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The Sea Devil's Eye By Mel Odom,

  • Title: The Sea Devil's Eye
  • Author: Mel Odom
  • ISBN: 9780786916382
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The exciting conclusion to the Threat from the Sea Iakhovas has been the cause of destruction than any force since the Time of Troubles, and his true objective has been a mystery until now When a young sailor s journey is complete, and an aging bard s final song is sung, an explosive climax sets all of Faer n reeling
    The Sea Devil s Eye The exciting conclusion to the Threat from the Sea Iakhovas has been the cause of destruction than any force since the Time of Troubles and his true objective has been a mystery until now When a youn

    One thought on “The Sea Devil's Eye”

    1. I am playing catch up here with my reviews Again I will say I got this as part of the omnibook format which is an insanely good price for a lot of good Realms reading The last in the series this book doesn t disappont If I could draw a line to represent how well Odom does in increasing the overall setting and plot of the series I would The setting is extremely interesting and Odom does a magnificient job describing everything for us The characters are ones I could really identify with, not meani [...]

    2. Aye, Khlinat bellowed, she ain t no pretty un, swabbie, I ll grant you that, but she s as tight as a duck s arse and she s got some promise Fortunately, he s referring to a ship.So with the year drawing to a close, I decided it was about time to finally finish Mel Odom s The Threat from the Sea trilogy which I began a year ago The series, set in the Dungeon Dragons Forgotten Realms setting, involves the reawakening of an evil, aquatic demigod named Iakhovas who as you might expect from an evil a [...]

    3. Nice thing about all 4 books is that they make a picture The Return of the Archwizards series also make a picture with all 4 books.Another nice thing about these books is they were better than most Forgotten Realms that I ve read The Hunter s Blades trilogy for one.rry, but I ve read sooooo many Drizzt booksose were a chore to finish Threat from was such a breath of fresh air, one of my very favorite book series in the Forgotten Realms.

    4. My Review for this series is on the threat from the sea book that combines all three into one book If you want to read my review add me as a friend and look at my read shelves In short I love these books

    5. Kind of a rushed ending but I enjoyed this series quite a bit Mostly due to very interesting characters and relationships between them Other than the rushed conclusion my only complaint is that I got pretty lost in this last book when trying to figure out where the characters were I had no idea where most of the action was taking place and just kind of had to roll with it That and a couple of dangling story lines were only minor complaints in a story that was a fun and fast read.

    6. men believe what they want to believe Sometimes purely because they have nothing else to believe in Are the wants and needs of good and evil so very different it s so often not how low you may get in life, but how you conduct yourself while you re there You have not yet tried How can you know what you can do and not do Too often, in the right circumstances, a man s and a woman s dress is a weapon.

    7. I usually enjoy Forgotten Realms stories so than Dragonlance due to the variety This one had an interesting backdrop but was pretty weak storywise I didn t read the previous 2 in the series so that might have helped I do like Mel Odom s writing most of the time If you feel like hanging out on the Sea of Fallen Stars then read it.

    8. So while the series overall was good I was really enjoying the story and then it seemed like Odom fast forwarded it at the end to reach the conclusion I thought the last quarter of the book to be totally unlike the rest of the series in pace and style Felt rushed Good overall, disappointing way to finish.

    9. I had trouble finishing this story because I felt it was kinda slow at some points Also, the charachter didn t help since I don t like ppl who complain that much As heroes go, Jherek is not in my favorites.

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