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The Fourth Piece By E. Ardell,

  • Title: The Fourth Piece
  • Author: E. Ardell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Admitting what you are will end everything you know Embracing who you are will start a warLife is great when you re good looking and popular so long as no one knows you re a vulatto Being half alien gets you labeled loser quicker than being a full vader So it s a good thing Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence can easily pass for human until the night of the party Nothing kiAdmitting what you are will end everything you know Embracing who you are will start a warLife is great when you re good looking and popular so long as no one knows you re a vulatto Being half alien gets you labeled loser quicker than being a full vader So it s a good thing Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence can easily pass for human until the night of the party Nothing kills a good time faster than three brothers sharing a psychic vision of a fourth brother who s off world and going to die unless they do something But when your brother s emergency happens off planet, calling 9 1 1 really isn t an option In their attempt to save a brother they barely remember, Devon, Lyle and Lawrence expose themselves to mortal danger and inherit a destiny that killed the last four guys cursed with it In 2022, there are humans and aliens, heroes and monsters, choices and prophecies and four brothers with the power to choose what s left when the gods decide they re through playing games.Book I in the Order s Last Play series
    The Fourth Piece Admitting what you are will end everything you know Embracing who you are will start a warLife is great when you re good looking and popular so long as no one knows you re a vulatto Being half alien g

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    1. Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Definitely a new experience It s rare that I get to read a book told entirely from the point of views of males Sometimes we get a dual POV of male and female characters This was unique for me I really liked getting into each of the four brothers heads Though, one brother, Evan, we don t get to see very much of yet I predict we will in the next book.We have three brothers living on earth and one Evan who doesn t [...]

    2. If you re interested in a young adult sci fi novel with few brothers as main characters I ve got just the thing for you What is it all about Three brothers Lyle, Devon, and Lawrie, who aren t quite human, receive a psychic message from the long lost brother who needs their help Well, anyone s help actually, but since the message reaches them it will have to do.But the boys have no contacts with alien governments and they d rather pretend to be pure humans then risk being hunted and beaten by all [...]

    3. My rating 4This book was everything I wanted it to be, and so much I do have to say though that for the first 2 3 of the book, I had to keep going back to the chapter heads to remind myself who s POV I was reading there are a lot of teenage boys heads you get into in this book It was hard to keep track sometimes That being said, once I got to know the boys, the chapters became much easier to read and I enjoyed the story a lot I have never read another YA book similar to this one and I was so g [...]

    4. I really like when in books the first chapters makes you say Must know what happens next Yes I am a robot P It had alliens, it had magic and four hot guys Not the typical YA adult love triangles What I didn t like as much was that the brothers where represented as heartbreakers and did I mentioned that they were hot For me that was one of the disadvantages as I felt it didn t gave anything to the story, I think the characters were already interesting I loved how everyone had their own unique abi [...]

    5. Whaaaaaaat Where is the love triangle Two characters who meet and instantly fall in love How bout the YA female protagonist Ummm where are the irresponsible parents The dead mom Quirky best friend If you can t tell, I m a little sick of YA tropes Of course YA can be a little bit stereotype y than adult fiction With younger readers it s less likely you ve read a certain type of story before so you can err a little bit on the side of been there done that The Fourth Piece by E Ardell is different [...]

    6. I swear if you kill yourself, I m going to make sure stupid is tattooed on your ass for the angels to see The Fourth Piece is about three brothers who during one party receive a psychic message from their lost brother because he needs their help After this they find out that they aren t normal teenagers but future rulers of Rema.At first was confusing for me to read three point of views, mainly because Lyle and Lawrie s abilities are similar but after a while I got used to it But I completely di [...]

    7. The first thing what makes me buy a book is definitely the cover and I love this one It s amazing 3 The Fourth Piece is the debut of author E Ardell and I have to say, she did a great job with this book It took me a few pages to get used to the structure of the book as the reader is confronted with the point of view of not just one main character in it However, after I got used to it, I got completely addicted to the story I couldn t lay the book down at all and I didn t stumble over any dull sc [...]

