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Winter of Magic's Return By Pamela F. Service,

  • Title: Winter of Magic's Return
  • Author: Pamela F. Service
  • ISBN: 9780449702024
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Convinced that a new age of magic is about to begin in the wake of the nuclear holocaust, a young resurrected Merlin and two friends set out to bring King Arthur back to the land.
    Winter of Magic s Return Convinced that a new age of magic is about to begin in the wake of the nuclear holocaust a young resurrected Merlin and two friends set out to bring King Arthur back to the land

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    1. I read this book as a young boy in third grade It completely changed what I expected from a book and helped gear my tastes in reading at an early age This is the story of three kids living in a post apocalyptic world There are some standard tropes, the nerdy book girl who is very smart and turns pretty, and the strange separate child who is much than he seems There are small humorous touches in this book as the children attempt to understand the world that comes before them, one of them even ta [...]

    2. One of my favorites as a kid, and a book that I read several times It introduced me to the part of the Arthurian legend that claimed he would come again to save England in her hour of greatest need which would be when In this book, it s after a nuclear war which has changed the face of the world I mostly remember it always being overcast, bleak, rather feudal in social matters but with some technology A pair of misfits at a boarding school befriend a charismatic new student who begins to regain [...]

    3. One of my favourites from childhood After the nuclear devastation, magic reclaims the world Okay, the main characters are three misfit kids at boarding school but the similarities end thereThis is part of the blurb The nuclear holocaust is history The survivors have a name for it the Devastation At boarding school in what used to be called Wales, threeds eager for adventure form a secret society Welly, Heather, and their new friend Earl, a foundling with no memory of his past.Everything changes [...]

    4. This book is genuinely delightful.My keyboard is being an ass and typing extra a s for no reason, so I ll keep this brief Apologies if extras a s sneak in without my notice and don t get corrected.So, there is much to love about this book It is meant for the younger reader, so don t expect a sweeping prose and exquisite narration.The female member of the group was, thankfully, not useless, as they are in so many other works looking at you, Over Sea, Under Stone She s bright and slays monsters wi [...]

    5. A friend loaned this to me saying he d really enjoyed it as a kid and since he knew I was such a voracious reader maybe I d like to try it.It was cute, but very juvenile Definitely middle grade level than anything else It was interesting though to see some well worn tropes in this though I suppose this is likely the predecessor given that it s from 1985 Middle grade and YA fiction have come a long way since then, and I m glad I don t know really think this holds up unless you re of the target a [...]

    6. It s been several hundred years since nuclear war has destroyed most life and the earth has sunk into nearly constant winter But what life remains has gone on Welly and Heather attend Llandoylan School and, as mutual outcasts, enjoy what friendship they can Their lives change completely with the inclusion of Earl Bedwas, a strange older boy who has no memory from before he was found seven years earlier As Earl s mysteries unravel, Welly and Heather find themselves part of a grander adventure tha [...]

    7. The book is kind of like an apocalyptic dystopian Aurthurian story, featuring two children and their friend Earl who is actually the wizard Merlin I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH EARL TOO And kick Morgan s butt with him, he s so cool Merlin is basically a teenage kid again, but still has his wisdom of his older self It was funny picturing him acting so old and wise while really, he s just a young kid like Heather and Welly Heehee.One of my favorite things about this book was the character s adventures w [...]

    8. This is one of those books that I loved when I was a kid and that I d be afraid to go back and reread now in case it is not that good At a certain point in my reading career, however, this book blew my mind the desolate post nuclear winter English landscape, cold and snowy and inhabited by strange mutants the medievalish culture built on the ruins of the present the reawakening of magic Probably, this is not, objectively, a great book But it certainly captured my imagination to the point where I [...]

    9. This is a good fantasy novel for children probably around 11 or 12 It s about the cold, dark world the few survivors of a worldwide nuclear war live in Three misfits, Earl age 14 , Heather age 11 and Welly age 11 become friends, and when Earl is in trouble, they all start on a quest It s a good adventure book about good triumphing over evil and light triumphing over darkness.

    10. I read this book years ago, like in middle school, and it bugged me that I could never remember what it was called But it is a solid little scifi fantasy tale combining the legend of King Arthur with a nuclear winter that is finally ending It has good characters, good action, good description, and I could easily see it as a young adult movie in our current age of obsession with such things.

    11. I remember reading this as a kid and loving it I would like to re read it sometime as I can t quite remember all the particulars but I remember the contrasting combination of the futuristic post nuclear holocaust setting with the ancient characters of Merlin and King Arthur being pretty fun and interesting.

    12. I read the beginning of this in middle school, I think, and it stuck with me all this time I was into post apocalyptic stories even then So glad that Sharon reintroduced me to it

    13. I loved this book when I read it as a kid and intend to read it again so I can put a real rating on it My young self would have enthusiastically given it 5 stars.

    14. One of my friends loved this book when I was young, but I could just never get into it Reading it as an adult, it s not bad, but there were things that just didn t add up that got under my skin.

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