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Music And Freedom By Zoë Morrison,

  • Title: Music And Freedom
  • Author: Zoë Morrison
  • ISBN: 9781925324204
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gripping and beautifully written novel in the tradition of Elizabeth is Missing and the work of Elizabeth Harrower.I have no use for forgiveness, not yet But other ideas like that,kindness, for example, I think that is fundamental Resurrection I like that too And love, of course, love, love, love Alice Murray learns to play the piano aged three on an orange orchard iA gripping and beautifully written novel in the tradition of Elizabeth is Missing and the work of Elizabeth Harrower.I have no use for forgiveness, not yet But other ideas like that,kindness, for example, I think that is fundamental Resurrection I like that too And love, of course, love, love, love Alice Murray learns to play the piano aged three on an orange orchard in rural Australia Recognising her daughter s gift, her mother sends Alice to boarding school in the bleak north of England, and there Alice stays for the rest of her childhood Then she s offered a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London, and on a summer school in Oxford she meets Edward, an economics professor who sweeps her off her feet.Alice soon finds that Edwards is damaged, and she s trapped She clings to her playing and to her dream of becoming a concert pianist, until disaster strikes Increasingly isolated as the years unravel, eventually Alice can t find it in herself to carry on Then she hears the most beautiful music from the walls of her house This novel s love story is that of a woman who must embrace life again if she is to survive Inspiring and compelling, it explores the dark terrain of violence and the transformative powers of music and love.
    Music And Freedom A gripping and beautifully written novel in the tradition of Elizabeth is Missing and the work of Elizabeth Harrower I have no use for forgiveness not yet But other ideas like that kindness for exam

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    1. A wonderful book, beautifully written and almost unbearable to read because of the near destruction of the narrator by her abusive husband The power of music to bring her back to life is conveyed very movingly Zoe Morrison is a musician, and it shows.A five star read to begin the year.

    2. A brilliant book, telling the heartbreaking story of a young woman crushed by a dreadful husband and her gradual efforts to rebuild her life in her later years I m not a musician, but the writing about Alice s piano playing was captivating, and the portrait of a deeply dysfunctional marriage felt brutally accurate I just found the whole book wonderfully moving sad without being hopeless and gorgeously written One of my favourites of the year so far.

    3. It s been a while since I felt quite so moved by a book In fact, I feel like this novel completely took me apart and left me bereft, before gently putting all my pieces back together again Beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting, all in one As an accomplished pianist herself, Zo Morrison GETS IT when it comes to writing about music, and some of her sentences soar like musical phrases The writing about music itself, and the power it has to both haunt and redeem, is just exquisite But her research int [...]

    4. 4 1 2 due to the joy I felt listening to the lovely music Also the fond memories of Oxford UK, and a small town in the mallee , OZ that is so true to life What a triumph for an elderly women , who has the best decade of her life Can t ait for her next book, and hope it s a sequel.

    5. The author is a gifted academic who studied in Oxford researching family violence and has formal qualifications as a pianist Not surprising this book covers Oxford, violent husbands and classical music It is an unsettling story.I enjoyed the way the story unfolded jumping between the near present in a struggling orange growing property near Mildura and life for Alice s in England from the late 1930s to the near present.Alice is a gifted pianist who with little choices left to her marries Edward [...]

    6. I read this in a rush and I think I would see the it differently had I not Morrison s depiction of the brutality of Edward, husband of the narrator Alice, is unrelenting There s redemption and beauty and love late in the novel, but it is a long time coming and I felt brutalised towards the end Morrison s academic work as a social demographer and the acknowledgements she makes to the many people who shared their stories of sexual and domestic violence gives the story a further layer I feel that I [...]

    7. Loved the premise of the book and the early part set in Australia loved the links with Rachmaninov and music study got frustrated by the relationship perhaps wholly intended and thought it could do with editing to avoid repetition but again, maybe this is a reflection of Alice s coping or not with the treatment she receives from her bastard of a husband The transformative power of love cam a bit late for me

    8. I took a while to get into this novel as I found the style rather wooden I certainly didn t enjoy it as much as others on have done or indeed as I expected to It s about the life of a woman who left Australia as a child musical prodigy but whose career was stopped in its tracks by her marriage to a misogynistic economist at Oxford Alice loses all freedom and it is only regained through her friendship with a young woman who moves in next door and opens the way back to music for Alice I enjoyed th [...]

