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Gomora By Roberto Saviano Dens Dimiņš,

  • Title: Gomora
  • Author: Roberto Saviano Dens Dimiņš
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Skarbs un atkl ts v st jums par It lijas noziedz go, mafijas tipa organiz ciju komora.Ja dom , ka rakstnieka profesija ir dro a, padom v lreiz t var tu teikt par Roberto Saviano sensacion lo darbu Gomora , kas v sta par it lie u mafijas aizkulis m.Rom ns, kas k uvis par bestselleru un tulkots 51 valst , k ar ieguvis presti as balvas V cij , It lij un daudzviet cituSkarbs un atkl ts v st jums par It lijas noziedz go, mafijas tipa organiz ciju komora.Ja dom , ka rakstnieka profesija ir dro a, padom v lreiz t var tu teikt par Roberto Saviano sensacion lo darbu Gomora , kas v sta par it lie u mafijas aizkulis m.Rom ns, kas k uvis par bestselleru un tulkots 51 valst , k ar ieguvis presti as balvas V cij , It lij un daudzviet citur, padar jis rakstnieku par staig jo u m r i jau p c t izn k anas mafijas aprind s izplat j s baumas par iesp jamo Roberto Saviano nogalin anas pl nu Apburtais loks tas darba popularit tei vis pacelties debesskr pja augstumos, un 2008d tapa t da pa a nosaukuma filma, kas ne tikai tikusi nomin ta Zelta Globusam, bet ar triumf jusi Kannu kino festiv l.Tom r it lie u rakstnieka un urn lista galvenais m r is esot bijis piesaist t pasaules uzman bu, nor dot, ka krimin lie grup jumi nav tikai It lijas, bet gan visas pasaules probl ma Ne velti rom ns ies kas Neapol , ta u p c k aizved gan uz ASV, gan Sp niju Un tie nav vien gie mafijas galam r i.Visos laikos It lijas mafija ir bijusi da du nost stu un slepen bas auras apdvesta, jo viens no stingr kajiem t s likumiem ir omert goda un klus anas kodekss Roberto Saviano ir p rk pis kamoras klus anas likumu, lai noziedz g par d ba vairs netiktu uzskat ta tikai par It lijas iek ju lietu Izlasiet o svar go gr matu, un j s nov rt siet, k p c It lija aizvien ir valsts, kam nepiecie ami varo i k vi .The Guardian Mans darbs k uvis ne rts, jo esmu lauzis omert , esmu run jis Ne rts esmu neba t p c, ka b tu izpaudis inform ciju, kas jau bija pieejama Dr z k t d , ka t ir sasniegusi neierasti pla u las t ju loku Roberto Saviano
    Gomora Skarbs un atkl ts v st jums par It lijas noziedz go mafijas tipa organiz ciju komora Ja dom ka rakstnieka profesija ir dro a padom v lreiz t var tu teikt par Roberto Saviano sensacion lo darbu Gom

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    1. Roberto Saviano must have some massive cojones To bring out this book with exposes the Camorra long hidden in the shadows of the crumbling high rises of the poor neighbourhoods north of Naples and their hydra like influence on the Italian and global economy Saviano grew up here and is able to talk to the dealers, the corner boys, the counterfeiters, the hitmen, etc and give us an closeup, unfiltered view of the heart of this organisation This candid book earned him the glory of an extraordinary [...]

    2. Update Saw Roberto Saviano on TV last night He was talking Talking And talking And talking And talking And talking For a frickin hour and a half without stopping except when he was interrupted by applause Great writer, but his nonstop jabber has me ready to whack a star off this book Gomorrah is a young journalist s account of just what the power of the mafia has done to southern Italy, particularly but not solely the Camorra in the Campania region While he does discuss briefly other groups such [...]

    3. This book should be taught in schools.The media tend to forget about the camorra in Campania.They only talk about it when there s than 2 deads a dayis book is a great tragical testimony of somebody who does not want to forget and wants to shout to everybody what the truth really is.Recommended to anyone who doesn t want to stop to the surface and wants to go deep into the scum of reality.

    4. The most concrete emblem of every economic cycle is the dump.Earlier this summer I enjoyed a podcast by one of the members of Wu Ming The author spoke about responsibility and the New Italian Epic Gommorah was the one example of the latter which was discussed at length It was noted that the work suffered from a horrible translation into English Perhaps the last qualification should give it a pass, as I found the work to be uneven Nominally this is an exploration of criminal culture in the Naples [...]

    5. Un recorrido por el mundo de la Camorra napolitana contado en clave de reportaje period stico que a veces puede llegar a abrumar con tantos nombres, apodos, barrios, pueblos, etc pero que tambi n llega a espeluznar por lo que cuenta sobre la industria textil, el tr fico de drogas, la gesti n de residuos o la guerra entre los clanes Un mundo en el que la vida no vale nada.Ha sido muy valiente el autor al atreverse a escribir este retrato tan detallado y documentado sobre la organizaci n de la Cam [...]

