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Catching Preeya By Rissa Brahm,

  • Title: Catching Preeya
  • Author: Rissa Brahm
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • Fight Flight attendant Preeya Patel wears her mother s wanderlust genes like a catwalk model After quitting med school, she flies fast and free through her twenties a staunch middle finger to her Dr Dad She wants the life of her dreams a wild ride with a savage partner in crime to go with it But dreams don t often match what fate delivers Flight Young widower, Dr BFight Flight attendant Preeya Patel wears her mother s wanderlust genes like a catwalk model After quitting med school, she flies fast and free through her twenties a staunch middle finger to her Dr Dad She wants the life of her dreams a wild ride with a savage partner in crime to go with it But dreams don t often match what fate delivers Flight Young widower, Dr Ben Trainer, is flying to Mexico, joining yet another vaccine mission, alleviating his grief and guilt one needy soul at a time And risking his life might just set him free Or Fall When an in flight emergency throws Ben and Preeya together to save a child, logic and whimsy collide Both lost souls find something hot and deep and true an unforeseen connection But dreams morph, old nightmares haunt, secrets surface In order to navigate their futures, they must face their pasts Hard Will Preeya recognize the man of her wildest dreams Or will Ben fly from this second chance love before her eyes open A fight or flight to the finish for love.
    Catching Preeya Fight Flight attendant Preeya Patel wears her mother s wanderlust genes like a catwalk model After quitting med school she flies fast and free through her twenties a staunch middle finger to her Dr D

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    1. Just Finished, HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER I am going to have a major book hangover from this one Preeya is Strong Confident and runs smack into DR Ben who doesn t seem to notice he got run over This is the best book so far in the Series, Rissa really has a way of telling a story like you are right there in the plane, or the bedroom You feel so strongly for her characters and the flow is so even, I d have finished it in a day if not for my family needing things like food A Must Read But I recommend r [...]

    2. I loved it This entire series is just so well done Rissa is an expert at writing emotion, and, boy, have I felt A LOT reading these books This one included At times, I felt like I was watching a movie This is one of those epic romance novels that just sucks you in and BAM 6 hours later, you check the clock, surprised that so much time has passed Happened to me True story.Ben was struggling to overcome an issue that I don t particularly enjoy reading about, but Rissa did an absolutely phenomenal [...]

    3. Okay, I love and hate emotional books I love them because they are so real, so passionate and make you feel things that you wouldn t think you would feel while reading I also hate them for that same reason, however, Ms Brahm did a fantastic job in Catching Preeya.Also this is the first book I ve read by Rissa Brahm, however, this is the 3rd book in the series Yeah, I know one of these days guys I promise Anyway, I loved this story I loved the compassion and humility and just overall couldn t get [...]

    4. I received this book from in exchange for an honest review The third book in the series is so heart breaking and so simply touching The two main characters go through so much together There is also major character growth and not just from the two mains I think for me, this is a pivotal book in the series because you begin to actually see how the connections are ticking into place for all the other books in the series There are several familiar faces and I believe even a face to come in a future [...]

    5. ChangesBen had always been the type that rules were rules, they were NOT to be broken He was always the cut and dried, direct, and too honest type for most people But after being punched in the face while in the 5th grade for being the teachers pet and class tattletale, when he met the calm, cool, and collected surgeon who d fixed him up Most had expected him to become a lawyer, a judge or even a cop, but that cool, calm and collected surgeon who fixed him up made an impression on him So much so [...]

    6. Five Fabulous Stars Ben and Preeya are two lost souls, both suffering from a past that has had its share of problems They accidently run into one another and feel an instant connection Will Preeya and Ben let this love connection fly past them or will they act upon it before it is too late This is the second book by Ms Brahm that I have read and she has a beautiful way of writing an emotional story The author had me engaged from the first chapter and I couldn t put it down The characters are wel [...]

