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Lost Soul By Adam J. Wright Greg Tremblay,

  • Title: Lost Soul
  • Author: Adam J. Wright Greg Tremblay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Listening Length 4 hours and 44 minutesAlec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator I m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf, or your honey is kidnapped by a demon I m the guy who knows how to save your ass when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on it At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to Dearmont, Maine, a sleepy town thaListening Length 4 hours and 44 minutesAlec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator I m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf, or your honey is kidnapped by a demon I m the guy who knows how to save your ass when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on it At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to Dearmont, Maine, a sleepy town that had a zero rating on the supernatural occurrences scale My plan was to spend my days sitting in the office with nothing to do except drink coffee and eat apple bakes made by Felicity, my new assistant But when a woman hires me to find out if her son has been possessed by a demon at a rich kids party, and a young man comes to the office insisting he s been bitten by a werewolf, Dearmont goes from zero to hero Oh, and did I mention that someone in the Society wants me dead Time to sharpen the swords and go to work
    Lost Soul Listening Length hours and minutesAlec Harbinger Preternatural Investigator I m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf or your honey is kidnapped by a demon I m the guy

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    1. Lost SoulHarbinger P.I Book 1By Adam J WrightNarrated by Greg TremblayI enjoyed this fun fantasy PI doesn t stand for Private Investigator, it is for Paranormal or something similar Yep, that is the world this is Although he is sent to Maine to keep him out of their way, our main guy is super busy with all sorts of strange business besides trying to keep from getting killed The ones trying to kill him, he believes, maybe from his Main Office It is a fun book with lots of great characters, twists [...]

    2. This was really pleasant surprise I found this while browsing kindle unlimited section and I was so tired of seeing cover of books showing girls in super dramatic position, this cover looked different.I can t post elaborated review as it s pain to type through a tab.My first day in Dearmont had turned out a hell of a lot different from how I had imagined it this morning I had a faerie kidnapping case, a possible werewolf victim, and I d been attacked by ogres.This was really straight forward cr [...]

    3. 3.5 starsAlec Harbinger P.I that s Preternatural Investigator is being demoted from Chicago by the Society of Shadows to work at small quiet in the middle of nowhere town of Dearmont, Maine, after an event in Paris, which involves view spoiler a dead investigator, a disappearing satori, and a missing memory Alec s , and unaccounted box that also missing hide spoiler In the beginning Alec doesn t think that the small town will give him enough job dealing with preternatural beings But just on the [...]

    4. An awesome start to the series and if books 23 were out on audiobook I d be listening to them now Reminds me of Harry Dresden

    5. If you ve got nothing else around this is mildly enjoying The writing is plain A few typos Bland characters and storyline.

    6. Great start to a series by a new to me author and, as always, Greg Tremblay rocks the narration Well plotted character introductions and setup, as our hero navigates his way through a new environment, unexpected adversity, and hidden enemies Sympathetic protagonist and intriguing secondary characters Page turning urban fantasy Can t wait for the next

    7. This just had too many plot issues for me to really like it The biggest is the secret society that every mundane seems to know about and hire People don t believe in magic and supernaturals expect that everyone seems to It just did not work for me.

    8. Pretty good story, but not really complex And the protagonist doesn t seem to take some of the story lines seriously enough, like not investigating the resident witches .

    9. 3 1 2 bumped upI liked this and liked the characters My main complaint is that it felt like a novella in many ways It is only 224 pages, yet tries to do so much We get the ruling magic council, the Society of Shadows and a bit of their rules and regs and shady characters, the fae and some of their politics, the werewolves and some of their issues, then Alec Harbinger and a few of his new and old side kicks and issues It is a lot to put into 224, in fact too much, so each only gets a cursorily in [...]

    10. This was a pretty good first book, and I love the cover art It was also a pretty quick read I basically marked it down a star because I felt like there could have been depth length to the story, and it didn t really feel like Felicity was British to me But Alec seems like an interesting enough character and I like Mallory too I m looking forward to reading the next Alec Harbinger book because I m curious about this whole mysterious incident in Paris I would recommend this series to readers who [...]

