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Short for Chameleon By Vicki Grant,

  • Title: Short for Chameleon
  • Author: Vicki Grant
  • ISBN: 9781443448994
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • Embarrassed by your brother Estranged from your uncle Then you might need some help from Almost Family Surrogate Agency Cam Redden and his dad are rent a relatives, available for hire to anyone looking to upgrade.Cam s job is all about being whoever other people want him to be Then two new clients come along Albertina is an old lady with a big mouth, a bigger wig andEmbarrassed by your brother Estranged from your uncle Then you might need some help from Almost Family Surrogate Agency Cam Redden and his dad are rent a relatives, available for hire to anyone looking to upgrade.Cam s job is all about being whoever other people want him to be Then two new clients come along Albertina is an old lady with a big mouth, a bigger wig and a serious mission Raylene is a beautiful girl with a nose ring, a wonky eye and a painful secret Now to get to the bottom of the tragic mysteries that fuel them both, Cam may finally have to be himself.Four stars Highly recommended CM MAGAZINE Part mystery, part romance all heart NATIONAL READING CAMPAIGN Madcap humour I frequently laughed out loud CANADIAN CHILDREN S BOOK NEWS Original, hilarious and evocative RESOURCE LINKS
    Short for Chameleon Embarrassed by your brother Estranged from your uncle Then you might need some help from Almost Family Surrogate Agency Cam Redden and his dad are rent a relatives available for hire to anyone lookin

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    1. 3 3.5 stars 2018 Red Maple nom Pretty fast read Amusing rent a relative setup and a nice guy main character Darker story elements brought in by an elderly, brash and driven woman and a mysterious, young woman.

    2. Short for Chameleon was a really well done book, perfect for the transitioning stage where someone is just too old for young readers fiction, but isn t ready for the mushy love stories that abound in teen fiction The characters were realistic I really dig books in which the characters are three dimensional in such a way that it s not cliched Like, in a lot of books it will be like the main character is written as perfect and then some flaws are added to make them realistic In Short for Chameleo [...]

    3. I love Vicki s books Cam s voice in Short for Chameleon is priceless I just had to hope my inner beauty would be enough for her, he says, after he gives up on dressing to impress the girl he likes He s accustomed to pretending he works with his father in the bizarre and hilarious rent a relative business, and since he s not as good at acting as his father is, Cam fears being found out Just as she does in her other novels, such as Betsy Wickwire s Dirty Secret or Small Bones, Vicki shows sympathy [...]

    4. I received a copy of Vicki Grant s Short for Chameleon compliments of Firstreads Giveaway and appreciated the opportunity.A fictional story that surrounds the premise of hiring a rent a family member for every and all occasions Cam and his Dad earn a modest living being anyone that you want them to be Need a son, husband, nephew, cousin, Uncle they have it covered Each role they play creates an opportunity to meet some interesting real life characters This includes Albertina, an eccentric granny [...]

    5. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I likedShort For Chameleonand how hilarious it is at times Vicki Grant keeps the story short and sweet and adds just the right amount of quirkiness to each character The main character Cam works for his Father s business Almost Family Surrogate Agency The business employs people to pretend to be relatives of clients who are willing to pay to have fake relatives for social obligations As a result, Cam is constantly finding himself in unusual situations I thin [...]

    6. Je lis pas assez de Young Adult fiction C est vraiment le fun Le roman de Grant m a rappel par moments le plaisir que je ressentais d couvrir les aventures des orphelins Baudelaires On s entend, c est pas aussi malade que du Lemony Snicket, mais a fait la job pour le c t myst rieux, les r v lations tonnantes et le rythme up tempo Un peu h t ronormatif, mais c est pas n cessairement un d faut, je fais juste m en rendre compte.

    7. This is another Red Maple nominated book I enjoyed it It was an interesting premise but I didn t love the ending.

    8. I won this book in a giveaway and enjoyed it It s a Young Adult book about a teen, Cameron, who, along with his father have themselves rented out as spare relatives for various functions such as weddings and funerals It s not a con, they get a proper hourly rate, and they aren t in it to scam anyone It s just an acting job But when an old woman, Albertina gets her claws into Cameron and a young woman, the enigmatic Raylene, gets involved as well, things get a little crazy and Cameron gets caught [...]

