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The Devil Is a Marquess By Elisa Braden,

  • Title: The Devil Is a Marquess
  • Author: Elisa Braden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a rake beyond redemption A walking scandal surviving on little than wits, whisky, and wicked skills in the bedchamber, Benedict Chatham, the new Marquess of Rutherford, is at the end of his rope Deeply in debt and down to his last farthing, he must marry nothing short of an absolute fortune, or risk utter ruin Must marry for money Enter Miss Charlotte LancastWhen a rake beyond redemption A walking scandal surviving on little than wits, whisky, and wicked skills in the bedchamber, Benedict Chatham, the new Marquess of Rutherford, is at the end of his rope Deeply in debt and down to his last farthing, he must marry nothing short of an absolute fortune, or risk utter ruin Must marry for money Enter Miss Charlotte Lancaster, unfashionably tall heiress to just such a fortune and a clumsy, redheaded disaster in her five London seasons While she dreams of leaving England for a life of trade in America, her father schemes to trade her dowry for a title and Marchioness of Rutherford will do nicely Charlotte wants her independence, not a husband, and certainly not a disreputable devil who renders her weak and wobbly with a single scorching glance But she s a practical sort, and a year with the devil might buy her freedom provided she can resist his seductive charms That shouldn t prove a problem, for he could not possibly want someone like her, and the feeling is mutual Really It is Love grows in the most unexpected places When her father demands a startling price for his daughter s hand one year of fidelity and sobriety Chatham must change his libertine ways at least temporarily And when he does, Charlotte begins to see him in a new light not as the scandalous charmer she married, but as the husband she just might adore.
    The Devil Is a Marquess When a rake beyond redemption A walking scandal surviving on little than wits whisky and wicked skills in the bedchamber Benedict Chatham the new Marquess of Rutherford is at the end of his rope

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    1. Nevermind the armpit hair on displayOuch That had to have hurt Series Yes and OMG must read them all Another author to add to my favorite list.Sexy times More than a few less than a ton Plan on reading by the author Oh hell yes.Synopsis Benedict is kind of a waste of humanity Bent and determined the schtup his way through life all while inebriated at levels that would probably kill a mere mortal And then there s Charlotte, who everyone wants to tup due to her extreme height and, therefore extre [...]

    2. I was given an ARC of this title by the author in exchange for an honest review I also purchased a copy of this title as a gift for my Mom If I could give this book 10 stars, I would I LOVED IT To be perfectly honest, I started this book very skeptical that I would like it I didn t really care for Chatham in the previous books and the first chapter of this book did nothing to endear him to me.Viscount Chatham, now the Marquess of Rutherford is a drunk, a scoundrel, a rake and a jerk he survives [...]

    3. This was a definite 4 star read for me I enjoyed the writing style quite elegant and true to its period I especially enjoyed the witty little quotations from the Marchioness of Wallingham that headed up each chapter.The H and h were well drawn characters, although Chatham, the Hero, was screw up central for most of the book I did have my misgivings, as he was definitely a man whore who had been paid to have sex, and who was a full blown alcoholic If a woman had done what he had done harlot and r [...]

    4. Just put down The Devil is a Marquess with a smile It was terrific I truly enjoyed this story of redemption of Lord Chatham with Charlotte s love I was so entertained by their singular personalities and moments of humor There were so many funny moments I especially got a kick out of Mr Pryor s visit and subsequent interrogation LOL There were also poignant and emotional parts to this story that touched upon the longterm effects of emotional childhood neglect as reflected in both the lead charact [...]

    5. The Devil is a Marquess is the fourth instalment in Elisa Braden s Rescued from Ruin series and continues the high standard set by each of the previous stories I absolutely loved it It can be read as a stand alone but I definitely recommend reading the first three simply because they are brilliant.Chatham was introduced in the first book The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne and plays a part in each of the subsequent books He was portrayed as such a dissolute but intriguing character that it was d [...]

    6. Benedict Chatham has hit bottom so hard all of Society thinks he will not make it to winter He is renting a room in a gambling hell, selling his body to bored woman of any class, drinking until he cannot stand up and has lost so much weight he looks like half dead already His physical condition is deteriorating so rapidly he cannot stand or walk without his walking stick He has no friends or anyone else to miss him if he dies His father has left an estate so badly in debt that even though he has [...]

    7. Hot hot hot I love the series and this was the best one yet Read them all, read them in order Can t wait for Viola and James story, due out this summer.

    8. I have to admit, I loved this book Had to go an buy the first one I am sure I will be buying all Excellent job Great characters I love the dark and angry heros.

    9. Wonderful readThe author provided me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest and forthright review, here goes The first three books in this series were wonderful and are not to be missed I have read them all twice now This book was about one of my least favorite characters in the series but just few chapters in I was totally hooked What a wonderful story I will read and re read this one again and again The author Think a modern day, spicy version of Georgette Heyer I can t w [...]

    10. The author provided me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest forthright review and here goesWorth the wait Super good Kept me up till the wee hours The first three in the series were wonderful and I couldn t put them down This one was about one of my least favorite characters but just few chapters in and I was hooked What a wonderful story Truly a must read, and re read and read again Think a modern day, spicy Georgette Heyer

    11. A Regency rake redemption story I am probably being overly harsh as I enjoyed the story, but feel like it has been done before and is all too familiar The h is a tall, fiery, freckled redhead which makes her seriously out of place in Regency England The H is a complete and total reprobate as he is an OTT alcoholic gigolo with a rotten mother and distant father The father is dead, but never loved his son or wife.The h s social climbing, gasp, American father strong arms them into a MOC where the [...]