    6. This book seems to have suffered a loss in translation, and there were also some formatting problems with it that may have been a result of it being on my Kindle, and not in paper form Also, the author obviously wrote for the Italian reader Several times, he made long lists of Camorristas or of cities in Italy, and I suspect that these may have meant something to someone who lives in Italy and who has knowledge of the state of organized crime in the country than I do, but for me, it was just a [...]

    7. Chi vive al nord Italia pu vedere la mafia come qualcosa di astratto, a met strada tra la realt e la finzione, pi legata ad alcuni film come Il padrino che a fatti concreti e tangibili Chi vive al sud invece conosce una verit ben diversa, sa che la mafia un cancro nero, in apparenza inguaribile, che fagocita cose e persone La mafia il cuore maligno dell Italia un organizzazione cos forte che si fatica ad immaginarla Il saggio di Saviano un meritevole ritratto di questa organizzazione, nelle sue [...]

    8. Wow Anyone who defends the idea that there is such a thing as a free market should take a deep breath and confront the multi billion dollar criminal enterprise depicted in this book If you can accept that steroids in sports is a direct result of too much money being directly linked to performance, how do you think trillion dollar markets will behave Read it and weep.

    9. Since he has pulished his book, Saviano is a hunted man Does he glorify organised crime after all Or where did my fascination come from when I read him The book portrays the Camorra as the incarnation of capitalism in its purest form, whoever stands in the way of business will be eliminated with the appropriate means Appropriate How much are moral standards essential for good business The question is neglected and yet imminent on each page Who is good Who is evil Names over names are quoted A do [...]

    10. I saw the movie first Now that I ve read the book, I m amazed at how faithful the movie is to the book The film is an almost chapter by chapter recreation of the original One of the most faithful adaptations I ve ever seen.But, something s always lost in translation What gets lost in the movie is the book s poetry, and also its anger.Saviano is a brave man for writing this I m surprised he s not dead yet Gomorra film author to leave Italy after mob death threats The author of the book that inspi [...]

    11. In America, we seem to have a love affair with the mob Look at the Godfather or Scarface just to name two Then there s Goodfellas and who can forget The Sopranos Actually, I could I never liked it Maybe the lover affair is because of the desire to get away with things The real mob is one scary thing, but we know that Roberto Savino doesn t just tell us that he also tells us how the mob ruins society.Gomorrah is most likely not the best translated book, yet there is something compelling about the [...]

    12. Beh prima di fare questa recensione penso che sarebbe giusto dire che Saviano non il tipico scrittore di quei racconti storici che a volte rimangono nel buio della memoria.Visto che qui non si parla solo di Napoli o della Campania o del Sud Gomorra il motore del capitalismo Ci che ho per trovato di interesse davvero eccezionale la descrizione della strategia manageriale della camorra moderna Nessuna struttura centralizzata di famiglie che controlla il territorio le famiglie ci sono e il territor [...]

    13. In Gomorrah Roberto Saviano sets out to expose the workings of the modern Italian criminal underworld Visions of the mob as depicted in hollywood movies are quickly dispelled The current mob is a hyper capitilalist beast with it s hands in the world of drugs, politics, garbage and fashion Saviano got great access, but unfortunately that isn t sufficient for a book to be a success The writing is terrible and inconsistent There are paragraphs of hyperbole attempting to be literary followed immedia [...]

    14. This is a worrisome portrait of the extra legal underworld centered in and around Naples It is run by clans that are much larger, ruthless, sophisticated and international than the American style Mafia family These clans compete with each other for market share in drugs, hazardous waste, high fashion, arms and anything else they choose.The prose is absolutely wonderful Well chosen words provide descriptions of people, life and feelings in a way you usually don t find in investigative journali [...]

    15. Anyone expecting a kind of cool, macho life of gangsters, with charismatic real life characters and bloodily amusing anecdotes is in for a shock This is a raw, vicious and angry book, a true expose of how the Camorra dominates life around Southern Italy and how from there it extends its tentacles worldwide.Although it gives an overview of the various gangs and the characters involved, the book goes much further and breaks down the sociological and economic causes of and reactions to all that hap [...]

    16. Where to start A MUST READ book It was a huge slap in the face and made The Godfather look like a care bear mafia Roberto Saviano makes us dive into the Italian mafia, the Camorra, an almighty organisation ruling the southern regions of Italy.We are presented with his view, yes, but what remains are the facts, the cold blooded facts the terror that the Camora uses over Naples and its surroundings The population live under their rule, the politicians are nothing but highly corrupted puppets and t [...]

    17. When I started reading Gomorrah it gave me nightmares so I had to put it down for a few days Then I picked it up again and stayed up all night to finish it It s not an ordinary True Crime book, the kind that presents the titillating foreign antics of Mafiosi with a cheery Goodfellas soundtrack This is a relentless indictment, an obsessively reworked denunciation, a cold and clear eyed assassination attempt Saviano who was still very young when he wrote this describes the systems, economy and cul [...]

