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Hidden Fires By Sandra Brown,

  • Title: Hidden Fires
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9780446605694
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • The moment preacher s daughter Lauren Holbrook walked into the Texas mansion, she suspected she had been tricked Instead of becoming wealthy Olivia Lockett s secretary, the matriarch presented her with a scandalous offer to marry, in name only, the Lockett dynasty s heir playboy rebel Jared Lockett Lauren could not know Olivia s real motive, but she was achingly awaThe moment preacher s daughter Lauren Holbrook walked into the Texas mansion, she suspected she had been tricked Instead of becoming wealthy Olivia Lockett s secretary, the matriarch presented her with a scandalous offer to marry, in name only, the Lockett dynasty s heir playboy rebel Jared Lockett Lauren could not know Olivia s real motive, but she was achingly aware of her feelings for Jared Now, in spite of terrible risks, she had to trust her reckless husband and fight to make their marriage as strong as her love.
    Hidden Fires The moment preacher s daughter Lauren Holbrook walked into the Texas mansion she suspected she had been tricked Instead of becoming wealthy Olivia Lockett s secretary the matriarch presented her wit

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    1. In 1800s Texas, a wealthy matriarch makes a scandalous offer to a preacher s daughter to marry, in name only, her rebellious son Now, embroiled in a nightmare of distrust and betrayal, the innocent young lady must try to melt the ice of hatred around the playboy s heart.I enjoyed this one One of her older books Maybe the reason it has stood the test of time is because it is a Historical I find a lot of her older books set in the 80s or 90s are just too dated Don t be afraid of loving this man, M [...]

    2. Acabo de darme cuenta de que este libro ya lo hab a le do que mal que no lo recordar antes En serio, ha sido como oh, y luego pasara esto, no s c mo pero lo s y pasaba hahahha le pongo 3 estrellas porque no recordaba el libro y no pienso volver a leerlo No s si saben, pero NUNCA he rele do un libro en mi vida No quiero empezar con este hahaha Lo que puedo decir es que la narraci n de la autora es tan simple, natural y atrayente como en sus otras novelas, me encanta como escribe y la forma tan pe [...]

    3. Review written April 30, 20173.8 Stars Old fashioned romance with western cowboy feeling Yummy sweet and melodramaticA quite new audiobook edition of a 35 years old historical romance by SB from 1982 14 nice listening hours well narrated by Kevin T Collins.Texas 1904 Preacher s daughter Lauren Holbrook thinks that she is going to work for wealthy Olivia Lockett as a secretary Instead, the matriarch makes Lauren a scandalous offer to marry her son Jared Lockett in name only Lauren has strong feel [...]

    4. First published on my birth year, Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown is a romance that stands true to the test of time Trust on Sandra, one of my all time favorite authors to deliver a romance as sizzling as hot coals and a story that is so engrossing that I couldn t bear to let this one go even for a minute Even being the second time round that I was reading this, I was completely riveted on the events that took place in the novel, a woman s hatred and vindictive and controlling behavior that drives [...]

    5. FANTASTIC BOOK I love Sandra Brown, absolutely love get books I really enjoyed this book, I went through an emotional rollercoaster with this book I cried and constantly had a lump in my throat Did I mentioned how much I loved it My only regret is how long I waited to get to this book Why

    6. La le varias veces en estos a os, s lo que ahora le hago un review.Me gustan los protagonistas rebeldes y despeinados, con un whisky en la mano y semblante abatido se me aparece la imagen de un joven Marlon Brando , as que todo lo que sea parecido es muy atractivo para m Y ella es una pobre inocente que no tiene idea de la vida pero va madurando, y eso es, tambi n, lo que me encanta de una protagonista Ergo, esta es una de mis novelas favoritas.Sandra Brown no falla es el suspenso y te mantiene [...]

    7. 5 Amazing StarsThis book wasI had the greatest pleasure that this book was my very first read and my introduction to the romance books many years ago and to say that holds a very special place in my hart is not enough I simple love this book and with every re read and they were many and will be many to come i have the same feeling Like it s the first time Sandra Brown was the author who make me to fell in love with the romance books and i don t regret it She is really in class by it self.I abso [...]

    8. This book took WAY to long to read for me, if I m being brutally honest.Normally I am SO OBSESSED with a romance novel that can get me away from the world and take me to my dreamy state of mind, but this book didn t do it for me It was a little disappointing, but I still think this is an excellent book by Sandra Brown It didn t help I was cramming for exams and was worrying my days away about how my marks would look, so my lack of relaxation wasn t totally Sandra Brown s fault This book is cente [...]

    9. Good lord Hidden Fires is definitely packed with the good, the bad, and the very ugly The storyline isn t really unique, but the characters, angsty drama seriously make this old book a great pick for fans of Sandra Brown.

    10. Oh well, this SB historical is one of her earlier works You see the intermittent spark but the book tends to run away with it too For one thing I found it overly long and then the H s push pull also gets excessive.The h, an orphan brought up by the local Reverend and his wife, travels to Texas from North Carolina on an unusual and rather random invitation by a Texan friend of the Reverend The Texan, an elderly but dashing man sees something in her, which makes him come up with a scheme of his ow [...]

    11. Really not comparable to what SB writes nowadays, but still easily better than many other similar HRs out there.

    12. Overall rating 5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No hide spoiler Intimate Pasts view spoiler Jared hero Was described in the beginning as a player manwhore He definitely got around We never see that in the book, but that was who he was He was a crass asshole for a major portion of the book, but then he would do things that were so endearing There are several times when he leaves the heroine for weeks on e [...]

