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Una vida tranquila By Kristin Hannah,

  • Title: Una vida tranquila
  • Author: Kristin Hannah
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Para Joy Candellaro, las Navidades se han convertido en una tortura Desde que se divorci de su marido despu s de encontrarlo en la cama con su propia hermana, es incapaz de retomar su vida Furiosa, toma un avi n a un lugar remoto en Canad , sin saber a n lo que har cuando llegue all tan solo quiere escapar lo m s lejos posible El destino hace que el viaje se convierPara Joy Candellaro, las Navidades se han convertido en una tortura Desde que se divorci de su marido despu s de encontrarlo en la cama con su propia hermana, es incapaz de retomar su vida Furiosa, toma un avi n a un lugar remoto en Canad , sin saber a n lo que har cuando llegue all tan solo quiere escapar lo m s lejos posible El destino hace que el viaje se convierta en una aventura inesperada, tras un accidente a reo en lo m s profundo del bosque All encuentra a Daniel y a su hijo Bobby, y la posibilidad, insospechada, de un nuevo comienzo Pero de repente, todo cambia en un solo instante y deber aferrarse con toda su fuerza a una ltima esperanza no quiere perder esta segunda oportunidad.
    Una vida tranquila Para Joy Candellaro las Navidades se han convertido en una tortura Desde que se divorci de su marido despu s de encontrarlo en la cama con su propia hermana es incapaz de retomar su vida Furiosa to

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    1. I know several Kristin Hannah fans They tell me how good she is at writing about relationships Perhaps, but I didn t find out reading Comfort Joy because it definitely didn t pass my 50 page rule There were so many implausible things that happened in the first few chapters, I knew I wouldn t find any joy in reading the rest of the book About the whole plane crash thing Joy describes in great detail what s happening during the crash the horrible sounds, being thrashed about in the cabin and hitti [...]

    2. Sappy, simple, and a total waste of both hours it took to read But I repeated my mantraI love my book clubbies, I love my book clubbies and plowed through it Now onto something with multi syllabic words.

    3. Joy Candellaro is a high school Librarian and use to love the Christmas season That was until one day when she came home to find her husband in bed with her sister Seeing as her marriage is falling apart Joy decides it s time to take a holiday So Joy heads for the airport and hops on a plane that is going to Hope Joy thinks that having time away from her problems will be the best thing for her.But tragedy strikes and the plane she is on ends up crashing The plane crashes in the forest and althou [...]

    4. This cannot be written by the same author who penned The Nightingale I mentally uttered this to myself throughout the entire book It was implausible in every way And the plot twist Just no That s really all I have to say at this time other than this was gifted to me by my sweet friend, Lisa I think she was surprised by this story as much as I was It was nothing close to what I expected it to be.

    5. I just love reading books for the holiday, some how it makes them magical that way This was my first Christmas read for December and I have to say that I really loved it I really do enjoy Kristin Hannah s writing a lot The first book I read by her was Winter Garden Also a very enjoyable read I especially liked the characters in this book They are very well written, they are both relatable and believable I feel like I knew them all personally and I loved that There is such a great plot twist in [...]

    6. When I read this last year for the first time, I couldn t believe the gigantic plot twist To me, it felt like being punched in the stomach I think that is because I was so invested in the story that when the big plot twist came, I was just thrown So I decided to reread this year to see how I d like this story knowing everything And it really felt much different and was even enjoyable Here is my initial full review I think it s a good one On the reread it was fun to realize that I had missed so [...]

    7. I read this book for my library s book club A librarian is in a plane crash and her sister slept with her husband That s all you need to know Save yourself the time.

    8. I was SO annoyed during the first half of the book, with the preposterous notion that this woman, severely concussed, walked away from a plane crash, then moved in with a guy and his son who asked NO questions about where she had come from And she s having epiphany after epiphany, and they were all so obvious My sister is all I have, my marriage wasn t that great But these are all coming from nowhere There is too little exposition about her marriage, etc.The mid book twist, wherein we discover s [...]

    9. Biraz toz pembe bir hikayeK kl k arkada m nda hayali arkada vard Umar m ilerde at kap k p gelmez DBobie nin hayali arkada n n Joy olmas na o kadar a rd m ki Nedense Huzurlu bal k s kul besi gibi bir yerim olmas n ve orada ya amak istedi imi fark ettim BEN B YLE B R HATADA ASLA KARDE M AFFETMEZD M Y Z NE BAKAB LMES NE B LE A IRDIM, REND M GER OKUDU UM B R K TAP GER EK HAYATTA B YLE B R EY OLMAYACA INI HEP M Z B L YORUZ Olanlar Kristin nin hayal g c ne ba l yorum

    10. I picked this book up on a whim at the library b c I was looking for a heart warming Christmas story In Comfort Joy I definitely found it Since I already like Kristin Hannah, and I wanted a Christmas story, I didn t read any reviews on this book before hand and had no idea what to expect I m glad I didn t read any before hand though b c I had no expectations other than heart warming, and in that this book delivered The twist in the middle threw me a bit I never saw it coming at all and I found m [...]

    11. This book was really good I know, it s a romance novel a Christmas romance novel to boot, but it was really good I started it last evening and finished it today It s the story of Joy, a high school librarian who s marriage has collapsed into divorce because her husband was sleeping with her sister Definitely a tragic start for a Christmas novel Then, after leaving her sister in her driveway, she drives to the airport and on a whim buys a ticket for Hope in Canada The plane crashes yes, the trage [...]

