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Red Rover By L.E. Fraser,

  • Title: Red Rover
  • Author: L.E. Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780994774224
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • DEATH IS THE PRIZE IN A TWISTED GAME An ex football player is murdered A National Ballet dancer commits suicide The only link between the two deaths is Dr Roger Peterson, a famous psychiatrist and bestselling author.Toronto PI Samantha McNamara can t accept that her childhood friend is capable of the vicious murder or that he manipulated the emotionally fragile dancerDEATH IS THE PRIZE IN A TWISTED GAMEAn ex football player is murdered A National Ballet dancer commits suicide The only link between the two deaths is Dr Roger Peterson, a famous psychiatrist and bestselling author.Toronto PI Samantha McNamara can t accept that her childhood friend is capable of the vicious murder or that he manipulated the emotionally fragile dancer into committing suicide But Sam questions his innocence after she discovers that the homicide victim s schizophrenic wife is Roger s lover and patient And the victim was about to go public with a complaint that would destroy the doctor s life.When Sam s fianc , ex OPP Inspector Reece Hash, receives a troubling suicide letter from the ballerina, they realize that Roger s unethical conduct could be the symptom of a deeply disturbed mind Or the doctor is protecting someone and has unknowingly become a pawn in a deadly game As Sam and Reece slowly piece together the horrific truth, a killer watches and plunges them into a terrifying nightmare Stalked by a psychopath whose greatest pleasure is the game, they must outwit the ruthless killer before they lose everything, including their lives.The rules are simple trust no one, believe nothing, and stay alive.
    Red Rover DEATH IS THE PRIZE IN A TWISTED GAME An ex football player is murdered A National Ballet dancer commits suicide The only link between the two deaths is Dr Roger Peterson a famous psychiatrist and bes

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    1. I wish to thank Net Galley and Ms L.E Fraser for a copy of Red Rover in exchange for an unbiased review.Listen up thriller readers and lovers of suspense Canadian indie author L.E Lori Fraser has written a little hidden gem of a series with her Perdition Games novels The first book is Simon Says, followed by Skully, then Red Rover I have read all 3 I was very impressed with Simon Says and awarded it 4 strong stars Skully was even better and received 4.5 stars from me Red Rover is the best of the [...]

    2. RED ROVER, PERDITION GAMES by L.E Fraser s is book 3 in this dark chilling suspenseful thriller that I think is the best of the three This is one talented author The series keeps getting better It is well written and is sure to please The series is broken down as follows Perdition Games Simon Says Book 1 Skully, Perdition Games Book 2 Red Rover, Perdition Games Book 3 I had a chance to read all three books in early January 2017, and this is the review of Book 3, Red Rover, Perdition Games This b [...]

    3. More twists and turns twisted characters, violence, and psychological suspense in this one The ending is similar to Skully and leaves me wondering if a book or a series conclusion will include all the psychos we are meeting in the Perdition Games.Sam and Reece sustain quite a bit of physical, mental and emotional trauma and their choices for their paths in life seem to be changing note the relationship is still strong.Still very minor and few continuity and editorial issues but not enough to kee [...]

    4. So this is the latest installment about Toronto Private Investigator Samantha McNamara and her partner Reece Hash and the third in this series that I have read this year This is Samantha s most personal case yet, as one of her old friends becomes a suspect in a homicide Out of the three books in this series that I have now finished, this was my favorite It was deliciously dark and disturbing L.E Fraser once again handles a large cast of characters with absolute ease The only thing I really need [...]

    5. Psychopaths populate many of the best thrillers and in a twisted way they are fascinating Their non predictable and non comprehensable crimes guarantee a story full of twists and suspense We can t relate to their motives and therefore can t excuse them Being excellent actors and manipulators they aren t recognized easily In this novel there are several characters who could fill the bill Some others have their own issues making them suspects too.I want to thank Netgalley for the free copy in exch [...]

    6. Thank you so much L E Fraser for allowing me to read this novel a interesting intriguing pilot that grabs you by the neck and keeps throttling you with suspense dark and twisted a cracking and awesome read

    7. Roger psychiatrist had cancelled his appointments for the day He was headed out to a dilapidated old house to see Brenda wife, catatonic , Graham Brenda s husband, Dunning Kruger effect, former Toronto Argonauts FB player , Jordan 18, Graham Brenda s son.Graham was quite abusive as always as well as belligerent Dr Roger Peterson Sam s BMF, psychiatrist, bestselling author had invited Reece Hash PI for dinner to see his refurbished house at in Cabbagetown Wellesley St East.Reece ex OPP was quite [...]

    8. I just finished reading this very intense, suspenseful murder mystery As this slowly and methodical investigation independent of the Canadian police unfolds, there are many questions, was it murder, was it a dim whited accident the back story of all involved is one of the best things that can lead the reader to many incorrect conclusions if you are not on your toes A masterfully written tale that yes should be a movie or TV series A must read for those that enjoy a great crime drama or murder my [...]

    9. Once again a great read added to this series As I was reading I honestly thought I knew who it was, but lo and behold I got a twist I didn t see coming This book will keep you nose deep until the very end, and I usually don t read these kind of books.Two people are dead, all connected to one man What is everyone hiding Cops and private investigators are brought in, but everyone is going after someone different and no one can see what s really there, to many secrets not told Honestly through it a [...]

