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The Business By Iain Banks,

  • Title: The Business
  • Author: Iain Banks
  • ISBN: 9780316848633
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate is a senior executive officer in a powerful and massively discreet transglobal organization The character of The Business seems, even to her, to be vague to the point of invisibility Her job is to keep abreast of technological developments, but she must let go the assumptions of a lifetime.
    The Business Kate is a senior executive officer in a powerful and massively discreet transglobal organization The character of The Business seems even to her to be vague to the point of invisibility Her job is t

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    1. Barbara Rosenblat 11.7 hours.Description Kate is a senior executive officer in a powerful and massively discreet transglobal organization The character of The Business seems, even to her, to be vague to the point of invisibility Her job is to keep abreast of technological developments, but she must let go the assumptions of a lifetime.BLURB From Publishers Weekly Ever since The Wasp Factory first bent readers minds in 1984, prolific Scottish author Banks has tantalized and terrified with his eer [...]

    2. Imagine if Evelyn Waugh had written The Firm Remember that book A by the numbers thriller from John Grisham, it was effective enough, especially if the reader s expectations weren t high But imagine if Waugh had written it The plot would retain that edge of the seat construction, yet be augmented by a real and quite dark artistic sensibility, replete with vicious humor and enhanced by a flair for characterization Iain Banks THE BUSINESS concerns an insidious secret organization and the lone woma [...]

    3. As every conspiracy theorist knows, They control everything When something unexpected happens, it s because They arranged it And, needless to say, you don t want to find out too much about Them It could be bad for your health Which makes you even curious so it s surprising that this is one of the few novels I know that s firmly set in Their world It turns out that They are actually called The Business, and were already well established at the time of the Roman Empire I see some other reviewers [...]

    4. I ve had extremely mixed experiences with Iain Banks novels Some I loved Transition, The Player of Games , one I absolutely hated The Wasp Factory , others had clever elements but failed to engage me Consider Phlebas, Use of Weapons The Business was a different experience again I enjoyed it and was engaged, but there were certain flaws that prevented me from wholly adoring it The greatest strength was the narrator, Kate Telman She is an excellent character a clever, reticent, ambitious woman dea [...]

    5. First read it five or six years ago in a single afternoon and was wholly underwhelmed by the experience Coming after Song of Stone the only Banks book I genuinely dislike I felt at the time that maybe his powers were beginning to wane But a friend urged me to give it a second chance and told me to read it as a prequel to the Culture books, whereupon it makes much sense.And do you know, he s right It s a bloody Culture book in disguise Or at least, it takes as its premise how could something lik [...]

    6. Originally published on my blog here in July 2000.The Business is a shadowy commercial operation which has been in existence for thousands of years, and which now aims to buy itself a country, so its senior executives can gain the privileges which go with a diplomatic passport Kate Telman, the narrator, is not quite up to that level, but is one of the rising stars in the Business, and it is not particularly surprising when she is asked to become an ambassador of sorts to the Himalayan kingdom of [...]

    7. I have read all of Iain Banks novels and this one is one of my favourites.The Business from where the book gets its name is a centuries old concern, at one point in the novel it is suggested that its history stretches back as far as the Roman Empire, but the story postulates the compelling conceit that over centuries The Business has been built up with assets and resources that go beyond countries and national powers to influence every part of the world.Unexpectedly, at the top of The Business i [...]

    8. The I read Iain Banks work, the I appreciate it His way with words aside, it s the fact that no two books are exactly alike in tone or style, but they share a common quality that makes me go yummm.In The Business, Banks introduces us to Kathryn, a Level Three in The Business, but who knows from personal experience what the hard life actually is she s from the schemes Scots for projects and only by dint of natural cunning and adoption by Mrs Telman does she get out The Business is one of those [...]

    9. A delightful satire on international finance and investment, rife with high grade one liners and a morlaity axis which one hopes could be possible Not a great effort from Iain but one worth one s time.I ve read that could be considered a proto Culture novel, that such a qualification adds to the novel I honestly don t know.

    10. You know those books that you read and enjoy while you re reading them, but when you re finished you struggle even when it s only days later to recall much about them The Business is one of those books I ve put off reviewing this for a while largely because I wanted to write something worthwhile, but was finding it difficult to think of anything to say about the work So now let s get to it It s an airport novel Let s be frank It s designed to be inhaled and forgotten, I think, so it s fitting I [...]

    11. My response to hearing of the passing of Iain Banks was to go out and get another book of his to read This one lacks the M in the author name, so technically, it s not science fiction, though it does dive into alternate history universe territory So, what if there was a powerful multinational corporation that had been in existence since before the Roman Empire which it actually owned for a brief period of time , which was now interested in acquiring a country in order to have a seat in the UN Th [...]

    12. For years I thought Iain Banks could do no wrong The Wasp Factory , The Bridge , Complicity and all the rest, every time I read an Iain Banks book I felt as though my mind had been blown by the guy s genius And then I ran out to WH Smith and bought The Business as soon as it was released Ack.It sounds interesting enough, the whole history of the Business, this huge, shadowy organisation and this woman who works for them But the book is what I never ever thought Banks could be Dull I kept throwin [...]

