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  1. Actual rating 4.5 Stars This review can also be found at The Reader and the Chef Special thanks go out to the author for the review copy in exchange of my honest opinion I ve been following the Eternity Series since the beginning, and while I have loved and enjoyed Walter, James, and Mary Crofter s life adventures, I don t think I ve been as invested in a story as much as I was with Angus s incredibly inspiring journey.I, Angus tells the tale of the last male member of Clan Mackenzie from Scotla [...]

  2. I, Angus is a fantastic addition to The Eternity Series Immediately, the reader is swept away to Northern Scotland and plopped into the war ravaged life of seventeen year old, Angus Mackenzie The English invasion of Scotland was quickly leaving many homes devastated and families bereft of clan males The story begins with Angus leaving his family castle to deliver a message from his father to a neighboring laird From there he encounters one hardship after another, experiencing great love and loss [...]

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed I, Angus The newest installment in The Eternity Series by Mike Hartner His books are easy to read, enjoyable and filled with history He touches on the heart with this book and makes you understand that life is sometimes filled with heartache and loss I was excited to see Angus becomes the man he never intended from the young man lost and searching It was nice to run into Mary and see how her life had progressed This is an excellent YA book and I strongly recommend it to youn [...]

  4. Immediately, readers are swept up in an adventure taking place in Northern Scotland during these harrowing times The English have invaded and land is bereft with broken homes and broken families In particular the story follows the war ravaged life of fifteen year old, Angus Mackenzie As the first pages of the book unfold Angus is tasked with leaving the safety of his family s castle to deliver a message from his father to a neighboring king.The trip is not an easy one nor is it without profound [...]

  5. Fourteen year old Angus Mackenzie had never really had any great ambition for his life Growing up during a time when Scotland is being torn apart by dissension and civil strife, Angus is content to live his life quietly taking care of himself and his family, and protecting them to the best of his ability However, as war rages around him and he loses those he loves most, Angus grows increasingly disillusioned by the state of his country As a man of peace Angus has seen his share of death, and he [...]

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