    9. This broke my heart in its depiction of a woman completely broken by her husband The writing was lovely but the two timelines didn t always work The power of music was beautifully explored It will certainly appeal to fans of Stephanie Bishop s The Other Side of the World.

    10. I ve had to wait a while to calm down before attempting a review of this excellent debut novel by Australian author, Zoe Morrison It s a first person narrative of Alice, an extraordinarily gifted pianist who is sent to England to study at the age of seven, and alone in the thirties When personal tragedy strikes, and despite earlier warning signs, she ends up marrying an Oxford economist don, only to lose herself to her husband s increasing abuse Her story mirrors the violence in her parents marr [...]

    11. A beautiful piece of writing The story was emotional and captivating and who doesn t love Rachmaninoff I really liked that music was always both her downfall and her salvation Well that s what I saw anyway.

    12. Zo Morrison s novel Music and Freedom Vintage Books Penguin Random House 2016 is as all encompassing, inspiring and compelling as the music it describes This literary drama is filled with jarring and conflicting themes domestic violence pitted against the transforming power of music loneliness and forgiveness guilt and friendship talent and ambition versus narcissism And it is about love romantic love, familial love, the love between friends, the love of a musician for the music she plays and th [...]

    13. This author produces a compelling story and allows you to dive deep into the characters minds Without the psychological analysis of the protagonist the story would not of been as marvellous, in fact the story line is rather repetitive and monotonous What makes the book so phenomenal is the artistic and elegant writing The book touches upon domestic abuse and you can tell the author has done her research upon the topic I love that this book might open up a conversation about it and seek victims t [...]

    14. 2.5 When I commenced the book I was enjoying it, but as it progressed I liked it less and less There were aspects of the book that were very enjoyable, but it was very uneven and ultimately I found the characters and their respective relationships quite wooden and often just simply unconvincing and unbelievable The references to music were the highlight of the book for me which is Morrison s area of expertise.

    15. I m not sure if I liked or really liked this book On one hand some of the subject material was difficult to read about but on the other it tugged at your soul and I couldn t put it down I left the book with a renewed desire to live life and go back to my neglected musical instruments.

    16. I loved this book I found it enthralling, disturbing and beautiful I found the characters totally believable It reminded me of one of my favourite books of all time, An Equal Music by Vikram Seth An outstanding debut.

    17. Lovely book to read with flowing prose Some parts are hard to read as the narrator s mindset jumps around and she has destructive tendencies I d recommend but be prepared to push yourself on as it moves as a slow steady pace.

    18. this was beautifully done the author moves seemlessly back and forth from the past in England to the present time in Australia, recounting her life as an abused wife at the hands of an arrogant husband, and the lost opportunity of a virtuoso pianist It is painful to undergo, but the musical side of this heart wrenching novel is beautiful Also a very fast read, given it is constructed as a series of very short chapters.

    19. Not an easy book to read as it is about a woman who lives with an abusive husband who destroys her love of music and playing the piano realistically describes how this can destroy a woman s soul, but also about women s resilience and strength Well written and the reference to music adds a beautiful dimension to the book.

    20. Wonderful Such a delicate and accurate portrayal of domestic violence and how it can trap women in relationships I haven t read a book in ages where I was so strongly willing the protagonist to succeed.

    21. A story that lasts a lifetimeThe fictional memoir of Alice Murray is only a little too close to home We start in the 1930s when Alice is an innocent child confused by her parents marriage but she is whisked away to an English boarding school before she was old enough to piece their marriage together.Growing up all Alice wants is to go back to Australia and become a concert pianist That is until she meets Edward Heywood Edward comes across as charming and intelligent but Alice does not get to see [...]

    22. 3.5 stars.Young Alice is born in rural Australia, into a poor and struggling family Supported by an aunt, she is sent away at aged six to boarding school in the north of England where she spends the rest of her childhood Alice is, however, an incredibly gifted pianist, and after school she is awarded a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London The story follows her life as she meets, and then marries the horrible Edward, an economics professor at Oxford, who verbally and physically abu [...]

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