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03:02 By Mainak Dhar,

  • Title: 03:02
  • Author: Mainak Dhar
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At 03 02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end Mumbai suddenly went black no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars It was as if someone had turned off the master switch of our civilization, turning us back hundreds of years overnight We learned that it was not just Mumbai, but much of the world that had been impacted We also leAt 03 02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end Mumbai suddenly went black no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars It was as if someone had turned off the master switch of our civilization, turning us back hundreds of years overnight We learned that it was not just Mumbai, but much of the world that had been impacted We also learned that it was no accident A deadly enemy was behind it An enemy that was now in our midst, seeking to conquer us and destroy our way of life This is how our war for freedom began A war that was to be waged not on the borders or by the Army, but in our homes and streets, with us as the soldiers This is our story.
    At on a Sunday morning the world as we knew it came to an end Mumbai suddenly went black no electricity no phones no internet and no working cars It was as if someone had turned off the maste

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    1. Good JobThe story of 03 02 starts with a blackout in Mumbai city at 03 02 People took it lightly and went back to their bed When they woke up in morning finding no electronics or electrical device working, their life became miserable A strong heart guy Aditya took things in hand and started directing people to constructive work Living in a same society for years and not knowing people personally was a common thing in today s world But blackout brought people together People who usually seen in l [...]

    2. Aditya woke up one day in complete blackness around him Nobody yet knows what is going on He is about to figure out that the world has stopped working Every machine has come to a halt He is devastated to see such scenarios that he never thought was possible and so are we.But the question remains unrevealed here Who is behind this What powers is Aditya fighting from Will he ever be able to conquer these enemies of the entire world or will his sacrifices go in vain To unfold the how and what, Main [...]

    3. 03 02 is a book that I very high expectations for When I started reading it my expectations dropped a tiny bit, but only a tiny bit I still had high expectations for it Which is why, I have to say, I m sorely disappointed.You see, the premise of 03 02 is very Science Fiction Dystopiany The main character Aadi wakes up at night and he can t quite tell what woke him He looks around and realises that there s been a power outage in his building He glances at the clock, checks the time and goes back [...]

    4. Skip it This isn t intelligent writing for starters Yes, it s fiction and I was gripped by the idea the book presents But the way the story unfolded was a bit over the top and realistically unreasonable I mean you the defence forces, with intense training to operate with and without technology, being less capable than civilians is a tad far fetched Definitely, Skip it.

    5. War and terror redefined Review of 03 02 written by Mainak Dhar The best thrillers are one long terrifying climax But terror isn t something that only the terrorist brings along And the climax Well, it invariably begins long before the actual battle It is all these smaller battles that add up for the final blast but hey, the reader of this thriller that I am reviewing is already shaken and stirred and is thinking much before the action starts.A reader of thrillers thinking Sounds improbable beca [...]

    6. 2.5 stars.After celebrating his promotion till midnight, Aditya wakes up at 03 02 a.m to find complete darkness, switched off mobile and not working fridge Assuming it a normal power cut, he goes back to sleep 7 in the morning, nothing has changed Everything has stopped working even elevators and automobiles Can this be considered as normal power cut There s definitely something serious What went wrong Who s behind this, and why Someone whose intention is definitely dangerous The book is all abo [...]

    7. 03 02 for Difference 03 02 it makes me to go into the world of author s imaginary and creativeness with acceptability It is about what if the enemies attacks us when we are not really ready for anything, a complete blackout in the major nations all through the world in 03 02 am where it starts and it comes to an end Read it by yourselves then revealing it An wonderful Sci Fi and creativeness with page turning thrills Never made me to feel bore completely makes me to think about the possibilities [...]

    8. The story of the book is about a terrorist attack by ISIS on india specially at Mumbai though that the attack takes place all over India specially in the major cities.The attack starts with a complete blackout where electricity supply, modes of communication radio, tv, phones stops working And we have a hero in Mumbai who organizes the common people and fights these highly trained army.The story of the book is good and narration is also tight As the story is built around one protagonist, so, it [...]

    9. Please visit guptakaushal 2016 09 bo to read the complete review of the book.03 02 is a fictional story which revolves around the plot of a complete blackout in the metropolitan city of Mumbai and then the world at large The story is about the combat and the fight back by everyone, it is about the survival first and then the existence.Mainak Dhar has taken the complete liberty as far as fiction is concerned, so some things, however unrealistic they sound in a real life scenario, can be ignored a [...]

    10. Mainak Dhar s previous book Chronicler of the Undead is the only dystopian novel I had read in a long time His latest offering 03 02 seemed a tad different, moving to the thriller and mystery genre That was reason enough to pick it up for review as I ve been a fan of Mainak s writing It s always perspicuous and pleasing to read From what I ve read by him so far, I surely can t complain about the form of writing It might be the content that varies from each book to the other and creates a differe [...]

    11. A very different concept well done in executing it well But I guess there were too many places where the author keeps on telling the same thing over and over again that we are not in the same world before that first 03 02 I got a bit frustrated about that and view spoiler The Prime Minister Dude Too much hide spoiler The way Mahadev s character was built is commendable I guess some characters should have been given much depth than just Aadi He s not a superman boss

    12. Review originally posted in Abby s Shelf wp p7MnAP ck 03 02 by Mainak Dhar is a fictional thriller which revolves around the city of Mumbai which is under a complete blackout due to unknown reasons After a grand celebration of his promotion with his friends the protagonist, Aditya wakes up at 03 02AM just to find complete darkness all around Initially he believed it to be a normal power failure and thus decided to go back to sleep But later when he woke up at 07 00AM the situation stands unchang [...]

