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The Day I Died By Lori Rader-Day,

  • Title: The Day I Died
  • Author: Lori Rader-Day
  • ISBN: 9780062560292
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anna Winger knows people better than they know themselves with only a glance at their handwriting Hired by companies seeking trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn hoping to find happiness, Anna likes to keep the real mess of other people s lives at arm s length and on paper But when she is called to use her expertise on a ransom note left behind at a murder scene inAnna Winger knows people better than they know themselves with only a glance at their handwriting Hired by companies seeking trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn hoping to find happiness, Anna likes to keep the real mess of other people s lives at arm s length and on paper But when she is called to use her expertise on a ransom note left behind at a murder scene in the small town she and her son have recently moved to, the crime inevitably gets under Anna s skin Was the child kidnapped from his home by his own mother, trying to save him from his abusive father Thirteen years ago, Anna did the same thing for her unborn son, now a troubled teen rebelling against the protected life she s given him.The local sheriff wants no part of Anna s brand of hocus pocus, but he ll do whatever it takes to bring his community and his office back under control Anna is able to discern from the note that no one in the little boy s family has been safe for a long time And bringing him and his mother home could be the worst possible outcome for them.
    The Day I Died Anna Winger knows people better than they know themselves with only a glance at their handwriting Hired by companies seeking trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn hoping to find happiness Anna li

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    1. 2.5 starsOnce again, I am in the minority This book has great reviews, but I struggled to get through it.I love the title and the intriguing first page The plot was alluring a woman, Anna Winger, a handwriting analysis expert, gets pulled into a case after a two year old boy goes missing Anna, single mother to 13 year old Joshua, is on the run from her past She has moved Joshua to town after town, trying to elude those who might be looking for her although come to reveal, she only slightly alter [...]

    2. Let me say up front that I adore Lori Rader Day She is a fellow Midwesterner who resonates well with me However this wasn t one of my favorite books The premise is a mother who is on the run from an abusive spouse She now works as a handwriting analyst for FBI but lives in mortal fear that the abusive spouse will catch up to her current life Of course her past life collides with her current one and that is where this story lies.The first half of the book is incredibly slow and confusing Rader Da [...]

    3. 3.5 stars Anna Winger gets involved in the investigation of a kidnapping of a little boy and the murder of his nanny Anna works for the government and for corporations in reading handwriting samples She gains all types of clues by analyzing people s signature and handwriting Although she can read other people s secrets, she has some of her own Anna has lived in multiple states with her 13 year old son and seems to be running from her past which is causing troubles in her own household.I was intr [...]

    4. The author gave her own book a 5 star rating, which irks me and though I wish I could agree I loved Little Pretty Things it is just a weak 3 stars for me I found myself wanting to skim ahead when it dragged, and then again, when it became implausible, so I could finish, and move on to the next book on my list

    5. This was the mystery selection in MyBookBox I actually enjoyed it quite a bit I think in part because Rader Day makes her central character nicely flawed At times, you can ever say she almost becomes unlikable with some of her decisions On the other hand, many of the interactions feel organic and very realastic Nicely done.

    6. If you have a secret, and someone threatens to reveal it, would it feel like the world was closing in Lori Rader Day, award winning author of The Black Hour and Little Pretty Things, takes readers into the life of a flawed, determined character in The Day I Died It s a story and character that won t easily be forgotten.Anna Winger and her son, Joshua, have been on the run for thirteen years As a handwriting analyst, she can work and communicate with her government contact from any location Whene [...]

    7. I ll be interviewing Lori Rader Day about this novel next month and I will post the link to the interview when it runs.Here s link to the interview chireviewofbooks 2017 04

    8. Lori Rader Day s THE DAY I DIED is a suspense thriller focusing on the sacrifices a mother will make for her son The fast moving storyline follows the protagonist, Anna Winger, as she deals with secrets from the past that influence her life thirteen years later The author transitions the storyline telling events in Anna s past She gives readers as much as needed to help them understand what Anna is processing at the time Lori Rader Day gives her readers Anna s history including how she came to b [...]

    9. The Day I Died was an absolutely phenomenal book that had me absolutely hooked, until it completely fell apart at the end I m not kidding, Rader Day had my full attention until the last couple of chapters when things started to tie together just a little too conveniently to be believable or enjoyable.Anna Winger is a handwriting expert, trained in examining the written word and explaining the intricacies of the person who wrote the words left on pages Though she is a respected individual in her [...]

    10. Rader Day s latest is gripping, fascinating, and will keep readers guessing until the end There are a couple of plot twists that go a bit too far, but for the most part, the novel will give thriller readers exactly what they are looking for Anna s job and abilities as a handwriting expert are unique and help to elevate this outside of the typical mystery story Multiple storylines keep the plot briskly moving along when one part comes to a crossroads, another picks up speed, all adding to the mys [...]

    11. THE DAY I DIED firmly establishes Lori Rader Day as one of the most important voices currently writing mystery fiction Her taut prose grips the reader and never lets go as she focuses on Anna Winger, a handwriting expert and small town single mother, who is pulled into a murder investigation that forces her to see the writing on her own wall Anna not only has to solve the murder, but she has to save the person she loves the most Rader Day s sharp understanding of the human condition has been on [...]

    12. This belongs to the perhaps unfortunate hybrid genre of chick lit thriller It unfolds at the pace of molasses rolling uphill The protagonist is a handwriting analyst who can tell everything about a person from the slant of their letters and whether loops are closed controlling or remain open sexually frustrated, probably impotent Her own son doesn t even want to reveal his handwritten items to Mom, understandably But when juvenile delinquents begin tagging school walls and barn walls around town [...]

