One thought on “Christmas Belles”

  1. Yeesh I m working on this show later in the year, and I have to say that now that I ve read it, I m not exactly looking forward to it Maybe it ll play better on stage than on paper, but I found most of the jokes to be forced, and there are too many characters for a play that is less than 60 pages long It resulted in all the characters either explicitly explaining their own traits or having other people explain them, so the dialogue feels very stilted.Also, the dramatic climax of the play is exac [...]

  2. Would not have read this play except for it was on my 2015 book challenge As a play I think it would be fun to watch, did not enjoy reading it.

  3. Cute show by the writers of HALLELUJAH GIRLS with some LOLs and a lot of potential 4 stars that I m rounding up to a 5

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