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Talon By Theresa Hissong,

  • Title: Talon
  • Author: Theresa Hissong
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date Panthers don t date we mate.Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom.That ransom is me.I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herselMy name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date Panthers don t date we mate.Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom.That ransom is me.I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herself in my place When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them both home My Guardians and I hunt to find my mate, save my pride, and deal out justice for those my enemy has harmed.That is if I m not too late to save them both.
    Talon My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date Panthers don t date we mate Before my plans fall into place to court

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    1. Book Talon Rise of the Pride, Book 1 Author Theresa HissongPublication Date 2 29 2016Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 4 Stars REVIEW May contain spoilers New to me author.Talon is alpha to a pride of panthers that have now come out to the humans Of all things, Talon expected to find his mate was not one of those things and she is none other than a human Liberty owns the local bar and is one truly alpha female Not much scares her until someone is after her but why Can Talon and hi [...]

    2. Another author had spoke about Theresa Hissong books so I thought I have to try it and boy I m glad I did I found it very intriguing and looking forward to get started on the next book in the series Winter Okay now I ve found another great series

    3. Reviewed at Shifter HavenTalon is the first, introductory story in the Rise of the Pride series, which looks to be a rather long ongoing series The kind that I enjoy most Ms Hissong has added some fascinating bits to Shifter lore, the most interesting to me is that a mated or potential mate female will feel pain at the touch of another male other than her mate These panther shifters know their mates not only by instinct, but by touch as well and the avoidance of touch brings an interesting slant [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this book Talon, the Alpha of the Panther Pride, finally meets his true mate and she s a human The only problem is, Liberty wants to date first Shifters don t date So they try it out her way, until trouble comes knocking at his door He must put the Pride first That has been ingrained in his head since he became Alpha after his father died in a fatal car accident 3 years ago When a teenage girl, who is also his brother s girlfriend, Evie, is kidnapped from her home, the P [...]

    5. I was pleasatly surprised by this ook, It kept coming across as a recommeneded book and I finally decided to give it a try What I enjoyed the most about the storyline was the fact that it was realistic enough with the panther being caught shifting, I mean with everyone recording everything with their phones This story focuses on Talon the young alpha of the panthers nd he finds his mate in a human, Liberty I enjoyed seeing him try to do things the human way instead of the other way around, in mo [...]

    6. TALONThis is my first shifter story from Theresa Hissong and it definitely won t be my last It s an action packed adventure filled with a love story A small town sees its shifters for the first time Liberty doesn t really care about them she just wants to run her bar Talon is the alpha panther, he knows that this human is his mate and is conflicted about it The slow burn of attraction and chemistry is refreshing to read There is so much going on in the book, but not confusing I really enjoyed it [...]

    7. This book had everything, action, suspense, and lots of romance I don t normally read shifter books but this one had me gripped from the very first page The writing was flawless, the characters were well crafted and I found myself falling for Talon Shaw I loved Liberty s character as well She was feisty, brave, and stubborn There was plenty of action in this book and the storyline gripped me and I held my breath on numerous occasions The author has a way of taking you into the story and weaving [...]

    8. Loved This Hope to Read More of Her WorkA good but young Alpha, torn between his pride and a human mate he didn t really think he would find for another 10 or years if ever Strangers on his property, a missing young female of his pride, trying to protect his pride and his unclaimed mate Feelings of am I doing enough when his mate is also taken And a great lead in to the next book as they are also protecting his mate little sister and one of her protectors is interested What will happen, I think [...]

    9. First book in this series.Talon is dealing with panthers being outedhis pride of panthers Aswell as fighting his shifter urges for liberty, the owner of a local bar.Que the mating fever when the accidentally touch and he realises she is his mate Action packed with a nice pace, great start to a this new series Proper page turner I m looking forward to reading the following stories in this series.

    10. Panther prideloving itLiberty and her sister Nova owned a bar When two men shifted in public the humans knew there were shifters Talon knew the moment he saw her she was his mate A group of wolf shifters wanted to make the Panthers pay for shifting in public They kidnapped one of Talons pride and Liberty tried to save her There is action, romance as only a hunky shifter can do I don t want to ruin it so read it yourself while immerse myself in the next one.

    11. Loved itI always enjoy mate books when one is a shifter and the other is human I enjoyed the villain part of the story, though I felt the books ending was a bit disjointed It seemed to be trying to give us a HEA and set up for the sequel, but it felt like 2 different endings that had been spliced together I didn t feel everything had been wrapped up for the story to end the way it did.

