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Rocked By Taryn Elliott Cari Quinn,

  • Title: Rocked
  • Author: Taryn Elliott Cari Quinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 123
  • Format: None
  • Book 1 in the rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion Music saved him, but now it s keeping him from the only woman he craves Brawny bassist Deacon McCoy pulled himself up from nothing and is living the dream now that his band Oblivion is opening for his idols on their first tour He s frustrated at changes in the band s management, but one thing takes all the tension away hBook 1 in the rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion Music saved him, but now it s keeping him from the only woman he craves Brawny bassist Deacon McCoy pulled himself up from nothing and is living the dream now that his band Oblivion is opening for his idols on their first tour He s frustrated at changes in the band s management, but one thing takes all the tension away his fascination with the deliciously cute tour chef, Harper Pruitt Born to roadie parents, Harper has has no patience for most rockstars love em and leave em ways But when it comes to falling into Demon Deacon s bed or against the wall, or on the golf course in a rainstorm she doesn t seem to have any self control Hot nights with a naughty, inventive rockstar are one thing, but isn t on the playlist Until Deacon s dream with his best friends starts turning into a nightmare, and Harper begins to see the real man behind the fa ade Except Harper has her own dreams to chase, even if what she s started with Deacon might be the most important one of all This book is a standalone title in the Lost in Oblivion series.
    Rocked Book in the rockstar series Lost in Oblivion Music saved him but now it s keeping him from the only woman he craves Brawny bassist Deacon McCoy pulled himself up from nothing and is living the dre

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    1. 1 10 2015 updateI m glad I gave this book a second chance This time around I was in the mood for a slower paced story Original review posted 11 22 2014DNF 34% Nothing wrong with this book other than I couldn t for the life of me get into the story Happens The writing is good so maybe I ll try again later.

    2. 3.75 rock me sweet starsShe was his ultimate song that would never have an end.Harper was raised living the roadie life, so it isn t any surprise she finds herself working the kitchen for Oblivion as they tour She has a plan and can t risk her dream for anyone especially a musicianen there, done that, has the panties on the wall to prove it But then in walks Deacon McCoy, with his smile I m not sure what you ve got against musicians, Harper, but I m not going to fit in any of these little neat b [...]

    3. 4 Sexy Manimal StarsFrom the moment he touched her, he d known it was .So truth be told, there has yet to be a Rockstar Romance that my pervy little self has been able to pass on After falling in love with Cari Quinn s writing in Shadowboxer, when I saw her and Taryn Elliot have a sexy rock star romance series Well let s just say I was a little excited to get my hands on Rocked.In a sea of formulaic rock star romances, Rocked managed to truly stand out for me Why Because it didn t start off with [...]

    4. We know from the previous book, Seduced how the band come about choosing their name They were going to have to come up with a name for the soap opera this shit was becoming As the Oblivion Turns Nope pretentious Days of Oblivion No wait Lost in Oblivion That had a certain ring to it Before I start telling you about this series let s just say that I think the band s name is totally AWESOME So COOL The first book was a prequel to the series and basically a set up to the band s story they got toget [...]

    5. Currently Free together with novellas 0.5 and 1.5 on amzn 1Tm8QTxA story about love, music, and friendship that will tantalize all your senses with its rich descriptions and alluring plot and will leave you happy, sated and curious about what s next for this so very different but great group of characters.This book is not a clich story about a whorey bad boy musician that meets a sweet girl and changes his deviant ways It s not even just about a boy and a girl It s a story about rock band that l [...]

    6. I don t normally do NA, but I know that when Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott put words on paper, they bring it and they bring it hard, so I was game to try this Plus, the hero in this book, Deacon McCoy is based off Jared Padalecki so I was all in Let me tell you something, is book sexy touched me in ways I didn t think were possible Sweet feathery nancy, did it ever sexy touch me Of course, being a writer myself, I must convey the important aspects The dialogue is spot on, the ensemble cast flows [...]

    7. Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summaryDeacon McCoy, bass guitarist for Oblivion, is adjusting to the loss of his role as de facto manager of the band and mediator by subjecting himself to strenuous exercise while they re on tour It s paying off by him having a killer body and an appetite off the charts pardon the pun Harper Pruitt, a recent culinary school graduate, is part of the catering crew for the tour and finds in Deacon someone who appreciates her cooking skills and much .The i [...]

    8. I had some difficulty with this book I realized later that I d started the prequel to this Seduced only to put it aside Now I remember why Rocked is a classic NA rock star book It has some great characters the band Deacon, Nick, Simon, Jazz and Gray Rocked focused on Deacon and his relationship with the chef who traveled with the bands, Harper Unfortunately, I never really consistently connected with Harper Sometimes I really liked her and at others, she was annoying Her sayings big guy or Sweet [...]

    9. Following on the heels of the prequel novel Seduced that introduced the members of the rock band Oblivion to the literary world, this standalone novel gives us the story of Deacon, a gentle giant of a bass guitar player and Harper, a little spitfire chef who meet while on Oblivion s first real tour as an up and coming rock band.Deacon and his band mates are just coming to grips with what life will be like for them in the near future as their fame and reputation grows Harper, a roadie for most of [...]

    10. 4 starsRocked was a really good book I loved pretty much everything about it Deacon wasn t your typical manwhore rockstar and Harper wasn t the na ve doormat female which was refreshing Their relationship developed slowly and that made it stronger This was a looong book, but I love lengthy books so no complaints from me.The only thing that irked me was the constant touching, hugging, and climbing on that Deacon s bandmate Jazz did with him They are perfectly platonic friends who really appreciat [...]