    10. Red RoverThis was an exciting third book in the series Right up to the end I didn t know who the killer was This rarely happens as I can usually figure out the killer This book is again about Sam McNamara the PI and Reece her significant other who also works with Sam as a PI They need to try and prove the innocence of Roger who is Sam s childhood friend and a psychiatrist He s accused of killing Graham, the husband of his lover Brenda The story is full of twists and turns and evil children I gav [...]

    11. This is the third book I ve read by Fraser, and it s by far her best The characters are developed than in previous outings, and while the cast is as large as in her first Perdition Games book, she has grown expert at juggling all the moving parts As always, Fraser is masterful at creating ambivalent characters, so nuanced and real that you find yourself hating them on one page, forgiving them on the next, and then sympathizing with them in the following chapter This is not an easy feat, nor is [...]

    12. I absolutely love the Perdition Games series Red Rover blew me away with the storyline An incredibly creative psychological thrilling suspense The was the story played out had me glued to the pages The twists were unexpected and yet, I saw how they were a huge part of bringing the chaos into focus The psychological aspect delivered so many possibilities as to how arrogance, grudges, narcissistic tendencies and good old investigating intertwined The characters were superbly portrayed Sam and Reec [...]

    13. I love L.E Fraser s books every thriller I read is just thatrilling from one page to the next and Red Rover did NOT disappoint WOWEvery character was incredibly complex in their own right and never dull AND the plot was just filled with exciting twists and turns some being very unexpected I loved it Whether you are a fan of this author or new to this author Red Rover, Perdition Games is a MUST READ

    14. I have recived a free copy from Story Cartel in exchange of my review The story cougth you since the begining and you can t leave it until you finish it Great characters, a marvelous thriller, highly recomended.

    15. I received this arc from Netgalley Great read A new author for me to add to my favorites list Lots of excitement and twists galore keeps you riveted Definitely recommended

    16. Actual Rating 3.5 out of 5 StarsAfter reading some reviews and finding out this is 3 in a series, it makes sense now that while I was reading the book, I kept thinking I m missing something, there has to be a book before this There are 2 main characters Sam and Reece Sam has 5 childhood friends Roger, Lisa, Jim, Abigail and Talia When introducing the characters in the story, the author does not give any background on any of them and there is no character development They are all self centered an [...]

    17. Red River, Perdition GamesWonderful psychological thriller with so many suspects that the readers will not solve this one until the very end Great writing and characters are believable The story leaves the readers looking forward to the next installment.

    18. This author is awesome Kept me guessing to the very end I read the book all at one time, that s how captivating it was Getting ready to read his second book Don t miss this great read

    19. Excellent storyI absolutely loved this book I dtarted it and couldn t put it down til I rrad the last page I couldn t figure out the suspect either I thought I did several times But Not Its a very exciting story with great characters

    20. Keeps you guessing.I found this book to keep me guessing up to the very end The plot twists and turns kept me switching who I thought the killer or killers were and even at the end, you still were not 100 percent sure if the evidence was correct or if the psychopath would fool all the professionals and get away with everything and be released back into society soon.

    21. 3.5 starsI read this one a while back.I enjoyed the second Perdition Games than the third one, I sadly have to say But overall, it is still a good book.Novel Red Rover Perdition Games 3 Author L E FraserGenre Thriller MysteryReview Rating 3 1 2 StarsCover 10 10Characters, interaction, and plot layout 5 5Publication Date 26 June 2016Do I recommend this YesWould I buy this book for myself or a friend YesThank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advance reader copy for a fair and honest revi [...]

    22. I would have rated it higher if it had an ending I hate leaving a book and it just feeling unfinished I found this book to be well written and very entertaining most of the way through I won t recap because the blurb does it better There are good twists and turns that are nicely written into the storyline and I did want to know what would happen next Then the book ends and there is not real sense of closure It is a good book but I need an ending or at least a direction of ending for interpretati [...]

    23. Set in and around Toronto this PI novel features 2 former OPP officers investigating a murder A prime suspect is a friend and of course this pits them against the police forces involved Well constructed, with a wealth of red herrings and potential murderers.Two in the series one of which may be the investigation referred to at a couple of points and I ll be looking out for them Am I the only person who finds the five star rating categories unhelpful To only give this book three stars seems chur [...]

    24. People are not always what they seem they wear masks, hide their true desires and intentions An ex football player is murdered in cold blood Sam and Reece take the case to find the killer But the killer is closer than they think 5 stars for yet another delicious and divine read by L.E Fraser that left me wanting

    25. This is a GREAT book By Far the best It Grabbed me from the beginning and held me firmly until I finished The Author kept me in the dark as to who the perpetrator was and I was surprised when I found out who A Great read and I will suggest it to all my friends Thank You for a great story L.E Fraser Has risen to the top of my favorite Authors.

    26. Wow, kept me guessing til the endThis book is extremely well written It slips you into a comfort zone then grabs you by the throat and takes you for a wild ride Fantastic characters and just enough quirks to keep you guessing til the end Loved it

    27. Well written, spooky mysteryI gve this book a 3 star rating because it was well written but I am not fond of the open ended way the book finished I dislike books that leave me hanging I read for pleasure and do not enjoy unresolved endings.

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