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Blacklist By Alyson Noel,

  • Title: Blacklist
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9780062324559
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Layla Harrison has finally found herself in the middle of a celebrity story worth reporting Aster Amirpour s name is in every tabloid even if it isn t the good kind of publicity she hoped for Tommy Phillips is inches away from getting the girl of his dreams, which may be harder than scoring a VIP ticket to an Unrivaled nightclub.But Layla, Aster and Tommy never imaginedLayla Harrison has finally found herself in the middle of a celebrity story worth reporting Aster Amirpour s name is in every tabloid even if it isn t the good kind of publicity she hoped for Tommy Phillips is inches away from getting the girl of his dreams, which may be harder than scoring a VIP ticket to an Unrivaled nightclub.But Layla, Aster and Tommy never imagined it would be because they re entangled in the disappearance of Madison Brooks a story that s blinded the world like a starlet blinded by the flash of a paparazzi camera.Now, Layla is receiving mysterious messages from an anonymous source, Aster s looming murder trial is so huge even her parents lawyer can t save her, Tommy is retracing his steps as the last person Madison saw alive, and Layla s ex Mateo finds himself lured into the fold.You can dig up dirt about celebrities that the tabloids miss if you search long enough But when Layla, Aster, and Tommy team up with an unsuspecting insider to unearth the truth, they ll find that some secrets are best kept in the grave.
    Blacklist Layla Harrison has finally found herself in the middle of a celebrity story worth reporting Aster Amirpour s name is in every tabloid even if it isn t the good kind of publicity she hoped for Tommy Ph

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    1. Madison Brooks has disappeared leading to wide coverage in the news and tabloids Aster finds herself in the spotlight but for being responsible for Madison s disappearance when a bloody dress is found Meanwhile Layla who runs a gossip blog begins to receive strange messages by someone claiming to have information about Madison and the secrets she hides Layla decides to help Aster look into Madison s disappearance Tommy is revealed to be off the hook for Madison s disappearance but gets pulled in [...]

    2. I enjoyedUnrivaled This one seems to suffer from second book syndrome It didn t really add anything to the story besides a couple additional POVs that didn t exist in the first book Looking back on it, if I went into the plot of both bookswhat I would have to say would be no than two sentences long regarding this sequel It feels like a transitional book to get us to book three I felt like I was wasting my time when the few things added to the plot could ve been thrown in the last book But to e [...]

    3. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss This was an interesting second instalment, and I was pleased that we found out a bit about what happened to Madison.This book once again focused on Aster, Layla and Tommy, but this time the book was about what had happened to Madison, and less about Aster, Layla and Tommy s desires to make it big in Hollywood We did find out where Madison currently was, and partly how she had ended up there, which was intere [...]

    4. EDIT 3.5 stars This ending was meh and definitely not as good as the other book s.WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE PRETTY MINIMALIST COVERS BRING THEM BACK NOW

    5. Um livro que nos fala do mundo dos famosos pelo aspecto negativo, em que h demasiados segredos escondidos, armadilhas e a es que acabam por prejudicar o pr prio e os outros Leitura viciante Todos te amam depois de teres partido.

    6. Ol queridos leitores Antes de come ar a ler o livro disseram me que precisava de ler o primeiro da trilogia para poder perceber a hist ria Na verdade, n o senti isso Parece ser uma hist ria completamente parte de qualquer outra Pelo menos foi o que eu achei Se calhar escaparam me pormenores importantes e nem me apercebi Por um lado, gostei muito de ler este romance Tem algum suspense e, no geral, tem uma boa hist ria Mas, por outro lado, n o havia necessidade nenhuma de arrastar tanto toda a nar [...]

    7. Blacklist by Alyson Noel Beautiful Idols 2 Published by Katherine Tegen Books on April 4th 2017Genres Young Adult, Mystery, ContemporaryPages 448Format ARC LINKS Good Reads Indigo Book Depository Blacklist by Alyson Noel is the sequel to last year s YA Hollywood mystery, Unrivaled Taking place not long after the first one, we find Aster in jail for the murder of Madison, Layla trying her best to clear Aster s name, and Tommy trying to steer clear of all the drama as his music career is finally s [...]

