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Evan's Luck By Jennah Scott H. Sterling,

  • Title: Evan's Luck
  • Author: Jennah Scott H. Sterling
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spencer Quinn has an image to uphold His family name means than anything It s the reason the reason they ve become the most successful stock contractor on the rodeo circuit Fresh out of school, he s ready to take over the family business It s no secret he s attracted to men, and so far that hasn t been a problem.Until Evan.The assertive friend who knows how to pusSpencer Quinn has an image to uphold His family name means than anything It s the reason the reason they ve become the most successful stock contractor on the rodeo circuit Fresh out of school, he s ready to take over the family business It s no secret he s attracted to men, and so far that hasn t been a problem.Until Evan.The assertive friend who knows how to push every one of his buttons.Evan Taylor is known for his love em and leave em style, yet the last few months have left him deflated and lonely His father s shadow wasn t where he wanted to end up, but he s having trouble finding happiness Maybe because women can t keep his attention He s losing hope of settling down until a blast from the past saunters by, his heart catches and tingles spread over his skin Of all people, Spencer The one person who would never give Evan a second glance It s just his luck.The old saying, Bad luck is better than none at all fits Evan perfectly Or does it Is his bad luck about to change Will Spencer Quinn be his good luck charm instead
    Evan s Luck Spencer Quinn has an image to uphold His family name means than anything It s the reason the reason they ve become the most successful stock contractor on the rodeo circuit Fresh out of school he s r

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    1. Meet Evan Taylor Rodeo rider, ranch hand, and someone who has made jumping from bed to bed an art It s his twenty sixth birthday, and it s a day that he vows will be different than the rest Terrified of turning into his father a man known for collecting buckle bunnies, not trophies, he wants to separate himself from the stigma that is his last name once and for all It s time to be known for his skills at riding and his achievements in the arena, not who s in his bed that night.He decides on two [...]

    2. Evan s Luck is a feel good, low angst story that will put a smile on your face The backdrop of the story surrounds the rodeo where Evan has made a name for himself as one of the top bull riders However, once the ride is over, he has made another name for himself as a player with the buckle bunnies and how many he can bed within a week end Evan s not happy though and his biggest fear of turning into his father haunts him daily Evan wants to make a change in his life for the better and he knows it [...]

    3. My Review Spencer works for the family ranch bringing in stock for the rodeos He s very well respected for what he s been able to do with the family business although not everyone approves of him since he s gay He s grown up with Evan hanging out as his brother s best friend And knowing all that he knows about Evan means that he s well aware of Evan s reputation as a buckle bunny chaser He has a different girl every night while out on the circuit What Spencer doesn t realize is that Evan sleeps [...]

    4. A Joyfully Jay review 2 starsEarly on, this book went off the track for me and it never did recover Evan wakes up from another one night stand and feels awful His father was a womanizer that cheated on his mother and he hasn t been able to outrun his father s name on the rodeo circuit He doesn t want to be like his father and decides every year he is going to change his ways and this year is no different Evan sees Spencer and decides he s exactly what he needs to change Evan has never been with [...]

    5. I have to admit a certain favouritism to this kind of story not only one hot cowboy but two The cover is enough to pull the reader in.It may not be to everyone s liking, if you don t appreciate MM stories then this isn t for you but overlooking that aspect it s a cute story of finding love after being a love em leave em type It s relatively short at only 110 pages and I would like to see a longer version to really expand on this story.There are a lot of homophobes around the rodeo circuit so thi [...]

    6. It s a nice quick m m read Evan is known in the rodeo circuit for sleeping with all the buckle bunnies, but he wants to change he ways Spencer his best friend s little brother may just give him the motivation to do just that Evan and Spencer have some things to work through because the stigma of the old way of thinking and Spencer s trust that Evan can change It was cute to watch Evan woo Spencer Over all a good story.

    7. Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.Evan has an epiphany on his birthday He does not want to become his father and decides he s had enough of the buckle bunnies and wants to better himself When Spencer crosses his path, he knows that the brother of his best friend won t even give him the time of day But something about Spence calls to Evan, and he knows, deep down, that this needs careful planning and he cannot mess this up.This is a nice book A nice easy [...]

    8. So excited about this new series From the first scene where Spencer and Evan reacquaint themselves in a most epic fashion, I knew readers were in for a wild ride insert gratuitous rodeo pun here, if you wish I loved the intense dynamic that develops between these two headstrong men as they struggle to forge a new relationship When we first meet Spencer, he s trying to live up to his family s legacy as rodeo stock contractors in an industry still coloured by old school biases Evan is his brother [...]

    9. Jennah Scott H Sterling s Evan s Luck, Book 1 in their Riding the Circuit series is a Sweet, Great read This writing team gets you hooked in the first chapter and you quickly keep turning the pages I was given a fun cowboy story.Evan Taylor is trying to out run his father s rotten legacy on the rodeo circuit Here at his 26th birthday it hits home again that he is not doing well with this objective as his best friend and fellow rodeo circuit cowboy, Ross Quinn is happy to point.This Birthday brin [...]

