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Monte (The Lure of Corruption Book 1) By Kyle Perkins Lila Vale,

  • Title: Monte (The Lure of Corruption Book 1)
  • Author: Kyle Perkins Lila Vale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trigger Warning this is a dark erotic novella that contains scenes of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers Please be aware of this and continue at your own risk A realist through and through, Victoria Wyric lives a practical life she has no patience for the whimsical Her friends are believers, however, and they plan a night of clumsy attempts to summTrigger Warning this is a dark erotic novella that contains scenes of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers Please be aware of this and continue at your own risk A realist through and through, Victoria Wyric lives a practical life she has no patience for the whimsical Her friends are believers, however, and they plan a night of clumsy attempts to summon the supernatural in order to prove the naysayer wrong She begrudgingly attends, if only to laugh at their foolishness That night, a mysterious, silver tongued stranger shows up out of nowhere An apex predator, he is as captivating as he is dangerous, and his sights are set on Victoria In the course of an evening, everything she thinks she knows is thrown out the window Lured into the game of an unforgiving master, she quickly learns there is no such thing as harmless fun when it comes to the otherworldly.
    Monte The Lure of Corruption Book Trigger Warning this is a dark erotic novella that contains scenes of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers Please be aware of this and continue at your own risk A realist through and

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    1. WOW, what a debut in to the erotica genre for both authors.What can I say about this book without giving the story away The book is about Victoria who has never believed in anything to do with the paranormal, until one night when things change This is when we meet Monte a mysterious stranger who appears from out of nowhere Victoria is left questioning whether what she experienced was actually real or if she had dreamed the whole night It s a fast paced, HOT read which is told in a dual POV The a [...]

    2. Omg what a First book into the erotic Monte will leave you wanting .We follow the story of Victoria a seemingly normal girl who doesn t really believe if the paranormal or what things can lurk in the shadowsy to find out that there is out there than what she thinks Can it all be real or is just imagination you will have to read to find out for your self I m not spoiling it for you.But i will say one thing Monte is hot as sin and F k s like a god.Cant wait for the next in the series

    3. This book was i don t even have words , it was erotic and dark and very different from anything i have yet to read Thumbs up I loved it Especially the church scene evil laugh.

    4. Dark and sexy read I want a Monte I thin he would be very interesting I m new to this author and will 100% be returning to read of their books

    5. Have you ever had a fantasy about a demon dominating you in a way that brings you pleasure then you ever thought possible If so, Monte is the book for you Victoria is dragged to a girls night with all of her friends, who decided that they wanted to try to summon something or someone from another world While her friends are firm believers in the supernatural, Victoria is a skeptic She s never met someone from the supernatural side of things, so why should she believe in something she has no proo [...]

    6. What a hot twisted read Monte was a very dark erotic read Victoria the leading lady happens upon Monte one night during a girls night seance Without giving any spoilers away lets just say they seem to really connect on at least a primal level The book itself is short but very steamy Monte and Victoria have a deep chemistry that readers will love Definitely looking forward to the sequel and what Monte can bring 5 STARS

    7. Victoria doesn t believe in the supernatural When her friends set up a seance to prove to her that spirits do exists, she goes just so she can laugh when nothing happens Several chants and glasses of wine later and Victoria is ready for a smoke and to call it quits But while she s outside the strangest thing happens A man appears and convinces her to leave with him She doesn t know what she s signing up for when she does.Monte is a demon who s been around for a very long time Every time humans d [...]

    8. I read Kyle Perkin s Science Fiction book called Reddened Wasteland and I liked it so much when he released this Monte I just grabbed and started to reading I didn t know what I was expected since I didn t even read the blurb before starting this book but it was very nice surprise to me It was so different from RW but in very good way Monte was an extraordinary debut book with the lot of erotica scene It captured my mind Demon named Monte and Victoria who doesn t believes and any Supernatural th [...]