    11. This was my first Urban Fantasy novel and I truly enjoyed it It was a fast easy read and very interesting I really liked the idea of it being set in a modern today world, but with a twist of these creatures I also learned some mythology that I had no knowledge of before and that led me to do some research For a little over 200 pages this book fills big shoes.

    12. This was an okay first book for an urban fantasy but ultimately is just too thin A distinct lack of meat made it a quick easy read but didn t leave the reader with anything to be wowed by Perfect for an evening when I wanted to read something but was too tired to really put any thought into.

    13. I think the best I can say about this book is that it was.offensive A valiant first effort 200 plus pages and nothing really happens It s as if the author had a bunch of ideas and scenes for a book and just kind of mashed them together None of the adversaries registered as any kind of threat None of the paranormal creatures read as anything other than the equivalent of a stock character dressed up in a cut rate Halloween costume Alec himself seems to be a mishmash of UF hero traits no individual [...]

    14. I m pretty sure I bought this book mainly b c I like The Dresden Files, and I love listening to Greg Tremblay read I enjoyed the story, though I did want something from it There was plenty going on and being introduced without overdoing it, but I felt like getting from point A to B wasetty direct I wasn t surprised by anything, and I wanted to be.After looking over the list of books on , I m assuming this is the author s first book, which makes sense There is a good setup for a starting point h [...]

    15. Cute BookI m sure the author probably wasn t aiming for cute, but it s five stars of cute My only complaint is that it s short for a novel But the characters are decent, I feel compassionate for the main character although I don t feel I know him quite as well as I would a similar character A longer book would have helped with that If it wasn t cute I d give it 3 4 Stars Because it is good but doesn t meet its potential.

    16. This was a nice start to a series It was a little basic, but it seems to be setting things up for bigger and betterI hope I m interested what was left unanswered As a stand alone, no Since it is a series, I m interested in finding out how the series progresses I think it has potential, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

    17. Lost SoulNeeded darkness Supernatural occurrence should be descriptive Didn t explain characters pain or complex of their deepest pain It felt like it was superficial feelings for all the characters.

    18. OkThis was an ok book had an interesting concept but not really enough action for mee MC was alright but nothing about him really stood outI did read this book in one setting thoe plot did flow niceke I said not a bad book just ok

    19. Interesting seriesI thoroughly enjoyed this book It is the best of both worlds part mickey spelane part Sam and dean winchester In the tradition of the Dresden files, this book is worth a read for anyone looking for a new series.

    20. Fast paced and fun readAn interesting story done in a fast paced style that keeps you engaged The characters are interesting and the plot twist unexpected There is a longer plot arc which should be fun to see how it develops.

    21. OH WOWAfter the last cluster fuck of a book that I read this was surprisingly good There were very few things I thought needed work and I m super eager for the next one

    22. This surprised me First time i read a supernatural book This was really good I will continue to read the next books in this installement Too bad that they are so short.

    23. A different detective seriesExcellent start to a different slant on an alternative detective storyline A very enjoyable book and I look forward to reading the next in the series.

    24. Easy, fun readI finished this in an afternoon and enjoyed it It was a quick, fun read with an interesting premise and lead I will definitely check out the second book.

    25. A cracking little read, and a promising start to the series Well plotted with enough unanswered questions to get me to download the second volume straight away.

    26. A fairly straight forward urban fantasy with an interesting premise, if a little too worried about romantic relationships between him and his coworkers Still, not bad.

    27. Lost Soul, a Harbinger P.I novelby Adam J Wright Lost Soul is the first book in the Harbinger P.I series It introduces Alec Harbinger, P.I Preternatural Investigator Alec is a member of the Society of Shadows He formerly was well regarded in the Society, until a mysterious event in Paris one that he cannot wholly remember Now, he s been demoted from one of the foremost P.I.s, living and making a very good living in Chicago, to being pretty much on his own in the small town of Dearmont, Maine Sur [...]

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