    13. Lauren Holbrook leaves South Carolina for Texas in hopes that Ben Lockett will be there to help give her a new life A life different than the one she had.When she arrives in Texas it is as Ben described it except for the fact he is not there waiting for her and she is kept waiting in the heat When the station manager realizes he quickly gathers her up and transports her to the Lockett s where she learns of Ben s death From that point on her life is about bargains, empty promises and manipulation [...]

    14. A marriage of convience a popular theme of romance and this one has a bad boy twist The bad boy is sexy, angry, and unwilling to love anyone a real selfish guy who is the perfect magnet for Lauren a native and kind woman Set in early 1900 s on a Texas ranch the wilderness of the land and passion which of course is filled with torment makes this a fun western romance

    15. When you re promised romance and find everything but.If forced to , I am pretty sure that Jared will choose cheroots and whiskey bottles over Lauren any day.

    16. ini ttg lauren, si ce yatim piatu yang terpaksa pergi ke daerah yang dia gak kenal karena terpaksadi tempat tinggalnya dia dipaksa merit sama co jahat yang hampir memperkosa dia dan keluarga angkatnya lebih percaya sama pengakuan si co daripada pengakuan lauren berangkatlah dia ke texas buat bekerja sebagai sekretaris dari istri mr ben lockett yang berbaik hati menawarkan dia pekerjaan.mpainya di sana dia baru tau kalo ben locket udah meninggaljadilah dia ketemu sama Olivia locket, isytri nya be [...]

    17. O que pensar de um her i que diz Obrigado por me amar Esta frase uma breve degusta o de mais um romance arrebatador de Sandra Brown Uma hist ria cheia de intrigas, trai o, cobi a, sensualidade e amor verdadeiro O tema de fundo um casamento de conveni ncia totalmente inesperado para a jovem Lauren A hero na v tima de um absurdo engano, de modo que n o teve alternativa sen o aceitar a atraente proposta de Ben, um texano bem sucedido, no sentido de que ela se tornasse a secret ria de sua esposa, pa [...]

    18. This is probably one of my favorite Sandra Brown books, if not my most favorite This is a book that I can, and have, read over and over again and never grow bored.

    19. Para quem n o sabe, Sandra Brown come ou a sua carreira como autora de romances hist ricos, sob v rios pseud nimos Este foi um desses livros, publicado originalmente sob o pseud nimo Laura Jordan Ganhei o livro no e, para ser sincera estava um bocadinho receosa, porque a Sandra Brown uma das minhas autoras favoritas Mas afinal n o tinha nada que recearHidden Fires a hist ria de um casamento de conveni ncia, entre Lauren, uma jovem rf e desamparada e Jared, um rebelde playboy Embora o casamento n [...]

    20. Call me weird but I like a romance novel that has tension in it and I enjoy them when the true feelings of love are not expressed until the end I enjoy a book where the characters fight their feelings and the books where the characters become intimate early on express their undying love after the first time gets on my nerves.It also had a good amount of drama that was spread out well throughout The one downside I found was the sex scenes I m all about the steamy sex but I found the sex in this b [...]

    21. This book was surprising I thought it would be all hateful hero and annoying heroine throughout Not at all Oh the hero could be hateful but they did have some good moments together This was a very enjoyable read.

    22. I m not a huge fan of any male character who calls women sluts, drinks heavily and constantly, accidentally hits the female character twice, and acts like a child 90% of the time Not the author s best work.

    23. One of my friend recommended it to me And I loved it As Sandra Brown s fans who read almost all of her books, especially those that were translated to Indonesian, I was kinda surprised to know that she wrote this kind of story Unfortunately it hadn t been translated yet.

    24. Don t really like historical novels Not into Victorian times But for some reason I enjoy books about the old west This book was good and kept you guessing.

    25. Kada sam po ela itati knjigu bila mi je pomalo dosadna, ali opis knjige na njenoj pozadini previ e me zaintigirao da bih stala Kada sam do la do 6 poglavlja knjigu vi e nisam mogla ispustiti iz ruku sve dok nisam do la do kraja knjige, a onda sam bila tu na to je kraj i to nema jo toliko Svakim slijede im poglavljem i svakom novom stranicom knjiga je bila sve bolja, a radnja sve napetija Opisana ljubav i mr nja mladog para, hrabrost nevine ene koja je pre la sve svoje granice, spletke i prevare, [...]

    26. I loved this story I loved reading about a woman whose lady like charm pierces the armor of an unlikely cowboy He s been hurt by his family so many times that when he finds out that his father has arranged to marry him off to a lady with impeccable reputation he feels like theirs no way he ll fall in love with her Little odes he realize that from the moment he meet her he wanted to break down her reserve and claim her as her own.

    27. I had originally read this book back when it was first published a long time ago I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading classic romances with all the steamier parts left to your own imagination A lo5 of books nowadays are too graphic for my taste so I usually just skip over those parts It didn t take long to get me hooked again.

    28. Picked this up as an audio book at the library and quickly realized that I had already finished it No idea why it didn t make it onto Grr I remember not liking it mainly because the narrator was so choppy Story line was ok, not quite like the Sandra Brown I am used to, but ok One of her older books I believe

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