    8. Estava mesmo a ver que n o ia conseguir terminar este livro, foi mesmo muito dif cil, dei cerca de tr s semanas para o ler Acho que nunca me tinha acontecido Li o em conjunto com a T nia do blogue Thinking like a Fangirl, podem ver a opini o dela sobre o livro aqui , foi gra as nossa leitura conjunta que consegui terminar xDFoi uma leitura muito cansativa, sempre que pegava no livro, passada tr s paginas j me sentia cansada e s queria fechar o livro N o conhecia a escrita da Alyson, mas achei a [...]

    9. 3.5 5 starsBlacklist is the second book in the Beautiful Idols trilogy The series is YA mystery.The main narrators are Layla, Aster, Tommy, Mateo Layla s ex , and Trena reporter They are all told in 3rd person POVs.The first book ended with a big cliffhanger.I m not sure how I feel about so many narrators It gives the reader insight into all angles of the story But I find it does not let me really connect with any one narrator Plus the 3rd person POVs make it harder to connect I actually wish th [...]

    10. Source Edelweiss Genre Young Adult, Mystery Rating 3 3.5 MY Thoughts Blacklist is the second installment in author Alyson Noel s Beautiful Idols series Once , the story focuses on three main characters Aster Amirpour, Layla Harrison, Tommy Phillips But, it also includes Madison Brooks, the star who went missing in the previous installment, Mateo Luna, Layla s ex boyfriend who finds himself chasing after a way to help support his hospital ridden sister, and Trena Moretti, a reporter who believes [...]

    11. Thank you to NetGallery for providing me a copy for review Blacklist comes out April 4th I was so pumped to read this after finishing the first book in the series, Unrivalled It ended in such a cliffhanger and as soon as I finished it I started reading this one And let me tell you, it did not disappoint It answered all the questions left unanswered in the previous book and it become eventful which was so much exciting This instalment is mostly based on the disappearance of Madison Brooks and w [...]

    12. I ve read and enjoyed quite a few books by this author, this series seems quite different to those books though I ll start by saying that I haven t read book 1 in the Beautiful Idols series and this always makes me a little worried that there will be parts of the storyline that won t makes sense to me.The action began straight away yet it took me a little while to build up a clear picture of what was going on Could this have been because I hadn t read the first book and didn t know the character [...]

    13. I didn t really get into the first one of the series, the characters were spoiled snotty brats willing to step all over each other to get to the top of the fame ladder This novel however had a lot working together that made me get to know the characters a little better and see the other side of them Hopefully, there is news of the third installment soon as now I am invested in seeing how the story unfolds.

    14. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review itself.Picking up where the first book in the series left off, there is a presumed murder to solve, a celebrity s past to unlock, and a friend who needs their innocence proven.This is such a fun, well done young adult mystery series I really like that Noel manages to keep the momentum from the first book going without losing steam, and while continuing the my [...]

    15. I just love this series Mystery, suspense, and Hollywood glamour all wrapped into one neat package This book dives deeper into the underbelly of the darker side of Hollywood, one few people see It s addictive, and you really cheer for the characters I can t believe I have to wait a year for book 3

    16. Esperaba un poco m s, ya que el primer libro te deja en un shock total y quieres saber que pasa en esta segunda, pero la historia s lo se torno tediosa y con muchooooo relleno que pod a omitirse El final me gust mucho y algunas partes que son importantes.

    17. L s min recension h r lexiekon 2017 08 sSvartlistad r en v rdig uppf ljare, men inte s mycket mer Det r en ganska tr kig bok, d det inte h nder s mycket Det k nns mest som en transportstr cka och jag saknar att bli engagerad och medryckt som l sare Jag gillar dock att relationer och karakt rers utveckling f r mer utrymme n i boken innan, och mysteriet kring Madison Brooks trappas upp p ett v ldigt tilltalande s tt som f r en att l ngta efter mer

    18. I just read the first one and I can t wait until I read this one especially since the plot is already out as well IDK about the anonymous text thing sounds like Pretty Little liars to me but we ll see though I m so looking forward to what s going to happen to Aster who is the best character in the books I also hope they aren t setting up a love triangle plot between the three mains.

    19. Una continuaci n fascinante y que de la mitad hacia delante te tiene totalmente en vilo Estoy deseando leer ya la continuaci n y saber c mo acaba.Pr ximamente har rese a en el blog.