    9. When Victoria goes to a girls night, she has no idea her life will be changed forever a drunken haze she partakes in a night of trying to summon something supernatural with a seance, when nothing happens, Victoria goes outside for a smoke, while there she is approached by MonteHe is sexy, gorgeous, intoxicating and demanding so when he tells Victoria he s taking her home, she willing agrees.le does she know Monte has certain tastes in the bedroom which Victoria finds disturbing and exciting all [...]

    10. I m late in my review, but better late than never I dove into this tonight, dark erotica with mind blowing description I enjoyed the dual POV, Victoria with her witty thoughts and comebacks I chuckled a page and half in first chapter, this is when I realized what I would be getting out of Victoria She has no idea what she is in for.Monte, alpha male who gets what he wants I loved reading his POV it was smooth as silk, his mannerisms made me wanting Monte Such a Delicious Bastard Victoria s stru [...]

    11. WOW First book into Erotic and you blew it out of the park This Dark Erotic has got it all Hot and steamy and wanting

    12. Monte was a very good read dark erotica not an easy read if your not into the very dark erotica I enjoyed it immensely I wish there was to the story which is why I gave it 4 stars truly is a good story I just wish there was to it I feel like something was missing for me.

    13. Review Monte The Lure of Corruption Book 1 On La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books lajerseychikareadsindiebooks.b I received Monte by the authors in exchanged for an honest review Thank you so much too Kyle Perkins Lila Vale I decided too expand my horizon with books Monte is the very first dark erotica book I have ever read Now I know this genre is not for everybody and honestly I thought I would not like this genre either, but I absolutely love and enjoyed Monte so much I didn t want too stop rea [...]

    14. Let me just begin my review by saying this I m not a fan of erotica I LOVE romance, but if the book is nothing but sex especially hardcore kink then I tend to avoid it like the plague However, this book surprised me With that being said, did I skip over most of the sex scenes Not going to lie, I did, simply because it s not for me But the bottom storyline was intriguing enough to keep me going, and I have to admit that I don t regret reading it I tend to be drawn in by the paranormal genre, so I [...]

    15. This novella is for sure 18 and TRIGGER WARNING has some really intense graphic scenes that might probably will make you uncomfortable Today i share with you, Monte Lure of Corruption series, volume 1 written by Kyle Perkins and Lila J ValeThe story begins with Victoria and her friends holding a seance She doesn t really believe in any of it, so when nothing happens shes not surprised Monte is dark, brooding, and mysterious He s also a pompous asshole, and a control freak yes i mean freak in wa [...]

    16. Whatever you think you re about to read, get that idea out of your head This book is not that I m willing to bet this book isn t like anything you ve ever encountered Lila and Kyle apparently compiled a list of How to Write Romance, then set about breaking, bending and twisting every single rule The result An absolute page turner you seriously won t be able to put down Consider this book the three thousand calorie cake when you re on a diet With each sordid scene, you ll tell yourself, This is i [...]

    17. I have never read any dark erotica but hey I thought I would give it a chance.When Victoria is invited by her friends to mess with an ouija board, she goes for a laugh as she doesn t believe in the paranormal.After a few drinks and a bit of mumbo jumbo, Monte is conjured What Monte is, we never know, but he has some sort of demonic hold over Victoria Even though she tries to resist, he always has a way of getting what he wants sexually.This book is definitely for an 18 reader due to the sexual c [...]

    18. Okay, so I ve literally just finished this book and pounced on here to say what the actual fuck How can it just end like that Why Why would you leave me hanging That s just mean guys I m wondering if maybe I need help because some of what I read I m sure I should be offended by like the rapey bit but all I found myself doing throughout this quick read was smiling Smiling It was dark and sexy and yep, witty Monte, Monte, Monte UNF I didn t have to skim once and usually I do because repeated sex s [...]

    19. Very thrilling dark erotica Loved how the author set scenes in places most authors wont go Victoria is a young women whom is a skeptic in everything and anything paranormal One day her friends decided to have a girls night with doing seances Victoria decides to just go with the flow because its never real anyways.After a few drinks and seances Victoria is feeling her drinks and needs air Outside she see a man whom to her is very good looking and decides to go home with him.Once alone she learns [...]