    12. If I find this enjoyable, why only three stars Well, the book starts off with a fantastic premise that should interest most readers Joy s sister slept with her ex husband, whoops, and then Sis invites Joy to her wedding Feeling pretty terrible as you can imagine Joy decides to run away and has quite the experience that readers should enjoy reading about I know I did Yes, it requires a slight suspension of belief, but it was still fun to read Then, bam There s a pretty big surprise at the end, bu [...]

    13. This is my first experience reading a book by Kristin Hannah My mother in law swears by this author so when my book club decided on this book for our December read, I was very excited to give her a try This book would go into my so so shelf it I had one Parts were really great, but overall it was a very average read for me The romance is SEVERELY underdeveloped to the point that I wouldn t even consider this a romance It does involve a cute little boy, a plane crash, and a fairly likable heroine [...]

    14. What a surprise this book turned out to be It is so not what I expected out of Kristin Hannah I just read someone elses review stating that they couldn t get past 50 pages If I wasn t such a huge Kristin Hannah fan I may have abandoned it as well Boy am I glad I didn t.Initially I felt really disappointed in her story, it just wasn t her normal beautiful, deep story that all of her others are It felt cheap, short and awkward It didn t add up to me at all However, when I got two thirds of the way [...]

    15. Kristin Hannah is a master storyteller Joy was married to a man named Thom and thought she had a pretty good life until one day she walked in on her sister and Thom Ever since then her world hasn t been the same Now one year later, coming close to Christmas, her sister tells her that they are getting married and she is pregnant Joy has always wanted to travel, so she gets in her car, drives to the airport and gets a ticket for the first place she can However, they never reach their destination T [...]

    16. I really liked the magic of this story I don t want to say too much about that for fear of ruining it for someone else, but I will say that you must stick with the book until the end There were some things that bothered me about this book The biggest problem was why Bobby, who was supposed to be 8 or 9, didn t even know his sight words enough to read Dr Seuss beginning readers Also, why did he act and talk so young If they hadn t given his age I would ve guessed he was 5 or maybe 6 The second th [...]

    17. This was such a beautiful little book about a woman betrayed by the people closet to her, and a magical journey to find her way back to faith and forgiveness I was caught up in the story instantly, and was thrown a loop or two, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    18. This was a story about a woman who s sister betrays her by first sleeping with, than marrying getting pregnant with her husband s baby The woman decides to run away and takes an impromptu flight which then crashes What happens afterwords is a bit bizarre

    19. When my boyfriend could not get Kristin Hannah s book Winter Garden from the library, he saw this book, and decided to check it out for me The premise of a heartwarming story surrounding Christmas sounds interesting, and like a feel good book However, this book was just all over the place While the miracle that occurred was consistently referred to as a Christmas miracle it had absolutely nothing to do with the holiday of Christmas Additionally, the book was just down right silly in my opinion c [...]

    20. I like fluff as much as the next person, but this crossed over into the give me a break category If good fluff is like a Monday Night Lifetime movie that you get sucked into, this is a weekend repeat movie that you can t believe you re watching.

    21. for book club bleh.It was sweet, I ll give it that and the plane crash scene was pretty good The premise was soooo out there The connection between Joy and Daniel just weird I don t know, I read it in a day, skimmed through several sections and felt it was a waste of my time.

    22. It s a dangerous businessgoing out of your door You step into the Road, and if you don t keep your feet, there s no knowing where you might be swept off to J R R TolkienNot really sure how this quote fits in, as it is beyond the scope of this book, but I ll give it that.I did figure it out, before I was halfway through the book, something was going on that was not quite what it seemed, but didn t throw me off finishing to see what exactly it was or how it would turn out I haven t read too many C [...]

    23. Ciddi misin sen ya Sen s zde hayatta ikinizden ba ka kimseniz olmad i in birbirinize tutundu unuzu s yledi in o k zkarde olacak Sacey bozuntusunu nas l affedebilirsin hala anlam veremiyorum.Yahu bir kere de bu tarz konulu okudu um kitaplarda k z karakter k zkarde ine hayat zindam etsin ama olur mu iyilik mele i onlar o y zden ne yaparlarsa yaps nlar affederler Buna senin kocan al p zerine hamile kalmakta olsa bile, ne de olsa senin k zkarde in can mmm.Bu tarz eyler i in dar g r l y m san r m Kab [...]

    24. O carte care nu a fost pe gustul meu mi a placut povestea deloc.rtea i binisor scrisa,foarte vizuala dar povestea nu mi a placut primul rand m am prins de idea cartii de la bun inceput asa ca discutiile dintre ea si Bobby mi s au parut tare plictisitoare ca a fost o carte mica asa ca m am fortat sa o termin.lul super prost realizat ,dupa ce am citit Privighetoarea,K.Hannah m a dezamagit cu aceasta carte,putea mai mult

    25. Hannah pulled it out at the end, I ll give her that Made me cry happy tears.It was a bit of a stretch, but by then I didn t even care.

    26. LovelyThis is a story of a woman named who has been lonely too long Stacey is Joy s sister and she is marrying Joy s ex husband and having his baby She decides to run away during her holiday vacation to find what her life is missing.When the plane she is on crashes she thinks she walks away from it and finds comfort at a fishing lodge It is a heartwrenching tale of being in another world from the home she knows I t a story worth reading any time of year I love Kristin s books and don t how I mis [...]

    27. Comfort and Joy is Christmas magic but mostly the Twilight Zone An interesting read but not my favourite book written by this fabulous author.

    28. This was very good I really enjoy Kristin Hannah s books This book is about a woman named Joy who finds her sister in bed with her husband Her life is in turmoil and so on winter break she decides to fly to Washington state and then things get better and also worse I liked the concept of this story, it was different and good but I can t say much else with out spoilers The last thing I will say is that I got a kick out of the mention of Forks and the Dew Drop Inn it brought back memories of our d [...]

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