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Lucky Charms By Louisa Bacio,

  • Title: Lucky Charms
  • Author: Louisa Bacio
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After Cornelius s family is jinxed, he suffers from the unluck of the Irish Forced to spend every St Patrick s Day with green hair and Cornelius must convince Jenna of his love when she s unable to remember him Out for a good time and some green beer, Jenna sustains disbelief of not so little green leprechauns when she discovers Cornelius s really big curse.
    Lucky Charms After Cornelius s family is jinxed he suffers from the unluck of the Irish Forced to spend every St Patrick s Day with green hair and Cornelius must convince Jenna of his love when she s unable to re

    One thought on “Lucky Charms”

    1. This fun little story is a perfect read for St Patrick s Day or anytime The heat is sizzling and the happily ever after warmed my heart A good story.

    2. It all started with Jenna and her friend Melanie at an Irish Pub in the city on St Patrick s Day Melanie is looking at a tabloid magazine looking at the March centerfold, where the man had literally a green cock She had never seen anything like it Rachael ends up meeting up with a shocking man that ends up working in the same building as her, who was very manly with green hair His name was Cornelius Kerny They end up getting together, and he ends up having a green cock because he is a leprechaun [...]

    3. Cornelius is an honest to goodness leprechaun, right down to his green stick wink Cursed, he must find love on St Patrick s Day or be forgotten by the woman he s with Ms Bacio s story is filled with humor and wit I loved the characters and the situation Poor Corny couldn t get a break This story is a perfect quick read for anyone who loves a light hearted romance with a happily ever after.

    4. This is a really cute fast read The story itself is lighthearted and sexy Jenna is an easy going gal and just rolls with the punches no matter what color his, ermhair is Cornelius has somehow managed to hang onto hope despite an unfortunate family curse It was quick HEA fix for me and I would recommend reading

    5. This was a magically delicious quick, quirky, fun, St Patty s day themed read that was intriguing page turning and steamy Loved it Review will be on my blog on March 16th while the book will be free on.

    6. CuteThis was a cute short read The main character was funny and there were lots of clever wordplay I would recommend this book if you re looking for a quick little read next to the pool or wherever it is you relax.

    7. Just in time for St Patty s Day Lucky Charms is a short, sexy, sweet story that has Jenna helping Cornelius break a century s long curse All it takes is the suspension of beliefs and a hard shag or two A lot of fun in a short read.

    8. This was a fun short story with a very green theme From green parts to a hunk that everyone forgets the curse that haunts poor Cornelius until he entices the woman of his dreams, but will she be able to accept the green coloring his whole body

    9. Green Cock A Doodle Doo In honor of St Patrick s day just had to read this quickie Have a bowl of lucky charms and read this hot little green number Great funny smexy read Great cover BTW

    10. Lucky Charms, Very Delicious A quick and easy read with a delightful theme for St Patrick s day.A curse and a wish for true love and awesome sexy scenes Some things should not be green.

    11. Downloaded this book while it was free on This was a very cute and fun read I loved the unusual elements of the hero and the modern sentiments of the heroine.

    12. WeirdThis was the weirdest story I have ever read, and a waste of time reading it I would not recommend reading it.

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