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House of Judges By Keary Taylor,

  • Title: House of Judges
  • Author: Keary Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: None
  • Alivia once led a House full of immortal vampires, but now everything has been stripped away Her friends have turned their backs on her, convinced she betrayed them and their Born kind Taken prisoner to the King s Court, she awaits her trial But the sins of her father threaten to blacken her chances of clearing her name Alivia toyed with King Cyrus heart and now, he sAlivia once led a House full of immortal vampires, but now everything has been stripped away Her friends have turned their backs on her, convinced she betrayed them and their Born kind Taken prisoner to the King s Court, she awaits her trial But the sins of her father threaten to blacken her chances of clearing her name Alivia toyed with King Cyrus heart and now, he s going to make her pay Perhaps with her life Hidden in the belly of the castle, truths will come to light, and the surface of the King s brutality and the horrors of the castle have barely been scratched Prepare to be judged
    House of Judges Alivia once led a House full of immortal vampires but now everything has been stripped away Her friends have turned their backs on her convinced she betrayed them and their Born kind Taken prisoner

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    1. 4 StarsFull Review I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I knew better than to start this book in the evening when I had to get up early the next morning, but did I listen to my common sense Of course not And then I ended up going to sleep at a ridiculous hour because the books in this series are simply un put down able.And one of the things that makes them so gripping is all the negative emotion That probably sounds weird, to say that I like negat [...]

    2. I am lost for words The ending of this book has totally made me go back and rethink a few of the events that have taken place In this books we see a different side is our main character and to be honest I really enjoyed this book then the first few, which is saying a lot I cannot wait to get my hands on the last one

    3. WOW Did that seriously all go down in one book House of Judges continues the House of Royals series and things just getting better, crazier and interesting All these books must be read in order or you ll be totally confused.Alivia is being held prisoner at the King s palace and awaiting trial While there, she truly sees who King Cyrus really is Why everyone fears him so greatly You don t toy with the King and come out of it the same if you come out at all.Keary takes us on a journey where we le [...]

    4. I received an advance copy of this book for an honest review.House of Judges is book 4 in the series and it doesn t let up for a minute We re thrown right back into the action exactly where it left off at the end of book 3 Alivia is a compelling heroine, in turns frustrating and annoying, yet you always want to see her triumph in the end I m going to try as hard as I can to be spoiler free but it s difficult so bear with me.This book made me so mad in parts I actually yelled out loud while I was [...]

    5. Talk about suspense This book felt darker than the others in the series All the torture Olivia had to go through at the hands of the King left me holding my breathe She is stronger an wiser after all she s been through The ending left me a bit disappointed with the cliffhanger I can t wait until the last book comes out ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

    6. No way can t be My mind has been blown What an ending what if I cannot begin the next book quickly enough Ms Taylor absolutely knows how to keep an audience captive and addicted to her words This book really broke my heart Having to read of all that Cyrus puts Liv through was hard for me to do Her struggles will make her stronger I believe For anyone who doubted the King s true nature, I m sure those doubts were silenced I was glad to see much of Ian in this book I have had a difficult time in [...]

    7. Cliff HangersSeriously I didn t think the cliff hangers could get any better but I was wrong Great read all the way around and again has left me in suspense

    8. Didn t enjoy it quite as much as some of the others but wow that ending Instantly bought the 5th and final book.

    9. Another fantastic continuation of this series Every time you think there is a stopping point there isn t So don t start this book unless you have plenty of hours of reading time.

    10. Absolutely love to the seriesI love the series and how each book leaves the reader wanting It s also a plus that it is set in Mississippi where I was born

    11. DevourThat is what I am doing to this series In three days I am on book five I guess they need to be longer

    12. I received an ARC of this book for a honest review This was another great book in the series Alivia has been taken to the King s Castle to await trial for trying to kill King Cyrus and possibly leading an Army of Bitten Vampires She s stuck in the prison of Roter Himmel awaiting her trial and the King enjoys torturing the prisoners She finally finds out what happened to Ian and he s been in that prison the whole time she thought he left her King Cyrus is a cruel, heartless, and unforgiving indiv [...]

    13. 5 stars He doesn t try to talk to me, and for that, I am grateful But I can tell, I just can, that he s every bit aware of me as I am of him Of every breath Of every step taken across the timy space Of every blink.But we don t say a word.What would I say Where would I even start Gosh, how I love these books This story is so character driven, and Keary is sooo good at allowing these characters to change and transform throughout the story that it flows so well I absolutely love getting to come bac [...]

