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Home for Three By Nicole Stewart,

  • Title: Home for Three
  • Author: Nicole Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s just sex, Selwyn said, moving closer That s what I m afraid of, she whispered Jack leaned forward It could be I m afraid of that, too Headstrong, talented Kess has spent the last several years building herself into a successful real estate agent, and she certainly doesn t have time for a serious relationship, especially after past experiences that It s just sex, Selwyn said, moving closer That s what I m afraid of, she whispered Jack leaned forward It could be I m afraid of that, too Headstrong, talented Kess has spent the last several years building herself into a successful real estate agent, and she certainly doesn t have time for a serious relationship, especially after past experiences that have left her hopeless in matters of the heart When Jack and Selwyn, two gorgeous but clearly unavailable men, ask her to locate the perfect home for them, she jumps at the opportunity to impress her new clients beyond their wildest dreams It s also a great excuse for Kess to spend some time with these two magnetic personalities, a much needed break from the monotony of her usual clients However, when the task proves to be far challenging than she originally thought due to the couple s demanding expectations, she starts to waiver in her confidence But she s overcome challenges like this before, and she s confident that she can do it again even when the going gets tough As the trio continue to develop their professional relationship, however, work turns into play, and casual connections give way to an unexpected blossoming of true love with a dose of serious heartache However, each of these three people have a fierce independent streak, and adding a third into Jack and Selwyn s stable relationship might just be too much for anyone to handle Now all three of them are left questioning everything about themselves, their relationships and how to move forward They ve gotten themselves in too deep, and opening their hearts to love may be their undoing It s sink or swim time as each member of this relationship must do some heavy duty growing up and letting go of their own egos in order to hold on to the best thing that s ever happened to them This is a standalone MMF Bisexual Romance Novel with an HEA ending and no cliffhangers
    Home for Three It s just sex Selwyn said moving closer That s what I m afraid of she whispered Jack leaned forward It could be I m afraid of that too Headstrong talented Kess has spent the last several years bu

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    1. MMF Bisexual romance by Nicole Stewart Kess is a beautiful, blonde Real Estate agent who is timid, but interested She s been burnt by an ex, and dresses down to be professional Established couple, who have each had women in the past, are artists, Selwyn and Jack Selwyn is a stunning black man who is a famous clothes designer, while Jack is his handsome, loving, partner, a talented sculptor The men are great together such a magnetic couple, new to Savannah After meeting at a party, the guys ask K [...]

    2. MMF BISEXUAL ROMANCE Home for Three from Nicole Stewart was a great 5 star read.Romance, 2 Hot Alpha Nicole Stewart has once again pulled me in with her writing She is an author that I always look forward to reading Once I get started I don t want to put it down until I m done We get to read about Kess, Jake and Selwyn and the journey they take that eventually brings them together This is a very loving story that helps Kess and Jake move forward from a loss they suffered in their past Selwyn is [...]

    3. Many years ago, I read an AU fanfiction for a certain vampire franchise that included an all human cast with an OFC who joined two male characters in their relationship That sparked my interest and admittedly, love in the idea of two queer male characters bring a third person into their established relationship and making it work Yes, yes, yes Bisexuality I was excited and thrilled to see this story on but that excitement would not last Jack gave me whiplash Kess was boring and played the unsure [...]

    4. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review How would you react if you thought the person you loved might be into someone else In this book we meet Jack, Selwyn, and Kess they have to answer this very question When this book opens up we find that Jack and Selwyn are living in a apartment that doesn t really meet their needs but works for now As you look around the apartment you can really tell the difference between them One is organized everything in it s place the other is well to put [...]

    5. Review By Kristy DeanTitle Home for ThreeAuthor Nicole StewartArc for Honest reviewAuthors writing style I have read several books from this author Most of her books give you a great experience of what a life would be like for three people MMF I love the way you can connect to the character and the situation they are all in I loved this story I felt like they were my friends and I was right there with them and everything that happened Overview Kess is a real estate agent She loves her job She is [...]

    6. I really love Nicole s writing I love the characters and storyline she comes up with I m never disappointed when I read one of her books This book is no different.Usually it takes me a while to warm up to at least one of the characters in books Not this time I really loved them all, right from the start Even the secondary characters I would love to read their stories as well hint, hint Overall, I think that Selwyn was probably my favorite character Just his positive outlook on life Always smilin [...]

    7. Great book with characters I just want to hang out with I loved that Selwyn and Jack were already in a long term relationship Sel, with his care free attitude, free to love and have fun, helps to offset Jack s serious exterior Jack is still having issues trusting after the pain dealt by his ex wife Kess has decided that being single and having her successful career is all she needs to be happy Until she meets the boys Great heat, emotions and a love that is tested Definitely a must read I receiv [...]

    8. Gifted an ARC for an honest review.Selwyn, Jack, and Kess story was fast paced, well developed, and thoughtful Everyone has their baggage to deal with, some painful than others But how you deal with it, work through it, and come out a better person is what defines you and allows you to build new and better relationships Not necessarily my favorite of Nicole s books, but 4 strong stars, none the less Thanks for the opportunity Well done.

