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Grüne Tomaten By Fannie Flagg Eva Malsch,

  • Title: Grüne Tomaten
  • Author: Fannie Flagg Eva Malsch
  • ISBN: 9783404118250
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dies ist die Geschichte von Ruth Jamison und Idgie Threadgoode und ihrem Caf in Whistle Stop, Alabama Hier braucht niemand zu bezahlen, die Schwarzen werden trotz des KuKluxKlans bedient, und wenn es sein mu , halten die Menschen zusammen wie Pech und Schwefel Ninnie Threadgoode erz hlt der dicken, unscheinbaren Evelyn ihre Erinnerungen an diese wunderbare Zeit Allm hlDies ist die Geschichte von Ruth Jamison und Idgie Threadgoode und ihrem Caf in Whistle Stop, Alabama Hier braucht niemand zu bezahlen, die Schwarzen werden trotz des KuKluxKlans bedient, und wenn es sein mu , halten die Menschen zusammen wie Pech und Schwefel Ninnie Threadgoode erz hlt der dicken, unscheinbaren Evelyn ihre Erinnerungen an diese wunderbare Zeit Allm hlich entwickelt sich eine Freundschaft zwischen den beiden Frauen, die Evelyn neuen Lebensmut gibt Was Ninnie sie lehrt ist, da W rme und Humor reicher machen als alles Geld der Welt.
    Gr ne Tomaten Dies ist die Geschichte von Ruth Jamison und Idgie Threadgoode und ihrem Caf in Whistle Stop Alabama Hier braucht niemand zu bezahlen die Schwarzen werden trotz des KuKluxKlans bedient und wenn es

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    1. This is a very good book Solid hardback I have about 80 copies in the bookshop 12 of them are supporting the little fridge up to a reasonable height Two of them are under the cash desk which otherwise would be a bit wobbly Another 8 in two s are against the ends of the four shelves under the galavanise bit of roof where it leaks when it rains hard not now, post Irma I need a new roof as I have two huge holes in it, so I moved the books Sometimes prior to the hurricanes, when it rained a bit ever [...]

    2. Over the course of this year I have branched out in my reading choices I have discovered multiple genres that I previously had not read, one of which being southern literature It is in this regard that I found the writing of Fannie Flagg Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe invites the reader to small town Alabama Through Flagg s southern charm you feel as though you are a part of the town and its cast of characters In this light that I rate this gem of a book 4.5 stars Fried Green Toma [...]

    3. This book is fluffy How fluffy It is as fluffy as floating on cloud while lying on a mattress stuffed with kittens and simultaneously wearing a pink angora jumper and a candy floss hat This is the sort of book I enjoy when my brain decides to take a day off But it is lovely and it is likely that even the most po faced cynics me will be drawn into the warm doughy bosom of this story of love, friendship and adversity in 1930s Alabama The history of Whistlestop, along with helpful recipe appendices [...]

    4. I really love this movie, but as usual, the book is much better and vastly different In 1985, two women, Ninny and Evelyn, meet and develop a strong friendship They share treats and conversation while Ninny spins the story of Whistle Stop and its inhabitants, weaving relationships through generations in an enchanting tale of the Old South The journey is equally important for both women, allowing Ninny to remember and embrace her past while helping Evelyn to accept her past and look forward to he [...]

    5. I saw that a friend was reading this book, loved the cover and blurb and immediately ordered it for my Kindle When I first started reading it, I thought that it was insane but I soon realised what a gem of a book I d discovered This has to be the best book I ve read for a long time and I have no doubt that I ll continue to look at it many times in the future.Now where to start with this multi faceted book I ve read quite a few excellent reviews on it and mine may be nothing in comparison but I l [...]

    6. Apparently, this is the tale of an old woman reminiscing to a younger one about her life in a small town in Alabama, and the changes which take place as the American South moves from its racist past to the inclusive present It can be read like that, and enjoyed for its simplicity, its easy pace, and engaging characters But perceptive readers who go beyond the facade will unearth a rich treasure of allegory and metaphor because in this novel, as with any good work of literature, the real story i [...]

