives in New York City, on the Upper West Side and is spending the summer with her sister and her sister s family in Washington Everything would be perfect except for one thing.Karen has stage IV ovarian cancer She is writing this book as a legacy for Jacob, a way for him to have access to her after she is gone She thought she had a couple of years but lately th [...]

    10. 4.5 starsOur Short History is a beautifully written book that will repeatedly reduce you to tears while at other times making you laugh out loud Karen Neulander is a single mother raising her 6 year old son, Jake, completely on her own Two years previously, she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and has recently realized that she is most likely nearing the end of her life She decides to write a short history of their life together for her son to read when he is older she is worried that [...]

    11. Our Short HistoryLauren GrodsteinReceived from Netgalley Karen Neulander is a political consultant and she is very successful at it She is a single mom, with a six year old son named Jake Two years ago, she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and knows her time on Earth is short She decides to keep a journal for her son for when he is older and wants to know who his mom was OUR SHORT HISTORY is their story.OUR SHORT HISTORY shredded my heart over and over again Jake becomes curious about [...]

    12. 4 stars out of 5Our Short History, written by Lauren Grodstein, is a sensitively written fictional memoir The book had me at page one and never let go till the end It s funny, it s sad and it s a well told tale.Karen Neulander is writing her life story for her six year old son, Jake, as she is suffering from Stage IV ovarian cancer and is not expected to live much longer Karen is a single parent, having raised Jake from the start She plans for Jake to live with her sister s family when she dies, [...]

    13. I enjoyed it it didn t really sweep me away though I think I found it too hard to be as angry with her son s father as the narrator was for the whole book even though his transgression was worth being angry over

    14. This book was a definite tearjerker that failed to bring tears I am not sure why it didn t work, it just didn t There was too much railing against relationships she initiated and too much politics that did little to further the story I never connected with the character.

    15. Karen Neulander is a successful, New York political consultant she is also a single parent to son Jake When she is diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, discovering that her remaining life is now limited to months, she begins writing a memoir to her son while unraveling the emotions she s kept hidden about her son s father Selfish people jump into the life raft first Cowards sneak out the back door Liars say whatever it takes to get out of trouble Craven people walk away from what they ve wrought [...]

    16. The last few pages of this book I read with tears in my eyes It was a stuggle to see the words I m not a particularly emotional reader The only books I recall crying while reading were The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe and Fine Things by Danielle Steele I believe this is because these books really hit home I lost my Mom to cancer when I was thirteen and even though I m on the verge of 60 the loss is still fresh and always will be Getting the prespective from the dying made me think [...]

    17. I loved this book The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is because as I ve gotten older, I reserve 5 stars for books I think will be read years, even decades from now But this book will grab you by your shirt and not let go until it has wrenched every last shred of emotion from you Some people don t like their emotions manipulated in this way but I consider it an art form I stayed up late to finish it last night, then had a good cry and this morning my eyes are swollen and puffy It was totall [...]

    18. It may sound strange to say that a book about a single mother dying of cancer is a fantastic book, but let me tell you that it really is Our Short History is the first book that I ve read by this author and I plan to go back and read her previous books after reading this one Many thanks to BookBrowse for a copy of this book for a review All opinions are my own Karen is a successful political consultant in NYC with a young son when she finds out that she has stage IV ovarian cancer When she got p [...]

    19. I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This book I m having a hard time finding the right words It was raw and honest and ugly and gritty and real A mother, dying from cancer, is writing a book for her 6 year old son to be read by his older self She wants to give him life lessons and words of wisdom And all her 6 year old son wants is to know his real dad And she is torn His dad doesn t know he exists sure she told the father she was pregnant, but he sa [...]

    20. Lauren Grodstein has written a novel detailing the harrowing experience of Stage IV ovarian cancer Her character, Karen Neulander, is a powerful dynamo working on various local political campaigns She is the single mother of six year old Jacob Karen and Jacob live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan This story has been told many times and in many different ways The outstanding aspect of this novel is that Karen did not, for a number of believable reasons, tell Jacob s father that she had the chi [...]

    21. Received via Giveaway Not a fan of the letter journal to a loved one style of writing There s always parts of the story that don t ring true, that a normal person wouldn t tell their loved one, but the author feels it needs to be part of the story In this one, I can t see any good reason why Karen would need to tell her son about her candidates extramarital affairs The kid isn t going to remember the guy by the time he reads the book, if he does, he s not going to give a shit Made me downgrade t [...]

    22. Our Short History s characters were all convincingly written, and the plot s of the book generally worked for me The book gives us Karen, a terminally ill, single mother writing to her young son a kind of so long, I love you book to him Karen may be ill, but she s a fighter by day, she s a hired campaign strategist for Democrat candidates operating in New York, and she is attempting to continue this work even as she battles her cancer On top of this, her son, Jake, has asked her to reach out to [...]

    23. I need to let this one bounce around my brain a bit One of my very good friends died of cancer last week and I may be too close to that wrenching to properly digest this book.I was drawn in to most of the book It did elicit intense emotions My gut feeling was that the book ending was too abrupt, but then, again, so was my friend s death right after he d gotten news of improvement.

    24. Despite the premise, this is an uplifting, life affirming book Karen is a 43 year old mother of a 6 year old boy, Jacob, and is dealing with Stage IV ovarian cancer Jacob s father broke up with Karen when she became pregnant, and now that Jacob wants to know his dad, she contacts him and finds out that he s than happy to get to know his son This gave me all the feels I didn t want it to end Jaime Herndonfrom The Best Books We Read In February 2017 bookriot 2017 02 28 riot r

    25. This book is presented as a memoir being written by a successful professional woman who has raised her six year old son as a single mother with the biological father of her son not even knowing that the boy exists She is now terminally ill with cancer and wants what she is writing to be a record so that when her son is old enough he can know how much she loved him Her son presents her with a dilemma when he begs her to let him meet his father and she complies The rest of her memoir is about what [...]

    26. Our Short History by Lauren Grodstein is a heart breaking, insightful, emotional, compelling novel about a dying mother and her love for her son.Karen Neulander is a successful New York political consultant who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer She s doing everything she can to live as long as she possibly can, but she is dying How can she leave her six year old son, Jake Jacob , behind While Karen makes plans for Jake to live with Allie, her sister, she is writing this book, the book we [...]

    27. This book takes the form of a mother dying in a when not if way from ovarian cancer writing an extended letter for her son to read as an adult It is far, far funnier than I would have expected given the subject matter Karen, the narrator, is spunky, snide and sometimes kind of spiteful Also, rather than being a tearjerker, I found the emotion I identified with the most in the novel was Karen s rage at her cancer, and at the man her broke her heart and gave her her son.Definitely a page turner th [...]

    28. I received a free copy of Our Short History by Lauren Grodstein in exchange for an honest review This book is about a single mother, Karen Neulander, and her six year old son The reader joins Karen, who has been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and is dying, as she writes to her son Jake Karen worked as a political consultant in New York When Karen discovered she was pregnant with Jake all those many years ago she was in a relationship with a man named Dave However, Karen learned very qu [...]

    29. I was a giveaway winner of the book Our Short History Karen Neulander is a political consultant She lives in New York with her six year old son Jacob She is a single mother who left her boyfriend Dave when she was pregnant He did not show an interest in being a father and she left when she was still pregnant.When Jacob was four, Karen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Now she is starting to decide what to do with Jacob when she dies soon She wants her son to be raised by her sister Allison Karen [...]

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