    12. This was recommended to me by Jacqueline and the rec came at the perfect time I had a hankering for a historical romance so I d been rereading some of my old favorites See, I ve found that I m most often disappointed when I try a new HR author, so I usually just reread the authors and stories I know I like Lesson Those recommendations are worth putting out there when you find a book you like The blurb pulled me in The male lead, Lord Rutherford aka Lord Chatham , a debauched, alcoholic marquess, [...]

    13. Well, I didn t like this book as much as I had hoped I would from the reviews I read I m hovering around the 2.5 to 3 stars mark My first Elisa Braden And the armpit hair on the cover makes me smile every time I see it I m laughing again in a tolerant way as I think about it now What were they thinking Oh well, at least it s a memorable cover Benedict Chatham is at a really low point in his life He may be a marquess, but he s also totally dead broke, and has sunk to the level of taking money fro [...]

    14. 3.75 Not quite a 4 star, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this new to me authorI rounded up.Chatham is a drunk His father died, leaving the rakehell with a debt he couldn t hope to pay, even with the money he makes from selling his services to wealthy women, and the Tons secrets to his unscrupulous landlord Charlotte s father is a wealthy American who wants nothing than to marry his daughter to a title After 5 years on the Market with no prospects for the gangly redhead, he decides to buy t [...]

    15. 5 glorious starsI had been waiting to read Chatham s book ever since he made an appearance in book one In the previous books he was always portrayed as a scoundrel and a drunk but he was also an intriguing character So, when i realized his book had been released i couldn t wait to read it.The first few pages was basically the same Chatham from the previous books and i wondered what direction the author would go in way of redeeming him I should not have bothered After those first few pages, it pi [...]

    16. Finally, finally, FINALLY I have managed to stumble upon a new to me historical romance author that I like and I want to read books by Oh, happy day

    17. This was a great read romance, humor, tension, redemption Chatham is a wreck he s a drunk who earns his money by selling secrets and whoring He has just inherited a pile of debts and a bankrupt estate Charlotte has had 5 seasons without an offer of marriage She s too tall, too clumsy, a wonderful friend and has a plan to return to America to start a business Her father throws a wrench in her plans by offering Chatham a dowry he can t refuse What I like best are the complex hero and heroine Chath [...]

    18. This is just so marvellous I love this story, as I do the series up to now Charlotte is cool and Ben is a devil, but both so likeable The storyline is fab as are the others characters, especially Viola and James who will be just as wonderful in the next book A Girl For the Earl.I can t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this

    19. This was better than I thought it was going to be I did not enjoy Chantom in the previous books but this was such a great read I could not put it down.

    20. Well hello there Chatham or actually Rutherford To say I was doubting this book would be an understatement I mean Chatham up until now had been a huge factor in all the issues from the previous books He was a drunk who had no morals and had no qualms on throwing anyone under the bus in order to get what he wants Charlotte s dad arranges their marriage but demands sobriety and fidelity I loved how he studies the proposal and knows that he can be faithful but what will really be a challenge is his [...]

    21. Oh my Another one one of those that you begin with he s going to be the hero Chatham the alcoholic, boy toy This story was well written and as you slowly learn about our hero you actually do begin to swoon for him.Charlotte the heroine does not see herself as attractive or marriageable She longs to return to America, her father wants her to have a title soCharlotte s father bankers an arrangement with our bankrupt hero Iq as impressed with how the story developed and the evolution of the charac [...]

    22. Loved, Loved Loved this book It is one of my all time favorites I loved how much Chatham loved Charlotte even though he struggled to admit it I often times struggle with books where the Heroine can t understand that hero could be attracted to her based on her looks, but Charlotte s personality helped me over look what I feel can be tedious aspect to a story The story has some nice spice, a must for me I ve definitely read steamier if that is a put off to some readers This is part of a series but [...]

    23. I really loved this one I can t determine if it was my favorite of the series or not I also really liked Colin and Sarah s story However, The Devil is a Marquess was quite interesting and fun Chatham was a jerk, but that s okay because he was supposed to be I like it when the bad boys are actually bad He redeemed himself I like Charlotte s character as well There were a few times when she annoyed me a little but not too much The love scenes were steamy and I bought into the relationship I m exci [...]

    24. I despised the so called hero of this story from the beginning I saw no redeeming quality in him drunken, debauched, totally mired in everything depraved As much as I loathed Chatham, I loved Charlotte Lancaster, first introduced in Desperately Seeking a Scoundrel Despite her disastrous 5 seasons and then forced marriage, she maintains humor and a good heart Things change, can they

    25. Ben comes a long way and fights for his Charlotte I loved these two and can t wait for the next book in this amazing series

    26. Wise words from Lady Wallingham Scoundrels do not change, my dear However, I concede that some may learn to aim their wickedness in a desirable direction To be honest, I can go on and on about how WONDERFUL this book is, but my words would never do it justice Who knew Chatham would end up being the most swoonworthy hero in this series so far, but he sets a high bar Certainly not me One can argue that Chatham has changed a lot, but I don t think that s the case I think it s along the lines of t [...]

    27. Ah the trope reformed rakes make the best husbands Squees.At his lowest ebb, Benedict Chatham, the new Marquess of Rutherford needs cash He s just inherited the debt ridden title and is literally selling everything that isn t nailed down estates, household goods, houses, horses and carriages the lot He has been living on cash won at gambling, and earned bedding women who can pay for his skills But it disappears fast keeping up with his whiskey habit He s forgotten to eat for so long that he s ge [...]

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