    7. I feel bad saying it, but I think this is a case where I liked the movie better than I liked the book The movie had its heartbreaking moments, but one was still left with quite a bit of humor and a general feeling of the significance of living life to the fullest The book featured many characters and tragedies than the movie chose to portray, and the sadness of some of the stories dragged down the humorous parts of the book I guess I had expected the movie when I opened the pages and that is a [...]

    8. Pensava al tempo lontano in cui il cielo era punteggiato da miriadi di stelle e tutti i fiumi e tutti i whisky gli erano sembrati dolciNostalgico e pervaso da un infinita dolcezza, quello di Fannie Flagg un romanzo che descrive lo scorrere inesorabile del tempo che non pu tornare indietro, che mette a duro confronto la cruda realt con un passato di ricordi e fantasmi, che lascia un senso di malinconia e un vuoto dove alla giovinezza si sostituisce silenziosamente la vecchiaia Pomodori verdi frit [...]

    9. An endearing and heartfelt story that just makes you want to take a trip and visit the Whistle Stop Cafe The movie has always been a favorite of mine, and now the book is too Just loved it

    10. Just had this quirk of making a note of a few words from the book So here it goes Blue gums, Miss Fancy, Naughty Bird, Hogs, Catfish, Blue jays, Whistle Stop, Alabama, Pink Cadillac, Boots, Opal, Dumplings, Fried chicken, Willie Boy, Blue Polka, Flower girl, Dill Pickle Club Now as much as I loved this book, there are a few things that struck me as peculiar The understated homosexuality of the lead pair how could it be so readily accepted by the townspeople Fannie Flagg never describes it in the [...]

    11. Evelyn Couch, an empty nester woman who is unable to find meaning in her life, finds personal strength and a new zest for living through the stories and friendship of Mrs Threadgoode, a nursing home resident.Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is essentially about the relationships of two sets of women Evelyn and Mrs Threadgoode in the present 1980s and Idgie and Ruth in the past At the start of the novel, Evelyn has no purpose and finds her life unbearable Her kids are grown and don t [...]

    12. You know, a heart can be broken, but it keeps on beating, just the same After catching the movie on Netflix, I was bitten by the reading bug and decided to hunt this one down, see how it holds up, what s different and what s better.I found it to be a charming book of friendship and personal growth Told mainly through the stories of Mrs Threadgoode in the nursing home, she goes back and forth between memories, from dull things like her cat and family dinners, to intriguing things such as murdered [...]

    13. I know I should feel guilty for loving this book as much as I do I mean, it only has one measly murder, no mad scientist, no bloodshed and it s not about the end of the world as we know it But sorry, not sorry I just love it Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf is just too damn awesome for me to shelve it with my junk food books Certainly, it is chick lit the little Alabama town is populated by people who are way too nice and quaint to be true even the miscreants have hearts of gold and [...]

    14. This book is a master class in writing a novel First of all you have a solid story which takes you down the path and never wanders too far Every element adds to the story, none of the side plots or extra details take anything away, they just keep adding to it Secondly you have a cast of wonderful characters who are three dimensional and real None of the characters feel unnecessary and they all add to the over all feeling of the book There are two main stories in this book One is of Evelyn Couch [...]

    15. Vivere nella luce La vita va vissuta fino in fondo, senza serbare rancore o alimentare rimpianti per ci che non si fatto.I ricordi diventano un ponte tra il fulgido passato e lo sbiadito presente la necessit di raccontare passa per l affabulazione fantastica, la quale impreziosisce normali storie di vita e diventa quasi linguaggio pacificatore per accettare se stessi di fronte all inesorabile incedere del tempo.Da qualche parte, chiss a che orari, ci dovr pur essere un treno per arrivare a Whist [...]

    16. La mia definizione per questo libro squisitamente grazioso Tutti i personaggi sono cos pieni d a e affetto che impossibile non affezionarcisi L ho letto in inglese, e credevo che sarebbe stata una fatica immane stata la prima volta che ho letto un bel mazzo di 400 pagine in lingua , invece filato via come l olio Forse il personaggio che ho avuto pi a cuore stata Evelyn, non so, credo di averlo capito addirittura all inizio, quando vedendo i quadri degli ex compagni di scuola, si chiedeva dove fo [...]

