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One More Shot By T.L. Alexander,

  • Title: One More Shot
  • Author: T.L. Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780997514407
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dear reader,Indie writers rely heavily on reviews from If you can, please review on.Dino Coletti, Manhattan s hottest bachelor doc, moves to small town smaller lake, Oregon Why he felt the need to leave NYC, and his manwhoring ways behind him, he had no clue Then he saw her, and he knew she was the one he didn t know he was even looking for.LifeDear reader,Indie writers rely heavily on reviews from If you can, please review on.Dino Coletti, Manhattan s hottest bachelor doc, moves to small town smaller lake, Oregon Why he felt the need to leave NYC, and his manwhoring ways behind him, he had no clue Then he saw her, and he knew she was the one he didn t know he was even looking for.Life on Whisper Lake will never be the same, when a smart mouthed, independent, wounded woman, meets a man who s convinced they re destined, and she s convinced he s a snake in the firs DannieHe invades me and my body opens up to receive him, as if saying, I ve been waiting for you, dumbass What took you so damn long He moans Dear lord, you feel like heaven I ve wanted you and this for so long You re never getting away, Dan Never Stop talkin the talk I want He thrusts forward Is that what you want Yes, I say and dig my nails into his ass cheeks He finds his rhythm and I dance along All is well until it shifts from first to fifth, and I get left behind Soon he s groaning and spouting unintelligible words He pulls out and collapses next to me God, Dannie, that was Over in a blink of the eye Faster than a bullet train Quicker than sand Unbelievably unfulfilling I bite my lip and choke down my tears of shock and frustration How could a man who looks like he does, smells like he does, is hung like he is, and has had as many lovers as he has been such a disappointment I might not be an expert on these things but come on.
    One More Shot Dear reader Indie writers rely heavily on reviews from If you can please review on Dino Coletti Manhattan s hottest bachelor doc moves to small town smaller lake Oregon Why he felt the need to lea

    One thought on “One More Shot”

    1. A fun romp in the lake This was a fun, light, sexy read The only problem I had with it was that it was written in first person and the present tense, both of which are not my preferred styles of writing or reading Mainly because I m nosy and I like to know what other characters than the point of view protagonist are actually thinking, I guess Personal style preferences aside, this was a really enjoyable read I liked Dannie, the heroine, and felt terribly sorry for her at the beginning of the boo [...]

    2. I will refer to you as the dumbass blond dude who s obviously blind It is quite obvious that there is a lot of banter between this story s main characters, their conversation was always fun to read and I am pretty sure if we had the chance to read about them after the point where the book ends, we would see that all that funny banter continues for the rest of their lives.Dino was a very sweet hero, from the beginning of the story he was ready and open for a romantic relationship, as soon as he s [...]

    3. Funny, Funny Read This was a great start to a new series by T.L Alexander, and I can t wait for the next book I would consider this a spinoff of the Layers Series because this book s Hero is Dr Dino Coletti and if you read the layers series you ll remember that he is the uncle of Alexia and Samantha, he has moved to a small little town in Oregon to fill a two year medical position at the hospital That being said you do not have to read the Layers Series in order to read this one, it can be read [...]

    4. I received this book in a giveaway.More like a 3.5 stars It took a little while to get into this book could be that I just wasn t familiar with T.L Alexander s style BUT once I did get into it I really liked it I had to put it down with 25 pages left and I seriously considered shirking a few things like sleep when I could barely keep my eyes open as it was just to finish and see how it would end The concept and storyline were good, although the final crisis and resolution just kind of showed up [...]

    5. TJ Alexander has such talent I first heard about her work on Reading Alley with the Layers series and her work in this book is just as brilliant Dino and Dannie are hilarious with each other and you can almost feel the sparks coming off the page when they first meet Dannie is a fascinating women that has been through difficulties that affect her self worth and it is hard to believe in herself or believe in others but maybe she finally realizes she is perfect how she is and others believe that al [...]

    6. Dannie O Brien returns to her hometown of Whisper Lake, OR, after a messy divorce She s sworn off men, but that doesn t stop newcomer Dino Coletti from trying to get her to go out with him Dino has several strikes against him he s male, he s a doctor from New York, and he was a man whore things he has in common with Dannie s ex This story was both funny and sometimes sad with many unique characters and some awful ones like Dannie s ex hubby I did enjoy it and I m looking foward to reading the ne [...]

    7. Fun modern storyA happily divorced woman with money and a well adjusted child moves back to her hometown She meets another doctor just after she swears off men This book had me smiling, laughing, and nodding in sympathy Amazing read read and good for the heart.

    8. This book is a quick, easy read I enjoyed the whole thing, and am looking forward to the next one in the series I received my copy free through.

    9. Favorite Quotes Marcie said he s the hottest thing to hit the lake since your dad I told her, it s not possible You dad is and will always be the honey to my dew That s how I knew my second husband was a keeper I gave him the test The third time we hooked up, I wore my biggest granniest, white cotton panties If there s one thing I know, it s a player Dino Coletti is a major player, and I m not talkin about chess I m talkin chest I m not going there again, ever This girlfriend has learned her les [...]

    10. Loved this Dannie has moved back to Whisper Lake after a nasty divorce Her ex destroyed her trust in men with his cheating and lawsuit to try and get her money Dino came to the lake from Manhattan to work at the hospital as a favor for a friend After 2 run ins literally Dannie can t fight her growing attraction to Dino With meddling neighbors and the Goddesses blessing Dannie starts to let Dino in but after an incident at his house Dannie walks away despite everyone believing there is to the st [...]

    11. Small town, smaller lake.I am officially a fan of author TL Alexander The writing style is great without a bunch of extra characters thrown in to confuse the storyline You learn about the people at the lake and begin to care about what each contributes to the story One never forgets this is a romance though.It opens with the demise of her marriage as she tells it to her therapist Dannie, the divorcee, has a lot of baggage to go through A lot The romance between Dannie and Dino is not unexpected [...]

    12. Signed Win CopyDannie O Brien returns to her small hometown after a nasty divorce where her ex left her on their wedding anniversary for their young daughter eighteen old pregnant babysitter She is a obsessive freak as she seeks help.Dino Coletti moves to the small town to change himself from being a man whore He meets Dannie and knows she is the one for him but she does not want anything to do with him as she sworn off men.It is a battle of the sexes as he tries to wear her own But what will ha [...]

    13. I received this book as a giveaway, and am not usually one for romance, but entered to try to widen my genre consideration a bit, and was glad I did This story was amusing, specifically the customary local greeting, and held some colourful language, which I always find makes for better reading A blend of spiritualism, spunk, and swearing, to make the sappy parts palatable I feel this author knows her niche in romance I enjoyed it, and will look out for the others in this series.

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