    9. I love this story It s premise of rent a relative is totally unique and opens up the plot to all sorts of antics Honestly, haven t we all wished we could do that at times in our lives, rent a relative to replace one that we were less then enamoured with.It is also filled with quirky characters starting with the ever adaptable dad, Will Redden With no acting jobs at hand, he started the Almost Family Surrogate Agency Once Albertina, the feisty senior, encountered Will, she took over every scene a [...]

    10. Loved this book and I m long past YA territory Vicki Grant created believable, sympathetic and highly entertaining characters that hooked me instantly The whole premise which I will not divulge is a hoot I wish Ms Grant had been writing her witty, smart, and out of the ordinary teen books when I was one There are no stereotypes of teens here these are real lovable kids who actually have adults in their lives Give it to a teen who you love and read it yourself

    11. I want to be Albertina when I grow up This was a highly enjoyable read full of memorable characters I received a free copy of this book through a giveaway on

    12. Short for Chameleon was a surprisingly funny and engaging novel that made me laugh, made me smile, and perhaps best or worst of all reminded me of what it was like to be a teenager.The characters feel alive and the situations they find themselves in are so strange as to fit into the category of there s no way this author made this up these situations were inspired by real life My only complaint might be that the characters felt too rigidly alive that they were made to feel alive by an attempt to [...]

    13. Cam Redden has an abnormal life Cam and his dad own Family Surrogate Agency a rent a relative business Usually, Cam must be who his clients want him to be However, when he meets two new clients, Albertina and Raylene, Cam realizes he must work with them and be himself to solve an unfathomable mystery.Although I enjoyed Grant s dry sense of humour, Short For Chameleon is not an adrenaline filled story There is not a dramatic climax and the plot is slow moving and fragmented Overall, I would not r [...]

    14. it was really good I really enjoyed how we were kept in the dark about Raylene the whole time One thing that I didn t like was how in the end some things didn t really get cleared up for example, what happened to janie, and wane, and a whole lot of other people Overall this is one of my favourite red maple books so far.

    15. Interesting relationship shared by Cam and Raylene As I read on I found out about Raylene and her background After I understood about her background I get the need to bolt when Cam asks about her family It s an uncomfortable topic for her Overall a pretty decent book and it gets better as you read on.

    16. I thought this book was cute and funny The scenarios were ridiculous but intentionally so and I liked that Despite the obvious fictiony premise the characters especially the elderly lady felt real Scams I imagine are a difficult topic to approach with humour but this book did a decent job of it s lighthearted spin.

    17. Super funny and cute The ending wasnt really satisfying to me, but otherwise I loved this book At first thought it might be for a younger audience, but I think kids and adults will actually find it equally entertaining The characters are dorky but also funny in a real life way, and I loved that Reminded me of people I actually knew in high school and maybe a bit of myself too

    18. One of the nominations for this year s Red Maple Award A story that started out with strange and hilarious events and even stranger characters turns into a heart warming story about overcoming tragedy and learning that it s best to be yourself A little mystery, a little action and a lot of very funny moments Can t wait to hear what my students think of this one.

    19. Rent a relativeThat is the job Cam and his dad do Funerals, baptism or anything else you might need a family and don t have one.This was a cute story with interesting characters throughout There is humor, crime solving and a little bit of romance thrown in.

    20. Meh I added this book to my TBR list after seeing it in the Toronto Star Sadly, it did not live up to the hype of the article The book fell flat and I ended up skimming the last 20 pages just so I could finish it But, at least I finished it.

    21. I really liked this book but I just wished that I would add in some details about Albertina s death It seemed like she just died randomly cause it didn t really talk about how or why she died.

    22. This was light hearted and fun The characters were bold and colourful and the bizarreness of the premise made it that much interesting Good for younger teens.

    23. Red maple 2018 nominee It was a quick read Very quirky and fun I loved the characters, would recommend reading it.

    24. Well written and an exciting read Had to read it for school, but ended up enjoying it greatly Hope it wins this year s Red Maple award

    25. This book makes me wish I could send things back in time, because teenage me would have been all over it The wacky premise, the awesome characters, there is so much to love here.

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