    11. I was so excited to read this book that I went out and bought the first Seduced Lost in Oblivion 0.5 and dived right in I thought this book was sooo boring and to long winded But even at that I started Rocked I wanted to love it, I really did I loved Deacon, but again like the first in the series I thought it was long winded at times and all they seemed to be doing was having sex It seemed to me there was a story line, then loads of sex and then it got back to the story line Ah I was frustrated [...]

    12. This contemporary rock star romance just Rocked my world See what I did right there I m so clever LOL This was an adorable read This author duo just knocked another one right out of the park I just found the pair recently and am reading absolutely everything I can find of theirs Trust me, you are gonna wish you did too.

    13. 4,5 starsIt s been a while since I read SEDUCED and as I didn t have time to re read before I received the advanced copy of ROCKED that I won, I had to re familiarize myself with the band members and their back stories This took me about one or two chapters and I was back in the thick of it Though this book is about Deacon bass player we get enough glimpses of the rest of the band and the dynamic is evolving from the first book prequel now that they re signed and trying to become a big name in t [...]

    14. Rocked was a well written, intriguing, and hot with a capital H, book It was also incredibly drawn out and repetitive book too though, with an ending that left me wishing for something different Rocked is centered around the relationship between Harper and Deacon Harper is a former roadie and recently graduated chef with a jaded view of the rock n roll lifestyle Deacon is the bassist of the up and coming band, Oblivion, who isn t your typical just making it big rock star The two meet on tour, wh [...]

    15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh, pardon me that was my impression of my teenage daughter FANGIRLING , oh wait no that was me I loved this book So yes I am FANGIRLING and my concert banner is all about Deacon Demon McCoy, sexy tall , muscular athletic, hot Basist for the band Oblivian, who when he is not busy Rocking out loves a good run and good food, so is it any wonder that he is drawn to the sexy new chef Harper Lee Pruitt, she is beautiful and she cooks great food Harper is use to the routine [...]

    16. DNF at 80%.I m going to be totally out of the chorus here but this book isn t for me I actually enjoed the the first 30 40% then it started to bore me, and untill I simply couldn t bear to read any .My main problem was with the sex great, smokin hot sex, but sometimes they go at it like rabbits without a plot or a real development in their relationship Since this is supposed to be the beginnig of a love story, I simply couldn t believe it, it seemed simple sex to me I couldn t feel an emotion [...]

    17. 3.5 starsA surprisingly good rocker romance You ve got a guy built like an Alpha male but with attentive, sweet personality and without the temper, a good female character who doesn t waste too much time on her worries and indecision, and a nice plot line I was extremely happy there wasn t too much angst, too.

    18. 3.5uld have been 4 but for a bit of a drag in the middle and a drop in editing proofing then too Loved the characters Very much like real life on the road, which most rockstar reads aren t, IMHO.

    19. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewHoly hell these two authors have done it again and I am now and forever a total Oblivion groupie In the prequel Seduced, they lured me in but now they ve got me hook, line, and sinker I flat out loved this book even during the difficult times because that s life, nothing worth having is easy and these five people have worked hard and are just beginning to see that sometimes you have to be smarte [...]

    20. Oh Deacon always the flirt, what s your name I can tell you right now you re going to see a lot of me I m pretty much a black hole when it comes to food I mean a really big flirt, I m than happy to put you in my bed What happens when you try to do the right thing for Deacon the boy drags you in bed, Deacon, she said softly He grunted what she could only guess was a no I ve only go an She squeaked as his arm shot out and dragged her under him and snapped the curtain shut in the space of a second [...]

    21. 4.5 starsTaryn Elliott and Cari Quinn have done is again per usual style Rocked, well, quite literally, rocked I loved Harper and Deacon, and Rocked brought all the magic I was hoping for with the prequel that didn t quite hook me These two together are a duo clearly just work While I love their writing separately, together they are a force to be reckoned with Harper and Deacon just stole my heart And I really hope we get to see of them in future books, in than just fleeting glances in passing [...]

    22. I went into this book expecting your typical rock star novel I was happily surprised with this story This book was a looooonnnng read, but that meant their story was able to develop to an even deeper level Deacon is the perfect combination of sexy musician, alpha male and a heart made of gold He isn t your typical rock star who bangs every groupie that comes his way And Harper isn t your typical girl who swoons around every famous musician She grew up in the roadie life and her jaded view makes [...]

    23. 4 Big guy starsListened to this on Audio and it was good, the characters suited the narrators voices there was bits of music between chapters it was really good Both Deacon and Harper are both mature characters Despite this being a rockstar read Deacon is sensible and definitely not a manwhore like his other band mates he falls heart first for Harper, he just has to prove he s not like the rest Harper is a catering chef with the touring bands and grew up with groupie parents, she s seen how rock [...]

    24. Totally devoured this book I absolutely love the dynamic created among the band, and the way Harper fit right in was perfect It was an easy read, in that it kept my attention the whole way through, and I Simply Adore Deacon The sexual tension at the start between Deacon and Harper was outdone only by the HOT culmination of their attraction The intra band angsty stuff was very well written too those silent stares among them were palpable, and their fighting was all too real Taryn, Great work, my [...]

    25. very sweet story between a little time chef who makes food for bands, and a noobie rising star rocker.Deacon is not like all the other rockers I ve read about He s not a player that s something different about him He s like a gentle giant.He meets Harper who is an amazing chef Together they form this friendship that Harper does not want to escalate to anything further than that I liked their relationship, it was fun reading about themte story overall 0

    26. OH My God this book too me way way way to long to listen too And it had nothing to do with the book or the narrators but everything to do with my busy busy life I really enjoyed this book and will def continue with the series I loved the Narrators and how it felt like watching a movieor listening to one haha They laughed when they should of and were charming when needed to be and just down right sexy that I was left feeling the burn I def recommend this series and audio ROCK ON

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