    20. This just in Madison Brooks Murdered Reporters all around flock to Hollywood to capturing this gut wrenching story It seems as if A list celebrity, Madison Brooks, a girl that came to us with nothing, left this world with a bang, so it seems With a blood drench dress, and a no alibi, Aster Amirpour is the number one and only suspect All Aster wanted was to become famous, to see herself and Madison as equals in their A list world But after being publicly seen on Madison s well now ex boyfriend s [...]

    21. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty The second installment in this YA mystery series delves deeper into the potentially deadly secrets lying behind the glamour of Hollywood, raising the stakes for all involved.Opening Sentence Breaking News Discovery of Blood Soaked Dress Leads to Arrest of Night for Night Party Promoter The Review This book has the glamour and glitz of Gossip Girl combined with the suspense of Pretty Little Liars It was an addictive read, although I still don t know [...]

    22. Je tiens tout d abord remercier HarperCollins et NetGalley pour l envoi de ce livre J avais ador le premier tome Rivalit critique ici et j avais vraiment h te de lire la suite surtout vu comment le roman se termine Dans Blacklist, on reprend exactement o on s tait arr t La police pense que Madison est morte et que Aster est coupable d au sang de cette derni re retrouv sur sa robe Les questions sont toujours d actualit , qui a maniganc tout cela On sait bien que Madison n est pas morte puisque ce [...]

    23. So remember when I read the book UNRIVALED by Alyson Noel It was one I picked up last year, and one that I said was soapy and sudsy and fun for what it was, even if it wasn t exactly high literature I don t need everything I read to be high literature, after all, and if something entertains, that s all I really need So when I found out that the sequel, BLACKLIST, was out, I requested it because I liked the first one enough to follow with the unlikable and unrealistic characters of the first book [...]

    24. Full review available on my blog rachiereads.wordpress 201My thoughtsI believe this is my first ever review of a book that I didn t finish I made it 24% of the way through this book before it became too unbearable to continue.I read Unrivaled, which I got from the library, last year, and I finished it but gave it one star This book was worse So slow that at the 24% mark, nothing had actually happened No likeable characters, no interesting plot, nothing worth reading about It s really a cliche, p [...]

    25. As much as I would love to rave about this book like I raved about Unrivaled I can t Like most of Alyson Noel s books I love the first one, and don t mind the second one I can safely say that Blacklist has followed this trend for me This book starts off giving us a brief news report of what didn t know at the end of Unrivaled and giving us a new character perspective I had hoped that with these new perspectives we were given we could dive deeper into the gritty side of Hollywood and all the acti [...]

    26. 3.5ahh Another Beautiful Idols cliffhanger.I ve got to say, while this was a pretty good book, I enjoyed Unrivalled a lot And I m really not loving this cover change ok, it looks good in person, but I prefer the minimalist cover Aaanyway, moving on to the story.The group is moving on with their lives, and Aster gets bail They also get these strange Gossip Girl like messages from someone who s watching their every move That s what the whole story really revolves on, as well as the team trying to [...]

    27. I hoped it would be better than it actually was This basically feels like a Pretty Little Liars rip off So why still the three stars The writing itself wasn t that bad I have to admit I did skip some sentences and words because I just didn t care enough to read the whole thing and found some things in the story unnecessary I also haven t read the first book bur I don t really have the idea of missing out on anything To me this seems like a book on its own followed by a part two instead of this b [...]

    28. Blacklist picks up right from where Unrivaled ended, with Aster in jail, and Layla and Tommy beginning their new roles on route to persuing their dreams.Blacklist follows the original trio, with a few new additions, as they strive to clear Aster s name I have to say though, their reasoning behind not trusting the police at any time of their investigation, was flimsy and almost laughable I m all for suspending reality in the name of a good book or movie, but this just crossed the line for me.I m [...]

    29. GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES Unrivaled really fascinated me with its fabulous mix of scandals, secrets and love triangles the Hollywood world meets a thrilling plot, and they work perfectly together.Moreover, I ve always loved unscrupulous characters and, since Layla, Tommy and Aster are the embodiment of ambition, I couldn t help but cheer on each one, without minding if they were against each other or acted in an questionable way The only thing that disappointed me was the ending, I wanted to know [...]

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