    13. 03 02Definitely a goodread I m so glad that the author had chosen something other than the cliched zombies or epidemics for this book.The story narration was so engrossing that I was able to seamlessly step into the shoes of the main character I didn t even read the blurb for the fear of spoilers and it was worth it The beginning had just the right amount of pace and suspense so as to keep the reader intrigued The story was a very good blend of action, emotion, love not romance There were moment [...]

    14. Woah That is my first reaction after reading the book Not that I don t have any other expression to give but because of the fact that this is the best reaction that would express what I am feeling Usually, I let any book I read sink in before I write a review because that gives me time to clear my head around my first reaction and how I read the whole book but for this book, I couldn t let that happen for that would ruin what the book did to me So as soon as I finished the book which, by the way [...]

    15. The story starts with our protagonist Aditya being promoted to the post of Vice President for which he has been working very hard at the firm Feeling euphoric he partied along with his colleagues till late at night but unfortunately the he couldn t experience his new job profile as he woke up he realises that the whole city of Mumbai has lost power but for some weird reason the airport was brightly lit As time passed, our protagonist along with other citizens realised that its not just the elect [...]

    16. REVIEW 03 02 is thriller fiction written by Mainak Dhar where author serves us intriguing plot with amazing storytelling skills This book is one of the brilliant thriller i have read by an Indian Author Book Title and Cover Book Title is interesting and creates curiosity about it Cover is alluring and appropriate Blurb is interesting and attracts readers to pick up the book Overall First Impression of this book demands attention of readers Language and Narration Language used by Mr Dhar is simpl [...]

    17. A siple yet intriguing readThe book is based on a scenario which can affect the world given the technological advancements and makes us realize as how incapable we are to deal with such scenariosis statement from the book best describes the learning to take back was in those days that I learned that even if your whole world is painted black, you can start to light it up again All it needs is for each of us to realize that we should stop waiting for someone else to provide the spark that the spar [...]

    18. What do you do when our familiar world comes to a standstill What if there is no power supply and all our gadgets, such as mobile phones, televisions, etc stop working No cars Aaditya, the protagonist, finds himself in a crazy situation like this His professional life has no meaning as he now has to resort to his basic survival skills The gravity of crisis changes when they find out what had caused it it was no simple power failure but a nuclear attack.His ability to think with a cool mind pushe [...]

    19. A good work of fictionA nice work of fiction though felt a bit dragging In all a nice plot and good try to bring out the urban chaos which we are living in.

    20. Being brave and being ready to take a bullet Mainik Dhar s recently released book 03 02 is about being brave and being ready to take a bullet This thriller cum fiction novel is a story of combat and so about being there for your country fellowmen when they need you the most 03 02 begins with a glimpse of corporate life, the anticipated promotions, the titles we constantly seek, the office parties, celebrations that follow and work life in general The book trails into how none of these really ha [...]

    21. I rarely pick a thriller to read but after reading so many positive reviews of 03 02 and going through its blurb, I could not hold my curiosity and finally decided to give it a read And I am glad I did so 03 02 by Mainak Dhar is highly captivating and one of the best thrillers I have ever read The first thing that grabbed my attention was the title which is very innovative and catchy As they say that the cover and title of a book are the first things that attracts a reader to a book and I must s [...]

    22. When Indian civilian Davids take on a Goliath DaeshStory setting Aadi is poised pretty on the corporate ladder, when his world gets nuked into darkness by a terrorist attack He his community carve out a collective defense system, which soon snowballs into an aggressive counterattack upon the insurgents.Aadi gets to re live his long cherished dream to join the military instead of the corporate world In the process, he rediscovers a soldier leader within himself who relishes and thrives on the lea [...]

    23. I know I am supposed to write an introduction, discuss about the title, cover and genre of the book in the first paragraph of my book review of Mainak Dhar s 3.02, but somehow I feel it is appropriate to start with this particularly uncanny incident that took place when I leisurely started reading the book on one fine Saturday night I had just finished reading the back cover of the book to get a feel of what I was up to when there was an unanticipated power cut No, power cut isn t an out of pla [...]

    24. Review of 03 02 Mainak DharWritersMelon asked me to write a review for this book and I d gladly said yes But, would I be actually writing it down on a piece of paper No I ll just grab my iPad and start clicking away In such a world where each and every person is dependent on electronic devices, what would happen if the electricity goes out and all electronic gadgets are fried Can t imagine Neither can I But, Mainak Dhar brings forth a story where most of the world is attacked by terrorists who b [...]

    25. Imagine you wake up one fine morning to find that the lights have gone out of your life quite literally No electricity, no phones, no internet and no cars Now imagine an entire city in the same state.Mainak Dhar s 03 02 starts with this premise actually it starts a bit earlier with the protagonist having clinched the position of Vice President in his investment banking firm and his erstwhile boss preaching a sermon to him of a life beyond Excel sheets My bad it starts even before that with the f [...]

    26. When I received the book, I was instantly drawn towards its mysterious cover smoke soaring over high rise buildings, and a man holding a gun Could this be an action packed novel revolving around bullets and war I quickly turned to the back cover, and the first line of the blurb, bold and in large font, caught hold of my attention At 03 02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end The first few pages revolves around corporate policies, ambitions, dreams and designations Aadi is [...]

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