    14. I am beyond a day late and a dollar short on this review, I know I fail at lifeCast your stones Okay, the review Keary Taylor has done it again I keep wondering how it s all going to work out, but then as the plot unfolds it s likeOf course how else is this supposed to go down But I digress.House of Judges if a whirlwind of information, suspense, longing, and giddy anticipation No spoilers but just to tease.The Information We learn so much about the vampire world, court life and even Alivia s f [...]

    15. Judgement Day Is Here .Oh Snap This novel is the 4th installment in the House of Royals Series and it s not to be missed You ll be gasping in horror then cringing in sadness followed by happiness before the final OMG moment Seriously with that revealing ending I can t wait the next, and subsequent, last book in the series.Left to await her trial for treason in the King Cyrus prison, Alivia Ryan finds out what it means to be stripped of everything Alivia had been queen of her house only days befo [...]

    16. Mon Dieu I love this series As the fourth installment of the House of Royals, the author Taylor takes us further into Alivia s journey into a leadership position she never desired or thought even existed Even though this is a paranormal book, Taylor s writing is a contradiction bringing a very human, normal aspect.Her words create a world of imagery And, even though you may have a handle on the story with predictions, this is Taylor s story She has control over the story, and tells it very well [...]

    17. House of Judges is the fourth book in Keary Taylor s House of Royals series It can not be read as a standalone I have had the distinct honor of reading these books before publication, courtesy of the author.House of Judges was slightly different than the first three book in this series Alivia has grown, so much She s no longer a human trying to figure out just how twisted her new world She has grown into a strong, independent, fierce leader She is also now aware of just how sinister King Cyrus [...]

    18. Alivia is a prisoner in King Cyrus dungeon, awaiting trial for treason as she is suspected of trying to kill the king Toying with King Cyrus heart, using him to make herself feel better after she has been abandoned by her true love Ian, has brought her to this, and she regrets all that has happened The king wants her to suffer as she made him suffer, and her time is occupied with learning the king s cruelty However, she has periods of happiness as she finds new allies and learns she was mislead [...]

    19. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsisters Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review This book was truly a brilliant build up for the last and final book Throughout I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation and while watching how truly cruel the king is I m really hoping someone will knock him down in the next book, it isn t hard to see why he s king as he s truly demented My heart was breaking for Alivia when he was punishing her, it was all abs [...]

    20. One of my all time fave authors, Keary Taylor, continues her House of Royals series here with book 4 Alivia willingly danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight, and now she must pay for her indiscretions King Cyrus has appeared slightly mild in the displays of his heinous games, but the real games are about to begin Alivia has been teetering on the edge of viciousness herself, but this will be a character changing novel After the end of House of Kings I had become quite concerned by the number [...]

    21. I received this ARC of HOUSE OF JUDGES from the author, Keary Taylor, in exchange for an honest review.The minute I receive her books, I sit down like a glutton and devour every word Caution, FEW SPOILERS With this book, HOUSE OF JUDGES, she takes us deep into the Born Royal world of King Cyrus making at Roter Himmel trans Red Heaven A fitting name for what goes on there Alivia is cast into prison, for her pending trial for her attempted murder of King Cyrus himself Accused, she awaits her trial [...]

    22. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Immediately upon receiving my copy of House of Judges, book 4 in the House of Royals series, I opened it hoping to only read a few pages, then to finish later when I had time, but this book proved impossible to put down.Keary Taylor did a wonderful job of grabbing me by the heartstrings and making me sob in despair as I was plunged deeper and deeper into the darkness that is King Cyrus home I could scarcely breathe because of the pain that I fe [...]

    23. Wow Wow Wow I received this book in return for an honest review This is so good from the start till the end This starts off pretty much where House of Kings left off Gosh I do not know what to say, so I don t spoil it Well what she was told about Ian, well she learns the truth.What Alivia had to go through to wait for her trial was hard, it was sad What she had to go through to wait yet again for the trail to continue, it broke my heart I felt so heart broken for Alivia because the kings cruelty [...]

    24. I will never imagine the mountains of Austria the same way again Gone are my visions of Julie Andrews twirling across a mountaintop meadow Why Because, in Keary Taylor s imagination, those peaceful mountains are a fa ade for a labyrinthine castle and the unseemly elements of vampire life it encompasses and protects.In House of Judges, the fourth in the series, the story of the House of Conrath continues where readers were left hanging at the end of House of Kings in the dank depths of a mad vamp [...]

    25. KEARY TAYLOR HAS ROCKED MY WORLD I can t say anything bad about this book, other than the fact that King Cyrus is a MONSTER Despite that, I can t say enough how much I love this series Alivia Ryan has been in the King s prison for weeks before the start of her trial During this time, she has endured painful torture and repulsive conditions If she thought this was bad, she was mistaken She toyed with King Cyrus heart and he is ruthless in his revenge, placing Alivia in a horribly degrading situat [...]

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