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Tangled Up in Princes By Molly Jameson,

  • Title: Tangled Up in Princes
  • Author: Molly Jameson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What could be romantic than a wedding in a Scottish castle For Carrie MacCallum, sister of the bride, the answer is finding herself pressed against an impossibly handsome man in a curtained alcove inside said castle His slow burn smile is enough to have Carrie thinking of than moonlit walks beneath a canopy of stars She s thinking about a fling Or she would What could be romantic than a wedding in a Scottish castle For Carrie MacCallum, sister of the bride, the answer is finding herself pressed against an impossibly handsome man in a curtained alcove inside said castle His slow burn smile is enough to have Carrie thinking of than moonlit walks beneath a canopy of stars She s thinking about a fling Or she would be, if she were the type of woman who thought about flings, which she most certainly was not She was a knitting shop owner from Kentucky She was not at all the kind of woman who would have a fling.Was she Edward, Duke of Lancashire and second son of Great Britain s reigning king, was hiding in an alcove He was used to being discovered by the paparazzi, but being discovered by very possibly the only woman in the world who didn t recognize him as a member of the British royal family was a new experience for him And a tempting one When was the last time he d gone out with a woman and not wondered if it was the idea of becoming a princess she fancied instead of him In their chance encounter, Carrie and Edward find in each other their heart s desire, but when Carrie s sister the bride, and Edward s brother, the Prince of Wales not the groom, are discovered in a compromising position,, it s up to Carrie and Edward to save their siblings, their families reputations, and the British monarchy from an international scandal Tangled Up In Princes is the first book in Royal Romances, a new, smart and sassy romantic comedy series that will delight fans of The Princess Diaries and The Royal We If you just can t get enough of the real royals, then Royal Romances is for you Molly Jameson s contemporary romance series features an alternate British monarchy with seven princes and princesses of marriageable age, all of whom will get their shot at the fairytale happy ever after Scroll up and get your copy today
    Tangled Up in Princes What could be romantic than a wedding in a Scottish castle For Carrie MacCallum sister of the bride the answer is finding herself pressed against an impossibly handsome man in a curtained alcove ins

    One thought on “Tangled Up in Princes”

    1. The concept for the story is cute, but oh My God Does this woman not have any clue about who the Prince of Wales is You know, the heir to the throne of England Instead Jameson has portrayed the Prince of Wales as second in line after his brother Jameson lost me right there Yeah, yeah, I m a glutton for punishment, so I did read the whole thing What a waste of time Carrie kept moaning on about should she shouldn t she The prince had his own issues Then there was Carrie s stupid lame ass sister an [...]

    2. CuteCute story Quick read, before I knew it was than halfway through the book Really like the characters, esp the royal siblings Can t wait to read about them In some ways, Carrie seemed a bit unreal perfect Rarely losing temper, getting mad or frustrated She was also very quick to forgive or help A few things didn t add up to me in the fic, why Edward lead the press down the secret passages, revealing such passages and why he and Carrie jumped into bed when they knew the press was right behin [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book Molly Jameson has created a winner in TANGLED UP IN PRINCES A refreshing look at the British Monarchy with characters that are believable, likable and very real The main character is Carrie, who is funny and irreverant and someone that I would seriously want to meet for coffee every week The royal family is perfectly portrayed as classic staid Brits, but with unexpected quirkiness that comes from life in a fish bowl Edward and James were easy to fall in love with and I [...]

    4. This was a short read It was your run of the mill royal and commoner story and it was a little boring It wasn t a bad story, necessarily It was just a bit dull And the shortness of it didn t lend itself to very developed characters or plot I liked the banter and the humor, but the writing could have used another edit A solid 2 stars to pass your time Low angst, low drama, and safe.

    5. Terrible cover, adorable book You won t be sorry for picking this one up Love these characters and I m excited for future books

    6. I really enjoyed this book It was so fun A pleasant HEA, featuring vivid characters Want a cute royal romance This is your five glittery star read

    7. Delightful and charming And there was knitting It was short but really adorable and sweet I will note, though, that the formatting of the book was all messed up The indents at the beginning of paragraphs weren t there for a good chunk of the book, there were missing quotation marks on dialogue, extra line breaks Could have used a good round of copy editing and formatting before being put through the Kindle black box.

    8. A Princely MoveThank you for this sweet love story between Carrie and Edward I enjoyed the various characters and found the storyline fast moving I look forward to reading of your work.

    9. Awesome book I love books about royals falling in love with commoners I wished there had been a little at the end of book, but it was still really good Thinking about starting the one about his sister next.

    10. Entertaining, fun, realistically frustrating, feel good A treasure, but not enough knitting or yarn porn I ll be reading in the series.

    11. This was a quick and cute fairty tale type romance Carrie MacCallum is in Scotland for her sister s wedding when she meets a very handsome guy Said handsome guy happens to be Prince Edward, one of the British royal kids Edward is buddies with the groom, and although he s there for the wedding too, he s mostly there to keep his brother, Jamie, out of trouble When he meets Carrie and she doesn t know who he is, he s refreshingly happy as well as attracted to her Carrie and Edward have a mini fling [...]

    12. This is one of those books where I spent half my time rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue and the other half just loving the story I think my main problem was that there was a lot of telling instead of showing I just felt like Edward and Carrie weren t together enough for the romance to really be believable However, I ended up liking them both a lot loved the secondary characters even Even though I had issues with this book I enjoyed it look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    13. Ne Tangled Up in Princes 1 by Molly JamesonGood book really enjoyed it you need to read it it s that good started out with Carrie sister Amanda marrying a friend of two Princes Carrie falls for Edward the one who trays to keep JAmie the heir to the throne Out of trouble then he get in a situation that him and Carrie have to take the for both of their siblings she goes back to the states you will have to read the book to find out all th e good parts it worth it enjoy Margie

    14. Really of a 3.5 stars, but I m rounding up because it was well a written and engaging story I just would have liked depth and detail to the characters and plot I tend to want enjoyable tales to continue It is a very cute whirlwind romance with a prince and a small town American girl Very quick read, and worth reading if you enjoy royal romances I ll be reading the rest of the series

    15. I liked the book I just was really confused for the longest time about the time period When I read the synopsis I thought it was going to be a historical romance Ended up being a contemporary which my the compromising positions a little out of date But I like the book and fell in love with the characters Can t wait to read Lizzy s story.

    16. I loved this introduction to our Royal characters I don t know what my fascination is with royalty, but this fulfills all my wishes in a Royal Romance Well written, believable characters and a plausible plot I didn t want to smack anyone ok, well maybe Jamie I recommend this to anyone who loves romance and an HEA

    17. I enjoyed getting tangled up with this book It was a fast read that had you rooting for Carrie and Edward I liked the character developments as well as the surprising turn of events A very enjoyable read

    18. Really enjoyedI call this light reading It s great sometimes when you finish one book that s a little intense and you need something to wind down It was funny, romance, and an all around good read Would recommend Yep, I m looking forward to the next one

    19. I really loved the book The way Carrie and Edward meet is so unassuming Also, thought a lot of the tension and drama with the paparazzi felt genuine and was well written If you are looking for a great quick read with a royal subject matter, look no further.

    20. I liked this good It was a little corny, but adorable A lot of questionable choices going on, but overall I enjoyed it.

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