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Fire Song By Val St. Crowe,

  • Title: Fire Song
  • Author: Val St. Crowe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s a serial killer stalking dragon shifters in Sea City, and pretty boy Detective Lachlan Flint wants my help tracking the killer down I m a dragon shifter myself Penny Caspian s the name But I m trying to lie low, not run around interrogating half the dragon community or one dragon in particular My ex Yeah, I left my destined mate I know, I know Dragons don tThere s a serial killer stalking dragon shifters in Sea City, and pretty boy Detective Lachlan Flint wants my help tracking the killer down I m a dragon shifter myself Penny Caspian s the name But I m trying to lie low, not run around interrogating half the dragon community or one dragon in particular My ex Yeah, I left my destined mate I know, I know Dragons don t do that Trust me It s better this way.This detective, though, he s not taking no for an answer Did I mention he s pretty But haunted and hiding something There s some deep down trouble in that boy s hollow eyes, and I got enough trouble of my own Vampire motorcycle gangs Wounded gargoyles Locked dragon crypts.Maybe it s because I saw that shifter s broken body, washed up on the beach Maybe it s her dead, empty eyes It s something, the hell if I know what, but I am going to find that killer This is my city, and I look after my own.
    Fire Song There s a serial killer stalking dragon shifters in Sea City and pretty boy Detective Lachlan Flint wants my help tracking the killer down I m a dragon shifter myself Penny Caspian s the name But I m

    One thought on “Fire Song”

    1. I found this story terribly written, nothing has much sense nor the plot or the characters The heroine was a cretin, beyond the TSTL clich Hero was unlikable, plus inept at his work The detective work was shoddy at best The only interesting thing was the idea behind the world building, pity it was glossed over.The only reason I finished it was short.

    2. The book started off enjoyable enough then one hell of discrepancy jarred me right out of her world The whole premise is young dragon girl shifters are being murdered and washed up on the beach The dead dragon shifters are all in human form A little bit further in the heroine explains how whenever dragons die they revert to dragon form Theres quite a bit detail included about dragon corpses but I wont go into it in an effort to remain spoiler free So on one hand we have dead dragon girls washin [...]

    3. At first I didn t like it Then I still did not likeit And when I came to the end I was angry that itended.The heroine is very private , selling us so many messages as he wants And is dosed slowly Hero even mysterious Finally, when we know hes past, her past there does not become easier and understandable , but it s like easier to break through their walls.It is difficult sometimes to understand their attitude, their reactions , and on the other hand they are very heroic and custard , human.And [...]

    4. The writing kept me from getting into an otherwise intriguing story I wouldn t say it s emotionless, but I found it really hard to feel connected to the characters or get invested in the case The sentences were also weirdly choppy and a lot of times sounded like short, terse statements Think lots of telling, little showing Show not tell Overall I was pretty disappointed, the plot had a lot of potential

    5. Great story with interesting characters It has fantasy, mystery, romance, and adventure.A couple typos who s written as whose whose your least likely , and a missing word And my stepson wanted it go back

    6. Great first bookI really liked this book, I can t wait to read the next book This is a new take on shifters, great job.

    7. Wow, I really enjoyed this book Such an interesting world that I loved discovering Totally love Penny Lachlanlooking forward to of this story

    8. I couldn t finish it I just sort of felt it kept harping on certain issues while ignoring others And the word then s everywhere.

    9. If Penelope Penny Caspian had really thought it out properly, she wouldn t have run up the beach screaming Elena Watson was dead, not if A she didn t want the cops to know she could identify the dead girl washed up on the shore with Robyn s egg eyes and B she wanted to keep her identity a secret from Detective Lachlan Flint Even if he does have movie star handsome going for him there s something notably hollow about his eyes He nonetheless had her number worked out before she d even finished her [...]

    10. This is an amazing start of a series What a wonderful page turner to read I really enjoy how the author portrayed each character and their story Looking forward to reading the next book I received this book in a boxed for free in an exchange for an honest review for each book.

    11. Fire Song contains mystery, a strong willed protagonist, no insta love and great supporting characters It also surprised me into falling in love with it.

