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Lassie: The Mystery of Bristlecone Pine By Steve Frazee,

  • Title: Lassie: The Mystery of Bristlecone Pine
  • Author: Steve Frazee
  • ISBN: 9780307215055
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrated by Larry Harris
    Lassie The Mystery of Bristlecone Pine Illustrated by Larry Harris

    One thought on “Lassie: The Mystery of Bristlecone Pine”

    1. I inadvertantly inherited this book from one of my brothers so I guess I can say I own it now We first got this book back in the early 1970s and I instantly became obsessed with it and the whole Forest Ranger thing I haven t read it for probably 40 years so I m now seeing it with a whole new perspective, but I think the book holds up really well even thought it was published in 1968, and I still enjoyed this book very much.

    2. Gotta love Lassie Stories about this famous collie are always good, educational, and just plain fun to read I recommend this book to everyone ages 9.

    3. This was one of a set of books I got back when I was a kid I remember being so excited to find out there was such a thing as Lassie books because that was my favorite TV show This particular book was that much better because it was a Cory book Cory being my favorite companion to Lassie on the modern TV show Keep in mind this was back in the 1970s Re reading this book as an adult, I am astonished at how much I d missed when I d read and re read this series as a child The story is simple Cory, a [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book I give it the maximum of five stars It held my interest , had a good plot , and had likeable characters whom you could relate to and enjoy The character of Bristlecone Pine could easily have been a very annoying character , but was instead portrayed as a real character not a cookie cutter cut out The other characters , such as Chub and Corey Stuart were handled well And, of course , Lassie herself has several moments of sheer heroism I would heartily recommend that you [...]

    5. Seems I ve never been able to get out of the way of a good dog story I mean, I can remember walking with my sister to the movie theater in Mineola, from Williston Park, Long Island, NY, sometime in the early 50s and catching a matinee of an obscure canine saga Ha ha, I d mention the title but maybe not today.Now, of course I ve been a Lassie fan for some time, and it so happens that I was able to cross off one of the items on my bucket list by visiting the Bristle Cone Forest this month, and wi [...]

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