    18. Un buen libro para conocer mejor lo que es la mafia napolitana, la llamada Camorra Me han impresionado los datos que se ofrecen, no imaginaba que la mafia fuera tan poderosa, que dominara tantos negocios tanto legales como ilegales con ramificaciones en toda Europa, Espa a incluida La todopoderosa construcci n, la gesti n de residuos peligrosos, la econom a sumergida, la venta de drogas En el fondo la mafia es la cara mas brutal y despiadada del capitalismo, son la misma cosa, solo las diferenci [...]

    19. Er staat een nieuwe recensie online Dit keer van het boek Gomorra dat ik voor school moest lezen Of ik het boek leuk vind, lees je nu op mijn blog leesendroomuwweb gomorra

    20. I almost gave up on this book in chapter 2 I should have I m not certain what the problem was, but I ve chalked it up to poor translation both words and culturally Most of the time I had no idea what the author was talking about Maybe Italians grow up knowing who the Mondragones are, but I would have benefited from some background info.Also, having actually completed the book, I still have no idea how the author got all of his information Was he inside Did he have friends inside Was he like a re [...]

    21. Ausgezeichnet Ein Camorra Sachbuch aus der Innensicht des teilnehmenden Beobachters im G nther Wallraff Stil, geschrieben wie ein spannender Thriller mit vielen Hintergr nden, pers nlichen Elementen bzw Ansichten und Querverbindungen Bereits am Beginn f llt ein ganzer Haufen Leichen im Hafen von Neapel aus einem Container Ausgehend von dieser Story wird die italienische Textilindustrie, ber die Bauindustrie bis zur M llentsorgung beleuchtet und genau beschrieben, wie das System Camorra legale Ak [...]

    22. Roberto Saviano was still in his 20s when he wrote this courageous expos of the Neapolitan camorra That it is such a stunning read is no doubt down to the face that he comes from the region and feels passionately about how criminality pollutes sometimes literally life in the region.The book is vivid in recounting events such as the horrific and dismaying Secondigliano War, the disastrous dumping of toxic trash illegally, the almost suicidal mentality that wants to kill every rival and their rela [...]

    23. This is a journalistic account of organised crime in Naples the title is a pun on Camorra, the name of the Neapolitan mafia It s an eye opening, depressing book The prose is occasionally a little purple for my taste, which I suspect is partly the translation And I feel a bit petty criticising the prose style since Saviano risked his life to write it he now lives under 24 hour police protection I can only hope his bravery does some good, although the book makes the problem seem intractable.I real [...]

    24. WM1 Non ho letto nessuna recensione prima di affrontare Gomorra Nessuna.Libro impegnativo a volte l impasto denso da soffocare, come la sabbia ficcata in bocca ad Antonio Magliulo legato su una sedia, spiaggia di Castelvolturno, litorale domizio.Il lettore deve affrontare Gomorra con attenzione, coscienza, responsabilit Altrimenti verr travolto.Mentre mi spingevo nel fitto ha preso forma un ipotesi l io narrante di Gomorra l autore, ma non soltanto e non sempre L autore, per dirla con la colonna [...]

    25. I read this book while travelling through Campania We had lovely weather, stayed in some of the most beautiful coastal town in Europe and had a very breezy and relaxing week, but every moment I expected to turn the corner and find the seedy underside of southern Italy some youth selling drugs, or hand bags, or Kalashnicovs but never found it.Well, there was a very lively trade of cheap clothes wherever we wentFor any fan of the Wire, you won t be surprised by how organized crime can embrace mode [...]

    26. Disappointing considering all the buzz that it got probably 2.5 stars but that might be partially an issue of translation I can t really qualify this, but it often feels like the translator was too literal in transplanting every word into english, so that some of the style and descriptions that might have flowed in Italian doesn t quite pop here Also, I often curious as to how the Camorra actually performed the operations he talked about It s very important if they completely control the port, [...]

    27. I was hoping for a expository work of non fiction on this topic but instead it was a rambling, although at times very interesting, book about the Neapolitan mafia There were plenty of memorable anecdotes but there were an equal number of sections where all these details are thrown at you at once and it s hard not to feel lost If the book focused on one or two mob families these details would have added up to something tangible but no sooner do you start to have an idea what a given clan had be [...]

    28. Much has been written about the author s style, most of it positive However, I found Saviano s style like that of a tabloid news journalist, and his metaphors are sloppy and awkward Something may have been lost in translation, yet he has still been rewarded with international acclaim and a movie But that is not to say that Saviano does not have an amazing story to tell about Naples mafia, the Camorra Saviano knows well the violent streets that the System manages, and it is nothing like what we h [...]

    29. This is a very difficult book to read, not because of style but because there are no heroes Everyone is trapped into the corruption and no one escapes its reach It has becomes a way of life which infects even the youth There is one chilling scene in which a young boy lures the mother of a rival gang out from here house a woman who has befriended him and she is assassinated In the movie, he calmly walks away The glamour of the Godfather, etc is not part of this story.

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