    12. Interesting series startDragon shifters, a murder mystery, complex characters that are flawed yet compelling What s not to like in this paranormal romance urban fantasy

    13. Interesting premise, poor executionI just could not get into this book It was an interesting world and plot line, but there was scant narration, and then usually only enough to tell you what s happening As such, the story just felt flat, enough that I didn t bother to finish I m not one to leave a book half read, but I felt so detached from the story and characters that I really don t care what happens next The world and plot held some great potential, so if you can get past the story happening [...]

    14. Alrighty, so I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review, so here it is.I found this book s storyline quite interesting Penny Caspian is a dragon shifter and happens to discover the body of another young dragon shifter washed up on the beach In comes Detective Lachlan, a very private, yet handsome man, but he asks for Penny s help with the world of magical creatures so that hw can solve his case Then 2 other bodies are found, meaning a serial murderer is on the loose and they need [...]

    15. So, I should really preface this review by saying that I adore books about dragon shifters long as the whole book isn t one long sex scene Unfortunately, I can think of only a couple of series that hit that sweet spot As a result, I was thrilled to be able to add Fire Song to that short but memorable list.If you re not obsessed with dragon shifters, though, you ll still like this book The world building is extremely good, with unique twists on the popular mythology The characters are equally ent [...]

    16. Enjoyable, but with gritty thematic elements.It took me a few chapters to get into this book Ultimately, I liked it enough to finish the book, but the beginning didn t really make me fall in love with the main characters The novel focuses mainly on the murder investigations, with the side issues of a vampire gang and Penny s issues with her ex husband There are quite a few intense thematic elements in the novel The main one is Penny s unwanted attraction to her ex husband via the dragon mating b [...]

    17. The Hidden DragonPenny found a body that was washed up on the shore of the beach Sounds taped in her chest and her eyes had no pupil Penny knew who the girl was Her name was Elena and she was a dragon just like Penny The police sent detective Lachlan Flint who was in charge of magical creature cases Because Penny was a dragon, detective Lachlan had her be a consultant The following day, another body washed a shore As they narrow down the suspects, they find that Penny s ex husband may be involve [...]

    18. I liked the book It was a very good mystery and it kept me guessing until the end I also like the fact the even though she is a dragon shifter and she is powerful beyond belief, she is also an abused woman from her mate bonded husband Not that I like to see women abused but the fact that she is strong enogh to leave the mate bond and survive on her own How she is dealing with the trauma everyday and how it affects all her other relationships.I also like the supporting characters and the world s [...]

    19. I came across this book as a recommended read while browsing known and beloved authors this is the first book I ve read by St Crowe and I ll admit, she writes a good tale The book was riddled with small errors incomplete sentences and extra words not deleted in the proof read , but these were only a minor distraction from the story I never cared much for the main character, Penny, but my enjoyment of Lachlan s backstory kept me interested A nice mystery as I didn t see this villain coming and I [...]

    20. This was a really interesting book that created a unique and captivating world I loved at the refreshing look at the concept of bonded relationshipsThis book addressed something that I really wondered about when reading other paranormal books that had characters that were mate bonded I also enjoyed the world building and the lead character, specifically because she had a real strength because it was earned I truly think that this is a series that will be worth reading and I don t even like shift [...]

    21. The books starts interestingly, but fairly soon I have got the impression that the writer could not decide what reader is she targeting On one hand the language is simplistic, likely for young reader, but the mature elements are suited for older reader Lachlan is rather laughable considering that he is supposed to be a top detective Overall, the book is engaging neither mentally nor emotionally despite the traumatic past of both characters.

    22. I was very surprised by the writing of this author She built the characters up very well She had me thinking and rethinking about who dunnit Never guessed the killer and I couldn t put it down I want Next book please

    23. Great read This was my first time reading a book by this author and I really enjoyed it It was an interesting world with a mystery that held my attention until the end With a dash of romance It was a great lazy day summer read, and now I m onto the next one

    24. Stunning storytelling Wow This story captured my attention I finished it in one sitting This paranormal characters were fascinating I liked that the story wasn t predictable.

    25. Interesting take on a dragon shifter mating bond Don t really like it because the thought of anyone hitting another sort of sucks.Also pretty cool gargoyle out look Was odd to see males being the ones controlled in one species instead of the other way around.

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