    17. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is a unique book It has an interesting plot, lots of black humor, a rapid to and fro journey between two completely different spaces and times, glimpses of history and some wonderful characters Let me take you through each of these The plot of the story is mundane that grows poignant as one reads through it Evelyn is an empty nester, menopausal, overweight, neglected wife who meets the 86 years old high spirited Mrs Ninny Threadgoode at the Rose Terr [...]

    18. Sigurno ste vi gledali film, tamo negdje u devetesetima I ja sam, naravno i jako mi se svidio , ali nisam, sve do sada, itala knjigu A, ako je film tako dobar onda i knjiga mora biti genijalna to je i ovdje slu aj I u filmu i u knjizi osje amo emocije s kojima je Fanni Flag ispri ala pri u o gradi u Whistle Stop i njegovim stanovnicima Bilo je to doba velike ekonomske krize 30 ih god pro log stolje a u doba kada su crnci u Americi sjedili u stra njem djelu autobusa, a bijelci se prekrivali plaht [...]

    19. The problem most of the time is the book is better than the movie In this case, I found the movie to be better than the book.I think the fact that book jumped around a lot made it a bit hard to follow And the ending was definitely bittersweet with so many characters who had lived with each other for decades who ended up moving on when their little town started to die I guess this book made me a bit homesick and sad, since I see my hometown going the same way It s slowly dying and eventually I th [...]

    20. My reading of this book has a weird story that goes with it In 1989 my grandmother came to stay with me while my mom was traveling somewhere for a chunk of time I don t know where or for how long, but that s immaterial I was a senior in high school and there was this little women s bookstore a couple of towns away, meaning I could find lesbian stuff, which was highly sought after by my newly out pre internet self There were other stores on that particular Main Street, so it didn t seem strange t [...]

    21. This story is racist as hell.Just in case you were wondering.I d never been interested in this book or the movie This wasn t at all my cup of tea when it came out I was in the middle of my high school career and only reading classics or fantasy and some science fiction Domestic fiction, especially Southern, was an anathema I m not sure why I had this on my Overdrive wish list Maybe it showed up on its own Or maybe I ve just expanded my reading interests now I ll read anything that isn t full of [...]

    22. Well, I have to start saying that I start reading this book because Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies of all times and I don t ashamed of saying it D So when I started to read the book I have a strange feeling of re discovering the story of Whistle Stop Cafe The book characters are defined and the plot is much rich and long In the book, you can discover not only new characters but also new parts of their lives I have to say that in the middle part of the novel I got a bit tired [...]

    23. E un romanzo che ti entra dritto dritto al centro del cuore Bellissimo E commovente, dolce, tenero, divertente e triste allo stesso tempo E una storia che ne racchiude molte al suo interno, tutte splendide Ci sono personaggi indimenticabili li ho amati dal primo all ultimo, e ogni volta che uno mi lasciava, mi piangeva un po il cuore Come Evelyne anche io sono stata catapultata a Whistle Stop degli anni 30 40 e non volevo pi tornare indietro Sono un po come vecchi amici, con cui bello chiacchera [...]

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    25. This book is about love, friendship, and family It starts off with a woman named Evelyn, who doesn t understand herself and is depressed, and by hearing an 80 year old woman s story about Whistle Stop helps her develop her courage and strength This novel is a historical fiction about the 1930s, so expect to read about racism There is a mild discussion example about institutional racism, white privilege, and many, many awful stereotypes There are actually a lot of isms in this book that you will [...]

    26. If you feel like reading a heart warming story, you can t go wrong with one of Fannie Flagg s novels I should be rating this 4 stars but decided to upgrade it to 5 because I would love to sit down with Mrs Virginia Ninny like old friends, listening to her reminiscing, and perhaps try some of Sipsey s recipes included at the end of the book Fav Quote I just wonder how many people never get the one they want, and wind up with the one they re supposed to be with.

    27. Benvenuti nel pi spettacolare mondo iperbolico di sempre Il biglietto gratuito e la vostra visita guidata inizia da qui soddisfatti o rimborsati non la nostra politica in quanto irragionevole ammettere anche solo per un istante che ci pu essere qualcuno non disposto ad accettare il fatto che leggere questo libro sia instancabilmente divertente Sicch inutile rigirarci attorno e arriviamo al dunque, la scrittura di questa donna, di questa Fannie Flagg, lei, per diana, inaspettatamente frizzante, b [...]

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