READ KINDLE ☆ Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book) - by Dr. Seuss

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book) By Dr. Seuss,

  • Title: Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book)
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780007173129
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are
    Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are Yellow Back Book Dr Seuss Yellow Back Book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are

    One thought on “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book)”

    1. Now, I have read many popular children s books written by none other than Dr Seuss, but I was surprised to have stumble upon this classic called Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are Out of all of the Dr Seuss books I had read over the years, this was the one that I have never even heard of before and I was interested in reading this book and see if it holds up to Dr Seuss other great works Well, it turns out that it DOES measure up to Dr Seuss other great works and I was quite pleased with the [...]

    2. If you must read this bookthen you re very luckyYou don t have to reada book twelve times yucky.True, there are no zombiesor heroes heroicinstead there s philosophy they tell me it s stoic.So if you don t like itdon t stomp, yell, and cursejust try to remember it could have been worse.

    3. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are gave me my first taste of existential angst around the tender age of four I was looking over my Dad s shoulder at that picture of a lonely, bent coat hanger suspended from a fraying piece of twine over a rocky gorge on a seemingly uninhabited world I feltso badfor that hanger, and I wanted to do whatever it took to avoid its fate.I turned out fine.Childhood existential crisis aside, this book carries a lot of great lessons and, as with all of Dr Seuss s work [...]

    4. When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad You should do what I do Just tell yourself, Duckie, you re really quite lucky Some people are much Oh, ever so much Oh, muchly much much unlucky than you This is my favorite Dr Suess book I have a slew of favorites, but I felt this one needed to be added This little paragraph from the book reminds me that well the obvious.Since I m from the Netherlands I didn t read them as a child, translation being impossi [...]

    5. I am generally I big fan of Dr Seuss books, but this one fell flat for me I was hoping for a book that illustrated the many wonderful things we experience in every day life, instead it was a book about how horrible life could be Even that would have some value in helping kids to appreciate what they have, but because the horribleness takes place in silly, make believe places in silly, unrealistic ways it becomes difficult to bridge the text to real life I know that this being a Dr Seuss book I s [...]

    6. The unforgettable Dr Seuss did it again with his book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are The rhyming texts and unique characters remind each reader to focus on the good parts of life and never feel down about anything The reader is transformed to far away places in order to understand optimism This story fits into the controlled vocabulary genre of picture books a A strength from this book comes from the wild characters and comedic language to present a valuable lesson for every reader and li [...]

    7. When you think things are bad,when you feel sour and blue,when you start to get madyou should do what I do Just tell yourself, Duckie, you re really quite lucky Some people are much oh, ever so much oh, muchly much much unlucky than you One of the greatest lesson this book teaches you is to always be grateful for who you are where you are There are people who are worst in situations conditions than you Never show anger or resentment about your life because it might be that your problem is much s [...]

    8. This was a typical Dr Seuss book that had bizarre characters and outrageous rhymes I enjoyed the illustrations and seeing what crazy thing would be on the next page It wasn t my favorite book of his though, but I d still recommend Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2010

    9. This was great, and I can see why I bought it a few years ago It s a wonderful reminder that things could always be worse, and are for some people Being grateful is something to remember to be, and who better to put that to words than Dr Seuss

    10. This is my absolute favorite Dr Seuss book I love the clever rhymes, the funny stories, and the drawings It is the best of his books and I m surprised it doesn t get recognition I d recommend this book wholeheartedly to everyone and anyone D

    11. Read this to my friend over Skype Growing up these books were just not his type.It makes me so sad a childhood without Seuss must have been bad.

    12. This book was awesome I loved it Let me just say I m so glad I am none of the people in this book XP Haha Great book

    13. Great story that really makes you want to think about all that you have and appreciate your lot in life Our girls really enjoyed this book.

    14. Not his best work lol.That being said, his best work is so awesome that this, his meh work, is still good enough for 3 stars The cover and title alone are the best part.

    15. Every politician and well off person in this country needs this book slap upside their heads a couple times and forced to read it over and over again until they figure out it s not all about them and what they have is something to be extremely grateful for Even me, who makes just over what is considered the poverty line or maybe I m just at it, am humble enough to know that my life could be worse and I am grateful for everything I have And while most of the situations in this book are a bit sill [...]

    16. Of all of the Dr Suess books I read as a child, this is one that I still remember My mom would always read it to me when I was having a bad day I think that this book is a great reminder for children of how lucky they are It has a real life message to it that I really enjoy No matter how badly your day is going, or how unlucky you think that you are, there is always someone oh, mutely much much unlucky than you I enjoy that Dr Suess books can be such fun reads for kids, as well as have this muc [...]

    17. By far one of my favorite books This book truly teaches children the importance of appreciating everything in their life that they have because things could be so much worse This book is a great example to show children that they need to be thankful for everything in their life I love reading this book, even as an adult The illustrations aren t as bright, and colorful as I would expect, however, the overall life lesson is what s most important.

    18. Dr Seuss never fails in his artistic way of blending comedy with moral lessons The tongue twisters in this book is classic Read this with my Y2 children for a PSHCE lesson and they loved it It was fun yet made the children reflect on how fortunate they are We followed it up with making thank you cards for people we are grateful for Indeed, we all need to take time to reflect on how lucky we are.

    19. I love this book expeshily when the grampa tells a boy how luky he is whith rimes and poitry,like when he told the boy about the trafc and a job , guky gown ,the forest in france and ex love it dr.Suss read it Mr.potter all of this was spoilers

    20. Sometimes we just need perspective This is one of my favorite Seuss books, written to anyone who is down, encouraging them to consider people less fortunate than them in typical Seuss like rhyme, rhythm, and imagination

    21. This is the perfect book A lesser known Dr Seuss book that should be widely read, as for me, it shows the perils of self pity There s always someone worse off than you.

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