    9. I have to say I wasn t real sure if another person could be added onto a relationship that already has tons of history but Nicole Stewart does it again Jack and Selwyn are in a good, committed relationship They begin house hunting and meet their realtor SPARKS FLY They hook up and try to see if polyamory is for them Join them to find out if this is true.This book was really good, a perfect partner on a rainy day Totally recommend this read.Read in exchange for an honest review

    10. I enjoyed reading Jack, Kess and Selwyn s story Jack and Selwyn were in a relationship when they met Kess at a party giving by mutual friends They were all attracted to each other but had trust issues to get past This book takes us on their journey to a HEA, there s heartbreak, love and some misunderstandings I highly recommend it

    11. Great storyCleo has done it again This three way romance has hot sex but so much Kess was rejected and hurt by her ex, Jack s ex wife betrayed him and Selwyn is the happy go lucky guy in love with both of them and trying to deal with fears from past relationships Great plot, great writing.

    12. Good but needs an epilogue Pretty good read Once I got started it kept my interest It had some hot sexy time let me tell you Whew Maybe I m just greedy but I d love to read an epilogue a few years into their lives Other than that I d say click away to this one.

    13. A bit dull to be honest I didn t get behind the characters and it didn t feel like the writer could decide what she wanted to do with them Some parts flowed well, others I felt like rolling my eyes It s full of clumsy language and poor characterisation.

    14. Loved it Nicole Stewart is an incredible new author can t wait to read all her books This book has everything story line, chemistry Definitely a must read.

    15. I received an arc of this book in exchange for my honest opinion I loved this book Excellent storyline Couldn t put it down.

    16. This book was amazing The perfect balance of sexy and emotional I loved the characters, especially Isabelle I d love for her to get an HEA I love how the author can write such diverse characters This is so different from Trusting Jacob, which I enjoyed Home For Three is heartwarming, while Trusting Jacob was edgy.

    17. Loved this This was such a sweet story of three people coming together and falling in love There were some really good steamy scenes too

    18. Good readA lot of the menage stories are about quick hook ups everything just falls together This is about true relationships with bumps in the road

    19. Jack and Selwyn have been together for a year They move from New York to Savannah, Georgia Jack is a large scale sculptor and Selwyn is a fashion designer Jack has been married before and his relationship was not a good one His wife cheated on him and now he has trust issues Selwyn is the most unselfish man alive by always putting others first before he thinks of himself Kess is from Savannah, Georgia and is a self employed realtor She was in a bad relationship also and has very little confidenc [...]

    20. 3.5 stars I read Home for Three and overall I really liked the story There were just a few things that happened in the story that didn t sit well with me, just felt that it could have been better, but people like all different things and make all different choices in life, same goes for in books I also had some issues with the real estate portion of the story, but I assume that won t bother most people Up to about the 90% mark I was totally loving it, but then the relationship choices that were [...]

    21. I finally had to stop at 42% There was virtually no characterization The sexual descriptions were repulsive and like purple prose The nicknames used for the characters made me nauseous Aw, Kitty Kess Barf Plus, I just couldn t figure out the rationale for why the men wanted Kess to begin with They seemed to have no real interest in her as a person It was all based on physical attraction, seemingly, although they claimed it could be some amorphous later It made no sense Plus, she was just plain [...]

    22. Gifted an arc for an honest review.Home for Three involves M M F, one of my favorite genres.Jack and Selwyn are in a committed relationship when Kess, their real estate agent catches their interest They ask her to join in on a m nage with no strings attached Still suffering from the pain of a rejected lover, Kess agrees to the no strings condition but finds her feelings for Jack and Selwyn growing in a way she didn t intend and the limits between Jack and Selwyn are also tested As to be expected [...]

    23. I was given a copy of this book and I chose to review it A fantastic story, well written and worth your time It s hard enough to be in a relationship with one person and it s twice as hard when there are two you love I enjoyed seeing how the three of these people worked out the problems with their relationship Nicole Stewart did a fantastic job with the trust issues I encourage everyone to get this book you will not regret it Please remember this is a M nage story and there are M M scenes A winn [...]

    24. Loved it This a book you settle into as you gradually get to know Kess,Selwynn and Jack and the people around them Just as you get to know and lo e them things conspire against them and you end up on the edge of your seat waiting g to see what happens I hope there may be a sequel to this book to see how there life turns out and to see her friend hell s bells get her own story.

    25. Another great story by Nicole Stewart.When your heart is smashed, it s hard to trust again Jack Kess have been there Jack found Selwyn They have been a couple for a year Selwyn doing everything he can to make Jack trust him They move to Georgia They meet Kess, the real estate agent Kess is all business, no fun after her ex broke up with her a year ago.Sparks fly between all of them Can they open their hearts and trust each other I really enjoyed getting to know these characters.

    26. Unconventional relationshipThis is a interesting start to a menage bisexual relationship The characters are likable and the story hot and sexy I like how each character has their own passion for what they do for a living I also enjoy how strong the heroine is Well worth reading.

    27. I loved each character in this book, loved the story too, but at times felt it was slightly too sweet for me to enjoy as a whole I like a touch of angst, however here I felt that all the parts where angst should have come, were washed over Everything was just.o nice and too easy.Having said that, I did enjoy it, but doubt whether I d bother to reread.

    28. Loved This story Nicole Stewart never disappoints me with the story, the characters, or the depth of feelings I get for the characters Enjoyed this one so much and got into their lives til I couldn t decide who I loved Great read

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