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    8. I got to read this book as an ARC This is a standalone book but there is a fine thread that runs through this book that connects it to the first two This book was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions Like her first two books Ms Brahm s writing encourages you to feel the book instead of just watching a story go by The characters are very well developed and the different pivot points of the book leave you spinning Again like her first two books if you are a lazy reader and like to skip stuff you w [...]

    9. I read books 1,2, and 3 in order so my review will be the same for all three Each book had equally unique characters and backgrounds The author has a distinct voice and creativity I enjoyed the build up of each story as well as the execution Bravo to author Rissa Brahm for writing something that was able to catch and keep my attention with something truly refreshing

    10. Catching Preeya awesomeSo the third book in this series is by far the best Great stories colliding together to give a very sweet, yet tearful at times, look into the lives of two intertwined souls Loved it

    11. I have never read anything by this author but I was pleasantly surprised by this book Then I learned that it was not a standalone Well it is but it s part of a series Yes, they can be read as standalones and I m guessing I don t have to read the other books because I understood this one just fine Ben is a great protagonist who is wrestling to overcome his past I loved loved loved Preeya, she is strong and confident with her own demons but the way the author wrote this book GAH So much emotion I [...]

    12. ARC kindly provided by author via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review SpoilerishWow This is my first book of Rissa Brahm, and also my first book of the Paradise South Series.I ve just finished it, so I m still landing What a wonderful love story What a breathtaking writing, almost poetic I felt the connection between Ben and Preeya since they locked each other s gaze for the first time.A beautiful journey through their own pasts, scars, losses and insecurities There is so much in this b [...]

    13. Catching Preeya book 3 of the Paradise South series is yet another win for author Rissa Brahm Having read the first two books of the series, Tempting Isabel and Taking Jana, this book follows suit with another emotionally compelling story of two people in desperate need of what the other offers While I typically rate most books with 4 stars, to give 5 stars means the book is exceptional enough to want it in hard copy to add to my print library This book definitely gets 5 stars The story is about [...]

    14. Just finished reading book 3 of Paradise South series.This book was not only filled with romance but with characters dealing with past family relationships could they fly on to heal old hurts, guilt and disappointments to enjoy future dreams and turn them into realities Dr Ben Trainer, a handsome empathetic widower was tortured and flying away from himself He collided with Preeya Patel instant heat Preeya is a stunning flight attendant consumed by her past also flying the world away from who she [...]

    15. Excellent contemporary romance between two people of different cultures and lifestyles come together Preeya is a beautiful soul She went through some intense events in her early life that defined how she acted and saw herself Meeting Ben was an accident yet also seemed destined because they kept bumping into one another Ben has also had very emotional life altering issues especially over the past few years Ben was a pediatric surgeon then started working for Doctors Without Borders I love the wa [...]

    16. Another great installment of the Paradise South books This was another great love story about Preeya, a beautiful stewardess who is very confused when it comes to any relationship and Ben, a widower running away from his memories of his deceased wife who died way too young It s a lovely story of how Preeya brings Ben back to life again after a year of suffering from his grief They have everything going for them except them selves I was really intrigued by their back and forth non trust issues Be [...]

    17. This book centers around two tormented souls, Preeya and Ben During an encounter, they both feel an immediate connection but have to decide if their past shames and pains are worth letting go in order to embrace a future together This story is an emotional roller coaster of the most fantastic kind Rissa Brahm weaves her stories with such dimensional characters and infectious storylines This is the third book in the Paradise South series and definitely not one to miss I have been lucky enough to [...]

    18. I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review I loved it and couldn t put it down once I started reading it Rissa uses strong characters and great story lines for her books This is the 3rd book of the series and I can t wait for of her work Will Preeya let Ben walk out of her life Or will she fight for him

    19. What a great journey This book goes beyond where traditional romance books end which makes it all the powerful ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley

    20. A very emotional and tearful story Make sure to have the tissues handy A heartwarming romance story about 2 people from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

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