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Blood Hound By James Osiris Baldwin,

  • Title: Blood Hound
  • Author: James Osiris Baldwin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B019EE6PW4 One of the first things every new mage learns about magic is that despite your newly discovered powers over the universe you are forever a struggling speck of krill in a very large, very cold, very dangerous ocean My name is Alexi Sokolsky blood mage, occult scholar, and hired killer Three things that should convey meThis is an alternate cover edition for B019EE6PW4 One of the first things every new mage learns about magic is that despite your newly discovered powers over the universe you are forever a struggling speck of krill in a very large, very cold, very dangerous ocean My name is Alexi Sokolsky blood mage, occult scholar, and hired killer Three things that should convey me some immunity in the dog eat dog world of the Russian mafia Fat chance I think too much, drink too little, and if there s one thing the underworld teaches you, it s that there s always a shark bigger and hungrier than you are.Life gets tough after a man turns up dead in our territory, his mutilated body scrawled with demonic sigils It gets tougher again when a key ally of my Organizatsiya is kidnapped by a secretive death cult and I m sent like an errand boy to hunt them down and bring him back.Then I get captured, nearly killed, and am immersed in a sea of cosmic horror the likes of which I ve never known The stakes are nothing less than the life of GOD Itself and it s calling to me for help.My name is Alexi Sokolsky blood mage, occult scholar, hired killer and hapless pawn in the great game between Everything and the NO thing trying to destroy it.
    Blood Hound This is an alternate cover edition for B EE PW One of the first things every new mage learns about magic is that despite your newly discovered powers over the universe you are forever a struggling

    One thought on “Blood Hound”

    1. One of the best books i have read this year Have been a long time since i wanted nothing but to immerse myself into a book and being unable to stop reading.Sometimes i think i m easy, just look at most of my ratings So i thought okay i love this book because it has two things i love occultism and mafia That s, hands down, instalove for me so i feel totally biased about rating this book But today with a cooler mind i think about this book and say no, i don t love this because it has things i lov [...]

    2. Review of book 1 3 series is still ongoing These books are something else, alright I m not sure how original they are, because I have zero clue about occult and have never read a book with a main focus on that thematic Needless to say, I was at times confused and I recommend to fresh up on occult beforehand Or read the books immediately afterward so you don t forget the important bits As I did Also, it doesn t matter so much if you are confused at times, the main points are understandable and ev [...]

    3. Speaking from the perspective of an occultist who has been practicing for two decades as well as a lover of fantasy and science fiction, this book hit the spot It is elegantly written and engaging but also brutal as befits a work about a hitman magician The intricate working of magic in the book satisfied my inner occultist who always wants to know how the magic in the story works Violence in the book is not just shrugged off, it does genuine injury that takes time to heal from, and pain and hor [...]

    4. Rating 2.5Overall I wasn t the biggest fan of this book I didn t find it bad but I personally didn t enjoy it much This was a book club read for me and probably wouldn t have been a book I would have ever picked myself So take this review with a grain of salt It is Mafia themed, very dark, very gritty, lots of blood, lots of deaths By in large just not my cup of tea.My initial feelings are that this was kinda like Mafia meets Dresden Files It still feels like that The main character Alexi is a h [...]

    5. Definitely a good sign when you finish a book and you are left wondering where is the next book I must admit that male leads haven t featured highly in my book lists as of late I just haven t been in the mood but for some reason I just had give this one a go probably the price , and I am glad to say I wasn t disappointed.A very nuts and bolts mob book but heavy on the occult, with Alexi working as a low level magician for the Russians as a hitman come cleaner to work off his debt to them.But thi [...]

    6. Multiple themes of organized crime, cultural experience and magic are interwoven beautifully in this work While the story weaves in and out of tropes and what could easily be a stereotypical story, the character and plot manage to twist unexpectedly and evolve While Alexi is the centerpiece of a crossroads of these themes, and an unwitting protagonist, he is someone we can easily relate to swept up in events he cannot seem to control and making the best of things The plot allows for extremely ri [...]

    7. I m probably 3 4 of the way through I read a lot of urban fantasy, I m hard to impress, and I ve also studied the western mystery tradition for about 25 years This book is SO MUCH FUN a grim, dark dysfunctional way Why hasn t anyone used Crowley s Bornless One in an invocation a before A main character who knows the Goetia and talks intelligently about it

    8. huh I honestly don t know what I feel about this book It is a good story Certainly kept me glued to my kindle.But it is also a very complex and not very well explained world that left me kinda confused.Also, that ending Has me curious enough to consider going on in the series, though.Yeah So not sure how to feel about this one.

    9. Whate.hell Need to consider this one.08 02 17 update D The Whate.hell was actually how I felt when I ended the book, it is not a bad thing More of a how did I feel about this book thing The story had such a broad scope that combined complex elements and I did have some trouble understanding the magic system It may be because it was the religion that provided the rules that the magic abided by and I did not clearly understand the religion The writing is very visual and absolutely gave me the inte [...]

    10. I am not a word smith, unlike Mr Baldwin, so pardon my mortal words While I got the book via other means, I felt it was necessary to post a review here I ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this book for a very long time The characters are amazingly detailed and complex, having their own little quirks that make them truly human I normally don t like a first person point of view in reading, however I found myself thinking and feeling like I was Alexi every time I opened the book an [...]