    20. I received this book free from author Lila Vale during an author take over party This is the first book I have read from either of the authors This book brings paranormal and erotica together in an interesting way between a demon named Monte and a mortal name Victoria Monte is a sex driven ass who does what when he wants and Victoria is a woman who is bored with her life and does not believe in anything supernatural When the two of them are bound by a seance performed by Victoria s friends, both [...]

    21. Wow I have to say, I applaud the writing skills So many authors try the dual POV and always seem to confuse me Which is why I typically don t read dual POVs but this one was beautifully executed There isn t any header to indicate whose POV it is, but you know what, it s so well written that you don t need a header to tell you whose POV it is The story just flows and you just know whose head you re in.As for the story, it is a dark erotic novel as the author already cautioned in the beginning I l [...]

    22. Received a copy for my honest review Short story of a girl who attends a seance and finds herself with a controlling sexually charged ghost Not sure what to think, drink girl sees a stranger, follows him back to his place and let s him have sec with her But she s not sure if it s real and can t stop thinking about him Disappointed that the mc didn t have backbone and just gave in no matter how wrong she thought the situation was Not a fan of forced sex in books and in the second chapter that s [...]

    23. It s almost 3AM and I m totally book buzzed, so forgive my ramblings Monte is my first eBook by Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale and I m absolutely delighted with it Monte and Victoria s candor and chemistry kept me amused and glued to my Kindle For some reason, my mind envisioned Tom Ellis from Fox s show, Lucifer , which made Monte effin sexy Admittedly, if dark themed erotica isn t your normal read then you should find a sweet romance to swoon about Overall, I enjoyed Perkins and Vale s paranormal [...]

    24. This was definitely dark erotica book so take head of the warning and make sure you are prepared for it A great quick read with a good pace and set of characters, I really enjoyed how mean Monte was and how Victoria became so torn over what he was doing to her Some bits were pretty intense and I do hope we get a book 2 and find out about Monte and if he will continue to pursue Victoria or if she can move on

    25. Given a free copy for an honest review.Not what I was expecting at all.Intriguing plot with a sinister edge which I was unsure of.Well written and flows well, impossible to tell it is the joint work of 2 authors I felt uncomfortable with the first sex scene but having read the whole story understand it s intended purpose Cliffhanger ending so to come with this erotic demon tale and despite my initial unease I am interested in seeing how the next book develops

    26. The devil made me do itAt first I was very turned off by the force used but as I kept reading I soon realized the reason behind it This is a very unique type of book I highly suggest reading about it before buying and possibly not liking it Don t get me wrong, I loved it but I also am not the type to turn my nose up at something that I might not agree with Give it a try You might find you were as intrigued by it as I was.

    27. This novella is definitely hot, crazy enough to keep you glued to the kindle and Victoria is just a ticket.Now, when I say crazy I mean in the best way possible but there are scenes that not everyone would find comfortable reading I had no problems with it at allBut head the warning MonteI don t even know what to say about himy and so cocky certainly a dream man come through I can t wait for

    28. Top critical reviewSee all 3 critical reviews 3.0 out of 5 starsA hot steamy read.By Customeron April 18, 2016This book is a good book for anyone looking for a erotic sex book I had no idea when i said i would readit for a review A short story about a woman kinda bored with her lifmwho gets caught up with a demon The demon is trying to teach her a lesson, whether its about dont mess with demons,or how to let go im not sure.All in all not a bad book ,just not my usual choice.

    29. This is a quick read and I really enjoyed it.What happens when you summon you own Demon and you cannot get rid of him Victoria had this problem and Monte enjoys stretching the boundaries of their so called relationship There were some funny one liners and it had me laughing at times This is an Erotic Paranormal book and the sex scenes were hot and steamy I highly recommend this book Looking forward to the next instalment of Monte and Victoria.

    30. An entertaining, exciting, short story that turns the heat up enough to melt all the glaciers in the arctic If you like erotic romance novels with a little something different thrown in, this this your book Victoria and Monte are quite the irresistible pair, each is drawn to the other whether willingly or not How does a demon and a mortal make a relationship work Well, looks like book two is needed to answer that question, which you ll want as soon as you ve read the last line in this one.

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