    12. Exciting Talon was a great start to a new series With Panthers being outed in a huge oops Talon their Alpha is busy with damage control Libby is a delight Badass Alpha human female giving the kitty cat a run for his money Together they find love during some intense outside attacks All together this book has a fantastic story, intriguing characters and a wonderful stepping stone into a great New series Do yourself a favor and read it now

    13. Amazing This book has alot of action, suspense, and lots of romance This is the first book in this series Liberty is a feisty, brave, and stubborn Talon is sexy, alpha shifter and his badass mate You will be drawn into the book with each page you turn This series is one of those that you have to one click I can t wait to read Winter That is my next one to read Keep up the amazing work Theresa

    14. Simply awesome, and amazing Panther shifters forced to come out in a human world Liberty is strong, independent, and very stubborn Talon is sexy, alpha shifter, strong, and very overprotective of his mate You will be drawn into the book with each page Keep up the great work Theresa I recommend reading this series.

    15. Hubba Hubba Talon is yummy And I love how Liberty took him down and made him play human for her Great start off to a series, every emotional Had my moments of tears, bad mouthing the people and even cheering when something went right Can t wait to read the next book in the series Reviewed by Gypsy Belle

    16. My book by Theresa Hissong, LOVE IT well I love paranormal and this is right up my alley The characters had great chemistry The story was well written, good pace, hot alpha panthers and their mates Talon are Liberty had great banter and their sex scenes were quite hot I am hooked on the next one Savage

    17. Adding Another Author To My Favorites List My first time reading a book by this author I really loved this story Liberty is a strong female and Talon is an amazing alpha This book makes me wish I was a panther shifter I can t wait to read about this pride of panthers Please give Theresa s books a chance You won t be disappointed.

    18. Fun to read and well written with just a few editing issues I liked the main characters and the story caught enough of my interest to want to read of the series There was one part of the story that had me muttering under my breath that it made no sense and I felt like Talon was being an idiot, but once past that, I was able to enjoy the story again I will be looking for

    19. Awesome bookThis story was incredible,outstanding,exciting and just hot as hell The storyline was just wow This is the first time that I have read anything from Theresa and it was just fantastic She is an amazing writer and awesome storyteller Can t wait to read from her .

    20. I was excited to read this as I haven t come across a lot black panther shifter stories yet So it s disappointing to finish and not be enad with it It has several promising components black panther shifters accidentally outed to the humans, Alpha realizing that a human is his mate, group of hot men acting as security for the pride, or Guardians But they weren t executed well There were also a lot of details that did not make sense They didn t seem necessary either For instance, the first line of [...]

    21. Good read1st book I have read by Theresa Hissong was a pretty good story Some wording about body parts was a bit meh but still I like the book enough to get the next installment Talon didn t meet my book boyfriend status so maybe Winter will succeed.

    22. Exciting story Great and exciting story that now makes me want to read the rest of the books in the series immediately I loved the sense of pride that this family of panthers had, and how they accepted Liberty right away.

    23. E,exciting Fun read of panther shifters In this book, the wolves are the bad ones A opening for a new series And because they have just been exposed to humans, it s a different world for the panther pride

    24. Action and romanceAmazing Outed shifters Dealing with being in the public eye while trying to keep with family tradition Action packed and an amazing read Highly recommend

    25. Very skilled writer She can bring you into her world and make you feel a part of it I loved the alpha Talon I loved even his vulnerability for his mate He was in for a shock if he thought alpha would get him everything Steamy sex oh yes Obedience umm no.

    26. Great story The book has a great story from the beginning, will need to read the next book to see what happens with Winter And Nova, Isabelle sister and will Talon take down the Wolf s

    27. Great read I really enjoyed this book Theresa Hissong is new to me I really liked how the story flowed I love strong characters, and this book is full of them The author kept my attention from the start Can t wait to read from her.

    28. IntriguingPanthers, nasty wolves, strong willed humans, mates, kidnappings and mate s love This story has a little of everything to make it a very interesting read Looking forward to the next srory

    29. I love a good series, and I love shifters Talon fit the bill for both.I m working through the rest of the series now Ms.Hissong captures your attention and draws you in, not letting go until the story is over Even then, you re left wanting My kind of writing, my kind of book.

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