    13. The Day I Died is a thriller with a very slow start The narrator is Anna Winger, a single mother with a fourteen year old son in a small town in Indiana The reader soon learns that Anna moves frequently and she s on the run Author Lori Rader Day is sparse with her clues about Anna s past The reader must have patience in the first half of the novel to really discern what is going on with Anna and her past.That being said, I had very little patience with Anna I felt she was self centered and didn [...]

    14. Talk about long and boring I kept stopping every so often but then would force myself to continue reading thinking hoping something was to come Unfortunately, there s nothing I found to be exciting about The Day I Died It s just one long mundane story that is flat, almost lifeless like I cannot believe this novel is described as suspenseful and gripping Far from it The story is about Anna and her son, how she moves from town to town in order to not be found It s so obvious she s running away fr [...]

    15. The Day I Died is a crime novel, but than that, it s an intimate look at the relationship between a mother and son, who have only each other to rely on Their lives together work if you can call living in fear and moving repeatedly to avoid detection working until the boy is old enough to realize that their circumstances are strange and confusing to him Why don t they have other family Why don t they even have friends Why haven t they put down roots anywhere How does a mother satisfactorily answ [...]

    16. Note I received a free copy of this book via a giveaway This was my first book by Lori Rader Day I was immediately intrigued by the premise and couldn t wait to dive in Unfortunately, the book did not live up to my expectations I was hoping for an edge of my seat thriller and instead I found myself skimming just to get it over with The pacing was slow and I struggled to stay engaged as the story went on Anne coming to terms with her past and facing her fears was anticlimactic at best There was q [...]

    17. 3.5 stars Leeanna Winger analyzes handwriting for the FBI, lonelyhearts, as a parlor trick as a mom Sheriff Russ Keller needs Anna to analyze some writing that may lead to a missing two year old boy believed to have been taken by his mother Leeanna is on the run from a past that is hinted at.Aidan being missing was overshadowed by the relationship between Anna and her son Josh which was far interesting in my opinion I felt Josh s teen anger with having no answers, past, relatives or permanent h [...]

    18. I read the last 150 pages in one sitting because I couldn t put it down I was completely absorbed in the world of the characters, the plot, the pacing, all of it I can t remember the last time my pulse actually jumped up from reading a novel Makes me think I ve missed out by not digging into mysteries Have to fix that in 17.

    19. How to start the review of a book that is so special you held it to your bosom after finishing it Well, luckily the brilliant author, unbeknownst to her, provided me with the perfect opening Lori Rader Day recently posted a previous piece she had written about repeatedly watching a Prince guitar performance and why she kept watching it She stated, Mastery shows Mastery is worth the effort When an artist is in command of his or her form, you want to be a part of it Yes, mastery does show, and The [...]

    20. The Day I Died by Lori Rader Day is a very highly recommended compelling mystery novel psychological suspense I found it compulsively readable and unputdownable.Anna Winger is a handwriting analyst who sometimes works with the FBI and law enforcement as well as for private citizens Anna can look at original samples of handwriting and deduce about a person than they may want to reveal She has also been constantly on the move for the last thirteen years in an attempt to hide from her former viole [...]

    21. On the day I died, I took the new oars down to the lake THE DAY I DIEDYes, I can say that first line kind of spooked me It also gave me a good idea of what to expect when I read Lori Rader Day s, novel, THE DAY I DIED WilliamMorrowPaperbacks It had me buckle up and get ready for an e ride of a suspense thriller that didn t let up until I turned to the last page.The author of PRETTY LITTLE THINGS is back with a gripping novel about a mother s desperate search for a lost little boy In THE DIE I DI [...]

    22. Did not finish I was in the mood for a page turning thriller and at 35%, there had been no developments in the main mystery case, nothing interesting had happened in conjunction with it, and the page count had mostly been dedicated to the MC s listless, passive ruminations about her unsatisfying relationship with her teenage son Not what I was looking for.

    23. 2.5 sluggish starsSuch a sloooow read for me I actually got excited when Anna made yet another weird, stupid decision and got her head bashed My thoughts after head bashing Yay Things have got to amp up now Don t they Please They don t Well, shit heavy sigh

    24. Update just a couple comments On the day I died, I took the new oars down to the lake The first time you see this line, you may think it s about a woman escaping from her life in a rowboat The second time you see it, you know it s going to be much than that and you realize how far the story has moved along You have also come to know how Rader Day never misses an opportunity to mess with your head This is the kind of book I finish, and want to turn around and read again to see how the author di [...]

    25. If you ve read Lori Radar Day s previous books The Black Hour, and Pretty Little Things you won t be surprised by the quality of the prose in THE DAY I DIED This book focuses on Anna Winger, a handwriting expert and small town single mother, who, like Rader Day s prior main characters is a regular human being pulled by circumstances into an external investigation that forces her to address her own internal attitudes and prior behaviors while solving the crime at hand.Rader Day once again display [...]

    26. I love Rader Day s protagonists they re conflicted yet vulnerable, sometimes difficult but ultimately likable They re like us contradictory, fallible, yet doing their best Unlike her first two novels, in THE DAY I DIED, she tells the story of a mom Anna s troubled relationship with her son is at the heart of this mystery that is than a mystery I admire the way Rader Day developed the various threads in her story Anna s past, Anna s relationship with her son, a murder mystery, a missing person, [...]

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