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Message to the Blackman in America By Elijah Muhammad,

  • Title: Message to the Blackman in America
  • Author: Elijah Muhammad
  • ISBN: 9781884855146
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published Chicago Muhammad s Temple No 2, 1965.
    Message to the Blackman in America Originally published Chicago Muhammad s Temple No

    One thought on “Message to the Blackman in America”

    1. You must understand thee times, when thus book was written, you must understand how America was and had been to thee so called NEGRO, then you will able to understand thus book better, don t look at thee messenger of thee message, look at what being said Yes thus book will take you there, because IT SEEMS like someone is trying to promote hate, but in fact their not Elijah Muhammad was speaking from a time where EVERY BLACK person of his age could understand, but see he wasn t AFRAID to say thee [...]

    2. Almost everything I knew as a child, I learned from the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Many things that he taught then are coming to pass now Forget the predudiced idealism ans the myths that have been unfairly attatched to his teachings simply because he wanted the Black man to be than he was and to receive respact, freedom, justice and equality It made me a better person A must read for every African American and for all races to get a better understanding of the tiny man that the [...]

    3. William Shockley s race theories of intelligence vs heredity give Elijah Muhammad teaching respectable credibility.

    4. one of my first eye opener books Great for your teen ages during the stage of rebellion, great equalizer for youth who are searching.ap

    5. Message to The BlackMan was an excellent read, despite what some might say about it It s definitely one of those reads that every Black Man in America must complete, no matter your religion I will tell you upfront that Elijah Muhammad pushes Islam pretty hard in this book, but he does tell you what it s about in a traditional sense, and from a Nation of Islam sense I would recommend this book to any Black Man in America who would like the current situation to be broken down from an honest standp [...]

    6. One passage in the Quran that stood out to me is the portion that states one should not get caught up in what parts of a religious teaching are allegorical or literal, but instead focus on the truth conveyed This sums up, perfectly, this book When one ponders the influence of individuals like Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wu Tang Clan, IceCube and Public Enemy on main stream American culture and realize it s roots in the religion and teachings of this book, it is truly inspiring [...]

    7. I love the NOI I struggled with some of the text as I felt The Hon Elijah Muhammad was trying to force upon you that he was sent from God At times he would try to prove points with no evidence Overall his belief system that someone is a devil based on actions well can t really be refuted I am biased I love Louis Farrakhan as well so Good read

    8. this is a great book to read it gave me alot of insite on the author and the religion i couldnt put it down i would recommend it to people to read

    9. A chronicle of a visionary leaders blueprint for the uplifting of the black race in the United States of Americawith timeless insighthard to believe the text is over 50 years old.

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