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Untitled By Marie Lu,

  • Title: Untitled
  • Author: Marie Lu
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: None
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    Untitled None

    One thought on “Untitled”

    1. Haven t even read the first book but I already want this too It s just the Marie Lu effect on me I always need and and .

    2. why is time not an actual ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff like wtf universe get me a tardis so I can get my hands on this book I m watching doctor who right now of course I m going to throw in some references but seriously warcross ended with a major cliffhanger I don t know how I ll survive until this comes out

    3. SO FAR AWAYYY and apparently the original title was Darkcross I kinda dig it I m, like, 400% terrible at guessing titles, but maaaaaaybe Darkworld could be a possible choice WHATEVER, i just want it.

    4. MARIE LU PLEASE HURRY AND WRITE THIS i love you but after that ending with warcross 1 i m left unsure of my love for you

    5. 12 22 17 DOES EVERYONE REALISE THAT THERE IS NO PUBLICATION DATE ON HERE JUST YET For all we know, it could be 2019 until we get the next book or even GASP 2037.Warcrosswas by FAR one of the BEST books of the year and HOLY CRAP WILL SOMEONE JUST GIVE ME THE SEQUEL ALREADY.

    6. This book andThe Muse of Nightmaresare literally the only reasons I m looking forward to 2018 I know for a fact that both of these books are going to completely obliterate my soul, demolish my heart to ashes, and blow my mind to pieces and that s why they are my most anticipated book releases.

    7. Warcross is my favorite book of 2017 and I just found out there s a sequel YOU NEED TO READ THIS I will not have a no for an answer Just look at the happy gif How can you say no

    8. I can t wait to read this I haven t read the first book, but its Marie Lu I m already calling that this second book is going to and will be spectacular I ve loved her Legend trilogy and liking the Young Elites so far Its a shame that we re going to all have to wait until 2018 I wish time machines existed sometimes because this wait seems like forever However, as an extremely loyal fan of this author, I among many others will wait.

    9. CAN T WAIT I think the title should be Darkcross and the cover should look just like the Warcross cover but instead of being rainbow it s in hues of black I hope it sets the stage for Legend since Marie Lu has said all her books are in the same universe and this one seems very close to Legend.

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