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Dreaming the Bear By Mimi Thebo,

  • Title: Dreaming the Bear
  • Author: Mimi Thebo
  • ISBN: 9780192745880
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • When I get up, there s nobody home Even Mum has gone out The note says, I have to check my emails I ll snowmobile to the meltline and be back soon XX Mummy And I think, Good I can feed my bear Darcy s life was never exactly simple, but it was about to become a lot complicated Recovering from a distressing illness in her parents cabin surrounded by loo When I get up, there s nobody home Even Mum has gone out The note says, I have to check my emails I ll snowmobile to the meltline and be back soon XX Mummy And I think, Good I can feed my bear Darcy s life was never exactly simple, but it was about to become a lot complicated Recovering from a distressing illness in her parents cabin surrounded by looming pine trees, Darcy spends most of her days alone, warming herself by the log fire That is, until she ventures into the woods hours before a heavy snowstorm, and finds herself face to face with a grizzly bear Their encounter takes a surprising turn when it flourishes into a warm and caring companionship Set against the backdrop of the snowy Yellowstone National Park in Montana.
    Dreaming the Bear When I get up there s nobody home Even Mum has gone out The note says I have to check my emails I ll snowmobile to the meltline and be back soon XX Mummy And I think Good I can feed my bear Darcy s

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    1. A beautiful and unique animal story from Mimi Thebo Darcy is a young girl who has recently suffered pneumonia and is recovering in her parents cabin in Yellowstone Park when she meets an injured bear.One thing that particularly stood out for me about this book was the depiction of Darcy s illness as a chronically ill person I m always on the lookout for books that do this well You could really feel Darcy s limitations and I liked how she related to the sick bear.A great book, and nice to see a s [...]

    2. ARC from Baker and TaylorDarcy isn t happy with her parents They have dragged her away from her nice English town and stranded her out in the wilderness near Yellowstone Park so her mother can study bears Darcy is recovering from pneumonia and is very weak She s supposed to go hiking outside to build up her strength, but not get wet At one point, she finds an injured bear in a cave and starts to feed the bear, who becomes very close to her There is a horrible blizzard while her mother is away do [...]

    3. A heart warming read about a girl named Darcy who moves away from civilization to the wilderness with her family Away from her school, friends and technology, Darcy is suffering from pneumonia Her chance encounter with an injured bear ends up as her new found purpose She slowly forms an inexplicable bond with it Was kind of fascinated with the out of body experience instances, narrated in the book Well expressed from Darcy s perspective as we delve deep into this teens mind Animal lovers will fi [...]

    4. I liked the idea of the plot but the title was completely misleading and I hated the writing style it just felt like a diary entry I didn t really have any feelings for any of the characters and I thought the love story was just shoved in, it was there to attract readers or keep the readers entertained while there was nothing happening it gave me an insight to what life would be like at high altitude but I thought the disease would have been noticed quicker and not after 6 months I think over [...]

    5. A solid, well plotted novella which considers the idea of home, identity and family through the eyes of a British girl transplanted to Yellowstone park against her wishes where her father is employed The bond between bear and girl is beautifully realised and serves as a contrast to her complicated human relationships Unusual interesting.

    6. Pure magicTransporting, poetic, rooted in the earth yet utterly magical I loved this book And it made me long for the wild.

    7. Torn over this one where there was bad, there was good, and vice versa The only book I don t know my feelings for I m not sure if that s a good or bad thing Good writing style in parts which was beautiful, lyrical and slightly magical However, the writing style was very inconsistent Many ways the book could have gone it did not necessarily go the most interesting and imaginative way Again, this doesn t mean I didn t like the ending, explanation and resolution it did choose.

    8. I picked up Dreaming the Bear at the library because it has a beautiful cover just look at that majestic bear in that majestic blizzard , and the description made it sound pretty interesting I wasn t sure I d be super into it, and I was a bit wary after the first page or two because first person present tense is something I am pretty iffy on Ultimately, I fell in love.While the book has its flaws, I honestly feel willing and able to disregard them all First off, the main character is a teenage g [...]

    9. I read a lot of YA novels as a teacher and many leave me wanting Most themes are even the same nowadays, but this novel is fantastic and I want to look up of the author, Mimi Thebo s books Darcy is a British girl living neat Boseman, Montana, right near Yellowstone National Park s Mammoth Springs entrance Her father is working as a naturalist there while the mothers goes back to Britain for a visit Hiking in the woods one day, Darcy becomes tired and can t go on She happens upon a cave with an [...]

