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Welcome Back, Stacey By Ann M. Martin,

  • Title: Welcome Back, Stacey
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590425018
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stacey s parents are getting divorced and she has to decide whether to stay in New York with her father or move back to Stoneybrook with her mother.
    Welcome Back Stacey Stacey s parents are getting divorced and she has to decide whether to stay in New York with her father or move back to Stoneybrook with her mother

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    1. this is my first time reading this book stacey s parents announce that they are getting a divorce stacey s dad decides to move on up to the east side while stacey s mother decides to return to stoneybrook though they will have joint custody of stacey, they ask stacey to choose which parent she would like to live with primarily unsurprisingly based on the spoiler title she chooses stoneybrook and moves into the house behind the pikes where the weird french people that the pikes thought were spies [...]

    2. a cute above the average BSC book, probably because there s not much babysitting involved in the first chapter, stacey is sitting for henry grace walker, two little kids that live in her NYC apartment building she s a little distracted, thinking about how her parents haven t been getting along lately sure enough, when she goes back to her floor, she can hear her parents screaming at each other from the elevator they are mostly arguing about money apparently mrs mcgill dropped over 11,000 on jewe [...]

    3. Apparently this was written because Stacey was a fan favourite so it made sense to move her back to Stoneybrook Raar, ugh, is all I say.

    4. Stacey moved to Stoneybrook, Connecticut, returned to New York City, and is now back in Stoneybrook Sounds like a television star who returns to aide a failing sitcom The reason for her return is the impending divorce of her parents Martin follows the typical line when it comes to dealing with the subject of divorce, Stacey s experience reads like a helpful pamphlet.

    5. I m pretty sure this one was one of my favorites when I was a kid.At the time, I didn t realize how horrible poor Stacey s sophisticated outfits really were Ouch I d totally forgotten about Laine How did that happen I still think Stacey is my favorite Wish I still had book 3 around

    6. Again, well done handling a heavy subject Ann M Martin does get a tad tacky at times, but this she did well.

    7. This whole series is great for girls between 11 15 years old I read every last one of them as I was growing up.

    8. Yay Stacey is back I bet Anne had this planned out long before Boost the book sales, Stacey has returned.

    9. Stacey s back, hot dogs are a popular item to feed your baby sitting charges, and Logan still has a ridiculously exaggerated Kentucky accent All is well in Stoneybrook

    10. When I was in fourth grade my best friends parents split up When we were in fifth grade her mom met a new man, and they decided to get married I knew that she would be moving, though the day of the move felt very abrupt There was seriously very little time between her mother meeting this man and them deciding to shove his giant family and my friend and her mom into a house together I was devastated because she was in school for like a half day on Valentine s Day I had gotten her a present, but b [...]

    11. bends to peer pressure from the readers, and brings Stacey back to Stoneybrook in this book This is the first time any of the baby sitters have dealt with the divorce of a parent in real time, so to speak Instead of hearing about it second hand, as Kristy or Dawn tells you their memories about it, we are along for the ride as Stacey processes and deals with her parent s divorce Things I remember from reading this as a kid Stacey calls the marriage counselor a divorce counselor making me think th [...]

    12. Welcome Back StaceyPLOT Stacey s parent s decide to get a divorce, and she has to decide with parent she wants to live with THOUGHTS This one didn t require too much thought or opinion I tried to remember back to so long ago when my parent s got divorced I was much younger than Stacey Books like this tend to go into the kid s anger I m sure I felt that, but for some reason I don t remember feeling it as intensely Maybe that s because my parents have always stayed minutes away from each other So [...]

    13. Stacey s parents get divorced.Stacey is distraught by her parents fighting, but so by their announcement that they have irreconcilable differences and have decided to get a divorce She thinks they re just being babyish, and comes up with various schemes to get them to fall in love again They don t work She s not looking forward to choosing which parent to live with, but she s intrigued when her mother starts looking at places in Stoneybrook Once she goes back to see Claudia and look for houses, [...]

    14. This is again one of the books that tells you what s going to happen in the title It s not much of a surprise when one of the big plot points is Stacey struggling to decide whether she s going to move to Stoneybrook with her mom or stay in New York with her dad when her parents get divorced If they re welcoming her back, it s no fun to wonder what she s going to decide.This is the first time in the series that one of the sitters actually has to deal with parents divorcing though they ve had pare [...]

    15. Stacey s life is a mess her parents are getting divorced and she has to decide whether to move back to Stoneybrook with her mom when she s only just gotten settled in New York again The good things about this book include Stacey getting to have a book that doesn t focus on her having diabetes and having the hard choices really blow her world apart Sadly, the book tries to say what the parents fight about and it sounds so simplistic and superficial that I had trouble believing the parents were so [...]

    16. This is another rare BSC I give 4 stars to because it touched my heart on so many levels Stacey, the diabetic 13 year old, and still living in NY, has a mom and dad about to divorce and fight for joint custody of Stacey, their only child Stace feels herself torn in half as she s forced to reevaluate her life and choose between living with Dad in NY, back with mom to Stoneybrookd the BSC where she truly belongs I myself was a victim of my own parents legal seperation so it s easy to ID wi [...]

    17. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading Great stories about friendship and life lessons The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love And the serie [...]

    18. I loved this book I was glad that Stacey came back to Stoneybrook Despite her being quite irritating at times, the books weren t the same without her The reason why I gave this book 4 stars is because of Mallory s whining at the end Any scene with Mallory whining requires a star drop, in my opinion Despite Mallory, Welcome Back, Stacey is a pretty enjoyable book I m going to miss Stacey baby sitting the Walkers, though.

    19. As a child, I was just like Yay Stacey is coming back Woo she s wearing a crazy outfit More on that later But as an adult, I can really see how well written and thoughtful this book wasad here.

    20. In the first book of this series, Stacey was new, having just moved from New York to Coneecticut Later, she had to go back to New York because of her dad s job, but now her parents are divorced and she was given a choice It is a difficult one, but she eventually decides to come back to Stoneybrook, where the BSC welcome her back.

    21. I wish I could write adequate reviews for this series, because I loved it when I read them However, it was so long ago, and I was so young, only 10 12 years old, that I do not remember much.All I remember from this instalment is that I was thrilled that Stacey was back, because I did not like that the club members had to be separated Childish, I know

    22. This book would be perfect for a child experiencing their parents divorce There is a small matchmaking attempt made by Stacey, but even she realizes the separation is inevitable Big decisions must be made, and Stacey is old enough for her voice to be heard.

    23. A good series that I enjoyed as a child.I would recommend this to children as I still remember the story to this day.

    24. Will Stacey stay in New York with her dad or go to Stoneybrook with her mum Unfortunately the title spoils it but still one of the interesting in the series.

    25. I always liked this one Dealing with real issues instead of some ridiculous contrived thing or something super lame.

    26. I was already a bit too old by the time the Babysitters Club books started appearing in our school book club options, but I enjoyed the early books in the series nonetheless.

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