    11. WHOA WHAT A RIDE New York gets another wizard, and this time, there s a bit Eastern influence, as Alexi is a Mage enlisted by the Russian Mafia I really enjoyed most of what went on in this book My only objection is the heaviness of the dogma involved, the religious aspects that provide the rules by which the magic and thus the Mage must function It might just be me, and the fact that it s much of a different culture than I m used to in other series such as Dresden Files of a Catholic influen [...]

    12. This was a dark, powerful read, and the prose alternates seamlessly between gritty and sensual The process of getting to know the protagonist was a strange but surprising one, as though he s letting the reader know about himself than he had intended to reveal Alexi s isolation even within his own community renders the Lovecraftian threats all the horrifying and devastating, and as a Pagan myself, the occult themes and imagery were particularly tantalizing Though there are some minor editing mi [...]

    13. Gritty, complex, different I enjoyed it Alexi is a bit odd and it makes me wonder if he has a mental handicap I don t mean that in a bad way But I m wondering if the author gave me Aspbergers, or made him a high functioning autistic He s cold, but not evil, he doesn t understand subtle emotions, he has a lot of the cues that someone with those do Which means he s doubly well written.I really enjoyed reading about Alexi than even the world He s diverse, complicated and not a common hero anti her [...]

    14. At the end of Dangerous Ways by R.R Virdi there was a list of reads he suggested while waiting for his next This was among them.I loved it and tore through the first two books and the novella which is notably a prequel It s a different, slower writing style but that is not a knock against it It s still wonderful writing.

    15. Magic meets the Russian mob Our unusual hero is a member of the Russian mob, he is also a magic user This continues on from Burn Artist, which is a lot harsh than this book Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    16. Very good readFast paced with characters you will love and love to hate I am definitely going to keep reading this series.

    17. Loved it Complex Thoughtful Alexey isn t what you d expect of a mob magical hitman Deep A bito dark for my tastes at times, but I muddled through Still a 5 5 read.

    18. Very confusing book, there were too muchelements and too little explanations The idea is great but how it was articulated was not well done.

    19. This is a joint, spoiler free review on Blood Hound and Burn Artist, two books in the Alexi Sokolsky Hound of Eden Series by James Osiris Baldwin Why did I decide to do that Because I planned to review both books and when I started writing, I realized the reviews are very similar.Without further ado, here s what I think about Burn Artist and Blood Hound.The first book that I read was Blood Hound and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of it is surreal.The criminal aspect is prominent [...]

    20. I find it difficult at times to express why I enjoy reading somethingually because it is associated with a feeling and those are never easy to describe It roped me in from the beginning even as it seemingly was not a subject I would ordinarily pick The feel of the words and the world that was created kept me reading word after word, page after page until I was bereft because I was at the end Definitely wanting t because it was incomplete but because I wanted to keep reading I would love to use r [...]

    21. I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of this book since I read the first chapter months ago The first time Alexi pulled the trigger my jaw dropped Totally unexpected but it set the pace and the flavor of the whole I loved how even though magic was a part of the world it wasn t some fantastical thing It felt very grounded in reality The side characters weren t just cardboard cut outs Each one had depth and tics that seemed to bring them to life The level of research is obvious The author [...]

    22. 4.5 stars This is a very compelling and well written novel that was hard to put down I was surprised by how well the mixture of magic and the Russian Mafia worked together, and I greatly enjoyed the grounded and often limited version of magic that the main character can access It was also nice to see a character who so obviously has undiagnosed Asperger s be described accurately without his Autism coming across as a disability or becoming a major problem within the plot There were a few typos i [...]

    23. Forgive my English, but wow Would not have found book if not for another book a friend showed me Dangerous Ways.It s amazing It s like a crime movie with magic but complicated Not shooting guns and punching people over the pages like so many books There is thought Deep thought Complicated Diverse It is good to see writers talking about these things but making it in fiction with fantasy and magic Very complex and good book.Please get the books in France in paper please

    24. Definitely different.Sometimes surreal, yet hard, dark and gritty at the same time this is definitely one of the original dark, urban fantasy type novels I ve ever read and I loved it from start to finish.Highly recommended.

    25. A fantastic book, the universe that James has built is strong and intricate I really enjoyed reading Blood Hound and am looking forward to in this series, and I am going to be recommending it to people.

    26. Really interesting indie urban fantasy.Definitely worth a read, even if it is book one of an unfinished series.

    27. 1991, NYC Lev had sent 2 of his thugs Surzi Boris to kill Semyon Milosivich Vochin Jeweler.They weren t very successful.Nicolai 50 , Brighton Beach Kommandant, Ukrainian, Alexi s driver, right hand man, Afghan vet , Alexi Grigoriovich Sokolsky Russian Mafia hitman , Manny Mari Bulgarian, accomplice , had gotten the job.Mission successful.Alexi picked up the Siamese cat walked out Binah is her name.Lev called a meeting that included Vanya bodyguard , Mikhail Ukrainian , Alexi.Alexi went to pay Va [...]

    28. Okay, so I had to try and figure out how to approach this review because I really just want to sit here and tell you all about it The characters and the world building Baldwin created are simply fantastic There is an amazing amount of detail research that he put into not only the occult and magic, but into making sure the structure of the mafia was legit, right down to the pesky Russian love of a million diminutives for each name and using them in the correct circumstances seriously, as someone [...]

    29. I have problems to understand the story too many unfamiliar things and complex words Anyway I believe this should be the style of the author s writing, or mafia story Too many violent scenes made me tired It s not the problem of violence, it just too many of them For me the book is not appealing but maybe it is for others no idea

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