    10. Evan wakes up the morning of his birthday in bed to yet another nameless Buckle Bunny Afraid of becoming his father, something he s vowed never to do, Evan decides once again he needs a change It s time to get his life together and grow up and part of that change comes in the form of his best friend s younger brother Spencer Quinn Spencer has always thought of his older brother s best friend as a womanizer Everyone on the circuit knows Evan s time is spent chasing the next buckle and his next co [...]

    11. Original Blog Post Review Tour Giveaway Evan s Luck Riding the Circuit 1 Jennah Scott H SterlingReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 3.5 of 5 Stars HmmI m a little torn on this one I like Evan s Luck a lot, but not enough to give it a four stars although I can honestly say, I am looking forward for of this series The premise is not original, friends to lovers, rodeo, cowboy and horses, angst, and whole lot , who hasn t read all those before The execution of this is done well, but it is not well [...]

    12. I m a big fan of cowboys so Evan s Luck looked like a good read The plot sounded cool as well but something in the execution just didn t work I didn t dislike the book, instead it was just kind of meh.The authors did well in creating the characters Not only are the main characters, Spencer and Evan, original and likable, but the supporting characters are as well.The story of a man trying to make up for his slutty ways with his best friend s brother is an interesting one and there are parts of th [...]

    13. This was my first time reading anything by Jennah Scott and H Sterling and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story Jennah Scott and H.Sterling has given us a story that will suck us in and keep us there from start to finish ,and then will leave us wanting from these authors The characters are well written and we were given a good sense of their personalities by the authors.This is Evan Taylor s and Spencer Quinn s touching story Evan s a womanizer and he s always takes advantage o [...]

    14. Evan s Luck was a good, quick read without a lot of angst The story moves quickly and did keep my attention through the whole book I liked both main characters, Spencer and Evan, and even though the story is not that long, I still got a good sense of the characters personalities Evan is a bit flirty, and is at a turning point in his life where he wants to make changes something he s said before but never really stuck with Spencer is dedicated, smart and a bit hesitant with Evan I think they do m [...]

    15. From the blurb you gather that Spencer is coming home to run his father s business He s graduated and ready Spencer is actually a really wonderful guy and I liked him immediately Evan is a womanizing, rodeo riding cowboy But, he wants to change his ways He doesn t like the life he s living and when he sees Spencer, and feels all the feels, he wants it than ever Trouble is he has to convince Spencer and Spencer s brother he s a changed man.This is a sweet romance I mean cowboys hello There isn t [...]

    16. copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author publisher in exchange for an honest review Evan s a womanizer, always taking advantage of the buckle bunnies hanging around the rodeo It s his birthday, and he s decided he wants to change He doesn t want to end up like his father, whom he hates He sets his sights on his best friend s little brother, Spencer Spencer despises Evan and everything he stands for, but when Evan lays a kiss on him he can t deny he s attracted to Evan I loved the premise [...]

    17. Spencer has returned from college ready and is learning to take over his father s business when he retires Evan is ready for a change in his life He just had a birthday and is tired of waking up with a different woman every day He is unsatisfied and ready to find someone and decide his future, knowing he won t be able to ride the rodeo forever When Spencer shows up all grown up feelings come forth Evan didn t know existed Now he has to prove to Spencer and, SPencer s brother which is his best fr [...]

    18. There is nothing better than a cowboy Except for two cowboys What makes it even better is when they overcome fear and self doubt to be together.Evan is the stereotypical womanizing jackassor so it seems Spencer is the all around great guy who has it allor does he This is the journey of two guys who realize they are missing the most important part of happiness Someone to love and call their own What I enjoyed most about this journey this may seem weird was the fumbling and stumbling Jennah allowe [...]

    19. This is a heartfelt story of two totally different men who find love Evan was a rodeo bronco rider who has been known for being a straight player with women But he is realizing that he is not happy and wants to change the way he is Evan has known Spencer Quinn since they were kids Spencer s brother, Ross, is Evan s best friend On the circuit one weekend, he sees Spencer, who is charge of most of the things on his dad s ranch, including the prize rodeo animals that go on the rodeo circuits Evan i [...]

    20. Evan s Luck Riding the Circuit 1 by Jennah Scott and H SterlingCowboys What would makes this better Two right Of course, we get 2 Cowboys, what a treat Evan and Spencer are great guys to read about I liked there banter, its on par Chemistry is perfect A lovely journey, to souls finding there happily ever after Someone to be their better half Love has never been simple Love is not simple And neither is there s.In the end, hard work does pay off, and we have a really great romantic story

    21. Hot cowboys Need I say Okay if that s not enough for you, I will say this is a very well written book Great storyline with great MC s I don t want to give anything away so all I m going to say is, read this book It s a great read Rodeo and cowboys ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

    22. The writing was clunky, and the way Even just up and decided to go for Spencer made no sense It felt really random, out of place, and I was never sold on the romance.

    23. A wonderful short I enjoyed the story was well written, with a good storyline That s all I m saying because I don t want to give any spoilers.

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