    13. I thought I owned this book because it was on one of those 1001 books one should read type lists The whole time I was reading it, I kept asking myself, What in the world is so special about this novel that it would make such a list I m pretty sure there Banks has better books, and there are certainly better books in the world I didn t realize that I d confused it with The Information by Martin Amis The names are similar and both authors are British, okay We all make mistakes Even if I d figured [...]

    14. Loved this book For fans of Gibson s Bigend series who are feeling iffy about Banks, pick this one up conversely, if you ve read this and liked it, but don t read Gibson, you may want to give those books a whirl they are, in order Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, and Zero History Really thoroughly enjoyed this book, and was torn over how it should end, and in the end I can t say I disagreed with how it did Anyway, given the nature of the plot, I ll leave it at that to avoid spoilers.

    15. An incredible novel on the human condition and the temptation of capitalism in business Iain Banks writes with a free flowing and captivating prose that allows people to sink into his books and come out at the end feeling refreshed.

    16. I really wanted to love this book With its slick dialogue and strong female lead,The Businesshad great promise in the first few chapters I thought initially that it was just taking a while to get going, and was looking forward to getting past the slow start and into the gripping narrative beyond Unfortunately for me, the whole thing was a slow start The pithy character exchanges were nestled among endless paragraphs of long winded exposition of the shadowy and seemingly omnipotent Business a wea [...]

    17. An interesting, funny and entertaining read that may have been written in the late nineties but seems relevant today than ever seen as post Trump and Brexit our politics have become very two dimensional and its books like this that add some much needed texture Essentially here s the story of an almost Bond villain like global corporation with an illustrious history dating back centuries and its fingers in all the pies and despite the current trend for caricatures of the divide between rich and [...]

    18. The Business promises intrigue but it doesn t quite deliver.It s about Kate, a woman in her late 30s and successful in The Business a secretive organisation that s been around longer than the Catholic Church While on sabbatical she manages to get embroiled in a seemingly complex series of events, moved around the globe like a pawn piece in schemes beyond her knowledge My assumption going into this book was that it would be a high stakes psychological drama with Banks characteristic wit And the w [...]

    19. Boring and, frankly, half arsed If this novel were a room, the conspiracy , such as it is, would be standing outside at the far end of the garden getting rained on And you look around and notice the room only has three walls And all the doors are just drawn on in crayon It s boring, the world isn t believable, the characters all seem 2D, the narrator herself is just a sketch even though we re in her head the whole story I was never invested in her story or her stupid life Ultimately, the book s [...]

    20. Reading Iain M Banks for me is always like a warm bath for the mind with plenty of bubbles with some energetic music rather than whale song in the background and a bottle of aged rum rather than a mug of coco The Business did not quite meet this for me but it was a good story with some fantastic characters and had enough twists and turns to keep me interested It gives the reader a glimpse of a lifestyle most will never know which is compelling, but on the whole I felt it just lacked a little pun [...]

    21. Claro ejemplo de que aunque Iain banks ha hecho joyas como la serie de La cultura, no siempre est uno iinspirado o m s bien le obligan a escribir por contrato La novela empieza muy bien, con varias tramas de intriga empresarial y muchos personajes ambiciosos e interesantes, con varios hilos argumentales Conforme avanza la novela va tirando err ticamente de los hilos y se centra en el menos interesante De repente la novela se convierte en una recopilaci n de la filosof a de vida del autor d nde e [...]

    22. A novel that threatens to be a mystery but in the end devolves to a discussion of moral choices The central questions are familiar to anyone reading Iain Banks work what do people do when they have so much money or power that they can effectively do anything Banks narrative highlights many of his private passions and the things that perhaps he would have done had he possessed the wealth of the titular organisation In the end the core mystery peters out a little quickly and unsatisfactorily in my [...]

    23. On balance, a three point five Firstly, it took a while to get in to, with lots of time taken to set up the world in which the story took place Somewhere around the middle I found myself enjoying the wit and intelligence of the central character and her comments and observations In the end though it all sorta came to a weak pfft of an ending The writing was good quality and rarely got as silly as some of the previous Iain Banks novels I have read and been irritated by, but maybe this novel being [...]

    24. A bit underwhelmed by the plot, but frankly smitten with the main character, Kathryn She is not a very likeable person, but she is interesting, strong, smart, sarcastic, ambitious, flawed, lonely, and confident If Banks had written a book only consisting of dialogue, I would probably enjoy it immensly There, his wit and understanding of human nature really shine The scenery and plot add some very luxurious context, but Kathryn s understated cynicism steals the show without ever crossing the line [...]

    25. Didn t seem to go anywhere Towards the end there was some intriguing developments but the end was somewhat predictable I would read another Iain Banks book as I quite liked the way The Business read, but it did not draw me in as I would have liked.

    26. The concepts in this book are so close to the reality of today that it didn t read like fiction at all Well worth reading, even if the ending is a bit meh.

    27. Only read this because a famfriend gave me a hard copy.Some really good discussion on capitalism surrounded by lies, cheating and blackmail Massive snorefest

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