    8. I normally have trouble getting into novels with than two point of view characters I easily lose track of who is who and constantly find myself having to back track to figure out who is speaking When I read that The Fourth Piece had four point of view characters, who were also brothers, I was like oh no, this is going to be another one of those books But I could not have been wrong Writing from multiple pov s is hard and Ardell excels at it immensely I never had trouble telling apart the voice [...]

    9. Title The Fourth PieceAuthor E ArdellPublisher 48fourteen Publishing ISBN 978 1 937546 61 8Buy Link eardell books Reviewer Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Order s Last Play 1Admitting what you are will end everything you know Embracing who you are will start a warLife is great when you re good looking and popular so long as no one knows you re a vulatto Being half alien gets you labeled loser quicker than being a full vader So it s a good thing Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence can easily pass for human until [...]

    10. Well Written Interesting Storyline I really enjoyed this book It is written from alternate views of four brothers which, with so many multiple views can sometimes be hard to really sink into the story but I didn t find it a problem and the author does a really good job keeping the story flowing I was thrown a bit when I first started reading as the authors style was so fast with short, almost dot point sentences that I had to reread it a couple of times but you know those short, almost dot point [...]

    11. I would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.Earth 2022 is not much different than 2016 Except for the aliens Visitors have been officially visiting for 5 years, though they have been visiting unofficially much longer There are embassies for other planets and government relations are being made, though humans remain the same Hostility against offworld visitors, disrespectfully called vadors, and children of mixed descent, ca [...]

    12. The Fourth Piece is the story of three brothers, Lyle, Devon, and Lawrie with rotating first person perspective chapters They are contacted by a fourth brother, Evan, who is nearing death, and whose perspective is given in later chapters These four brothers have been selected by an alien goddess, Order, for a mission which stretches back in time they have flash backs to this agreement This first book seeks to set up a universe where aliens are common and many planets exist It reads like a prequ [...]

    13. I had been waiting to read this book for a while now and let me tell you it was a complete page turner and worth the wait I was on the edge of my couch practically gripping the edges of my tablet reading at some parts and blinking back tears from laughing so hard at other parts These characters, though half alien, feel very real I got sucked into their world and can t wait to see where the story goes The story starts with three brothers Lawrence Lawrie , Devon, and Lyle who are pretty much doing [...]

    14. This book starts a series that I am very much looking forward to reading The author of The Fourth Piece draws us into her universe through the distinct voices of three brothers whose lives and interests are very much like most teenaged boys girls, trouble, and getting through high school Dark and mysterious Lyle, his muscular but not so swift twin Devon, and hyperactive genius Lawri want nothing than to live their perfectly normal lives, and pass as human in a world where aliens and half aliens [...]

    15. OK so I don t normally read YA books, I leave that for my kids, but in an effort to find books appropriate books for them to read and something they might enjoy I decided to give it shot.This story starts out VERY slow and can get extremely confusing, however it does pick up pretty quickly after about chapter 10 Once it really finally gets going you don t want to put the book down, it can start getting intense and actually made my heart race quite a bit after Lawrie was held and they went to th [...]

    16. This author is new to me I decided to read this book mainly because of the cover and the description about the book Lets just say they do not do them justice the book was a page turner and could not put it down I would highly recommend any one who is of two mines about it to give it ago you won t be disappointed The characters that make up The Fourth Piece are quite original in there own right, they all have interesting personalities, interactions that play off each other and they also clash and [...]

    17. I really, really enjoyed this book I was a little leery at first, because I m not a huge sci fi reader, but the cover is gorgeous and the premise sounded promising so I gave it a shot I was not disappointed The story is told in alternating first person points of view, but I only had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to confirm who s POV I was in once or twice The voices and personalities are distinct Each brother has qualities that you love, qualities that you hate, and qualities that y [...]

    18. I received this ebook from netgalley in exchange for an honest review It s nice and fresh, still a YA but with no obvious love interest s I also liked a lot next book preview I have great expectations for this series.I liked Lawrence the most, Devon the least I am undecided about Lyle My vote 3.5 stars

    19. In 2022, there are humans and aliens, heroes and monsters, choices and prophecies The story is told by 3 brothers Devon, Lyle and Lawrence Lawrie Early on, I did get confused at times about the names But I had no problem following along with who s POV each chapter was told from b c each chapter was clearly identified Plus, each guy has a distinct personality so if you do forget who s POV you are reading, this was a tell tale sign This story kept me guessing what would happen next and why It s ri [...]