    10. This book explores the life of a young girl and her family who have moved to Yellowstone National Park Darcy is the main character and she begins the book ill with pneumonia which they later find is altitude sickness Darcy explores the area surrounding her house on her 1 hour of exercise each day and finds herself in the warm arms of a hibernating bear which later wakes up and becomes reliant on Darcy due to a shoulder injury Sad ending Would have to consider this when using it in the classroom [...]

    11. An unusual heroine Darcy, late of London, now in Yellowstone in an odd, dreamy breathless situation pneumonia and winter has an encounter with a bear I found the book an easy read, that draws you along through the strangeness of debilitating illness and survival conditions in a national park and connection to the wild There s a mystery here, too I m afraid it does not end well for the bear Some people like to know that about animal focused books There s compassion and a deep ecological message, [...]

    12. Has sort of the whimsical melancholy of books like touching spirit bear A young girl finds herself in over her head as she struggles to fit into a world not of her choosing, and finds her own place in her own very unique way I loved the poetic prose and the beautiful juxtaposition of the mind of the bear and the mind of the girl It wasn t the most earth shattering plot but the characters were interesting and relatable without being over the top and the story was comfortingly simple and interesti [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book Partly mystical, in the way that Skellig is, this book tells the story of Darcy who has moved to the wilderness with her family because her father is doing research for a year Darcy is a city girl who absolutely hates the countryside, until she has a close encounter with a hibernating bear When the bear comes out of hibernation, Darcy faces a tough choice This is a great book with a very interesting mystical element Love it

    14. I loved how poetic the descriptions were in this book the snow capped mountains and lush green forests were easy to picture.However I spent the majority of my time being bored or confused by what was going on The multiple perspectives were hard to keep up with and I was constantly flipping back through the book to find out what was going on.5 stars for writing style, 2 stars for plot and execution.

    15. Loved it Mimi Thebo s story of a girl recovering from illness in Yellowstone NP is extremely current and thought provoking At times, some parts seem to skip important details such as the links with the UK but I really like the whole focus here on he bear s role in helping the book s protagonist get well whether it s part of the dream sequence or not Definitely a book that would appeal to a lot of YA readers, or even younger and in my case, adults.

    16. A simple, elegant, and delicate story of the connection between nature and humanspicts the rare openness that connects us all Every sentence, sometimes every word has meaning in this book it s a beautifully written novel I won t soon forget Ideal for classrooms 5th , especially for those young people interested in the wilderness, in connecting with animals, and in families who live daringly in the icy mountains over winter.

    17. 3.5 stars Another YTF book I did enjoy this story of Darcy whose family has moved to Yellowstone and she has found it difficult to cope, contracting pneumonia shortly after she arrives On one of her restorative walks she crawls exhausted into a cave and falls asleep next to an injured, hibernating bear A bond is formed, one which is both positive and disastrous A beautifully written story which did have me shedding a tear at the end.

    18. DNF.I think I expected nature and stuff instead of this girl wandering off into the snow when even just being outside a little bit would make her sick and potentially dead Doing it over and over again Did she curl up with a bear in its den Who knows Let s wander out in the snow again It ll probably be fine

    19. I like the concept of this book, and I did actually find the ending moving However, I found the writing style annoying and the main character s weakness made her seem irritating and whingey I didn t like her I don t really know what the point of the story was either, as the bear didn t even seem to be the main element.

    20. Animal lover s anthemThis book was fascinating, moving and completely original If you have ever dreamed of having a remarkable encounter with a wild animal, this story will resonate I read a lot and this is one read U will not forget

    21. I cried my eyes out The passion and energy of YA is so appealing but the emotion in this one left me exhausted It was a beautiful connection story and I know I will always remember Bear and her girl Darcy.

    22. Note ARC received via Vine.Dreaming the Bear is one of those books I wanted to like I love visiting Yellowstone and exploring that area of the world I wanted to feel like I was right there in the dangers of the wild with Darcy Instead I felt like I was reading an emotional, frustrated teenager who was at odds with herself than with the environment There are hints of danger and romance There is a lot of obvious issues with the character s thinking which we see as readers, but she does not realiz [...]

    23. I think that this book is not really what I thought it would be I thought that it would be adventurous from reading the blurb but I under estimated myself.

    24. Though not a long book, it took me a while to get into it I am glad I stuck at it though as well written and concluded well Will def be sharing it with pupils at school.

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