    20. I was looking for something to read Something different from the YA cookie cutter books that have been coming out lately This book was suggested to me It did not disappoint.Right from the start I was pulled into the story through four brothers I wasn t sure if I would like the multiple POV stylebut it worked Each brother has a unique voice, each with his own life of difficulties.I like how the story starts in a regular neighborhood and focuses on one family, then by then end, I m looking at an e [...]

    21. The book was amazing when the review request was submitted the author had me at half alien and oh did she place her money where her mouth was The book starts off with an unknown character who we later find out is the fourth and older brother Evan who we do not physically meet until the very end but it was perfectly done Next off is Lawrence doing some daredevil stun and almost drowning followed by Lyle the telempath and lastly Devon our little hulk As the book progresses our characters get into [...]

    22. 4 starsDiscrimination against aliens Inter galactic war Count me in.I, personally, am not a big fan of first person POV, much less multiple first person POVs Ever since reading Veronica Roth s Allegiant, I have developed a strong aversion towards books told from multiple first person POV So when I opened up this book and saw the huge name, written in caps, under the chapter number and the word I , I almost wanted to close the book and move on But the description seemed promising so I decided to [...]

    23. This book follows three teen aged brothers who live a privileged life and suddenly find that they can no longer pretend their secret doesn t exist any It turns out that this isn t a secret world story, but one where aliens are now living openly on Earth, but are the target of a lot of fear, prejudice, and hatred Those who are half human are particularly vulnerable unless they can pass as human, like the brothers in this book They ve led something of a charmed life, where one brother is psychic [...]

    24. I received this book for review from Netgalley after requesting it because I loved the synopsis, plus it had been awhile since I d read anything even close to Sci fi This book was definitely a grower for me it was written in first person, and as I said in my review of The Sin Eaters Daughter, I m not a big fan of that particular writing style This is not a bad review though, and the great plot meant that I quickly got over what is usually a pretty big issue for me There was also the fact that at [...]

    25. Well drawn characters, interesting premise, intriguing mythology This is a sci fi novel lovers of all genres will want to read.The Fourth Piece is the story of three teenage brothers who learn that their background is not as normal as they had believed hoped that it was, and what they discover leaves them reeling in their sneakers.While the novel s genre is science fiction, there is enough normalcy to the story, and the charming characters, to entertain readers of all genres, not merely the sci [...]

    26. This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was really excited about reading this book The synopsis sounded promising and the prophecy intriguing I liked parts of this book but other parts I didn t The beginning was really good and my attention, and interest, were piqued Once was explained about the Vulattos and aliens inhabiting Earth I was even excited What confused me was the god Order , the whole prophecy about the four brothers, and the world that the oldest br [...]

    27. So there s a new YA author on the block and she s showing great promise with this first in the series The Fourth Piece Loved the premises of this book The three, then fourth brother We get to see these personalities grow at a good pace not rushed My favorite brother Lawrie His reckless youth and stunts made me smile Honestly, there is so much going for this series It s original with fabulous character development So, why the 3 stars Well, 3 stars means I like it and I most definitely do like it [...]

    28. Full Review at kendralovesbooks I received a copy from YA Bound Book Tours for an honest review I really enjoyed this book right from the beginning The book definitely held my interest throughout the whole book The book is about 3 brothers Lawrie, Lyle and Devon trying to figure out who they are and how to help their older brother Evan who is on another planet Evan and their father left Earth at a young age to go their original planet, Rema All the brothers are half alien and they each have a sp [...]

    29. I don t normally read YA, but I saw this book revolved around 4 brothers and decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did It combines the best aspects of YA the pacing and straightforward language This fast paced read drips with action and danger All four point of view characters had a unique voice Yet they all sounded young and masculine I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but its the first book in a series, so I am looking forwards to the others.

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